Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Berlin circa 1938?

No, it's Stockholm circa 2006:

The situation has become so bad, they report, that "Jews in Sweden today often feel compelled to hide their religious identity in public: necklaces with stars of David are carefully hidden under sweaters, and orthodox Jewish men change their kippot [skullcaps] to more discreet caps or hats when they are outdoors. Jews in Sweden nowadays get secret telephone numbers to avoid harassment. In Sweden. Today."
Rabid anti-Judaism did not vanish when the Third Reich came to an end. Today, Hitler's incarnation resides in the Middle East, and it's spreading as Islam expands outward. The little Hitlers in headscarfs take a page right out of the old Madagascar Plan:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has described the Holocaust as "a myth" and suggested that Israel be moved to Europe, the United States, Canada or Alaska.
But Ahmadinejad, president of a country of 70 million people, is a bit anachronistic. Two months before suggesting Israel be airlifted to somewhere in the infidel hinterland, he called for its utter annihilation:

"As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map," said Ahmadinejad, referring to Iran's revolutionary leader Ayat Allah Khomeini.
Still, he'd no doubt be pals with Goebbels. And he's not alone:

Jewish congregations in Sweden have noted a sharp increase in "harassment, threats and attacks by Arabs and Muslims against Jews in Swedish society during the last few years," the report states. "The problem is furthermore aggravated by the almost complete silence which surrounds this form of Jew-hatred. If anti-Semitism among Arabs and Muslims in Sweden is discussed at all in Swedish media, it tends to be in the form of trivializations or denials of the problem."
Muslims cause problems everywhere they go. This throws a wrench into the leftist worldview that once everyone is immersed in tolerance and freedom they will become liberty-loving and tolerant. Consequently, it is hidden or trivialized.
In the French riots, the hoodlums were routinely referred to as "youths" disenfranchised by French culture's inherent chauvinism. Of course, the destroyers were Muslim Africans who lived in a system without racial quotas or affirmative action policies. The identities of the aggressors are hidden, and racism/discrimination is assumed to be the cause without any evidence (how do you prove groups are being discriminated against when no statistics are kept?)

But if your head is buried in the sand and you foolishly ignore human biodiversity, what else might cause such inequity? A qualified cultural variation that has no genetic grounding, of course. And the multicult right and blank-slate left predictably hashed it out during the French riots with the self-evident understanding that the actual rioters might have been the problem.

The right blamed the quasi-socialist, business unfriendly European environment while the left fingered French ethnocentrism as the culprit. That Middle Eastern countries are characterized by IQs roughly a standard deviation below that of France suffered from its perennial omerta and was not mentioned, nor was Islam's incompatibility with Western society (except in the veracious 'fringe' sites). (Similar prevarication followed Hurricane Katrina's devastation, as the popular media ignored mostly white towns that were hit harder than New Orleans but experienced no rioting, the vicious racism directed at whites in the Superdome, and the incompetence and corruption of New Orleans inner city police force).

Immigration from Muslim countries should be subject to extreme vetting or stopped entirely. It simply is not necessary. East Asia and some areas of southern and southeast Asia like Bangalore and Singapore offer better educated, more intelligent, less criminally prone, and less culturally pathological people. Western Europe's economic malaise is going to continually make the US look like a good destination.

Jews should not have to suffer the same harrassment and persecution that their grandparents did under Nazi Germany. Buses should not be blown up in London. Dutch filmmakers should not have their throats slit in the street for criticizing Islam. Disabled women in France should not be burned alive by rioting miscreants. Subway trains should not be blown to bits in Madrid. Commercial planes should not be flown into American skyscrapers. The West should not absorb hordes of Muslims.

The recently passed HR 4427 calls for the elimination of the Visa Lottery system, which randomly allows in immigrants from places like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, and Yemen. But the Senate does not share the House's push for immigration reform and instead wants a 'guest worker program' (which is a euphemism for 'amnesty').

We need a merit immigration system that allows the US to take advantage of the some 1.5 billion people worldwide who desire to live in the states by picking the cream of the crop: Those with some level of wealth and education, above average IQ (112 perhaps? That's generally considered to be college material--if you want a rough estimate of your own IQ based on SAT or ACT scores, look here and here), value-adding occupations, English language proficiency, no criminal record, and more qualitative data (like if they've been attending Wahhabi mosques on a regular basis).


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