Friday, November 24, 2006

Palestinian harpy blows herself up

It's tough to teach old dogs new tricks. One old sow tried to pick up the art of suicide bombing, a Palestinian industry that has recently been opening up to women, but her debut wasn't particularly successful:
Israeli forces were moving through the Jebaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza on the second day of an operation to stem rocket fire from the strip into southern Israel. They spotted a woman acting suspiciously, the military said. Soldiers threw a stun grenade, a weapon that makes a loud nose [sic] but causes no damage. The woman then set off explosives she was carrying, killing herself and slightly wounding two soldiers.
The Israelis should isolate their nation from the wretched Palestinians by extending the security fence across the entire land perimeter of Israel, and putting a hiatus on Palestinian immigration into the country. That still won't stop attacks coming from outside of Israeli territory, but if the Kadima coalition refuses to turn over any more land to be run into the ground by the Palestinians, at least things might not get worse.

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