Monday, October 16, 2006

Nineteen million Indonesian Muslims support bombings

Islam is a violent religion. You need only read a few lines from the Koran to get a flavor of it. 2:216 of The Cow illustrates well enough:
"Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it... [Keeping in mind that we're in the midst of a violent Ramadan in the Middle East] They ask you about the sacred month. Say: 'To fight in this month is a grave offence; but to debar others from the path of God, to deny Him, and to expel His worshippers from the Holy Mosque, is far more grave in His sight. Idolatry is more grievous than bloodshed."
Hardly the 'turn the other cheek' ethos of the Amish. The Sura The Prophets is a fuller suggestion for reading if you want to get a good feeling of the Koran's content.

Around 19 million Indonesian Muslims (Muslims comprise about 85% of Indonesia's 220 million people) support a violent defense of the faith just as Allah did through Muhammad in the mid-7th Century (the Koran was standardized in the mid-7th Century and remains unchanged to this day):
Around one in 10 Indonesian Muslims support jihad and justify bomb attacks on Indonesia's tourist island of Bali as defending the faith, a survey released on Sunday showed. ...

"Jihad that has been understood partially and practised with violence is justified by around one in 10 Indonesian Muslims," the Indonesian Survey Institute said in a statement.

"They approved the bombings conducted ... in Bali with the excuse of defending Islam," it added, saying the percentage of such support "is very significant".

Jemaah Islamiah, the Islamic organization behind the Bali bombings, has ties to other international Islamic organizations such as Al Qaeda. The founders of Jemaah Islamiah fought alongside bin Laden in Afghanistan against the Soviet invasion. The group says it wants to establish a caliphate in Southeast Asia extending through Indonesia to Malaysia, Thailand and as far as the Philippines. Over the last couple of years the group has attacked Western (mostly Australian) tourist spots as well as the US consulate in Bali.

A substantial number of Indonesians support what JI is doing. The proportion is similar to the proportion of left-handed people in the US. Imagine if every southpaw you knew supported terrorist attacks on Chinese businesses operating in the US. The Islamic world and the Euro-descended West are incompatible with one another. This is yet more evidence that the two civilizations need to disconnect.



Anonymous said...

It is interesting the the term "defending islam" was used. Where is islam under attack? I can think of no place. Not is Europe, or the US, or even in Africa or Asia (maybe the PRC in Xinjiang?). In all places islam is doing the attacking. What muslims (and I mean all muslims, everywhere) support is an assault on the infidels no matter where they live. When was the last time muslims expressed concern over the victims of terror? It is always "yes, terror is bad, but what about the dsicrimination, Israel, etc...and on and on. Throughout most of the world, infidels bend over backwards for islam, and all we get are bombings, murders, kidnappings, etc... All muslims agree that the infidels must either die or convert or live in dhimmitude. The only "debate" within islam is how they get there, by violence or by conversion and the use of PC/leftist fellow travelers and the use of multiculturalism, etc...
Isalm is a religion of violence not only to infidels, but to other muslims as well.

nzconservative said...

The emphasis needs to be on disconnecting with Islam, as opposed to trying to demonise it.

I am worried that if the West overdoes the anti-Islam stuff its followers will only rally round it even more and neocons will gain more support for hair brained 'crusades' in the Middle East.

It is the combination of a relatively aggresive religion with overpopulation in Islamic states which is making Islam a big problem.

Muslim immigration is a bigger problem for the West than so called 'rogue states' like Iran, which are no military threat at present.

When Muslims attacked Europe in the Middle Ages is was because Europe was weak and devided in miltary terms and nature hates a vacuum.

They attacked because they could, not because they were on an ideological Muslim to spread Islam.

nzconservative said...

Sorry, that last comment was supposed to read:

They attacked because they could, not because they were on an ideological crusade to spread Islam.

Anonymous said...

Demonizing islam is not all that hard, they do that themselves. I would love for the West to disengage with islam. Keep them in their miserable lands and hopefully encourage those muslims already in the West to leave and prevent more form coming in.

When muslims step ot of line, crush them with lilitary force. Personally, I have no problem with crusades against the muslims (for personal reasons), but this democracy nonsense and nation building really rubs me the wrong way. What a waste of time and lives.

nzconservative said...

Anonymous, I agree with your sentiments about the stupidlity of trying to spread democracy by force.

It is not possible to remake Muslims into happy, secular westerners, as many neoconsersatives believe. Also, destabilising Muslim states incourages migration to western countries.

crush41 said...

C'mon now anon, the threat to Islam is clear. You heard the Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson who laid it out so clearly a month ago:

"Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence."

The faith needs defending because we're not buying it (I guess).

I've been listening to the BBC in the early AM stateside and have been stultified by how sympathetic the news organization appears to be toward Islamic causes everywhere. In a story from Ethiopia, the reporter failed to mention that the latest military movement has been by the Eritreans into demilitarized territory--all she talked about was Ethiopian aggression. I know the 'msm' bias schtick is old and salient, but I've really been taken aback by the BBC.


It's a tough tightrope to walk. How to convince the Occident that Islam simply is not compatible with it without fostering sentiment for military attacks against Islamic countries? Every day there is another outrageous story about Islamic abhorrence (from my perspective, anyhow).

The threat of a conventional or even a wmd attack worries me less than demographic shifts in the West. We have to find a way to have more babies and retain a relatively intelligent, culturally cohesive broad civilization.

crush41 said...

Speaking of the BBC...