Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Whatcha wanna kill?

Chaimstream Media: That maverick McCain was a real hero.

Thinking American: How do you mean, mendacity personified?

Chaimstream Media: Well, uh, he crashed a plane and got captured by the Viet Cong.

Thinking American: How does that make him a hero?

Chaimstream Media: [Angrily] He pushed more amnesties, started more wars, and bankrupted more future generations than you ever did!


Even the bird-brained ¡Ocasio!-Cortez is genuflecting in nauseating reverence. Agnostic wept.

This is ripe for someone with the special aesthetic touch to meme into virality:

Joe Suber provides a couple of relevant sound clips. This one gets right to the heart of orcs orcking. And this one is especially apt given the Suidlanders' deeply religious inspiration.

Theresa May should be wearing an orange sash here. My day will be made if anyone gets the reference. Hint: The last contact I had with the Warcraft universe was Warcraft II, the game that came out in 1995, so the answer doesn't post-date it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Electoral behavior of white Hispanics and non-white Hispanics

Why it ended up in the queue has been lost in the sauce, but I'd made a note to look at how Hispanics have voted in US presidential elections by whether they racially identified as white or as some variety of non-white. Here it is. Predictably, white Hispanics are more Republican than non-white Hispanics are:

Hispanics in the US are increasingly identifying as non-white, and those who haven't taken the flight from white are still moving away from the implicitly white GOP.

If these "natural conservatives" were actually naturally politically conservative in a Western context, they'd have rallied to Hell's newest eternal POW, who represented the open-borders variant of said natural conservatism. Instead, McCain did worse among Hispanics than any other Republican has this millennium.

GSS variables used: HISPANIC(2-50), PRES00(1-2), PRES04(1-2), PRES08(1-2), PRES12(1-2), RACECEN1(1)(2-16)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Inverse relationship between number of partners and number of children

The average (mean) number of biological children women have by the total number of men they have had sex with since turning eighteen. To avoid racial confounding, results are restricted to non-Hispanic white women. For contemporary relevance, all responses are from the year 2000 onward. To allow family formation to have occurred, responses are restricted to women who were at least 40 years old at the time of survey participation (N = 3,845):

Kids or cocks: Choose one.

The globohomo anti-white elite and their institutions want to slut you up to lock you out--out of the future, that is. 

Choose wisely--civilization depends on it.

GSS variables used: NUMMEN(1)(2-5)(6-10)(11-20)(20-500), SEX(2), RACECEN1(1), HISPANIC(1), YEAR(2000-2016), CHILDS

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Because We Live Here

Via Heartiste, I'm reproducing in its entirety a post on an MPC forum. "Read the whole thing there" is something I type exceptionally sparingly, but this resonates so well with my 'lived experience' and that of those in my very middle class, middle American social circle that I feel compelled to share it in full here.

The next time gadfly Corvinus bleats "but how does this effect you or your family?", we'll link here and do exactly nothing else:
This is how they take over. Political types always yell about how "Latinos don't vote," but given their numbers it hardly matters.

First, you notice that a majority of little children at the elementary school level are Latino. Then bilingual signs appear in the grocery stores. Then shitty little stores selling burner phones and money wiring services. Then a few fatal DUIs, often killing elderly White people or, as in the case of the guy who made A Christmas Story, a family. Then the local Police Department has a "Gang Enforcement Unit" and their budgets are now through the roof. Then the civil rights cases start, so your local cops start pulling over you going to work at 68 in a 55 zone, while studiously ignoring the beaner beaters completely out of code and not street legal.

Then there are zero White kids at the primary level. "Social Services" becomes code for "Free stuff for Latinos." To the extent people are still walking around in your town, they are 4'11" latinas, each pushing three kids in strollers and each so pregnant they are wider than they are tall. Then the state comes in with the "women and infant children" program, congratulations, sucker, you're paying for those kids.

Then the annual New Year's Day story about "the first baby born here in X!" mysteriously always feature a blank-eyed latino couple, and the white anchors coo over Baby Rodriguez or Gonzalez. You begin to notice that you haven't seen a White baby be the first born in the New Year for ages.

