Sunday, April 22, 2018

Support for wealth redistribution via taxation

The following graph shows mean redistributionist scores by selected demographic characteristics. Since the late seventies the GSS has asked a question about how much redistributive action the government should take through taxation to reduce income inequality. For ease of understanding, the scores are inverted from how they are reported in the survey. The question is on a seven-point scale. The higher the score, the stronger the support for forced redistribution. For contemporary relevance, all responses shown are from the year 2000 onward (N = 11,478):

No big surprises, with the possible exception of Jews, who are less supportive of redistributive taxation than their political orientation and partisan affiliation would otherwise suggest.

There seem to be two major poles of thought with regards to Ashkenazism on the alt right. One, expressed regularly here by IHTG, sees them as uber SWPLs--urban-dwelling, high-IQ professional liberals. The other the Kevin MacDonald Culture of Critique view.

One major strike against the Jews-as-super-SWPLs is that Jews are ethnocentric while gentile SWPLs are about the least ethnocentric group of people on the planet. The CoC view accounts for this.

Wealth redistribution as measured in the GSS is another example of Jews arguably looking out for themselves. This is in sharp contrast to SWPLs. As the graph above shows, despite not benefitting from it, white liberals are even more supportive of wealth redistribution than blacks are.

One question that arises from this is whether or not Jews can be convinced that it is in their interest to join us. To even raise the prospect will be seen by some white identitarians as courting disaster.

On the other hand, Jews have a record of success. "If you can't beat them, join them" is an aphorism that may increasingly be simultaneously relevant to Jews and white identitarians with regards to one another.

A majority of Jews who marry in the US are now marrying non-Jews. When Orthodox Jews, who have less power and influence in society than the irreligious 'ethnic' Jews that run large portions of the country, are taken out of the equation, Jewish fertility is well below replacement.

Is Jewish dilution coupled with a drop from the 2% towards the 1% enough for them to realize that to everyone else, they're just rich white oppressors, no different from the coal miner in Appalachia--except they have more money!

GSS variables used: EQWLTH, RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), RELIG(3), POLVIEWS(1-2)(5-6), PARTYID(0-1)(2-4)(5-6)


IHTG said...

For the record, I wouldn't say that it's my position that Jews are indistinguishable from the general gentry white liberal population. Just that it's something you should always examine to get a fair comparison.

Anonymous said...

Not really news to those who pay close attention, but there's already significant overlap between Dissident Right views and the views of certain modern (and even traditional) Orthodox Jewish folks. Good real-life alliances can be made with such people. And since they're not stupid, their tribal allegiances don't blind them to the fact that trad white American culture has been under serious attack for decades, and that such is likely to negatively affect them in some way eventually. There's common ground, for sure.

Andrew Smith said...

Couldn’t the wealthy white liberals take matters into their own hands instead of depending on the government to do so for them?

Why not sell their nice suburban homes and move into more diverse lower income neighborhoods? This would give them extra money every month to distribute to the less fortunate AND surround themselves with more diversity (which they always say is a strength in a community). Sounds like a win-win to me.

Dan said...

I am in agreement that it is essential that American Jews realize that white culture is not their enemy. It is clear to me that low IQ people are not capable of carrying the financial debt burden that has been placed upon future American generations. This seems likely to break the system sooner or later. The ultimate destination of these SJWs, something like Wakanda, does not exist.

Jim Bowery said...

If engineers treated velocity and position the way economic economic policy think tanks treat income and wealth, the industrial revolution might never have created the cushy environment that has permitted economic policy to decay to a state more primitive than the Domesday Book.

DreamEater said...

i'm skeptical about the jew-white gentile alliance, even orthodox jews support mass immigration and diversity

chris said...

We know white births are around 50%. (With white right-wingers/conservatives have a 2.6-3 TFR) What are Jewish births and who is comprising it (Ashkenazi/Sephardim/Orthodox)?

216 said...


UK Jews voted for Brexit, and they appear to loathe Corbyn. But Ed Miliband is ethnically Jewish, and he got little more support than Corbyn did. Marine Le Pen went nowhere in her pandering to the Jewish population in France, which has a harsher history with the host majority.

The Orthodox in New York typically sell their votes to the highest bidder, not too different than in Israel. Look up Simcha Felder. If the white majority "breaks the conditioning" I think the Jews will get the message, or even better move to Israel.

Most Western Jews are still reluctant to abandon their upper middle class lifestyles and move to a West Bank trailer park. That was Herzel's folly, but Jabotinsky's success.

Audacious Epigone said...




I'll be at AmRen next weekend. Last year I met multiple Jews who were in attendance, and they were all young, probably all younger than me (I'm 34). It's encouraging in my view.


Ha, yeah it's always fun to play the Diversity! game. Meet a nice lefty SWPL, find out where they live, and then ask why they don't live somewhere more diverse where they could also get a lot more bang for their buck in terms of housing. A win-win!

"But, but... the schools there are bad!"

The term 'bad schools' is always a euphemism for "lots of non-Asian minorities".


The sooner the better as I see it. The longer they are antagonistic, the harder it will be to ever trust them. Lose-lose for both sides.


