Sunday, October 28, 2018

Gab goes

Z-Man suspects the hammer is about to drop:
On Saturday, a lunatic went on a shooting spree at a synagogue. I posted on Gab that the result will be a hellish backlash by our rulers against dissidents and dissident web sites like Gab. Most likely, Gab would be de-platformed and some heretics would be hurled into the void. Part of it is just rage, as much of what keeps our rulers in place is the rage they stoke among the anti-whites. The more important role of pogroms like we are about to endure is they send a message. The idea is to scare those sympathetic to the dissidents.
I think the damage may actually be contained to Gab, which is currently absorbing a coordinated deracination that will see it shuttered by tomorrow morning.

Yes, our rulers will use whatever they are able to as a pretense, but silencing the unbelievers and hurling them into the void is easier when the pretense generates a lot of organic outrage, particularly if it works blacks into a frenzy. But for blacks to get worked into a frenzy, the putative victims need to be black--ie Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, or the Dylann Roof shooting.

The last of those is of course the most comparable to what happened here. It was the excuse used to purge the country of publicly displayed confederate images of all kinds like the flag, statues, and gravestones. But those victims were all black.

While the victims in yesterday's massacre look distinctly Jewish to those with an eye for it, to the POC ascendancy, they are just whites. The story is one of a Trump-hating white prole shooting up a place full of rich whites.

Just a year before Roof, another white prole shot up a Jewish center less than five minutes from my house, killing three. Though then-president Obama offered the expected lamentations, nothing came of it. A week later, it was forgotten. I suspect most readers don't remember it. Had it not been so close to home, I likely wouldn't have, either.

If the story isn't already gone by next week, the election will flush it away.


Jig Bohnson said...

I agree that this will disappear relatively quickly. Primarily because making a big deal about antisemitism is no longer convenient to the cultural left / MSM because they are in enthusiastic alliances with the likes of Sarsour and slightly more sheepish alliances with the likes of Farrakhan.

PS though - What kind of dipshit gets a bee in his bonnet about supposed Jewish leftists and then shoots up a bunch of seniors at a Conservative synagogue? Just based on that amount of dumbassery alone Gab should be shut down.

Audacious Epigone said...


Right. To the extent that Jews threaten us, those are not the Jews who do.

216 said...

From a conspiracy angle, and I see no real evidence that points towards anything other than "sudden jihad syndrome", another attack may be necessary depending on polling.

A copycat attack(s) would seal the deal towards forcing every one right of Ben Shapiro off of the Clearnet and relegated to using postal money orders.

216 said...

As a layman can the following be explained:

How do you go about setting up a domain registrar?

Can the ISP deny access on its own whims? Or is it a "common carrier"?

If you set up your own payment processor, do you also need your own bank?

snorlax said...

1) I believe it's a fairly involved/expensive process, but possible.

A number of edgy sites have had their domains revoked by the administrator of the top-level domain. (NB: Not the same as the domain registrar). To prevent this you can use one of the TLDs administrated by the US gov't, which gives you First Amendment protections. These are

.as (American Samoa)
.gu (Guam)
.mp (Northern Mariana Islands)
.pr (Puerto Rico)
.vi (US Virgin Islands)

The old standbys .com, .net and .org used to be safe for the same reason, although maybe not anymore after Obama (thanks!) transferred ICANN from US to international administration. AFAIK they remain "safe" for now but that may change in the future.

2) No, and yes, at least in the US.

3) Yes. You aren't starting up anything new in the financial industry without many millions of dollars in existing assets, extensive banking industry and regulatory connections and a white-shoe law firm on retainer.

Ben Kurtz said...

You know, those lone-nut assassins of the 1960s had their acts together a lot better than the lone-nut assassins of today.

I mean, they managed to get JFK, RFK, MLK, etc., with incredible precision, often overcoming long odds to pull off difficult kill shots. Lee Harvey Oswald didn't just go in and shoot up a bunch of nobodies at the high school that JFK attended and call it a day. He put in a series of precision headshots on a moving target at long distance in a manner that would make a Force Recon marine proud.