A few more years pass, and every service job imaginable is filled by brown people. The town you grew up in, with young White kids hustling to mow lawns, and local high school teenagers working at McDonald's and Dairy Queen is dead as a doornail. In fact, speaking of fast food, you used to like to grab it on the go every once in a while but now ordering is an ordeal and the food always sucks..who puts that much mayonnaise on everything? (Answer: Latinos)

The new Gang Enforcement Unit isn't doing too hot, so they need more manpower, bigger budgets, maybe hire a few consultants from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to help out. PTA and other school meetings are now held in Spanish, because 85% of the students' parents speak Spanish in the home.

A few old family restaurants have been bought out. One--it was Jack's Family Restaurant, you remember it fondly from when you were a kid--is now purple of all things and it's called "El Pulpo - Mariscos" whatever the hell that is.

A few old bars are now hangouts, and one is Salvadorean and the other Nicaraguan and there are fights. People get stabbed. Fire Chief says he needs more paramedics, budget needs to go up, so property taxes go up again.

Local hospital is in crisis due to ER room write-offs in the tens of millions. They shut down. Now, if something happens, you need to go to the City, about 40 mins away, maybe 25 if the ambulance is going Code 3, but what if something happens? That was part of the community here. Now, it's all strip mall "Urgent Care" places run by arab-ey looking "doctors" and rumor is that there is a lot of Medicare/Medicaid fraud going on.

Your high school, the one you lettered in and still go to all the football games, now has a metal detector at the entrance and two cops posted there full time. There are fights between the latinos and the 20% of students left who are White. The school counselors are now all bilingual and latino and they have posters up on their wall from strange organizations like MeCHA, that speak openly of "Brown Pride."

You're paying through the nose in taxes. No public benefits are going your way. Now, your youngest is getting to high school age and you're thinking private school, but, Jesus, how will you afford that?

Well, it's Sunday, so you're not going to think about it right now. You're going to watch some football with the guys while your wife takes the kids to the Aquatic Center for some swimming and cute pictures. Just not going to think about it right now.

And then you hear your wife pull up and the car door slam. She walks in all business, herding your three children in to go upstairs and change out of swimming clothes. You notice: no one is wet, or has been wet.

"What happened? Is everything all right?"

"No, it's not all f**king right. You won't believe what happened. I'm standing there juggling towels and floaties and the Parks and Rec guys are telling me it's now $10 a kid for a day swim pass, so I roll my eyes and I'm digging in my purse to get my card out, and then all these little mexican kids go flying through the front door and I'm like 'Hey, why aren't you telling them they have to pay' and the guy is like 'They have red wristbands" and I say "So?" and he says "it's a program we have here at the Aquatic Center for disadvantaged youths so they get the benefit of swimming and lessons in a safe environment" and they just kept piling in and I'm thinking we're already paying through the nose in taxes, and now I have to cough up money for OUR KIDS WHO WERE BORN AND RAISED IN THIS TOWN so these people can swarm the pool for free."

You're hoping she's done there, but she's not. You can feel Sunday slipping away. The "boys" can hear everything going on, but you can bet your ass they're staying out of this one. She continues:

"And there were so many of them, and they were SCREAMING AND YELLING and it was chaos, and I just, I just, couldn't do it, so I told the kids we were leaving and I turned around and walked out of there. Then, before we get to the car, James starts crying, says it's 'no fair' and that I promised we'd go swimming today all week, which is true"

And she's looking at you, because, you know the deal, you are responsible for fixing this. You think. Or maybe she's just venting. But you do what you can.

That night, you get the Sunday Night Blues and Monday morning comes around, and you're driving into work and you're looking around your town and you're thinking:

This isn't my town any more. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.

Am I racist? Jesus, am I becoming one of those guys. I sure sound like one of those guys.

And you're stopped at a red light a few blocks from the office and here they come, slow walking across the crosswalk, two toddlers in tow, one in a stroller, and both pregnant, and both talking as loud as they can into two cell phones.

And you laugh, because hey, it's all okay, because these people right here, right in front of me, them? They don't vote much.
When my wife and I were house-hunting for the home we planned on raising our kids and retiring in, we found one that was exactly what we wanted, almost down to the last detail. And as icing on the cake, it fed into the same elementary school I went to when I was a kid.

For every house we looked at, one of my automatic checks was of Great Schools, which, among other things, tracks the demographics of every public school in the country. Though I don't have data from the time, when I was a kid the student body had to have been north of 95% non-Hispanic white. There were three blacks kids, one dot Indian, and a Chinese boy.

