Friday, January 20, 2006

Paradise Lost?

Hopefully John Milton is too engrossed in the paradise he speculated about four and a half centuries ago to take notice of this:
Paradise Now won the Best Foreign Language Flm category in today's 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards. The film was directed by Palestinian Hany Abu-Assad from a screenplay he cowrote with Bero Beyer, the film's Dutch producer, both of whom ascended to the podium to collect the award. Paradise Now chronicles the 48 hours before two best friends in Nablus are sent on a suicide mission to Israel. The New York Times said it “accomplishes the tricky feat of humanising the suicide bombers depicted in the film”. The paper dubbed the film "a taut, ingeniously calculated thriller".
The cries that Western military incursions into the Middle East and Central Asia have created more terrorists than they've killed are relentless. And they may be true. It's tough to gauge. A new Manhattan Project to create viable alternative energy sources with the goal of weaning ourselves of foreign oil would be a better investment than the trillion or so that will ultimately be poured into Iraq. Petroleum comrpises 90% of Saudi Arabia's exports--obselesce oil and we send the Islamic world back into the seventh century where it no longer has the means to blow up our buildings and citizenry. Energy is inextricably related to national security, because so much of oil revenue ends up in the hands of terror groups.

But the humanization of Palestinian suicide bombers is easier to reach a conclusion on. It's certainly creating more terrorists than it's destroying.

Seventy percent of Americans believe that Hollywood is out of touch with the American mainstream and does not share its values, while a diminutive 13% believe Tinsel Town does. I do not watch movies at the theater or otherwise, so firsthand opinion isn't something I can provide. But awarding films that sypathize with murderers from one of the most vile and failed populations on the planet--the Palestinians--in tandem with excessive adulation over films reducing the rough-riding, frontier-taming eidolons of the West to insecure effetes nauseatingly light in the loafers, topped of by tales of transvestites (I wonder what the jihadists think about these themes!) makes it clear why so much of the American public reviles the US film industry.



Anonymous said...

Father of Bombing Victim Deplores 'Paradise Now'

notaZionist said...

The palestinians are failed people? What exactly does that mean? Israel expansionism threatens the palestinians. It makes it impossible for an economy to develop, because their movement is restricted greatly.

crush41 said...

Thanks for the link O shrouded one,

The Israeli security fence cannot be constructed quickly enough. I'd originally thought, in a visceral knee-jerk reaction, that the Gaza pullout was a mistake.

But upon reflection, Sharon's move strikes me as perspicacious and pragmatic. The Strip was too costly to defend, as are some eastern settlements in the West Bank. Taking west Jerusalem and walling off civilization from the seventh century might be the best move at this point.

crush41 said...


The Palestinians receive $2 billion in annual foreign aid, breaking down to around $900 per capita. The West Bank and Strip's PPP is only $1,100. Thus, roughly 80% of what the Palestinians live on is handouts.

Predictably, the infantile Palestinian economy has deteriorated since the most recent intifadah began because the retreat of Israeli institutions and businesses meant the provider of economic activity for the Palestians was forced to retreat.

I am not moved to reward welfare recipients who kill the business owners that provided them with work in the first place. Hamas' political surge is not doing anything to lubricate the flow of people in the West Bank and into Israel, either.