At least they knew who the Normans were and what they wanted.

Though I suppose it could be argued that we know the same about our oppressors...


Not to Israel they don't.

And that gets right to the heart of it--if those in the US thought of the US in the same way they think about Israel, well, alliance forged.


The GSS sample is too small to reliably answer that, but Pew had a report a few years ago putting Orthodox TFR at 4.1 and the rest of Jewish TFR at 1.7. That was among boomer Jews, though--I assume it's lower among millennial Jews.

Jim Bowery said...

Show me a libertarian who recognizes that taxing net assets is closer to anarcho capitalism than is taxing net income, and I'll show you a gentile.

216 said...


Damn Boomers

snorlax said...

I'd split the difference: pre-1960's, Jews assimilated to elite WASP culture, which Jewish culture continues to ape. Post-1960's, elite WASP culture per se no longer exists or is a punchline, and "SWPLs" could be said to assimilate to Jewish culture.

Black Death said...

He who robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Jig Bohnson said...

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

When Jews as a whole or some individual Jew have/has a leftist position, that's evidence that they're disloyal rootless cosmopolitans out to destroy the West. When Jews as a whole or some individual Jew have/has a centrist or rightist position, well that's just more evidence that they do what's good for Jews as part of a group evolutionary strategy, isn't it?

The hypothesis that Jews = bad on the altright is unfalsifiable.

Jim Bowery said...

I find it interesting that my response to Steve Sailer's recent comparison of "Jewish privilege" vs "white privilege" in Google ngram trends, was immediately preceded by someone offering an "O/T" post cursing Boomers, just as someone posted here another "O/T" curse of Boomers just after my response on a decisive area in which Jews and Gentiles differ regarding taxation.

Talk about deflection!

It's clear there is a psychological war being waged to divide the dwindling white population that, during my youth, took the form of turning Boomers against their parents and then later took the form of turning their parents against the Boomers (books like "Die Broke") and now has taken the form of turning younger generations against their Boomer parents and/or grandparents.

There isn't even the fig-leaf of going after WASP elites that sold out their hegemony during the 1960s as the scapegoat!

jakship said...

Well said, Jig. And, "more evidence that they do what's good for Jews", while (millions of Gentile) SJWs can't bring themselves to do what's good for themselves.

Sounds like the numbers show that these Jews can look more rationally at their (personal) interests than can almost all groups, save for Repubs and Righties. Such conduct ought to be respected, not suspected, by Repubs and Righties. Alas, there are those who'd rather lash out at scapegoats, than think about how to build strong coalitions. I'm with Whiskey etc., who charge that URBAN single (and meal-ticket married) women set the tone, to which most URBAN (and "educated") men kowtow, Jews no more than Gentiles! (The number of rural Jews must be minuscule.)

Jim Bowery said...

Lest I resort to calling people "Shit For Brains" to get through to them, let me explain exactly how it is that "Wealth" and its taxation, differs from income and its taxation and why it is that the Austrian School of Economics is even more opposed to wealth taxation than it is to border enforcement:

Income is how people accumulate wealth. If you have wealth and want to prevent competition for your status, you want to tax income at a high rate and eliminate taxation of wealth even if only at a low rate.

Lysander Spooner, a seminal anarcho capitalist of the era before Jews took over political economy, talked about "mutual insurance companies" as a legitimate form of government. This he intended to include the protection of property. Mutual insurance is something you pay for in the form of "premiums". Any property insurance company will charge higher premiums for higher property values. Property insurance companies do _not_ adjust premiums based on income of the insured for reasons that should be obvious -- except to those with SHIT FOR BRAINS. Yet all we hear from neolibertarians is that "taxation is theft" and if they mention Lysander Spooner's notion of anarcho capitalist property rights insurance underwriting, it systematically under-emphasizes if not de-emphasizes that wealth taxation is, like a property insurance premium, in proportion to the value of property protected by government.

This selective blind-spot by neolibertarians (basically all those influenced by the 20th century Jewish takeover of libertarian thought by the so-called "Austrian School" of liberty, as opposed to the 19th century American School of liberty aka paleolibertarians) clearly serves those who understand and wish to sociopathically exploit the positive network externalities that underlie the power of civil society. You'll see these Damn Austrians defending all manner of network effect monopolies, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. and the useful idiots in the Alt-Right going along even though the network effect monopolies attract parasites like flies to shit, spawning maggots who then proceed to censor the Alt-Right because the Alt-Right can't get its head out of its rectum long enough to think about political economy in rational terms.

Audacious Epigone said...


Not sure who that is aimed at, but it's not my contention. My reading is that Jews have a strong sense of self-preservation and they act on it accordingly. Tactically, that looks a lot different in the US than it does in Israel, but strategically the goal--a laudable one--is the same. The question is to what extent American Jewish self-interest and the self-interest of Heritage America can be aligned. The more aligned, the better.