Meanwhile, this Robert Bowers fellow apparently develops some beef with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, but instead of doing the manly 1960s thing and staking out their offices until he can get a clear shot at that organization's chairman, he mows down a bunch of random schmucks in a synagogue, Dylann Roof style.

If the 1960s assassinations seemed designed to spawn conspiracy theories involving the Russians and Cubans and mobsters hiding in grassy knolls, given the frequency and superhuman precision of the hits that were made, the mass killings of the early 21st century seem to be designed to spawn conspiracy theories involving mass mental illness and the widespread overuse of SSRIs and other psychoactive pharamceuticals, given the pointlessness and, in some sense, lameness of all these slaughters.

History repeats itself as farce, indeed.

snorlax said...

Ben -

In the 20c, men were far more likely to be veterans, and so more likely to be skilled marksmen.

Anonymous said...

How about the 2002 LAX shooting funny how that didn't receive that much attention.

Passer by said...


Brasil election latest exit polls

Bolsonaro wins 55% vs 45% Haddad

55 % Bolsonaro 37 % Haddad
41 % Bolsonaro 42 % Haddad

Bolsonaro secures landslide among men, but struggles among women


Candidates tied among young people, but Bolsonaro wins among mid age and old people


The most interesting part: Bolsonaro wins among highly educated people (55-34), loses among poorly educated people (38-48). Is this what will happen when whites in the US become a minority, forcing the college educated ones to become right wing?

Poor/Wealthy: Bolsonaro wins the wealthy, loses among the poor

Could not find racial data in file, someone who actually knows portuguese may look for it.

Corvinus said...

Here's the real reason why Gab got guillotined, according to Vox Day.

"If you recall, the original cause of my break with Gab and Andrew Torba was due to his absolute refusal to eliminate the criminal and pornographic material that infested the site. I told him that it wasn't about me or my preference for not being libeled, it was something that he was going to have to do if he wanted Gab to remain operational. I even offered to design a game-style moderation system that would have eliminated any need for an Orwellian Trust & Safety Council of the sort that Twitter, Facebook, and Indiegogo presently utilize."

"And we all know how that ended. Instead of listening to me, Torba responded by calling me a crybaby for protesting his free-speech defense of the Alt-Retards who were not only libeling me, but also posting images of a woman being gang-raped by Africans with my wife's head photoshopped onto it on Gab."

"So, I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for either Gab or Torba. I was confident that Torba's stubbornness, volatility, and lack of professionalism was eventually going to sink the site, and it's more than a little appropriate that it should be Gab's connection to the very Alt-Retards he defended so assiduously that is proving to be its primary vulnerability to those seeking to destroy it."

216 said...


This is weird, left thinks that Drudge is going to cuck us...

Anonymous said...


I'm amazed gab used godaddy to begin with. They're like the paypal of domain registrars. Huge, but famous for being complete garbage. Unlike with paypal, there are plenty of alternatives, however.

@Passer By,

Here's a map of votes next to a racial map of brazil. It's crude, but it only took me a few seconds in paint.

snorlax said...

Anon@12:14 -

Yeah, never use GoDaddy, even for a noncontroversial site.

That Gab didn't have a preexisting contingency plan for this very scenario also doesn't speak well to their technical competence.

Feryl said...

" From a conspiracy angle, and I see no real evidence that points towards anything other than "sudden jihad syndrome", another attack may be necessary depending on polling."

The vast majority of terrorist incidents in the 60's and early 70's were Leftist. When the zeitgeist is trending to the cultural Left, most people adjust accordingly. From the late 70's-1990's, the cultural zeitgeist swung way to the right (with the first Save the Children outfit starting around 1978), and consequently a lot of anti-abortion and anti-government Righty zealots were set loose (Eric Rudolph and so forth). Zealots are emboldened by a sense of approval from most normies. When environmentalism became trendy in the 1990's, Earth First and so forth started sabotaging logging equipment.

In other words, terrorism is the result of the prevailing zeitgeist, not a contradiction of it or a rebellion against it.

The modern zeitgeist has Civil War dimensions, and as such, there is extremism and violence on the part of both sides. The profoundly Left-wing zeitgeist of the 1960's sent conservatives into impotent hiding, while the profoundly conservative zeitgeist of the 1980's sent liberals into impotent hiding. During those decades, Americans were largely in agreement on most things, and as such, the ideological "losers" of each decade opted to just wait things out, mostly in peace, instead of lashing out. There was more of a healthy give and take, to; liberals in the 1910's and 20's waited their turn, and then got to call the shots in the 1930's. As WW2 heated up, conservative nationalists got to call the shots from the 1940's-mid 1950's. Then liberals got their turn in the late 1950's-early 1970's. Then conservatives got their turn in the late 1970's and 1980's. Things began to change in the 1990's, as we saw both sides start to become very bitter that they weren't getting their way on every issue, peaking with the 2000 election, which was probably the first shot fired in the current civil war. 9/11 briefly united everyone, as Bush and the Pentagon were given free rein by the public from about 2002-2005. But by 2006. that public unity dissipated and has only gotten worse since.

Feryl said...

To wit, in the 1990's we had many incidents of conservative (anti-abortion, anti-big government) violence and rage (the Oklahoma bombing, Ruby Ridge, many murders/bombings of abortion clinics, vigilante violence against pedophiles). But we also had a fair amount of liberal stuff, too (the eco sabotage, the WTO dust up in Seattle), though it was probably blunted by having a Dem in office for most of the decade. It suggests that the zeitgeist of the 1990's was quite conservative, in some ways perhaps more conservative than the 1980's (after all, stuff like mandatory minimum sentencing really took off in the 1990's, and controversies over video game and TV violence were at all time high, while censorship in film, by the early 1990's, was at it's greatest level since the early 1960's). Natalism also was at self-parody levels in the 1990's, with The Simpsons and other satirical media jokingly inserting "save the children" into contexts where it didn't belong. The early 1990's would see the greatest baby boom, relative to the surrounding eras, since the late 1950's. Americans in the 1990's also began favoring the ownership of large houses, large vehicles, and large guns, and large dogs. The emphasis on individual excess (a conservative trait) reached it's highest level since the 1920's (which was a more conservative period than the 1930's, a decade that saw everything get smaller).

Millennials will encourage the zeitgeist to be culturally liberal, by emphasizing collective size and projects, rather than individualist growth. Boomers initially bought into liberalism in the 1960's, then quickly turned on it in the 80's and 90's because they hate collectivism. Meanwhile, Millennials are going to irritate Boomers by vowing to keep the individual excess of the 80's and 90's at bay.

Remember: liberalism is about collective attempts to level the playing field and respecting creativity and misfits, while conservatism is about encouraging dominance by the smartest, strongest, and hardest working (and people will also tend to reproduce a lot, out of a sense of wanting their kids to continue the fight for supremacy in the game of life). Meanwhile, homeless people, the mentally ill, criminals, and artists will be thrown to the margins, because people in a conservative era just want to enjoy the pleasures of winning and feeling good, rather than concern themselves with "losers" and weirdos.

Ingot9455 said...

Don't think of 'Conservative' synagogue as having anything to do with conservatism or the right. They are liberal slackers compared to the Orthodox or so-called 'ultra-Orthodox'. It's just that they have some low standards for who they let in unlike the hippie 'Reform' Judaism.

It's the Orthodox who vote 70+ % Republican/conservstive.

vok3 said...

@Ben Kurtz

He put in a series of precision headshots on a moving target at long distance

You should visit Dealey Plaza in person. It's not long distance. It's actually fairly cramped by modern architectural standards.

As for conspiracy theories, remember, we KNOW what an FBI conspiracy looks like. It looks like James Comey and Peter Strzok and Lisa Page; it has near-absolute situational advantages, a wealth of assistance in information and sympathetic personnel, high morale, plausible deniability, laudable dedication and motivation - and to cap it all off, total and complete incompetence resulting in total ineffectiveness and failure.

That's why I look at this latest stuff and conclude that, yeah, weird things do happen, and the surface story is in fact the real story.

Feryl said...

Something that Boomers will never understand is that it's not healthy to insist that your side "win" every single battle, over and over again. This causes each side to become very bitter and sour, when they don't get their way. And it contributes to a mood of embarrassment, distress, and rage, rather than accepting that you don't get to always win.

In less partisan and more healthy times, one side gets to do things to their liking, which can produce negative consequences when taken too far. This gives an opening for the other side, which gets taken advantage of. The emerging challengers shame the dominant side into being remorseful and open to moderation, which weakens them and allows the challenging side to regain the crown. After which this now dominant side starts to overplay it's hand. And the cycle repeats anew. In the mid-late 1950's, more and more Americans were becoming concerned about how to take care of, and listen to, poor people, creative people, and criminals. In the 1960's, this morphed into a "liberation" culture where only squares wanted to have kids, careers with the same company, and dress conservatively. By the early 70's, crime, drug use, and child abuse was out of control, which set the stage for a conservative backlash heavily led by the religious right, which began to squall non-stop about a culture that didn't respect family formation and children (indeed, birth rates would hit then-all time lows from 1974-1978). In the late 70's, themes of rebellion against staid middle class mores, the police, and the military would heavily dissipate, as Leftist terrorism diminished a a great deal. The Right would assume complete dominance by the mid-80's, as panics over drug use, crime, child abuse, and so forth surged into popular consciousness. But this too would have it's costs; by the late 1990's, America was expending vast resources on arresting, imprisoning, and monitoring criminals and deviants, while our ability to ensure a level playing field greatly diminished, and the growing ranks of "losers" lost faith in a system geared increasingly to take care of a narrowing population of big winners. The Boomer generation's continuing embarrassment regarding the 60's and 70's has caused it to deny, over and over again, any attempt to restore a truly progressive culture geared towards helping people rather than punishing them for various infractions. They always wish to deny resources to people down on their luck, as they say it's morally wrong for their money to be spent on others who are presumed to be stupid, lazy, and evil. This has caused tremendous inequality, as our society takes good care of the wealthy minority able to defend themselves, while giving no mercy to those below.

The new Civil War will be heavily instigated by the Boomer dominated culture of always wanting to "win", and whining and complaining endlessly about your opponents being dirty rotten cheaters. The GI Generation let each cultural phase, from the 1920's-1980's, naturally breathe and play out. The Boomers want to keep every phase based on their perception of the world in 1985.

aNanyMouse said...

Today Greg Johnson, no friend of Jews, writes some important things about the latest massacre:
" killing innocent people (at a place of worship!) has entirely predictable results. First, such violence creates sympathy for the victims. (Even *I feel sympathy* for them...)
... if anyone talks about committing such acts in our circles, WE need to be *the ones to call* the police.
Did anyone who read Bowers’ “Screw your optics, I’m going in” post, do anything at all to stop him? Of course not."
See .

Audacious Epigone said...


Another attack might, but my larger point is that these targets just aren't that sympathetic. Sure, they're more than a bunch of white evangelicals would be, but they're way down the list in terms of organic sympathy on the left. To the left, Jews are white liberals who have to be humored (to some extent--for now). There are few members of the Coalition of the Fringes who are tearing their garments over affluent old white men getting gunned down just because they're Jewish.

This is one of those things that is generationally informed. Millennials and Zs, including those on the left, do not treat Jews as sacred objects. There is in fact a lot of resentment of them.

To stay in the news this will have to be relentlessly pushed from the top. I don't expect that to happen.


The LAX shooting is too easy.


Yeah, I don't understand what they're reading into that. He's trying to insinuate that the left is taking glee in the shootings because it will putatively be advantageous on election day next week. Big deal.


Yeah, the lack of a contingency plan is weird. I have little concern about this blog ever going dark--Vox Day is the canary in the coal mine for me--but even I have a backup plan that would have me in action again an hour after I went down.


Indeed. I knew everything non-Orthodox was leftist in Judaism, but I did have the vague impression that Reform and Liberal Judaism were especially progressive and Conservative more moderate left. Looking at party-ID and political orientation, though, that doesn't seem to be the case--they're all way to the left, on the order of 65% D, 20% I, 15% R.


Well put. Derb worked through similar logic in his most recent podcast.

216 said...


While killing elderly Jews doesn't create an overreaction with most leftists, it does create a reaction among evangelicals. Their leaders will be cucking hard to signal that they aren't the crypto-Nazis that a lot of Jews think has been confirmed right before their eyes. Some of them might decide to sit out the elections, I mean even *I feel guilty*

On the Drudge post, at the end of the day he's gay and Jewish, he's always a high risk for one day flipping just like David Brock did. The left's language is now full of religious imagery of "bad person" "do better" "toxic messages". That's how they got Glenn Beck to flip.

Ingot9455 said...

Remember that ABC special where they set up a tower and a sled to see if the shot could be duplicated with a rifle of the same make and model by some police guys.
Long story short, trying cold only 4 of 11 did it, but with a half-hour's practice on the rifle all 11 did it. One guy beat Oswald's time and accuracy by scoring 3 full hits in less than the time allotted.

216 said...


180 proof distilled Leftism as a Religion

Destruction of the West as a CultMarx baptism.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, there will be a lot of cuck prostration. There already has been. It'll last a week, maybe.

Ben Kurtz said...

Yeah, the surface story is probably the real story. I stand by my original point: The 1960s produced some competent assassins whose crimes were far more precise and logical than what passes for political violence today.

I've been to Dealey Plaza. I've seen the shooting angle. It's a shot that requires some technical proficiency and skill. It's not a miracle of ultra-long-distance sniping but it was competent work - taking out a high value moving target with precision and actually managing to leave the building alive.

It's a different zeitgeist: had the Pittsburgh shooter been a principled man of an earlier era, he would have staked out the HIAS offices and shot the chairman or executive director to make a coherent point. Instead, he kills random old folks and a pair of mentally retarded brothers at a synagogue service. It's lazy, shoddy, soft-headed work. Not the kind of criminal assassins produced by a country that's about to land a man on the moon.

WinstonSmith17 said...

Anonymous Conservative has a link to a great FB post by an Israeli public figure. I can vouch that the google translate version is adequately rendering the original Hebrew. It’s quite encouraging and confirms what I’ve been saying about the schism btw exile Jews vs home-living Jews.

Paul Rain said...

For what it's worth, when Frazier Glenn Miller- who I believe Covington considered to be a fed stooge, though that could be said about most everyone- did that shooting, he didn't even injure let alone kill any Jews, just ordinary Americans who happened to be around.

That likely explains why nothing at all happened afterwards.

The Z Blog said...

From what I understand, Gab will be down until the weekend. They expect to be up by Friday, or thereabouts. They have a host and they are transferring their domain. These things don't happen overnight.

This is probably a good thing for a number of reasons. The most obvious being that the media has been unable to mine the site for material. You just know that lunatics like Patrick Little were salivating at the opportunity to get attention for their crazy rants. Now any mention of Gab leads the curious to a page explaining that the tech oligarchs shut down the site. I suspect that's why the media crazies are strangely quiet about Gab now.

By the end of this week, the media will be fixated on the Brown Wave they are trying to wish into reality. The gaslighting will be so intense some of them may burst into flames. Even the Antifa members working at the Daily Beast and Estrogen Post will be too busy to notice Gab is back.

That said, Torba needs to think about how to police lunatics like Little, who are just attention seeking wackos. The normal self-policing tools don't work with these guys. My suggestion is that he create a penalty box for those who come to his attention. They are on mute for everyone but those who choose to follow them. This would work for the Antifa people who go on gab trying to create trouble.

Yeah, this sort of policing violates the ideal of free speech, but he has a business to run too. No one is going to fault him for a minor hypocrisy like this.

216 said...


Anti-Gun Zeds return from the dead

Anonymous said...

On the subject of domains:

216 said...

Interesting, UK police being replaced with MI5 to hunt down the right-wing. That means a major budget increase, and lots more payoffs to informers inside any vaguely right wing organization.

A good idea for the Right would be to set up fake groups to waste government money. Any meaningful activism has to take place inside your constituency's dominant party association, only by de-selecting globalist MPs in Leave constituencies will make an impact. FPTP means that UKIP is unviable. Anyone stuck in a Remain seat should "white flight" out of it.

