Sunday, September 03, 2006

Canary in Canary Island

Another immigration tocsin from Europe, this time involving illegal immigrants:

Spanish police caught more than 1,100 Africans trying to reach the Canary Island - a record for a weekend — after long, dangerous trips in overcrowded boats that set out from Mauritania, officials said Sunday. ...

More than 20,000 [Islamic north] Africans have been intercepted so far this year in the archipelago, and the number for August alone exceeds that for all of 2005, according to Spanish authorities. Spain has asked the European Union, the United Nations and the international community to assist with he situation.

Spain's attempt at getting help has entailed organizing interior ministers from southern European countries into a conference to come up with a joint response months down the road. Keep fiddling. And what about Holland or Germany? Travel within the EU is almost effortless, so Spain's immigration problem is also Holland's immigration problem. Germany's conservative-led coalition is aware of this and consequently Turkey's goal of EU admission is dead in the water.

But that doesn't solve the Spanish issue. What happens when, somewhere down the road (and this is still several years out), an EU member becomes predominantly Muslim? Or the Islamic population becomes large enough that, in concert with a coalition of Europeans fond of more Islamic immigration, the country institutes an immigrant refugee policy that puts no cap on the number of north Africans granted residency status? Three possibilities: EU's central authorities step in (Brussels?! What central authorities?), the EU starts to disinegrate (Germany drops out as it augments the filtering out of Islamic immigrants), or Europe becomes inundated with destitute African Muslims living in enclaves hostile to the host society, rioting and causing other social and economic problems.

Parallel that stateside. New Mexico has likely become the first state in the continental US to have a larger Hispanic population than non-Hispanic white population. Of course lots of New Mexico's Hispanics are suffering from the same problems caused by an uneducated, criminally-prone, wage depressing underclass that other non-Hispanic American residents suffer. But Govenor Napolitano, despite being pressured into some moderately tough moves like dispatching a couple hundred national guardsman to the border by a conservative New Mexico legislature, knows that a few hundred thousand more Hispanics and New Mexico loses its purple hue and becomes forever blue.

California isn't far behind. Texas a few years after that. As whites continue to flee the Southwest and Hispanics continue to settle it, Kentucky suddenly has a more pressing immigration problem that is almost impossible to handle on the state level alone. An inept federal government, already unwilling to do anything of substance to stop the influx, isn't likely to challenge such a powerful state coalition, even more so if a Democrat is in the Whitehouse. Pandering to the coalition is the more likely outcome. Yet it is the federal government that has to plug up the porous border.

The longer we wait, the worse it gets. If this concerns you, the November vote has to be single issue. With the GOP on the defensive due to the Bush administration's atrocious blundering, it doesn't look promising. But the future looks even bleaker.



faq said...

New Mexico becoming the first state with Hispanics as the largest ethnic group is quite fitting. Now this new Mexico growing out of New Mexico will expand north, east, and west. At what point do we vote to allow for the Southwest to secede, just to make border enforcement tenable?

Anonymous said...

The only reason latinos (not just Mexicans) rush across the border, is because the US isn't Mexico. If you make the southwest US part of Mexico, that just makes it into another place to run away from.

It's the low corruption and rule of law that makes a land of opportunity. That's a place people run to so as to get away from corrupt places with almost no opportunity.

College professors tell you america's no longer a land of opportunity. It's a corrupt tyranny that's a blight on the whole world.

But the pitter patter of immigrant's feet, by the millions, tells a different story. Who're you gonna believe?

crush41 said...


What faq probably assumes is that losing the Southwest would finally awaken WASPland. Maybe, maybe not.

What gets me: These professors you accurately describe rant about the inherent evils in the American system, the rampant patriarchy and racial oppression, on and on, and yet they are the most vociferous advocates of an open border. If the US is so awful, why do they want to expose millions of defenseless Hispanics to it?!

What a disgusting contradiction.