While SWPLs should be distinguished from SJWs (the latter are basically angry, ugly nihilists), both mostly recoil from the suggestion that they're looking out for what's good for themselves. Jews manage to almost never even have to face the question. It's really something.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I'd say an alliance can't be formed as long as Jews think that it is in their self interest to radicalize browns, blacks, women, gays, etc. We are at almost perfect odds with each other. Jews think that in order to maintain hegemony, they have to make it difficult for every group other than their own to succeed. For us to take back power, it is likely at the expense of Jews, browns, blacks, etc. I think an alliance is very unlikely to happen because our methods almost perfectly counter theirs.

That means that there won't be any kind of detente either. Jews are perfectly fine with this but slowly and surely, whites are reaching the same conclusion as well. We'll see how things play out but it is unlikely to be something that can be resolved at the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Reform Jews are not ethnocentric. You only think they are because they are a tiny bit moreso than northern Europeans...EVERYONE ELSE is more ethnocentric than northern Europeans.

Reform Jews are not more ethnocentric than Irish or Italians. If they were, reform and secular Jews wouldn't have a 70% outmarriage rate.

Only the ultra-Orthodox are as clannish as you guys accuse them of being. Even the conservative Jews are not extremely clannish.

Jim Bowery said...

"Ethnocentrism" isn't as interesting as the kind of bias Jews exhibit from their inordinate positions of influence. Indeed, the way Jews behave in critical issues like open borders is, ultimately, so self-destructive that my working hypotheses has long been that they are now little more than extended phenotypes of the subsaharan Africa genotype. They've fulfilled their purpose: Make it so that those among whom they reside cannot defend themselves against the tidal wave of womb warfare out of Africa. This goes back to their role in the slave trade. When Trump gave his "Mexica Rapist" speech, it struck me that he was "the Likud candidate" and I stated as much at the time. Just as many whites get "woke" by being confronted with "diversity", and cease being mere extended phenotypes of Jews, Jews in Israel, attempting to build a nation from the blood in that soil, get "woke", and cease being mere extended phenotypes of Africans. The Likuds don't want USrael to die because they are self interested -- unlike the fanatic diaspora Jews whose "self interest" shows very little sign of self-awareness. Sure, the greed behind movements to hypercentralize wealth in the private sector and power in the public sector seems to be "self interested" but only in the most unenlightened sense.

Jig Bohnson said...

How can a group with a >50% intermarriage rate and a birthrate that is so low it's in the basement be considered to "have a strong sense of self-preservation?"

It is taken as gospel that Jews are responsible for or at least in favor of opening Europe's borders to the Muslims that hate them. How is this consistent with self-preservation?

Honestly, when it comes to Jews all logic goes out the window.

Feryl said...

"While SWPLs should be distinguished from SJWs "

The SWPls are people who we teased in the 2000's for having fairly bland gentry liberal identities rooted in the 80's, 90's, and 2000's (decades with minimal unrest). SJWs (and associated groups like BLM blacks) manage to both favor hardcore PC and thuggish enforcement of Left-wing norms. Of course the Right, being such bitches runs like crazy from any attempt at creating a Right counter-force. Crying that the Left encourages bullies and violence will do no good. The Alt-Right has largely been limited to the internet, which is why it's not a genuine and effective response to SJWs. Most young conservatives who come out of the closet have to bend over backwards to disassociate themselves from any group or ideas considered to cross some kind of line. Merely supporting Trump, or not fully being committed to the abuse of white men and Christians, is in many cases as far as younger conservatives are willing to go.

Hate to repeat myself, but the Right can't win if enters a fight with at least one hand behind it's back. As we go even deeper into a collectivist mindset, the conservatives who insist on not melting with the crowd, who want to have full control of their actions and identity, will be at a serious disadvantage.

jakship said...

What saith MacDonald etc., to the fantastic and COURAGEous contributions by "centrist or rightist" Jews toward the erosion of support for the Russia/hacking narrative, e.g. by G. Greenwald, and by Tablet Mag's Lee Smith, see e.g. ?
Critiquing THAT narrative is an utterly crucial step, in any attempt to restore some semblance of sanity, to debate in the U.S. on matters of public import. (See e.g. . The Treehouse has been all over this Russia story, and the increasing evidence that the Deep State tried to FRAME Trump.)

snorlax said...

Speaking of Lee Smith,* he's now, interestingly for a prominent neocon, advocating total US withdrawal from the Middle East.

*Are we sure he's Jewish? He went to college in Egypt and Lebanon.

jakship said...

Him being, or not being, Jewish, is less important than that his crucial stuff is published in an utterly Jewish mag.

jakship said...

So, I should've referred more to that mag's editors, for them giving him so much leash, more than he'd have gotten at, until recently, NR.

Jonathan Centauri said...

Yeah, the Anti-White Genocidal hatred alone disproves this theory. I'm unconvinced of any allegiance to God and Moses myself. They have a Book named after Babylon, the Evil Empire that DESTROYED Ancient Israel. Haven't you noticed all the Ancient Egyptian Symbols? Why would followers of Moses use Pharoah's Favorite Symbols?
El Trumpo is the Biggest Supporter of AIPAC and Likud that's been in the White House. These idiots will still support Idi Amin, jr. though.

Never try to make friends with those who want you DEAD.