Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Interesting bits on state IQ estimates

A few thought-provoking bits from the state IQ estimates using 8th grade NAEP math and science testing results that correlated almost perfectly with those published by VCU's Professor McDaniel:

Estimated IQs by demographic group when only math or only science scores are considered:

Whites -- 99.8, 101.5
Blacks -- 93.3, 88.6
Hispanics -- 94.9, 91.4
Asians -- 101.0, 99.8

Why do whites perform better in the arena of science while the others excel (relatively) in math? Asians and Hispanics aren't terribly surprising considering that visuospatial attributes of intelligence are stronger than verbal/analytical in Mongoloid groups.

Correlations between estimated average state IQ and...

% smokers -- .22 (not significant at more than 88% confidence)
State's racial composition -- .85
State's gini coefficient -- (.30) (showing a modest relationship between economic equality and higher IQ)
% of people with bachelor's or higher -- .28
Violent crime rate -- (.73) (violent crime and decreasing IQ are vigorously related)
Unemployment rate -- (.27) (as unemployment rate drops, IQ increases)
Life expectancy -- .40
Poverty rate -- (.32) (More destitution means lower IQ)

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Steve Sailer said...

K-12 science courses are fairly verbal -- not too much math, so native English speakers would do better than English-learners.

And it could be that white kids just are more interested in science.