Over the last couple of decades I've witnessed the same developments in leafy middle class suburbs and the retail and business parks that grow up around them that heritage Americans all across the country have. I'm more attuned to them than the average normie is, but even I was genuinely stunned when I found my former elementary school to now be less than two-thirds white. We consequently passed on the house.

Paul Kersey is right about our optimal motto: Because We Live Here.

Friday, August 24, 2018

The one-fifths compromise

The civic nationalists want to believe it. A part of me would like to believe it, too. I've mostly shed that part of myself over the last couple of years as it has become obvious that Trump's Authentic American (whites and blacks) vs Fake American (invaders) paradigm isn't going to materialize, but I'm a pragmatist. If we can believe it, let's use it.

Believe what? This:
Trump at 36 percent approval among African-Americans, new poll finds
Rasmussen's approval tracking has consistently been better for Trump than others have been, but the differences are often exaggerated. We're generally looking at about 5 points better from Rasmussen than the rest of the field. Reuters-Ipsos is my go-to even though it has a moderate left bias because it's free, user-friendly and allows all kinds of fun filters for cross-tabbing purposes.

For the 2016 presidential election, the last poll Rasmussen put out had Clinton +2 in the popular vote while the last R-I poll had Clinton +3. The official results were Clinton +2.1, so these two outfits were the cream of the crop.

R-I currently has Trump's approval among black voters at a far more plausible 14.6%. The monthly high point came back in May, when it hit 16.1% on the strength of Kanye West and, by extension, Candace Owen.

One thing that immediately becomes apparent from looking at the month-by-month figures is that the gains in approval have come entirely from picking off "mixed feelings" respondents. The "disapprove" figure for blacks hasn't budged. It's never dipped below 80%. Four out of five blacks are knee-jerk Never Trumpers. It's the Sailer Strategy or bust for the GOP.

Trump's double-digit approval among blacks isn't translating into better prospects for GOP pols in November, either. Just 7.8% of registered blacks saying they intend on voting Republican in their districts' congressional elections.

The following graph shows R-I's results on the expressed electoral intentions of registered voters six weeks from now in two-way races with "don't know" and "will not vote" responses excluded (N = 40,925--another reason R-I is great!):

Every time I look the marriage gap among women gets wider than before.

Without scaling for the size of each demographic group, it initially appears as though an impending blue wave is cresting. R-I estimates, however, that whites will account for about 73% of all congressional votes cast in November. Asians and Hispanics don't vote at rates anything like that of whites and blacks, especially in non-presidential years.

If the GOP could manage to get whites at a 2-to-1 margin, they'd scarcely need a single non-white vote to win, enact an immigration moratorium, repatriate all non-citizens living in the US, get back to making babies of their own, and Make America Great Again.

That said, back in the early Spring I estimated that Democrats would come out of the November mid-terms with a 15-seat advantage in the House while Republicans would retain the Senate. Despite taking flak from people smarter than myself for the prediction, here we are several months on and I don't think that prognostication is in need of any calibration.

Parenthetically, regular prolific commenter Feryl is now running a blog. It is up to this point primarily GSS outputs with limited accompanying commentary. We cannot have too many people look at the primary source data, so consider paying it a visit.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Flogging the Mollie microcosm

An anti-white white* girl from the heartland goes on a night run wearing almost nothing at all because my body, my choice.

A squatemalan invader goes feral--or a feral squatemalan invader, take your pick--hones in. Strong, independent woman that she is, needing neither man nor bicycle, she's soon decomposing in a cornfield.

The homicidal alien works for a chamber of commerce-approved Republican cuck. Savagely lusting after and killing young white women is a job Americans just won't do!

The heritage Americans she despised spend weeks looking in all the wrong places for her. By the time they figure out who the culprit is--the invader--her fate has long since been sealed.

Based Current Year, it seems.

Arise, white man. Arise! It doesn't have to be this way, but it's going to be this way if we allow it to be.

Commenter 216:
We shouldn't be using her death for political gain, the left will just claim the invader was justified in killing her to avoid deportation. Instead we should be condemning her as the traitor that she was.
Emphatically disagree. Tibbett's stupid moral posturing is empty-headed, but it's silly for us to think that the environment she was immersed in throughout the course of her short life is going to churn out anything other than a lot of young coeds who think exactly like she did. She was only 20 years-old.

To tie it to the previous post, though, in a society not locked in a death spiral, she would not at her age and in her station be permitted a say in how society functioned. No voting for unmarried college girls living off their parents.

