Thursday, May 18, 2006

Driving diversity

Does a polyglot society produce bad drivers? People of all cultures have little tolerance for idiocy on the road, however said idiocy might be defined by an individual driver. More diversity means more versions of idiocy clashing with one another. The top five cities with the worst road rage (and the percent of each city's foreign-born population in brackets):
— Miami [60.6%]
— Phoenix [21.1%]
— New York [36%]
— Los Angeles [41.3%]
— Boston [21%]
The five cities with the most pleasant drivers:
— Minneapolis [17.6%]
— Nashville [9%]
— St. Louis [5.7%]
— Seattle [17.2%]
— Atlanta [6.3%]

The AutoVantage survey doesn't provide a metric scoring system, only rankings. And the sample's too small for much statistical analysis. But the five worst cities to drive in average a foreign-born population of 37.2% (and the worst--Miami--is a multiculturalist's Utopia). The five cities with the most tranquil drivers average 11.2%.

More exciting trends to look forward to as our conurbation increasingly comes to resemble the third-world!



JSBolton said...

I read that Port Moresby, the capital of PNG, has both the highest murder rate and the largest number of indigenous languages spoken. It was said that one of the contributors to this high murder rate was traffic accidents which resulted in arguments leading to murder.
Problems associated with diversity and lack of common understanding, can be lessened by segregation of various kinds, but not on the public highways.

constantine said...

JS is exactly right. Some idiot cuts you off and it's a foreigner and you blame the stupidity on that, rightly or wrongly. Driving habits are different in different cultures. From my experience south Asians are generally aggressive drivers, East Asians are like grandparents, Hispanics are terrible with things like traffic signals, blacks drive fast everywhere.

Steve Sailer said...

Dave Barry writes a lot about driving habits in Miami, where everyone drives according to the laws of their country of origin. Add in Latin American machismo and elderly people driving 45 mph in the fast lane of the freeway with their left turn blinkers on, and it's a goat rodeo.

Anonymous said...

I live near Jersey City and I can state for a fact that the illegal Hispanics are some of the worst and rudest drivers around. As for insurance, it is prehaps best not to ask.

crush41 said...

Miami traffic; the apex of multiculturalism?

There are plenty of tales about ininsured illegals.


I'm an avid bicyclist and have always found blacks to be quite accomodating when it comes to "sharing the road". Big van Hispanics (the conspicuously illegal types) are the worst, although the drivers never seem to glance back at me as they pass, and thus I assume they don't even realize the passenger-side rearview nearly decapitated me. Girls in their late teens and early twenties are also bad.