Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Trait variability by sex in the General Social Survey

Before the Greater Male Variability hypothesis falls out of the news, take a look at the standard deviations, by sex, among GSS respondents on a host of major life measures:

Traits that are more determinative of male sexual market value (SMV) than of female SMV show greater variability among men, just as the hypothesis predicts.

There are a couple of exceptions to the greater male variability rule, though, where female variability is greater. And wouldn't you know it, it's for the two traits that are distinctly more determinative of female SMV than of male SMV value.

Parenthetically, the intelligence measure via the ten-question vocabulary test has an artificial ceiling because respondents can do no better than get 10 out of 10 questions correct. If there were 100 words or a 1,000 words on the test, it's likely that the male SD would be even larger relative to the female SD than it appears here. It would probably resemble the disparity in educational attainment.

Regarding wealth, a lot of it is shared in marriage or accrues to women who outlive the men who accumulated it, so the gap as shown above likely understates the true difference in variability between men and women in affluence. There are more male billionaires but also more homeless men without a penny to their names than there are women.

Even with these quite imperfect measures, then, the results seem almost too good to be true, but the items used are honestly the ones that came to mind as having utility for evaluating what the survey had to offer regarding the question.

If you're aware of other broad measures in the GSS that should be considered, please share in the comments (they cannot be dichotomous, obviously--the responses need to exist across a spectrum).


Monday, September 17, 2018

Becoming Darren Wilson

The percentages of respondents who thought the Grand Jury should've indicted police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown:

In multiracial societies, you don't use standards of ethical behavior or the morality of actions to assess justice, you assess justice in accordance to race and ethnicity.

Brown was a criminal thug who assaulted and stole from a clerk and then tried to steal a cop's gun and shoot him with it after being pulled over for walking down the middle of the road. Brown was very obviously guilty as sin yet only 1-in-5 blacks thought officer Wilson should not have been sacrificed.

Is South Africa making sense now? If blacks were 90% of the US population instead of less than 15% of it, Wilson wouldn't have just had his career ruined and to have gone into hiding, he and his family would've been butchered like Boers.
Mendacious media's blood libel against middle America

Welcome to the skins game. There are only two questions you'll need to ask going forward: Who? Whom?

Let them guide the formation, maintenance, and enforcement of all of your nation's policies, especially its immigration policies.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Throwing November

And tax cuts. From Reuters-Ipsos, the issue registered Democrats and Republicans identified as the most important one in determining their mid-term congressional votes (N = 26,785): 

The contrast between the priorities of congressional Republican 'leadership' and what their voters care about is why the GOP is called the Stupid Party. That's unfair to people like Paul Ryan, though, who are doing exactly what their paymasters want them to do. The stupid slur may be more aptly applied to Republican voters. They voted for a Muslim ban and a wall and all they got were these lousy corporate tax cuts, after all.

The mid-terms are largely about motivating the base to turn out, so it could be plausibly argued that's why Republican congressional leadership is trying to throw the House to Democrats avoid the National Question. After all, Democrats are fired up about it, too. Right?

No, not really, as the graph above illustrates. VDare nails it by asserting that they want to lose.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Don't be Republican; Do the left thing

This religious service--where rigid intellectual, moral, and spiritual conformity is assumed--fronts as a corporate activity led by chief executives of the country's leading tech company, one of the largest publicly-traded firms in the world:

This particular meeting took place prior to James Damore's defenestration. How a centrist like Damore managed to avoid being raised up as a blood sacrifice at one of these gatherings is anyone's guess.

From the FEC, the distributions of 9,132 personal donations to 2016 US presidential campaigns from Google employees, by candidate and also by party:

Yes, Democrats outraised Republicans nearly 30-to-1. And yes, Jill Stein received more in campaign contributions from Google employees than any Republican. Indeed, she received more than the top three GOP recipients--Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich--combined!

That's where the hive running the world's search engine results is coming from.

A message from a friend with decades of experience in Silicon Valley provided a being hit on the head lesson, describing what should have become common knowledge by now:
I wish the Right understood deeply how much they are considered morally illegitimate in some very important quarters. The Right loses because they are a bunch of rubes, suckers, and fools who do not realize their own good will is not returned in kind by the other side.
In the interest of fairness, the biggest driver of traffic to this humble blog is Google. Or at least it was before this post!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Pillars of salt

Jig Bohnson writes:
Did you read the Pennsylvania report, or the NY Times victim oped? Surprising number of female victims and heterosexual predators. It is not accurate to call this a strictly gay scandal.
Excerpted directly from the gorillion-page report:
Most of the victims were boys; but there were girls too. Some were teens; many were prepubescent.
Over 1,000 victims were identified (although they are obviously not named in the report). If for the sake of both simplicity and the benefit of Sodom we assume 501 male victims and 500 female victims and assume 5% of the population is gay--not bisexual, but exclusively homosexual--we get homosexuals overrepresented among the perpetrators at a rate of nearly 2,000% relative to the broader adult population.

If we take a more plausible estimate of 1,000 male victims and 100 female victims, and assume 2.5% of the population is gay, we get homosexuals overrepresented among the perpetrators by a rate of 39,000% relative to the broader adult population!

Not only are a lot of these creeps homosexuals, they're also pedophiles. This isn't surprising given that male homosexuals, who are neotenous across a whole range of characteristics, are more likely to be pedophilic than heterosexual men are (the rate is disputed, but I suspect the difference is large).

Sacrificing children to Moloch, god of Diversity, is standard operating procedure for the cultMarx left, so there should be no question as to why the mendacious media does everything it can to obfuscate the gay, pedophilic angles to this ongoing disgrace.

In the Current Year, the Church could, with a little diligence and a dollop of technical savvy, keep most faggots away from the cloth. This is a problem that could mostly be reformed away, but only by focusing on the gay.

That won't happen, though. Better a nearly 2,000-year old pillar of Western civilization collapse into the dust than rude, after all!

Sure, taking down a sacred institution like the Catholic Church is generally desirable, but not at the expense of taking down something truly sacred--homosexuals. The media acts accordingly.

Here, for example, is the accompanying photo to the top search engine-returned article on the report, from the Washington Post. Meshes rather well with #MeToo, you see:

The major media commits plenty sins of commission, but it's the perpetual sins of omission that really distort the perception of reality that credulous consumers of news end up with.

Tangentially, since validating stereotypes is the blog's raison d'etre, let's validate another one. Relative to males, female sexuality is fluid. Bisexuality is predominately a woman's thing. Indeed, of the 222 self-identified bisexuals included in the GSS, 70% (156) have been women to just 30% (66) that have been men.

Additionally, most bisexual women have children while most bisexual men do not. It's thus a stretch to consider most "bisexual" women gay.

GSS variables used: SEXORNT(2), SEX, CHILDS