Trump used Steinle's death to great affect and to great effect. And her death was allegedly accidental. This wasn't negligent manslaughter, it was premeditated murder.

If the GOP wasn't content to re-certify the accuracy of "the Stupid Party" moniker for the millionth time, they'd make the 2018 mid-terms a referendum on Mollie's murder. Do we welcome killers like Rivera or do we repel them?

The cucks will follow 216's advice, albeit not on account of his line of sober reasoning but on account of a despicable mix of greed and cowardice.

Most of them, anyway. But not all:

* There are assertions that Tibbetts is--or was, at any rate--partly Korean by ancestry [edit: see here]. Neither of her parents appear to be Asian. If she was adopted, it'd add yet another layer to the metaphorical microcosm of Tibbetts as a representation of the feeble, effeminate West being knocked on its back by swarthy invaders who have their way with her before chucking the carcass into the dirt to rot.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Wastes, exhausts, and murders itself

Discovered on the campus of this flyover state's flagship public university

Because there are exactly three genders:

1) Female
2) Male
3) Mentally handicapped

Jokes aside, Z-Man devotes an hour to explaining how democracy, if it does not die first, necessarily leads to this.

It doesn't stop here. Like a shark, it cannot stop. Once it does, it dies.

Until then, it indefatigably moves to be inclusive of everything, everywhere, in every context. Eventually the contradictions, dissonance, and mutual exclusivities become so tangled and numerous that it has nowhere left to go that doesn't mean smashing into what it has already been erected, so the whole edifice eventually comes crumbling down in a fiery crash.

Democracy is like the paint game from the SNES classic Legend of the Mystical Ninja. It starts out with plenty of room for growth. Initially the perpetual social expansiveness seems manageable but before long there is nowhere left to go. Rather than decelerating at this point, democracy continues to accelerate and then, boom!

A heavy hand then moves in to pick up the pieces. When Razib Khan says we haven't had our Sulla... yet, this is what he is talking about.

Represented graphically:

Parenthetically, the phrase now demanded by the empire of Nothing is "mentally disabled" rather than "mentally handicapped". To stay ahead of the curve, though, the most eagerly compliant members of the voluntary thought police might consider adopting "mentally challenged" or roll the dice on the blatantly Orwellian "differently abled":

Friday, August 17, 2018

Bestowing the POC shield

On a primal level, one has to wonder if shitlib White women are lashing out at their own weak men through the barbed tips of anti-White agitprop.
Relatedly, the move towards miscegenation--more than 1-in-10 babies in born in the US today are mixed race--could be perceived, subconsciously or otherwise, as a way of protecting offspring. A white woman seeded by a POC will have a child contemporary American culture views as a POC. The one-drop rule gives a white parent a way to free her child of the cursed whiteness that would otherwise hang like a millstone around his neck throughout the course of his life.

In the Current Year, being white is obviously not a privilege, it's a curse. It's why every sphere of contemporary life is characterized by a flight from white. Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King don't have counterparts running from non-white to the putative privilege whiteness carries with it.

What to do? First, establish that it's okay to be white. Then make America white again by instituting a generations-long immigration moratorium, deporting all non-citizen residents, and restoring native fertility rates to (at least) replacement level.

Simple. Not easy, but simple. If we can't manage it, how surprised can we be by the behavior of shitlib white women?

No one is coming to do this on our behalf. We have to do it ourselves.

In 2008, years before we ever met, my wife voted for Obama. In 2012, when we'd been dating for a couple of months, she voted for Gary Johnson. In 2016, as a mother of two (soon to be three), she voted for Trump and of course a couple weeks ago she voted for Kobach.

That's the template. Simple.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Governor Kobach

Commentary coming from the outside is really bad. Punditry on the modern left has largely devolved into little more than histrionic virtue signalling and moral posturing. Though the relevant data is seconds away, 0.4 minutes for verification is too much to ask as the same nonsense shows up over and over in the mouths of major media and in the feeds of the blue checkmarks.

- Kobach is an extremist who only appeals to a subset of the right. Kansas has a lot of moderates. He can't win the entire state!

In 2010, Kobach won the statewide election for secretary of state, beating Democrat Chris Biggs 59%-37%. That was the same election in which Sam Brownback dominated Democrat Tom Holland, 63%-32%.

