Monday, August 13, 2018

Whites in Iowa and New Hampshire hold back racial progress

Almost as outrageous as the gross overrepresentation of white men in leadership positions in the Democrat party is the enormous home field advantage white society privileges itself with in the presidential nominating process.

The US is 60.7% white. But Iowa is 85.7% white and New Hampshire a staggering 90.5% white. We have to go all the way back to Bill Clinton in 1992 to find a Democrat nominee who did not win either Iowa or New Hampshire. And that was before the internet, let alone social media. We may as well be talking about the first continental congress. In the new media age it is for all intents and purposes impossible to get the nomination without winning at least one of the two opening contests.

The primary calendar is backwards-looking. The time for a calendar that gives a voice to America's future instead of clinging desperately to its troubled past is NOW!

It is time for California, the country's most populous and progressive state, to take its rightful place at the front of the line. As hard as it is to believe, in 2016, in a competitive primary campaign, the nomination was a foregone conclusion before Californians even went to the polls.

The golden state gave the Democrat candidate 13.3% of her votes nationwide yet had no say in who that candidate was. None. More than 1-in-8 Democrat voters--and disproportionately people of color--were effectively disenfranchised by the country's putatively progressive party.
The tired past pointing towards
the vibrant future

The definitive lily-white states of Iowa and New Hampshire, in contrast? Combined they gave her a mere 1.5%. How is this even possible in [insert current year]?!

Some pale person like Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden is going to try and use those white states to box out candidates of the future. We can't let this failed strategy fail again. People of color are the future not just of the Democrat party but of the entire country. Obama won easily in 2008 and 2012. Regressing back to a familiar but tired white face at the top of the ticket was what allowed the horror that is the Drumpf presidency to exist at all.


This is a point we should put pressure on relentlessly. Ask Democrat politicians (and aspiring politicians) who are white--especially men--why they think they have a right to take a seat away from a POC. Do it at the local level, in news article comments, on call-in shows, at debates, at townhalls, and with white progressives in your social circles.

The tears in the coalition of the fringes are becoming more numerous and more substantive. Grab a piece of it and pull, hard.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Kobach won the brown(er) counties

Of the twenty counties in Kansas where Hispanics comprise at least 15% of the population, Kobach won sixteen of them. Colyer won four. The state has three counties that are majority-Hispanic. Kobach handily won all three of them.

On average, the counties that went to Kobach are 13.1% Hispanic. The counties Colyer won are 7.3% Hispanic.

The correlation by county between Kobach's share and the share of the population that is Hispanic is a positive .28. Fairly modest, but not insignificant.

As the results came in on election night, they undercut a lot of the conventional wisdom about how the results would shake out. Most saliently, there was no clear rural/suburban/urban divide.

This correlation between a large Hispanic presence and Kobach's share is one I'd hoped would manifest, so it's encouraging to see it empirically validated. And the correlation between the voting share of white Republicans and the Hispanic presence is almost certainly higher than .28, since the counties with lots of Hispanics will include larger shares of Hispanics voting against Kobach than counties with few Hispanics.

If the Ned Flanderesses of the cuck corridor are able to push back, however feebly, instead of lying on their backs and taking it, there's still hope the West will yet find the will to survive.

Parenthetically, all data presented above are calculated in a two-way race between Kobach and Colyer. Adding the vote totals of the other throwaway candidates into the mix was a tedious proposition for very likely no meaningful change in the results.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Stretching Jeff

Colyer's press release:

No complaints from me about using small, round numbers to illustrate abstract proportionalities in ways that are easy to grasp.

But that approach is also easy to reverse engineer.

So, to be precise, Colyer's phrase "hundreds of votes" translates to... 102 votes. C'mon, Jeff, that's a little misleading, isn't it?

Regarding the outcome, I remain cautiously optimistic. Kobach has a razor-thin edge of 191 votes with absentee military, provisional, and snail mail post-marked no later than August 7th yet to be counted.

Kobach won two of the three counties--Leavenworth and Bourbon--that include military bases. Colyer won one, Riley. The largest of the three is Leavenworth. Kobach clean up there, 51.2%-34.2%. Riley county, the second-largest of the three, is also home to Kansas State University. The latter accounts for a larger share of the county's population, so Colyer's 45.5%-31.9% advantage is at least in part attributable to KSU.

Advantage: Kobach.

Provisional ballots traditionally present the most trouble for irregular voters. In this context, those are Trumpian Kobach voters. The Colyer people are Republican lifers who dutifully and reliably vote for the Establishment candidate whenever the polls are open and people who have no intention of voting for the GOP in the general (see below). Their ballots will pass muster.

Keep in mind that the current totals do not include any provisional ballots--those that are subsequently deemed legitimate will be added onto the current totals in the future.

Advantage: Kobach.

Colyer won early voting by healthy margins just about everywhere.

Most saliently, he opened with a huge early lead in Johnson County on account of this, enjoying a 4,000-vote margin when the first batch came in. Among day-of voters, though, Kobach held his own in a county that was conventionally assumed to be the one that would give Colyer his win. But the earlies favoring Colyer and the day-ofs favoring Kobach was the general trend everywhere.

If it's just day-of voters, Kobach is declared the winner last night. Who are the people who mailed their ballots in at the last minute? Largely those weren't planning on voting but decided to in response to Trump's endorsement of Kobach on Monday.

Advantage: Kobach.

Tangentially, "RINO" is an acronym usually reserved for people like John McCain. That's not very accurate, though, since McCain usually does vote with his fellow Republicans along party lines.

As was explained to me last night, the actual RINOs are members of the electorate in a place like, say, Kansas, which is Republican-dominated at the state level. They register as Republican so that they are essentially allowed to vote twice. First, they vote for the most leftist Republican who has a chance of winning in the GOP primary. Then in the general they reliably vote for the Democrat. Either way they get a leftist who has promised them the gibs.

These people are heavily overrepresented among early voters because many of them don't actually follow politics, they just do what their unions, pension organizations, etc tell them to do. To maximize the electoral impact, said organizations send out instructions ahead of time and instruct their members to vote early.

The last few days have been a blur. I'm running a big sleep deficit, so excuse the dereliction in responding to comments at the moment. It will be rectified in a day or two.

Monday, August 06, 2018

White male overrepresentation among congressional Democrats

Shocking. Unconscionable. Despicable. Retrograde. Embarrassing. Hidebound. Anachronistic. Bigoted. Troubling. Problematic.

These are just a few words that spring to mind upon discovering the gross overrepresentation of white men among Democrat leadership.

The first graph shows the distribution of the Democrat electorate in the 2016 presidential election among white men and among minorities*:

The second graph shows the distribution of congressional Democrats following the 2016 election among the same:

Member of the Hispanic
Congressional Congress
Barely 1-in-5 Democrat voters are white men but nearly half of the Democrat leadership are white men. And that's with letting people like this get away with pretending to be other than white men.

It's [insert Current Year], people! How is this even possible?!?!!!11111

It shouldn't take costly, stressful, triggering primaries for the Joe Crowleys of the world to be dragged off kicking and screaming from their positions of patriarchal privilege. The white men in the Democrat party who are blocking the progress of women and minorities finding proportional representation in the country's highest legislative bodies need to act immediately--like, yesterday!--to have a shot at squeezing, barely, onto the right side of history.

The long arc of the universe bends towards ¡Ocasio-Cortez!, nazis.

* Yes, I know women are, technically speaking, a majority, but intersectionality, oppression, patriarchy!

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Kobach vs degenerate mendacity

Pairing up with the failing Kansas City Star, ProPublica deployed an "October surprise" attempt to snatch the Kansas Republican gubernatorial nomination from Kris Kobach. Several national outlets like Ralph Maddow, Single Mother Jones, and Daily Poz simultaneously deployed articles on it. As we've long argued here, this race has ramifications extending far beyond this middle American flyover state.

Read the whole thing and it will become clear--if you didn't take my word for it!--that Kobach is the real deal when it comes to the National Question. He's been boldly fighting in the immigration trenches since the early 2000s, years before he became a public figure.

The gist of the story:
Kris Kobach likes to tout his work for Valley Park, Missouri. He has boasted on cable TV about crafting and defending the town’s hardline anti-immigration ordinance. He discussed his “victory” there at length on his old radio show. He still lists it on his resume.

But “victory” isn’t the word most Valley Park residents would use to describe the results of Kobach’s work. With his help, the town of 7,000 passed an ordinance in 2006 that punished employers for hiring illegal immigrants and landlords for renting to them. But after two years of litigation and nearly $300,000 in expenses, the ordinance was largely gutted. Now, it is illegal only to “knowingly” hire illegal immigrants there — something that was already illegal under federal law. The town’s attorney can’t recall a single case brought under the ordinance.
The whole thing is tendentious. The ruinous financial costs associated with the laws Kris helped write and pass have come from open borders organizations like the ACLU in the form of lawfare waged against every municipality that has passed them. Leftist judges, via case law, cherry-pick the rulings of leftist judges who came before them to buttress their own political rulings. It's a sham. The process makes a mockery of the legal process.

For quite modest fees, Kobach has teamed up with frustrated cities wanting to do something about the illegal invasion the federal government refuses to stop. The anti-white ACLU responds to that in each instance with unending lawsuits against the legislation until the outnumbered and outgunned cities tap out.

It's not until paragraph 40 that the shysters let readers in on the source of the litigation and consequent ruinous expenses. As you may have guessed, they aren't coming from Kobach:
The ACLU had asked an appeals court to order Hazleton to reimburse it for $2.4 million in attorneys fees. 
Despite that, Kobach told the Hazleton paper, the Standard Speaker, that the city shouldn’t expect many more substantial legal bills. “At this stage of the game, costs are much lower for both sides,” he said, adding that “they are minuscule costs as opposed to costs at the front end of a lawsuit.” 
That may have been true to the extent that he was describing his own fees. But a year later, Hazleton was ordered to pay the ACLU $1.4 million to cover its attorneys’ fees.
As for what Kobach actually earned:
Kobach rode the attention the cases generated to political prominence, first as Kansas secretary of state, and now as a candidate for governor in the Republican primary on Aug. 7. He also earned more than $800,000 for his immigration work, paid by both towns and an advocacy group, over 13 years.
Hold the phone! A lawyer who went to Harvard, Oxford, and Yale for his BA, PhD, and JD, respectively, made $62,000 a year working in the legal profession! It's outrageous, so outrageous that even though it's been public information for over a decade, we had to gaslight it into a fake news story less than a week away from the primary!

Is the billing hour rate of a single verminous lawyer from the pack the ACLU has devoted to fighting Kobach at every turn--$1.4 million worth for lawfare against a single city--lower than Kobach's? Rhetorical.

Incidentally, the ACLU is actively campaigning on behalf of Jeff Colyer, the current Kansas governor Kris is attempting to primary. Having managed to make a killing frustrating Kobach's legislative agenda, the anti-white (((organization))) is a leetle beet worried about what a full-throttled gentile from the heartland might do to them with a little executive power at his back. Racketeering, anyone? I'd take it, though treason--and the penalties for it--would be even better.

The layman could be forgiven for thinking that Kobach's record has been one of legal defeat after legal defeat. But many of the laws he helped craft have withstood intense, unrelenting lawfare assaults, most notably in Arizona and also in Alabama and Nebraska.

Instead of lending a hand, or even merely voicing moral support, Cuckservative Inc--including Colyer, of course--hasn't missed a chance to stick a knife in Kobach's back at every opportunity.

Kobach, like Trump, is a bare-knuckled fighter, though. When the ACLU came out in support of Colyer, Kobach celebrated it. When the fuggernaught flipped out over Kobach's mounted machine gun replica, he mocked them and hasn't missed a chance to ride around in it since.

What has this coordinated hit piece done to Kobach's chances, by the way? Oops:

There's no margin of victory too wide, no amount of humiliation too undeserved for a spineless cuck like Ephialtes Colyer.