Wednesday, April 05, 2006

39,000 Chinese a drop in the bucket

We're told by politicians that it's impossible to start rounding up Hispanic illegals and deporting them a couple of hundred miles south. But apparently it's no sweat to round up 39,000 Chinese illegals and ship them halfway around the world:
The United States and China are close to an agreement on repatriating illegal Chinese migrants, the U.S. security chief said on Tuesday at the end of a visit that also focused on aviation and ports security.
Chertoff says he wants to send a message:
"If we catch them and release them ... we suggest to people that if they can get across the border they are home free and safe from being returned. We want to send a very different message," Chertoff told reporters...

About 39,000 Chinese were illegally in the United States, many of them brought there by people-smugglers, Chertoff said.

The Chinese in the US are less likely to voluntarily leave because of distance when they begin being deported. Hispanics would have less trouble hightailing it if they knew their time in the US was limited. So if we can do it with Chinese illegals, we certainly can with Hispanics. Yes, 39,000 is not 12 million but it is not an insignificant number either. Even if we moved to repatriate (and imprison those with records) a couple hundred thousand a year the desirability for new-arrivals would decrease and others already here would start to leave on their own.

agreement has been reached after protestations from the Chinese government, which previously resisted taking them back. The US did some arm-twisiting to get it done.

These Chinese runaways are probably better for the US than most Hispanics. They are coming on a trip that requires greater means from a
cognitively endowed country that is still not favorable to entrepreneurial types unless they have political connections. They're akin to the early waves of Cuban immigrants. Chinese Americans--47% of whom are first generation--have median household incomes 30% higher than the national average, a home ownership rate of 65% compared to a national average of 54%, and 38% have a bachelor's degree compared to a just under a quarter of the nation as a whole.

So we can deport illegals even in the face of political opposition by their host countries when the illegals are less detrimental to American well-being, but when they are positively disastrous for the US by virtually every measure possible, we must fatalistically accept what we are powerless to do anything about and instead work on making our new liabilities feel welcome.



daveg said...

The politics of this are interesting.

The employers of mexicans are perhaps more politicall active than the employees of the chinese?

Of course, there are more mexicans and perhaps more mexican voters, but chinese probably vote in greater percentages.

Also, sending back to china probably means they will stay. Sending back to Mexico means they will be back in weeks or months.

crush41 said...

Yes they are. My speculations:

-Americans have a less favorable opinion of China than Mexico. Distrusting the Chi-comms is okay, but the same sentiment directed at Hispanics is portrayed as racist. Consistently half of Americans view China as an adversary. Americans have a generally favorable opinion of Mexico (p19) (more so than Israel) though that is probably changing.

-Sheer numbers. 500,000 protesting in a single city is intimidating.

-Special interest groups. Who is going to stand up for Chinese illegals? There's no La Raza equivalent.

-Media coverage. Asians are largely ignored. RP put it well when he wrote that Asians "live in the United States. But to the leftist intellectuals who write about ethnic groups in America they are largely invisible. Why? They are inconvenient. They do at least as well as whites economically and yet they are not white."
I found this story on yahoo news. NPR didn't mention it during the hour news updates.

Anonymous said...

Soooo, crush41, you're a racist. How's that working out for you?

Anonymous said...

"These Chinese runaways are probably better for the US than most Hispanics."

There is no question that this is true from a strictly comparative demographic standpoint, as anyone in California could tell you.

They should be sent back in any case.

Because this is still America, not China. And the problem is that there are just too many immigrants coming to America as it is, legally and illegally. So many that they are bringing demographic change, which is akin to national suicide. We just cannot make any exceptions, else the demographic transformation of the country will just accelerate, including by attracting more illegals.

Having seen what large scale Asian immigration has done to parts of California, including turning San Francisco into 'the most Chinese city in America' (wonder how Korean War vets feel about that), I don't want it. Enough is enough.

I feel this way because I see America's demographic heritage as a majority white nation (think 'Founding Fathers') as something worth preserving. Having seen firsthand what is replacing it.

I guess all that makes me a "racist" too.

So be it.

crush41 said...


I understand your trepidation and hold a tenuous opinion of immigration that compromises ethnic/cultural homogeneity for economic gain. But it's asinine to boot out those who have (from an Occidental perspective) a much stronger claim to refugee status and who are, if liabilities on the whole, less so than the Golden Race we saw in droves waving Mexican flags, while our elites clamor for importing an even larger Hispanic underclass.