Four years later he won it again, this time beating Jean Kurtis Schodorf 59%-41%. His reelection was especially impressive as it happened alongside governor Brownback's narrow 50%-46% reelection victory against Democrat Paul Davis.

During this time Kobach was writing laws for states and municipalities designed to give them tools to deal with the illegal invasion the federal government refused to do anything about. Though the mendacious media dropped this "breaking story" days before the 2018 gubernatorial primary, Kansans have known about Kobach's activities for the better part of a decade. That's why it didn't move the needle then and it won't move it in November.

- Kobach is Brownback on steroids!

Jeff Colyer was Brownback's running mate in 2010 and again in 2014. He was twice elected lieutenant governor, sworn in alongside Brownback both times.

The Democrat Governors Association, the outfit feeding this mantra to clueless commentators, had the cue cards ready to go for Colyer. As Brownback's right-hand man he was going to continue to former governor's disastrous policies. When Kobach primaried sitting governor Colyer, the DGA simply replaced all instances of "Colyer" with "Kobach" in the scripts and carried on as if nothing else had changed.

When someone makes this accusation--that Kobach is Brownback's successor--point out that Kobach literally defeated Brownback's successor in the primary. Chances are you'll get a deer-in-the-headlights reaction. Lots of people outside the state simply have no idea.

Colyer is Brownback's solemn simulacrum. Brownback and Kobach couldn't be further apart on the National Question, however. Brownback was a reliable, consistent voice for "comprehensive immigration reform" as senator in the 2000s and did nothing to discourage illegal aliens from squatting in the state he was governor of from 2010 through 2018.

- Kobach brought in new electronic voting machines for this election! We need paper ballots! A hard copy is insurance against digital shenanigans!

The new voting machines used in the August primary printed out a paper copy of each electronic ballot that was cast. Voters were able to review the paper ballot themselves before handing it over to an election official.

- More than twice as many people voted in the Kansas 2018 Democrat gubernatorial primary as voted in the 2010 or 2014 primaries! Impending blue wave!

While technically true, the Democrat candidates in both 2010 and 2014 ran unopposed for their respective nominations. This time around there were five people on the Democrat ballot for governor.

In 2018 there were 153,865 votes cast on the Democrat side compared to 316,887 on the Republican side. Republican turnout was more than twice as high as Democrat turnout was.

I'd be remiss not to note that this white pill contains some impurities. There are a fair number of people in the state--nobody knows the figure for certain, but I've now verified three people in my own real life social network who fit the bill--who are genuine RINOs. They are registered Republicans only for the sake of participation in Republican primaries. In general elections, they reliably vote D down the line. Because Kansas is such a heavily Republican at the state level, this allows them to always have some actual electoral influence at the voting booth.

But even if we assume that 1-in-3 non-Kobach votes were cast by RINOs intending on voting D in November, Kobach still wins 57%-43% among combined primary votes.

Herb and Chad bury the hatchet
And Colyer is throwing his support (at least publicly) to Kris. He could have pulled the pin on the recount grenade to try and blow up Kobach's chances in November. Instead, he honorably conceded. Two days after that--tonight--Kobach and Colyer held a joint rally to thank their supporters and to showcase a united front. The internecine fighting that happened during the primary will be a distant memory in twelve weeks.

Parenthetically, to understand the mindset of the modal Kansas Republican voter, listen to Colyer's concession speech. Bear this in mind when watching the general election campaign from afar. Kobach is rock solid where it counts, but he does have an election to win and he is going to have to calibrate his message accordingly to do that.

There is also Greg Orman, a rich cosmopolitan businessman running as an independent. He is essentially a chamber of commerce-approved leftist. He is an open borders zealot who is likely to steal more votes from Democrat Laura Kelly than from Kobach. In 2014, Orman challenged Republican senator Pat Roberts in the general election after Democrat Chad Taylor withdrew to make it possible for Roberts to be unseated. Roberts was reelected, but Orman got 43% of the vote. As a consequence he is now a known entity with a lot of name recognition.

It is no surprise that Kobach is consistently naming both Kelly and Orman as his opponents in November, while Kelly is risibly pretending Orman doesn't exist.

Transitioning away from standard attacks against Kris Kobach for Kansas (they're so clever, aren't they? Hey, hey, hey), here's another reason this election is so important. Kobach, a white goy from the midwest, went to Harvard for his BA, Oxford for his PhD, and Yale for his JD. He emerged from those three anti-white immersion centers as an unapologetic America First father of five with middle American sensibilities.

