Saturday, September 16, 2006

Islamic intolerance, hatred, and child slavery

Oh the irony:

The Maamam Allah cemetery, which is at least 1,000 years old, has become a building site.

The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre is constructing a Museum of Tolerance on the cemetery. The centre says the museum will seek to promote "unity and respect among Jews and between people of all faiths".
Bury Islam's past and replace it with an ideology of tolerance? Hah, force tolerance on a society so inherently intolerant and you've a recipe for disaster.

Simon Wiesenthal is among the most well-known concentration camp survivors in the world, and an eponymous museum dedicated to the building of mutual respect between Judaism and Islam is anathema to the Muslim street. There are cemeteries all over Jerusalem, and no one complained when a parking lot was built over a portion of the cemetery a couple of decades ago.

The construction of a wall would do a lot more to ease tensions in this part of West Jerusalem than a quixotic 'tolerance museum', but it'll provide salient ammo for Israeli supporters when the first deadly suicide attack by a religious zealot takes place in a building devoted to religious tolerance.

Speaking of tolerance, Islamic Palestinian thugs demonstrated it by setting several churchs ablaze and shooting at them in response to the Pope's courageous speech:
Palestinians wielding guns and firebombs attacked five churches in the West Bank and Gaza on Saturday, following remarks by Pope Benedict XVI that angered many Muslims.

Say anything and these people start breaking stuff and burning things down. The Islamic world is deeply hostile to free expression. Evincing erudition, their targets included a few Greek Orthodox churches. Someone should inform the thugs that Greek Orthodox don't answer to the Vatican.

Seeing what Muslims do over there shows us why we shouldn't want them here.

Less depressingly, conventional wisdom states that women and children are second-class citizens in the patriarchal Muslim world. However, a few months back I happily reported on the breakdown of the gender barrier in a previously male-exclusive occupation:
A group belonging to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party announced on Monday that it had recruited 100 Palestinian women to launch suicide attacks against Israel.
And Middle Eastern children from Lebanon to the UAE are entering the business and military arenas at young ages:

"Hizbullah established its Imam Mahdi Scouts to attract Shiite children and adolescents, to influence their hearts and minds and to prepare new generations of youth indoctrinated with radical Shiite Islam, which propounds the idea of the return of the Mahdi (messiah) as one of Hizbullah's central principles," states a report by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at Israel's Center for Special Studies. ...

An investigative report published in August by the Egyptian daily Ruz al-Yusuf claimed the scout movement trains “armed militias” in south Lebanon made up of children aged 10-15.

Lesson one: Destroy Israel

The first lesson Hizbullah teaches scouts, stated the Egyptian article, is the
destruction of Israel.

“(This lesson) is always an important part of the curriculum and is always aimed at children and adolescents who are new to the program. (The objective is to train a) high-caliber Islamic generation of children who would be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of Allah in the campaign against Israel."

Kinda like the Boy Scouts. If a military career is not in the stripling's cards, however, the sports' world offers plenty of opportunities as well:

Dubai's ruling family has been served with a class-action lawsuit in the United States accusing them of masterminding an international child slave trade to provide jockeys and attendants for the popular desert sport of camel-racing. ...

It said that enslaved children "live in an oppressive environment and endure harsh living conditions. They work long hours in temperatures exceeding 100F, live in unsanitary conditions, receive little food, and are deprived of sleep so they do not gain weight."

The State Department said some boys complain of sexual abuse, and others are beaten. "Many have been seriously injured and some have been trampled to death by camels," the report said. "Those who survive the harsh conditions are disposed of once they reach their teenage years. Having gained no productive skills or education, scarred with physical and psychological trauma that can last a lifetime, these children face dim prospects."
Charges that the Muslim world is stuck in the seventh century seem less and less hyperbolic each day.

The class action referred to above is interestingly being brought under the Alien Tort Statute of the Judiciary Act of 1789, which essentially created the federal court system in place today. It basically allows for tort cases to be tried in US federal court so long as some party involved has some relationship (even indirect) with the US. It's international law in reverse (neocons must love it). Because the emirs have holdings in the US (including ownership stakes in the notorious Dubai Ports World), the families of young victims can strike legally at the Persian Gulf from south Florida.

Plunder 'em. While foreigners buy up US assets as we spend beyond our means, we can reclaim our profligate waste by ordering the same foreigners to give it back to us via the court system. Pay up, or you'll get shafted just like DPW. That's leveraging our consumerism! That's the kind of governmental involvement in business a nationalist like myself digs.

In seriousness, why disconnecting from the Muslim world as fully as possible is not an urgent policy goal is beyond me. What a backwards civilization. It can only drag us down.



JSBolton said...

The Wiesenthal scam has finally caught on that museums of genocide might inspire better reponse if they were called museums of tolerance.
What's next, a museum of brotherhood, which reaches out to moslems, showing Jews saving helpless little Islamic victims, with medicine in marble, oils and gilt frames?
Perhaps a Museum of Peace, to jigger the moslem environment towards a less warlike identity?
Why not a Museum of Love, to teach that you can never have too much love for those who attack you? If no moslem youth will go, offer them some soft porn in the name of more and more love.

Anonymous said...

What a laugh. How long until the museum of tolerance goes up in smoke? Wiesenthal made it through the Holocaust and he can't see that the muslims are not even up to the standards of National Socialism? Even the Nazis understood culture and what was art, after all they looted it. Muslims just burn and destroy. Everything the muslims do is either a pale imitation of the West (Baathism) or just outright savagery (9-11). They create nothing and contribute nothing.

crush41 said...


As if they almost enjoy the abuse. Masochistic.


Not just that they've failed to create or contribute for the last half millenia (save perhaps the suicide bomber!), but that they've torn so much of it down. African Bushmen do not contribute to human progression (excepting, perhaps, their usefulness in tracing the genetic and linguistic history of contemporary human populations), but nor do they destroy it.

I've no problem with them. Live and let live. The Islamic world really is in a unique category, all alone.