Monday, November 06, 2006

Tuesday's election

In response to a request that I tell a friend not especially interested in politics how to cast the votes, here's how I'll be fulfilling my civil duty.

A protest vote for Ranzau in the gubernatorial race. Sebelius has been a driving force behind the inane state policy of granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants who've been in-state a few years, but Barnett has no chance. As the Reform candidate, Ranzau has been the most vociferous critic of continued third-world immigration.

Ahner has been a disappointment. Kobach was too 'hardline', and so damn articulate and forceful that he fell into the demonization trap and was portrayed as a KKK sympathizer, etc. So Ahner's attempted a different tract, speaking almost exclusively in generalities. Dennis Moore is a blue dog who has been decent on the immigration front, especially with regards to the risible Visa Lottery system. However, Ahner's courageous support for the FairTax gets my vote. Instituting a national sales tax in place of a federal income tax would go along way in cutting into the unfair advantage Hispanic helots have on our native menials.

Youth soccer park: Twenty-four fields, $75 million to fund it. Are you insane? I'm at a loss as to how grassy fields with a few strips of chalk running across them can possibly run over $3 million a piece. I've had enough of soccer's encroaching anyway, do not want to subsidize a magnet for laddists, and am aware of the fact that Honolulu built 18 fields with $11 million. No, we're not a destitute county, but Honolulu isn't exactly Magadon.

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Anonymous said... damn articulate...that...[he] was portrayed as a KKK sympathizer...
That certainly goes against the stereotype.

savage said...

Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. When we thought it could get no worse the paleolosi bat demon will take charge of the only legistlative chance at controlling the third world invasion. Pitiful.

crush41 said...


In that Kobach, rather than prattling on about the 'integrity of our borders' in vague generalities, had the intellectual fortitude and alacrity to describe the externalities in some detail. And for that he was tarred and feathered. Yet Ahner was beaten even worse.


It's ugly. A silver lining might exist if the Democrats also manage to take the worthless Senate--conservatives will be able to paint the continued failure in Iraq in 2008 as much a result of Democratic failings as it is of Republican ones, while continuing to run away from an even lamer Bush Presidency, and riding populist sentiment regarding anti-merit immigration.

Anonymous said...

Democrats want to let illegals vote and have driver's licenses. That's just great!