He's as sharp as a tack and intellectually unshakable. Unlike a pugilistic Trump or a holy-rolling Ted Cruz, Kobach's the type a moderate white professional is not embarrassed to vote for. He's a guy they can imagine as a trusted lawyer or accountant. The Democrats are trying through sheer force of will to paint him as an incompetent boob, but five minutes of hearing him speak dispels that notion:

Notice how sharp he is on the language. They're "illegal aliens", not undocumented whatevers. It doesn't matter if they "work hard", they have no claim to squat on American soil.

The rapidity with which Kobach and Colyer have buried the hatchet could be seen as an indication that Kobach is going to cuck.

In my estimation, though, it is far more likely that this is an early indication of what the Republican party's realignment is going to look like: America First hard-edged civic nationalism assuming the senior position in the party's internal coalition, while the chamber of commerce libertarianism that has characterized the GOP since Reagan gets demoted to junior partner.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Whites in Iowa and New Hampshire hold back racial progress

Almost as outrageous as the gross overrepresentation of white men in leadership positions in the Democrat party is the enormous home field advantage white society privileges itself with in the presidential nominating process.

The US is 60.7% white. But Iowa is 85.7% white and New Hampshire a staggering 90.5% white. We have to go all the way back to Bill Clinton in 1992 to find a Democrat nominee who did not win either Iowa or New Hampshire. And that was before the internet, let alone social media. We may as well be talking about the first continental congress. In the new media age it is for all intents and purposes impossible to get the nomination without winning at least one of the two opening contests.

The primary calendar is backwards-looking. The time for a calendar that gives a voice to America's future instead of clinging desperately to its troubled past is NOW!

It is time for California, the country's most populous and progressive state, to take its rightful place at the front of the line. As hard as it is to believe, in 2016, in a competitive primary campaign, the nomination was a foregone conclusion before Californians even went to the polls.

The golden state gave the Democrat candidate 13.3% of her votes nationwide yet had no say in who that candidate was. None. More than 1-in-8 Democrat voters--and disproportionately people of color--were effectively disenfranchised by the country's putatively progressive party.
The tired past pointing towards
the vibrant future

The definitive lily-white states of Iowa and New Hampshire, in contrast? Combined they gave her a mere 1.5%. How is this even possible in [insert current year]?!

Some pale person like Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden is going to try and use those white states to box out candidates of the future. We can't let this failed strategy fail again. People of color are the future not just of the Democrat party but of the entire country. Obama won easily in 2008 and 2012. Regressing back to a familiar but tired white face at the top of the ticket was what allowed the horror that is the Drumpf presidency to exist at all.


This is a point we should put pressure on relentlessly. Ask Democrat politicians (and aspiring politicians) who are white--especially men--why they think they have a right to take a seat away from a POC. Do it at the local level, in news article comments, on call-in shows, at debates, at townhalls, and with white progressives in your social circles.

The tears in the coalition of the fringes are becoming more numerous and more substantive. Grab a piece of it and pull, hard.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Kobach won the brown(er) counties

Of the twenty counties in Kansas where Hispanics comprise at least 15% of the population, Kobach won sixteen of them. Colyer won four. The state has three counties that are majority-Hispanic. Kobach handily won all three of them.

On average, the counties that went to Kobach are 13.1% Hispanic. The counties Colyer won are 7.3% Hispanic.

The correlation by county between Kobach's share and the share of the population that is Hispanic is a positive .28. Fairly modest, but not insignificant.

As the results came in on election night, they undercut a lot of the conventional wisdom about how the results would shake out. Most saliently, there was no clear rural/suburban/urban divide.

This correlation between a large Hispanic presence and Kobach's share is one I'd hoped would manifest, so it's encouraging to see it empirically validated. And the correlation between the voting share of white Republicans and the Hispanic presence is almost certainly higher than .28, since the counties with lots of Hispanics will include larger shares of Hispanics voting against Kobach than counties with few Hispanics.

If the Ned Flanderesses of the cuck corridor are able to push back, however feebly, instead of lying on their backs and taking it, there's still hope the West will yet find the will to survive.

Parenthetically, all data presented above are calculated in a two-way race between Kobach and Colyer. Adding the vote totals of the other throwaway candidates into the mix was a tedious proposition for very likely no meaningful change in the results.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Stretching Jeff

Colyer's press release:

No complaints from me about using small, round numbers to illustrate abstract proportionalities in ways that are easy to grasp.

But that approach is also easy to reverse engineer.

So, to be precise, Colyer's phrase "hundreds of votes" translates to... 102 votes. C'mon, Jeff, that's a little misleading, isn't it?

Regarding the outcome, I remain cautiously optimistic. Kobach has a razor-thin edge of 191 votes with absentee military, provisional, and snail mail post-marked no later than August 7th yet to be counted.

Kobach won two of the three counties--Leavenworth and Bourbon--that include military bases. Colyer won one, Riley. The largest of the three is Leavenworth. Kobach clean up there, 51.2%-34.2%. Riley county, the second-largest of the three, is also home to Kansas State University. The latter accounts for a larger share of the county's population, so Colyer's 45.5%-31.9% advantage is at least in part attributable to KSU.

Advantage: Kobach.

Provisional ballots traditionally present the most trouble for irregular voters. In this context, those are Trumpian Kobach voters. The Colyer people are Republican lifers who dutifully and reliably vote for the Establishment candidate whenever the polls are open and people who have no intention of voting for the GOP in the general (see below). Their ballots will pass muster.

Keep in mind that the current totals do not include any provisional ballots--those that are subsequently deemed legitimate will be added onto the current totals in the future.

Advantage: Kobach.

Colyer won early voting by healthy margins just about everywhere.

Most saliently, he opened with a huge early lead in Johnson County on account of this, enjoying a 4,000-vote margin when the first batch came in. Among day-of voters, though, Kobach held his own in a county that was conventionally assumed to be the one that would give Colyer his win. But the earlies favoring Colyer and the day-ofs favoring Kobach was the general trend everywhere.

If it's just day-of voters, Kobach is declared the winner last night. Who are the people who mailed their ballots in at the last minute? Largely those weren't planning on voting but decided to in response to Trump's endorsement of Kobach on Monday.

Advantage: Kobach.

Tangentially, "RINO" is an acronym usually reserved for people like John McCain. That's not very accurate, though, since McCain usually does vote with his fellow Republicans along party lines.

As was explained to me last night, the actual RINOs are members of the electorate in a place like, say, Kansas, which is Republican-dominated at the state level. They register as Republican so that they are essentially allowed to vote twice. First, they vote for the most leftist Republican who has a chance of winning in the GOP primary. Then in the general they reliably vote for the Democrat. Either way they get a leftist who has promised them the gibs.

These people are heavily overrepresented among early voters because many of them don't actually follow politics, they just do what their unions, pension organizations, etc tell them to do. To maximize the electoral impact, said organizations send out instructions ahead of time and instruct their members to vote early.

The last few days have been a blur. I'm running a big sleep deficit, so excuse the dereliction in responding to comments at the moment. It will be rectified in a day or two.

Monday, August 06, 2018

White male overrepresentation among congressional Democrats

Shocking. Unconscionable. Despicable. Retrograde. Embarrassing. Hidebound. Anachronistic. Bigoted. Troubling. Problematic.

These are just a few words that spring to mind upon discovering the gross overrepresentation of white men among Democrat leadership.

The first graph shows the distribution of the Democrat electorate in the 2016 presidential election among white men and among minorities*:

The second graph shows the distribution of congressional Democrats following the 2016 election among the same:

Member of the Hispanic
Congressional Congress
Barely 1-in-5 Democrat voters are white men but nearly half of the Democrat leadership are white men. And that's with letting people like this get away with pretending to be other than white men.

It's [insert Current Year], people! How is this even possible?!?!!!11111

It shouldn't take costly, stressful, triggering primaries for the Joe Crowleys of the world to be dragged off kicking and screaming from their positions of patriarchal privilege. The white men in the Democrat party who are blocking the progress of women and minorities finding proportional representation in the country's highest legislative bodies need to act immediately--like, yesterday!--to have a shot at squeezing, barely, onto the right side of history.

The long arc of the universe bends towards ¡Ocasio-Cortez!, nazis.

* Yes, I know women are, technically speaking, a majority, but intersectionality, oppression, patriarchy!

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Kobach vs degenerate mendacity

Pairing up with the failing Kansas City Star, ProPublica deployed an "October surprise" attempt to snatch the Kansas Republican gubernatorial nomination from Kris Kobach. Several national outlets like Ralph Maddow, Single Mother Jones, and Daily Poz simultaneously deployed articles on it. As we've long argued here, this race has ramifications extending far beyond this middle American flyover state.

