Sunday, October 14, 2018

Is Twatter bad for your mental health?

The following graph shows the percentages of GSS respondents who have experienced poor mental health ("stress, depression, and problems with emotions") in the last thirty days by sex and by whether or not they use Twitter (N = 800):

Steve Sailer, we have your answer if you'll allow us to modify your question a bit.

Women are not psychologically equipped to handle social media. It amplifies and perpetuates their neuroses. Not good.

GSS variables used: SEX, TWITTER, MNTLHLTH(0)(1-30)

Friday, October 12, 2018

Judaism is the whitest religion in America

From the GSS, the percentages of adherents by religious identification who are non-Hispanic white (N = 21,581):

Using Reuters-Ipsos, a previous post looked at the same, albeit further broken down by Christian denomination. It was subsequently noted there that the Jewish n-H white figure (87.4%) seemed too low and the Hindu figure too high (7.1%). These GSS figures come from the period 2000-2016, while the R-I numbers are exclusively from 2018.

Both sources broadly agree on the figures for the Hindus, Muslims, Protestants, and the irreligious but not for Catholics or Jews. Are Jews beginning to racially identify as "other" in anticipation of the scotched MENA category becoming available, or as a consequence of the flight from white more generally?

I've been saying that whatever white privilege is, Jewish privilege is it on steroids. Well, American Judaism has a diversity problem. Or maybe it has so much privilege because it doesn't have any internal diversity problems to deal with!

Whatever. Let's emulate Israel on walls and illegal infiltrators and emulate the North American diaspora on race.

We don't hate you. We want to be like you. But if you do everything you can to keep us from becoming like you, then you will leave us with no other choice but to hate you. And as you know, it's better that the Saxon not be made to hate.

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1), HISPANIC(1), RELIG(1)(2)(3)(4)(6)(7)(9)(10)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The children's cultural crusade

It's said the culture wars are primarily fought boomer elites on team red and team blue. When the boomers die off, politics will get back to bread and butter issues again. Trump and Sanders, not Cruz and Clinton. One of our most appreciated regular commenters frequently argues as much.

I've long been incredulous. Clinton beat Sanders, even without the rigging, and she was about as bad a candidate as could be imagined. Trump wasn't the electoral repudiation of cultural concerns, he just came with a lot of other attributes Republican and many independent voters had desired for years.

Reuters-Ipsos polling seems to back me up. The following graph shows the percentages of registered respondents who identify "social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage" as the issue most important to them out of 17 possible mutually-exclusive choices (N = 45,135):

The cultural contentiousness isn't going to cool down when the boomers pass on--their incinerated cadavers are going to really get things cooking!

The ultimate culture warrior is a single white Democrat woman under the age of 30, with some 34.1% of them putting social issues at the very top of the list. Because a representative bar would've dwarfed the rest of the demographic groups, it is not shown above. Bill O'Reilly hangs his head in shame.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Support for affirmative action by race

It's not all chew the Jew, heap scorn on the chosen few. No, no, that's not my view, but it is my cue to share the following with you. Whew.

From the GSS, percentages by selected demographics who support affirmative action, specifically preferential treatment for blacks in hiring and promotions (for contemporary relevance, all responses are from 2000 onward; N = 11,008):

When it comes to support for racial preferences, the modal Jew is to the left of the liberal white gentile, but not by that much, and only modestly more favorable towards them than Hispanics and Asians are. And conservative Jews are about on par with the middle-of-the-road white gentile.

Parenthetically, this question has no possible neutral response. Survey participants either support or oppose affirmative action. Even most blacks oppose--or at least say they oppose--it. Opposition to racial preferences is not just a populist position, it's a very popular one. That's why the Cloud People don't ever say anything about it, and silence the Dirt People who do.

Orthogonally, among non-Hispanic whites--including Levantine-Americans, the vast majority of whom racially self-identify as being white--it is, on average, expected that one in every X will be Jewish, by political orientation:

Very conservative -- 1 in 98
Moderately conservative -- 1 in 62
Lean conservative -- 1 in 49
Lean liberal -- 1 in 27
Moderately liberal -- 1 in 22
Very liberal -- 1 in 23

These are among those who religiously self-identify as Jewish in addition to racially self-identifying as white. Some indeterminate number of secular ethnic Jews who elect "none" instead of "Jewish" for their religion will not be included here. These ghosts presumably skew even more left than the at least nominally religious Jews do.