216 said...

Why exactly should the GOP get any of its votes?

Audacious Epigone said...


He shouldn't, but the party is changing. It's kicking and screaming as it does, but it is changing. Trump indicates he'll issue an EO ending birthright citizenship, something that is way more important than the wall (and no one is a bigger booster of the wall than I am). The only thing that could do more to halt the demographic transformation of the country would be a full moratorium on immigration.

Will this EO be shopped to some oppositional federal district judge for an injunction? Sure, which will put it on track to end up on the SCOTUS, where Kavanaugh sits ready to enact his revenge.

If the united executive and judicial don't make it happen, Lindsey Graham--Lindsey Graham!--is introducing legislation in the Senate that will get the job done. And Steve King has had similar legislation out there for seven years.

Ja D said...

For the most part this latest shooting has been little more than a shrug.

216 said...

8 point spread jump in Gallup.

Does it match up to backlash over the BoomerBomber and the synagogue shooting? Maybe.

From my point of view, this has been worse than Charlottesville. All the momentum seems to have petered out, and is probably going the other direction with the remaining moderates.

Wrt to King: He's toast, if the internal polling was suggesting he'd be re-elected, Stivers would have bit his tongue. He scrapes by on the skin of his teeth, at best; flees to a Belarusian retirement at worst.

Gabriel M said...


Conservative Jews are broad spectrum. On one end, you have people who are basically Modern Orthodox, but cannot reconcile themselves to Orthodoxy's blanket rejection of academic biblical criticism. This group is still overrepresented among the Rabbinate, educators and committed attenders, though a lot have been driven out over the past decade as the movement has gone full-heretic on sexual deviancy and intermarriage. On the other you have a lot of Reform Jews who just go to a conservative temple because it's close or it's what their father did or whatever. In the middle you have a lot of old-timers, who want a basically traditional service, but Americanized/dumbed-down - like they remember from when they were kids. This kind of conservative Judaism - the adherents of which are old fashioned liberals for the most part - has basically been on life support since the 1970s.

Interestingly, in the Tree of Life complex you had, as a is quite common, multiple congregations. On the same day as the shooting, a far-left congregation was hosting the circumcision of a (presumably non-Jewish) baby that some perverts had decide to keep as a pet. Dolt-Right Bowers could have hit up that, but instead he shot up the geriatric centrists, uniting anyone who's not completely evil in disgust. That's what you get for ten years of indulging morons.

Anonymous said...

If King has had his legislative bills for ending birthright citizenship on his desk for 7 years, what does that tell you. There is no support for this in the entire GOP.

Trump and King versus 200 some congressmen???? How does that work, folks?

Trump has agreed to the building of tents and "processing" the invaders. Processing??????

Trump might as well forego the tents and the troops, they are worthless, as these 15000 invaders will be free to roam and collect welfare in a year.

Gosh Emperor still playing 4D chess?
where's the Wall?
where's the deportations?
where is my excellent, affordable healthcare?
where is Steve Bannon? Oh, in Italy, I forgot
where is Goldman Sachs? Oh, in the treasury, I forgot
where are the federal employment reductions? ZERO so far
where are the welfare reductions? ZERO so far

I'm really happy that he is "our guy"

All I see is 45 walking around with a skullcap tweeting shit that rings hollow in the bowels of Alt-Right. 2 years and waiting. Oh, maybe after the midterms he will get on it. Waiting, again.

Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks very much, that helps clear a lot up.


It tells me the party is changing. I was on board the Tancredo campaign in 2008. He got 1% of support among Republicans in primary polling. Immigration at the time was listed as the most important issue by 5% of Republicans on a good take. Now it's front and center and people running for real executive power--specifically the aspiring governors in KS, GA, and FL--are putting it front and center.

When I got on the Trump Train back in the summer of 2015, I was realistic about Trump being a transitional figure at best barring a miracle.

snorlax said...

OT: AE, were you one of the 17 people who showed up to see Steve Bannon? lol

216 said...

Charlie Baker 2020, full cuck

216 said...

First reaction (Page 111), ANWR was handed to the Dems on a silver platter, and they left it on the table.

