Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Supreme equality? Who wants it?

This won't be winning many Middle Eastern hearts and minds:
The Jerusalem District Court has ordered the Jerusalem Municipality to pay the city's Gay and Lesbian Center NIS 350,000 [$77,500 US, plus court fees] for "cultural and social activities" held by the organization over the last three years, a court spokeswoman announced Monday.
Tel Aviv is vying with San Francisco for the right to be known as the homosexual capital of the world. So Jerusalem will make a nice satellite. Except it's a holy city for the two largest religions in the world, as well as their mutual father, and all three do not look favorably upon homosexuality, especially the conspicuous public display of it.

The judge deciding against the city wrote:
It must treat this [homosexual] community with equality, out of recognition of the supreme value of equality, and out of respect for the values of tolerance and pluralism, which exist at the heart of democratic society.
What happens when the only way to retain the viability of tolerance and pluralism as core values involves restrictions on who can participate under their auspices? I wonder what they're saying about this in meetings under the Dome of the Rock. These values are not self-sustaining. Unfettered tolerance does not have an answer for rigid intolerance.

"Pluralism" is a euphemistic name for anti-Occidentalism. No belief system, be it empirical, rational, existential, religious, or otherwise, welcomes restrictions on its own influence. The advocates of pluralism are not exceptions--their goals include the suspension of Western moral judgmentalism and the marginalization of the white middle class that sustains it. But Western elites face a reckoning when they are no longer competing exclusively with 'traditional' bourgeoisie in an arena founded upon free expression and the acceptance of compromise or defeat.

The 160 million Muslims living in places bordering Israel do not appreciate such forced 'equality'. In the Middle East only Israeli society will accept, without the coercion of force, a deeply unpopular diktat from the judiciary (three-quarters of Jerusalem residents are opposed to even allowing the parade to take place for which the funding will go). An open Israel would realize in short order that the values the judge speaks so highly of are only as strong as those who support them. They are not existentially eternal. They will be supplanted by value systems (say fundamentalist Sharia law) that take advantage of the tolerance/pluralist auto-immune deficiency, using tolerating acceptance to spread intolerance (which potentially describes any competing belief system).

There are important lessons here. Belief systems are only as influential as the people supporting them. Societal propositions are largely the result of, not the cause of, the environment they flourish in. The US enjoys a high standard of living, free expression, social mobility, a representative republic founded upon democratic values, and isonomy is due to plentiful land and resources, a high IQ majority, its reformational (Protestant) history, a geographic location that enabled it to emerge from WWII as the giant of the earth, etc, not because its leaders declared all men to be created equal (al-Maliki can do that all day long to no avail).

The US (and the rest of the developed world) needs to preserve the propitious conditions that allow for universalistic, liberal values to flourish from within. Exporting these values to places hostile to them, and eager to employ them only as far as they benefit the hegemony of a different value set does not do this. Nor does importing hegemonic alien belief systems. That means no more costly adventures in third-world hellholes and no more value-subtracting immigrants with beliefs and abilities detrimental to American prosperity and social cohesion.



JSBolton said...

The decision sounds rather stunningly arbitrary amd shysterocratic. As you say, tolerance as a value that you can't have too much of, is clearly self-negating. It is like openness to closedness. When they speak of tolerance as an absolute value, while discriminating ever so carefully as to who is to be arbitrarily singled out for special tolerance, it should be clear that the unclean shyster monstrosity is raised up and honored in Israel.
The hideously unclean, the vicious shyster walks in special honor, casually throwing out whimsical favor to its fellow vectors, there.

savage said...

The Left's raising gays up on a pedestal to create more victims suffering from wretches of life.


"There is evidence of an increase in unsafe sexual practices by men who have sex with other men in the US, according to the annual UN Aids report."


"Half of all HIV infections diagnosed in 2004 were men who have sex with men - and the report says there is evidence of resurgent risky behaviour in this group."

This should preclude special tolerance for sure.