Thursday, May 25, 2006

Multiculturalism amok in Michigan

The move within the Michigan Department of Education to divorce the synonymity of the terms "American" and "US citizen" has apparently been snuffed out by Michigan's Superintendent of Public Instruction:
The Michigan Department of Education is not taking the word "America" or "American" out of the classrooms of Michigan ("Keep 'America' in Michigan schools," May 24, by Michael Warren). No such edict has gone out, or will go out, to school teachers across Michigan.

We are not seeking to do away with the terms "America" or "American" from classroom instruction. It's not going to happen. I consider myself an American. We live in the United States of America. We are citizens of the United States of America. But the vernacular is that we're Americans.
A decade ago, the words "America" and "American" were removed from the MEAP (Michigan's state assessment testing similar to the NAEP on the national level). They were expunged due to ethnocentric undertones and the exclusionary effect they had on Latin American and Canadian students. All are North Americans, yada yada. This is the standard politically correct nonsense that has become endemic in America's (!) governmental public school system. It's an annoying aspect of current demographic trends, although it is not in the class of the most cogent arguments against the largescale importation of Hispanic and South Asian underclasses.

What is interesting, though, is how the propositionalists polemicize against the removal of terms central to the history of the United States ("The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America...") by appealing to seemingly universalistic Creedal values that in actuality are threatened by their own universal application:
After all, America isn't just a name, it's a philosophy. It represents a set of ideas -- such as freedom, free enterprise and checks and balances on government -- that have been instrumental in improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people. That's why it's called the American dream and the American way of life.

We've had a terrible time trying to install these ideas across the world, especially in the Middle East. And for the last forty years with an immigration system in place that pulls from outside Europe, we're slowly coming to realize how these ideas do not even have ecumenical appeal--or feasibility--within our own porous borders. Freedom entails not only the freedom of action, but also the freedom from the aggression of others (be it physical, cultural, psychological, economic, or whatever).

A multicultural society is, true to it's very definition, marked by disparity: Economic, cultural, intellectual, social, and on. Virtually all groups (with "guilty" whites as a glaring exception), be they defined by race or ethnicity, geographical location, political ideology, economics, culture, or social status, have a desire to propogate their beliefs and mold society in a way presumed to be most ideal. More groups mean less cohesion. As groups struggle against one another, they inherently become more partisan. An "us against them" mentality develops, and progress beneficial to society at large is hindered. An optimal society is a naturally egalitarian one--inegalitarianism or worse, forced egalitarianism, are unstable and tenuous.

Moving beyond the theoretical, the actual composition of the new groups makes the situation even worse. The demographic shift isn't being fueled by the entry of Ashkenazism and East Asians. Hispanics are, as a group, less successful than whites by almost every measure--they make less, use more welfare, are more likely to commit crimes and end up in jail, have lower IQs and educational attainment, higher unemployment, lower levels of wealth accumulation, etc. Of course they are going to be resentful. Short of perpetual wealth redistribution, genetic engineering, or the instituting of a merit immigration system coupled with deportation, this is always going to be the case.

But one measure where they are winning, and winning big, is in the arena of numerical growth (eleven times faster than whites). La Raza and Mecha are getting stronger. They are going to push for things harmful to the (shrinking) white majority (as well as to Asians). They are going to vie with blacks for the right to permanent handouts, and both will push for more affirmative action. They'll favor more wealth redistribution, not less. They'll support bigger government to make it happen. They'll see free enterprise as the tool of the exploitative gringo and back authoritarian pols trying to kill it (all these things are happening in South America right now).

Why do our leaders insist upon assaulting these uniquely American ideas through the destruction of a European middle class majority that has allowed these same ideas to thrive?



Anonymous said...

Not all Hispanics will vote for big government leftists. As a group Hispanics are the least leftist of all minorities. In the 2004 election Bush nearly got half. Your racist nonsense prediction *may*be right due to being a self-fulfilling prophecy not because Hispanics are all a bunch of big government loving welfarers.

crush41 said...

Because Hispanic growth is less detrimental than black growth for the GOP means that Hispanics are good news for Republicans? The moderately bad is not a friend of the good. That logic brings to mind an episode from The Simpsons where Marge, edaciously eating low-fat pudding happily says she can feel the pounds just melting off!

From an analysis by the CIS in Huntington's Who are We? (p236):

"An analysis of welfare use in 2001 by immigrants from a dozen regions and countries showed Mexican immigrant households ranking first, with 34.1 percent using welfare, compared to 22.7 percent of all immigrant households, and 14.5 percent of native American households."

The Hispanic vote in the 2004 Presidential election was erroneously reported. John Bolton, who graciously comments here, pointed it out and Steve Sailer dug into it more deeply. Bush probably garnered just under 40% of the Hispanic vote.

Anonymous said...

"Not all Hispanics will vote for big government leftists. As a group Hispanics are the least leftist of all minorities. In the 2004 election Bush nearly got half."

As was already pointed out, Bush got only 40% of the Hispanic vote. But Bush himself has proved to be big government leftist, presiding over the biggest expansion of government since LBJ's "Great Society". Anyone remember NCLB and the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?