Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Crucible in Durham

Forget Arthur Miller's Crucible book controversy--we have the real thing:

Results of DNA tests released Monday do not link members of Duke University's lacrosse team to an exotic dancer who reported she was sexually assaulted by three players at an alcohol-fueled party last month.
Supposedly she was gang-raped, choked, and sodomized. Yet no semen, saliva, or even hair remained on the courtesan. The accuser's story has been inconsistent, her past checkered:

Meanwhile, a second dancer's statements cast further doubts on the woman's claims...

In 2002, she was working at a topless club in Durham, when she stole a cab driver's car keys while giving him a lap dance, according to a police report. When the driver went to the bathroom, she drove off in the cab and led police on a lengthy car chase. In the process, she smashed into a patrol car and attempted to drive through a fence, but was eventually arrested after her car got a flat tire. She tested at 0.19, more than twice the alcohol limit.

My prediction: Our Betty got inebriated and played catatonic out of fear of consequences that might arise. The DA, who is up for reelection against two more qualified candidates. That is, Nafing, who is a white man, is running against a harpy of a woman and a black man. Durham is 44% black. The opportunity to burn a gang of white yuppies at the stake on behalf of a black single-mother was a godsend. Tom Wolfe wins again.

The fatal flaw was that it all happened too quickly. The severity of the charge would have been sufficient for the Nafing to get reelected in May. But the credulous media made the story page one in its indefatigable search to prove white male oppression.

Unlike Miller's tale, this one is true.



adog said...

The lacrosse season was cancelled and the coach got fired. The guys have been burned at the stake already. THe PC atmosphere is disgusting. How did the coach get fired for this when the investigation is ongoing? How does a single allegation from a dubious source shut down a season?

crush41 said...


It's only the severity of the charge that matters. Truth is irrelevant, especially at an "elitist" institution like Duke. Look at what happened to Lawrence Summers. The alleged victim is a downtrodden black single mother. Therefore she is impervious and must be believed.

I hate spending time on this tabloid nonsense, but it is so illustrative of the media mindset--repeat a charge over and over even in unrelated stories (eg "Summers, who raised eyebrows by suggesting women inferior to men, was present at today's Hall of Fame induction ceremony...") until it becomes true. By the presentation of the Durham incident you'd think blacks need fear whites in America. The truth, of course, is unfortunately the opposite.

faq said...

I heard on TV tonight a police tape indicating that the accuser was plastered. What a thin hoax.

Can you imagine the outcry is a white girl accused a bunch of black jocks of rape and it turned out to be a fraud?

crush41 said...


I guess I know my shrews!

Regarding blacks and whites: If it was a white woman hurling wild accusations at a gang of underclass blacks that turned out to be apocraphyl you'd be right for sure. But Kobe Bryant didn't get much sympathy even though it was a dubious gold-digging white after him.

faq said...

Here we go

The woman alleging she was raped by players on Duke University's lacrosse team was "just passed out drunk" in someone else's car on the night she claims the attack took place, according to a police recording.