Finally, a little shit poasting. Judaism is the second whitest religious tradition in the United States, whiter than all but one (major) denomination within Christianity. The following table shows the contemporary percentages of self-identified non-Hispanic whites among all adherents, by religion (N = 81,236):

Other Protestant78.0
Other religions65.1

Just a few more years of refugee-racketeering by Lutheran 'charitable' agencies in the upper midwest and enough of the newly-minted Americans will exclaim sola fide to give the dubious honor of being the whitest of the white to the Jews! Or perhaps not.

These figures exclude people under the age of 18, which is why everything looks a whiter--and Catholicism a lot whiter--than a decennial census count that inquired about religious affiliation would look.

GSS variables used: AFFRMACT(1-2)(3-4), RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), RELIG(1,2,4-13)(3), POLVIEWS(1-3)(5-7)

Thursday, October 04, 2018

The privileged two (percent)

From the refreshingly candid Forward, months before the fraudulent accusations were brought against Kavanaugh, we got The Jewish Case Against Brett Kavanaugh:
Putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court means losing a crucial check on the power of a president who has made white nationalism a central tenet of his worldview and policy agenda. Anyone in the Jewish community making the mistake of embracing, or even tolerating, a white nationalist administration, is making a devil’s bargain, and the price is either our safety or our conscience.

A Supreme Court majority shaped by Donald Trump means that the most vulnerable among us — immigrants, women, Muslim Americans, people of color, LGBTQ Americans, and yes, Jews too — will be at even greater risk of harm from Trump’s agenda, untethered from true oversight by either of the other branches of government.
Jews as the most vulnerable among us? Ha! It's not 1939, shylocks. We're approaching a point where the sense of Jews as victims has fallen completely out of living memory. Whatever white privilege is, Jewish privilege is it on steroids.

Immigrants don't like Jews. Muslims don't like Jews. People of color don't like Jews. As the Democrat party becomes less white, the knives will start to come out for the most privileged of the remaining whites. Who are the most privileged residual whites? The (((whites))), of course--like Schumer and Feinstein.

Meanwhile, through outmarriage and below-replacement fertility, the 2% is on its way to becoming the 1% is on its way to becoming the 0.X%.

The differences between American Jews and Israelis are becoming ever more pronounced. The cucked right is beginning to wake up to the idea that Israel is an admirable nation-state and that "Jew" is not synonymous with "Israeli".

Walls, the ethnostate, the importance of native fertility and repelling the infiltrators--so, so much to admire about Israel.

And then there are American Jews, reacting to a frat goy like Kavanaugh like a dog on a walk reacts to a cat in the bushes.

Once the cucked right stops revering Jews and attacking "anti-Semitism" in the West, the ability for the self-interested, privileged few to attach themselves onto the train of officially oppressed groups will go away.

What's one way forward for Levantine-Americans?

Become white Americans, not just culturally but also biologically. As mentioned above, it's already happening. When a small numerical minority intermarries at high rates in the broader population and has below-replacement fertility, the days of that small numerical minority existing as a distinct group are numbered. The orthodox population that emerges from this soft population bottleneck a century down the line isn't going to look or sound like Jon Stewart [Leibowitz].

For this to happen, Jews must lose their designation as an oppressed class. They will have to be thought of in the same way Episcopalians currently are, albeit with even more privilege and an even greater head start in life.

This is imperative. If they won't relinquish the designation, it's going to be torn from them anyway. Listen Eli, it's easier for both of us if this is consensual.

It has been noted as the calumnies against Kavanaugh proceeded, his Catholicism has afforded him no protection at all. He may as well be a WASP. In America, where European muttery is the norm, white is white.

The POC ascendancy doesn't distinguish between white Americans of English descent and white Americans of German descent. Right now, they have to be regularly reminded to distinguish between white Americans of English descent and (((white))) Americans of Russian descent, but that distinction is on the way out.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

The differences are more than dollar-deep

Among those who express either support or opposition to Kavanaugh's confirmation by income for whites and for Jews:

"Poor" corresponds to those with incomes under $50k per year, "Middle income" to those ranging from $50k-$150k, and "Affluent" to those earning over $150k annually.

Jews are not just gentiles with a lot of money.

Yes, we already knew that--well, most of us anyway, though as my twitter and gab feeds can attest, not all of us. Validating stereotypes is the raison d'etre, remember.

Send the white knights to the border

DemsRRealRapists will be about as rhetorically and polemically effective as DemsRRealRacists has been--not very.

Half the population views Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison as good guys. Calling them the real Kavanaughs just hardens things along partisan lines. It's off-putting to a lot of people in the squishy middle. So is this:

No wedding ring--shocker!

Instead of clown world antics, how about fusing the Kavanaugh confirmation with the issue Americans increasingly care more about than any other, immigration: