Friday, November 18, 2005

Multiculturalism is a misnomer

It's a longstanding point of frustration for those not somewhere on the left or multicult right to suffer the "intolerant", "ethnocentric", and "xenophobic" pejoratives hurled at them by those "multiculturalism" advocates. Yet, "multiculturalism" is clearly a misnomer. If every institution in every location must "look like America" (and increasingly every institution in every location in every country must "look like the rest of the world"), where is the diversity?

If Kansas is no different than California, British culture no different than French, do we really have diversity? No, not at all. Instead we have the international communist's dream of forced equitableness--one that can only be achieved by the haphazard, sinister balkanizing process that begs a prodigious, global governmental structure to force order, economy, and the whole of life in general. It will not matter where you are or what you're doing--the social and demographic landscape will be identical.

Without solid pockets of homogeneity dotting the globe, we just have a big pile of expendable mush. If Sri Lanka disappears, that's unfortunate but not really meaningful, because Australia is no different. With Thanksgiving approaching, think of the Turkey Day's dinner as a metaphor: You sit down to a feast in front of you. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, salad, cornbread, mashed and sweet potatoes, the turkey, and so forth. So many different things tempting your pallet as you wait in blissful anticipation is what allows the meal to be so enjoyable. Not only eating, but discussing the meal as different items are passed around the table while people talk about their favorites.

But wait. The turkey is different than the cranberry sauce. With regards to protein, the turkey is better for you! And some nefarious folk think it tastes better than the cranberry sauce. This is unjust, awful, intolerant! Everyone must appreciate everything, without exclusion. We must be "inclusionary" (another crucial word in the multicult lexicon), so from this point forward, we will be throwing all the Thanksgiving items into a gigantic blender--from the Turkey to the salad--until it is mixed into a vibrant and indiscriminate goo for all to enjoy. If you're a vegetarian, strictly a carnivore, or just don't care for sweet potatoes, it's time for you to quit being so culinarocentric!

In all seriousness, the absurd desire to make "multicultural" for the sake of multiculturalism has serious consequences. Over 100,000 years of human history in which isolated populations evolved with unique forces acting upon them, with results that we are only beginning to understand. Do you see France burn? Do you hear Mecha shout? Do you notice Mugabe's agricultural theft? Beslan? London? Theo Van Gogh? A state of emergency on the southern border? The Dalai Lama's indigent status? Louis Farrakhan? South Asia and the Chinese? The disputed territories of Samaria and Judea (referred to as the "West Bank")? Iraq's inchoate civil war? The rebels in Sri Lanka? Shall we continue in our search for more "multicultural" successes? Cheap DNA sequencing is on the way--hopefully that will start to open our collective eyes. But don't hold your breathe.

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