216 said...

Second take (Page 134) Triangulation with a Dem Congress offers the best chance of re-election in 2020. Leading Dem contenders for 2020 are all in Congress, none of the (currently) sitting Dem Governors has been suggested viable in 2020.

aNanyMouse said...

AE, if Trump is only a transitional figure, that is still a crucial achievement. Given the prior state of affairs, it *is* something of a miracle.
His ability to prod his foes (e.g. in the MSM), into making asses of themselves, is a gift that keeps on giving.
For analysis of a recent example of this, see .

Audacious Epigone said...


No, but one degree of separation, with that person getting 15 minutes one-on-one time. I don't know where it was advertised--I live less than an hour away from where he was and never heard a thing about it until after the fact.


R-I shows Republicans doing *better* among 18-29 than among 30-39 in total and the gap is even greater among whites (since 18-29 is less white than 30-39 is). Polling overall looks terrible for the GOP. We'll see how much it closes in the next four days. That's what happened with the presidential race in 2016.


Agree entirely. He is a template. Others who are shrewder and more disciplined are taking notes.

216 said...


Dems +40 seats in the House

Dems pickup NV, AZ, TX?

GOP pickup ND, MT, MO, FL?

My home state: GOP wins the state offices narrowly at best, the socialist Dem Senator re-elected in a walk. Possible recount for Governor

Recounts possible in FL or GA, but also a "Blue Wave" blowout. Recounts could get bloody.

My pet theory of "Speaker Gabbard" elected with GOP and Progressive caucus votes is unlikely with the larger Dem majority.

I'm serious about Baker, he's got a much better chance at winning the Presidency than Romney ever did. I don't see Trump avoiding something self-incriminating when the Dem House starts issuing subpoenas, so he will just not run again. While I lean toward Pence in social matters, he cannot win and Haley is his likely running mate. Baker will impose another moderate, which offers less foreign policy risk.

216 said...

Baker or Bust?

Baker or Belarus?

Baker/Belarus +1

snorlax said...

216 -

I don't get your obsession with my state's governor. Anyway, as I've pointed out before, you're off the mark because immigration is the one issue he's actually conservative on.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from straight ticket voting R in Texas with one exception (I will never, ever vote for a Bush so some no-name libertarian got my vote there) in Texas, there was actually a line for early voting.

Not a big one mind you, but still pretty shocking. In 2016 on election day itself there was no one else at the place.

It will be interesting to see how the House goes, since I'm fairly confident we'll hold or even gain in the Senate. Polls only gives the GOP a 20% shot for holding the House at fivethirtyeight - do you disagree, AE?

snorlax said...

Anon@3:07 -

Do you know if you're in a particularly R or D precinct/city? Are you in a competitive House district?

Audacious Epigone said...


The absolutist ideal is aspirational, but its untenable to run a platform with at the moment (or maybe ever).

Relatedly, there needs to be an easy way to avoid getting tagged by the perverts who spam degeneracy on the site, too. I know there is a way to do it by adjusting settings, but it really should be an opt in instead of opt out. Before I figured it out, I couldn't use Gab when my kids where in the room.


Best guess is after the dust settles, it's Ds with 225, Rs with 210 in the House and Ds with 48, Rs with 52 in the Senate (so actually netting one R there).

Mr. Rational said...

there needs to be an easy way to avoid getting tagged by the perverts who spam degeneracy on the site, too.

You mute them, and block the #NSFW tag in your settings.  I don't see any pervert spam I don't want to see.

Speaking of Gab, wasn't it supposed to be back up about now?

Mr. Rational said...

Well, it may be spotty but Gab IS back up.  Good for Torba.  Fuck Vox Day, he's wrong in every way about why it went down.  He won't even stand by his brothers in the fight against the left; he punches right.

Audacious Epigone said...

Mr. Rational,

Yeah, impressively fast, even if not quite the 48 hours they initially aspired for.

I get how to block repeat offenders, but new accounts that put out gross stuff without tagging it as NSFW and while also tagging my account means it sometimes shows up at the top of my feed as soon as I log in. Now I know how to stop it but it requires going into settings and changing the default to do so.