Read the whole thing and it will become clear--if you didn't take my word for it!--that Kobach is the real deal when it comes to the National Question. He's been boldly fighting in the immigration trenches since the early 2000s, years before he became a public figure.

The gist of the story:
Kris Kobach likes to tout his work for Valley Park, Missouri. He has boasted on cable TV about crafting and defending the town’s hardline anti-immigration ordinance. He discussed his “victory” there at length on his old radio show. He still lists it on his resume.

But “victory” isn’t the word most Valley Park residents would use to describe the results of Kobach’s work. With his help, the town of 7,000 passed an ordinance in 2006 that punished employers for hiring illegal immigrants and landlords for renting to them. But after two years of litigation and nearly $300,000 in expenses, the ordinance was largely gutted. Now, it is illegal only to “knowingly” hire illegal immigrants there — something that was already illegal under federal law. The town’s attorney can’t recall a single case brought under the ordinance.
The whole thing is tendentious. The ruinous financial costs associated with the laws Kris helped write and pass have come from open borders organizations like the ACLU in the form of lawfare waged against every municipality that has passed them. Leftist judges, via case law, cherry-pick the rulings of leftist judges who came before them to buttress their own political rulings. It's a sham. The process makes a mockery of the legal process.

For quite modest fees, Kobach has teamed up with frustrated cities wanting to do something about the illegal invasion the federal government refuses to stop. The anti-white ACLU responds to that in each instance with unending lawsuits against the legislation until the outnumbered and outgunned cities tap out.

It's not until paragraph 40 that the shysters let readers in on the source of the litigation and consequent ruinous expenses. As you may have guessed, they aren't coming from Kobach:
The ACLU had asked an appeals court to order Hazleton to reimburse it for $2.4 million in attorneys fees. 
Despite that, Kobach told the Hazleton paper, the Standard Speaker, that the city shouldn’t expect many more substantial legal bills. “At this stage of the game, costs are much lower for both sides,” he said, adding that “they are minuscule costs as opposed to costs at the front end of a lawsuit.” 
That may have been true to the extent that he was describing his own fees. But a year later, Hazleton was ordered to pay the ACLU $1.4 million to cover its attorneys’ fees.
As for what Kobach actually earned:
Kobach rode the attention the cases generated to political prominence, first as Kansas secretary of state, and now as a candidate for governor in the Republican primary on Aug. 7. He also earned more than $800,000 for his immigration work, paid by both towns and an advocacy group, over 13 years.
Hold the phone! A lawyer who went to Harvard, Oxford, and Yale for his BA, PhD, and JD, respectively, made $62,000 a year working in the legal profession! It's outrageous, so outrageous that even though it's been public information for over a decade, we had to gaslight it into a fake news story less than a week away from the primary!

Is the billing hour rate of a single verminous lawyer from the pack the ACLU has devoted to fighting Kobach at every turn--$1.4 million worth for lawfare against a single city--lower than Kobach's? Rhetorical.

Incidentally, the ACLU is actively campaigning on behalf of Jeff Colyer, the current Kansas governor Kris is attempting to primary. Having managed to make a killing frustrating Kobach's legislative agenda, the anti-white (((organization))) is a leetle beet worried about what a full-throttled gentile from the heartland might do to them with a little executive power at his back. Racketeering, anyone? I'd take it, though treason--and the penalties for it--would be even better.

The layman could be forgiven for thinking that Kobach's record has been one of legal defeat after legal defeat. But many of the laws he helped craft have withstood intense, unrelenting lawfare assaults, most notably in Arizona and also in Alabama and Nebraska.

Instead of lending a hand, or even merely voicing moral support, Cuckservative Inc--including Colyer, of course--hasn't missed a chance to stick a knife in Kobach's back at every opportunity.

Kobach, like Trump, is a bare-knuckled fighter, though. When the ACLU came out in support of Colyer, Kobach celebrated it. When the fuggernaught flipped out over Kobach's mounted machine gun replica, he mocked them and hasn't missed a chance to ride around in it since.

What has this coordinated hit piece done to Kobach's chances, by the way? Oops:

There's no margin of victory too wide, no amount of humiliation too undeserved for a spineless cuck like Ephialtes Colyer.