Thursday, July 27, 2006

Multicult success in Britain

Brits get to experience the joys of expanding their cultural horizons:

Ali is one of an estimated 3 million women and girls who suffer female genital mutilation (FGM) each year.

The practice, also known as female circumcision, involves removing part or all of a girl's clitoris or labia. It is often carried out by an older woman with no medical training, using anything from scissors to tin can lids and pieces of glass. ...

The centuries-old practice, prevalent mostly in Africa, is now also being brought by immigrants to Western countries, like Britain.

"FGM is a huge problem in the UK," said Ensharah Ahmed, community development officer at the UK-based Foundation for Women's Health, Research and Development

Forward estimates there are around 279,500 women living in Britain who have undergone FGM, with another 22,000 girls under 16 in danger of joining them.
The Occident is more favorably disposed to women's rights than the rest of the world. Women's advocacy groups should devote energy to preserving Western cultural norms. The easiest way to do so is to restrict immigration from places where cultural values are antithetical to those in the West. Include questions pertaining to cultural beliefs as part of an immigration application based on other merit-based attributes like years of schooling, IQ, means, occupation, age, health, etc.

The very stance such women's groups hold on the putatively natural rights of women are culturally conditioned:
Muslim women do not think they are conditioned to accept second-class status or view themselves as oppressed, according to a survey released Tuesday by The Gallup Organization. ...

When asked what they resented most about their own societies, a majority of Muslim women polled said that a lack of unity among Muslim nations, violent extremism, and political and economic corruption were their main concerns. The hijab, or head scarf, and burqa, the garment covering face and body, seen by some Westerners as tools of oppression, were never mentioned in the women's answers to the open-ended questions, the poll analysts said.
Multiculturalism is essentially the forfeiting of one's own values (and the value judgments that necessarily accompany them) and allowing other cultural values fill the vacuum. For it to be attractive, one's own cultural values must be perceived as lacking or inferior. What, then, is it about Western culture that is detestable enough to justify accepting the deviancy of foreign cultural values? That mutilating the genitals of seven year-old girls is unacceptable?

Cultural progressives need to realize that multiculturalism undermines their ultimate goals. Hispanics and Muslims are not going to tip the balances in favor of same-sex marriage or abortion-on-demand.



Somewhere Between Splat & Bounce said...

Interesting post. What is your opinion then of the tradition of circumcision? Do you consider it culturally backward? Why or why not? I agree with you that FGM is abhorrent. I totally and utterly disagree with you that multiculturism is bad for society. You're pretty funny though in presenting your argument.

Anonymous said...

Here is the best line from the article:

"It's not something you can stamp out in two seconds -- it's been going for thousands of years," Hamilton told Reuters.

To which the obvious retort is...

Anonymous said...

What, then, is it about Western culture that is detestable enough to justify accepting the deviancy of foreign cultural values?

IMO, a lot of it comes down to nothing more than racially sensitive political correctness; or better, a fear of being singled out for lacking it. No one wants to be called a racist or a xenophobe -- very few people are intellectually nimble enough to handle it. And the ones that are also know that once you are tarred with those epithets, whether fairly or not, it is very hard to remove that modern-day scarlet letter. Which can be fatal to any leadership aspirations; oftentimes even public respectability.

Which is why as a tactic such name-calling is so often used.

crush41 said...


It's an historical holdover that was until somewhat recently believed to be desirable for health reasons. It's performed in-hospital with the option of anathesia (whereas FGM is regularly performed with household items like glass shards and tin can lids), I'm not aware of contemporary deaths or severe infection from the procedure, nor have I heard stories of men who have been emotionally scarred from being circumsized.

It is, in my secular view, silly, but not on the same level as FGM.

Multiculturalism is antithetical to free thought. I'm able to be the most novel and experminative when around other twenty-something white guys.

Corporate diversity training, of which I had the pleasure of receiving for the first time in my working career just last week, displays how undesirable unfettered multiculturalism is. The seminar was essentially a didact presentation on how not to offend others, discouraging critical thought, and how a more balanced workforce should be a goal in and of itself. This is antipodal to the liberalism I love.

I agree with the anonymous commenter. It's tragic that those holding a similar viewpoint as my own must diligently divorce our opinions from our public lives, lest we put a stake in our promotional aspirations.

Anonymous said...

Leftist multiculturalism is a form of denial of dangerous differences. You point out the real differences in cultures that leftists should be alarmed at, and all leftists can say is they disagree with you and you're funny in presenting your argument.