Friday, August 18, 2006

British support profiling 2-to-1

The overly-hospitable British may have finally been pushed over the edge:
A majority of voters support moves by the Government to introduce security screening at airports that focuses on the passengers who pose the greatest risk.

A poll in today’s Spectator shows that 55 per cent backed the idea of passenger profiling and only 29 per cent opposed it.
The support for DfT's push to profile is symbolic. In practicality, it is unlikely that serious terrorists will attempt to conceal detectable weaponry on their persons as they board, although the expanding list of potential weapons may prove me wrong. Might the DfT go so far as to allow a separate list of approvable carry-on items for Middle Easterners, North Africans, and Central Asians, a list that is markedly shorter than what is allowed for white Europeans?

The proposed profiling, on which the poll was conducted, would less controversially be triggered by suspicious behavior or eccentric travelling patterns.

In apparent contrast to the naivete found by Pew Research in July, Britons are largely aware of how intractable the clash of peoples is:
The poll suggests that Britain is increasingly preparing for a long, bitter and potentially bloody struggle, with 60 per cent of respondents saying that they expected the threat from terrorist groups to worsen and 79 per cent arguing that the Government was not winning the war against terrorism.

A large majority, 86 per cent, predicted a terrorist attack within the next 12 months.
Then again, the Pew study revealed that while most respondents in Europe were concerned about the Islamic communities in their respective countries as well as Islamic extremism, with the exception of the Germans a majority of Europeans felt continued immigration from the Islamic world was a good thing. Perhaps the Brits are resigned to such a fate.

But why should they be? Why not stop the Islamic incursion into Europe? There is plenty of reason to put a halt to it. Muslims aren't assimilating, they are an economic drag on generous welfare states, they overwhelmingly consider themselves Muslims before denizens of their various European homes (see the fifth graphic in the Pew survey), and they've hit Spain and Britain, rioted in France, and murdered in response to free speech in the Netherlands.

The Muslim world presents a more prodigious threat to the West from within than from without. Europe is aging. The median age for selected European countries:

UK -- 39.3
Germany -- 42.6
Spain -- 39.9
France -- 39.1
Switzerland -- 40.1

The striplings that are replacing the old fogies are increasingly from the Islamic world, where there are plenty of young bloods (median ages follow) to fool ignorant European business and governmental elites into believing that they are the solution to a shrinking working population to cover the entitlement obligations to the continent's senescent (sound familiar?):

Iraq -- 19.7
Iran -- 24.8
Saudi Arabia -- 21.4
Egypt -- 24
Pakistan -- 19.8

But the young Muslims, unaccultured, uneducated, and less intelligent, feel disenfranchised. They see Europeans as oppressors, and Western culture as decadent. As the Islamic enclaves grow numerically larger, their political clout will grow correspondingly. Again, why? I favor a stronger emphasis on policies that entice native Europeans to have more children instead of the importation of third-worlders.

The poll results should be viewed with caution, as it was conducted over the internet. Though internet usage generally correlates with financial well-being, and I suspect the blue-blooded British are less inclined to express fear or resentment of Muslims than are the working class Laddist types.



Anonymous said...

At one point, I would have thought that the US could just use national origin profiles to avoid activists over ethnic ones.

With so many "European" Muslims, I don't think that's an option.

adog said...

National origin is still a better filter than nothing, but some of the most virulent anti Westernism seems to come from Muslims living in Europe, where leftist thinking, including the neocon thought pattern, would suggest such people would be the most "moderate." The thinking is so terribly wrong...

Unlisted said...

How do you profile when you have Muslims that are white and think like lunatics. Take a look at this guy

crush41 said...

The azoth of a perfect filter doesn't exist. There will be exceptions. The employment of female suicide bombers is an example of the evolutionary nature of Islamic terror tactics.

Also, see Randall Parker's post on the same poll.