Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Immigration, Mr. President

It's been noted here previously that big-R Republicanism is undergoing a political realignment. It didn't come with Trump wrapping up the party's nomination in the summer of 2016, winning the election in November of that year, or even being sworn into office. It has happened since then. Not with stunning rapidity, but steadily.

Pax Dickinson allegedly remarked that the anti-Trump 2016 iteration of CPAC, contrary to the beliefs of the 'principled conservatives' in attendance, was their movement's funeral. Consider some of the inclusions in this year's conference--Nigel Farage, radio hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham who bucked tradconnery by strongly supporting Trump a couple of years ago, and best of all, Marion Le Pen. Marion Le Pen, of the National Front, a party more hostile to the war in Iraq than Jacques Chirac's center-right party was. We've come a long way from freedom fries!

The National Question is damned near the only question that matters. For immigration patriots, it's a point of infinite frustration to see it regularly come in several spots down from the top in polls and surveys asking Republicans about issues they are most concerned about. Health care, the economy, education, terrorism--all issues that are, in reality, downstream of immigration yet that are consistently perceived to be upstream of immigration in terms of importance.

Until now. Here's evidence that warms my heart more than anything in the opening couple of paragraphs. Since the end of January, Reuters-Ipsos has been conducting an ongoing poll (N = 11,537 as of this posting) on which issue facing the country, among a list of thirteen, is deemed most important. Among all Republicans, immigration comes in second (17.2%), just a half-step behind terrorism (17.6%). Good stuff.

But it gets better. Among Republican white men under 35, immigration comes out way on top:

Among boomercons, immigration is a problem largely in that it facilitates terrorism. Among zyklons, terrorism is just the tip of the immigration iceberg.

The slumbering giant isn't just stirring anymore, he's opening his eyes.


AlexT said...

Watching GenZ grow up is going to be fun. Thanks for a needed whitepill.

Anonymous said...

80% say otherwise, I'm not seeing more than a marginal movement. When the economy is doing well, immigration drops off as a concern. It is no accident that sclerotic Italy is where we have the best chance to take power this year.

The 2016 victory was dependent upon a low Dem, particularly black, turnout. The involvement of the chans was also unpredicted. ISIS attacks have tapered off, so unless a four digit attack occurs this year, we receive no benefit from Assad's victory.

The left is roaring in the special elections. R FL Governor Rick Scott is shivving the gun rights movement in his hopes of winning the Senate seat.

A better way of winning over the youth vote is to allow student debt to be once again dischargeable in bankruptcy court. Finance and College Administration will lose, and it takes much of the gas out of Neo-Socialist Sanders/Corbyn support. Affordable family formation will be easier.

Joshua Sinistar said...

This failed state is running on fumes. They have to subsidize everyone in the workforce for their donor class now. Wages have spiraled down and the lying about inflation makes it no longer possible for the peons to even eat.
Uncle Shammy is about to hit the wall. He cannot borrow anymore. The tax cuts ballooned his unpayable debts. Its an inevitable crash now. All that talk about new voters is not gonna save them.

Democracy is OVER. Resident Trump has failed to put US to sleep.

Prepare. Violence is inevitable. Those dumb blacks and their blech panter fantasies are about to light the match that BLOWS IT ALL DOWN.

Anonymous said...



Japan has borrowed twice per capita than what we have. Our fiscal system won't collapse until the 2040s when Social Security collapses. Maybe it gets sped up when Medicare conceivably collapses in the 2020s, but a tax hike is an easier pill to swallow there.

And SS can be saved simply by removing the payroll tax cap. The Democrats will make the aging Boomers well aware of that when the time comes.

Capogambino said...

The big realignment will come when Trump wins over manufacturing unions with his stances on immigration, trade, and taxes. The unions bring not just votes, but enormous power in getting out the vote. Once factory workers are in the tent, the GOP platform will permanently change.

Anonymous said...


Manufacturing represents 12.5 mln jobs at present, before the recession it was 14 mln. A majority of union workers are actually in the public sector, with education being the most present. Given that manufacturing is often a young man's game, a higher percentage of non-whites is also likely.

Current AFL CIO president Trumka built his career on eliminating cultural conservatism in the unions and growing their strength with non-whites. Blue state unions have been demanding that employers stop using E-verify during contract negotiations.

SCOTUS might also rule against mandatory dues collection, kneecapping union strength with the Democrats, and also making the Democrats more dependent on the tech/financial oligarchs.

Sid said...

I know this is an aside, but bear with me.

In my experience, environmental issues (particularly climate change) are to upper-middle class SWPLs what immigration is to the alt-right. When they're confronted by strong arguments from the other side and they question their political alignment, they ultimately say to themselves, "I may be wrong on every issue, but I'm right about climate change, and that's the fundamental matter."

I thought Roy Moore was a weak candidate, and while he wasn't great on immigration (he ran on tradconneries, not immigration), he still gave the right answers when asked. Hence, I supported him, even though Doug Jones's views on religion in public affairs are probably closer to my own.

Republicans aren't big on environmental issues. No surprise. I went on Reuters Polling's web page and checked how Democrats see it.

Only 5.3% consider the environment the most important issue! If you include energy issues, that only adds a paltry 0.2%!

My takeaways are:

1. Charles Murray would say I live in a bubble.
2. Corollary of the above: SWPL preferences are being drowned out by NAM ones in the Democratic Party. Tell that to Bernie Sanders.
3. Climate change is a more cerebral issue than an emotional one. Yes, intense emotions come out, but they don't come as readily. I sometimes hear SWPLs state that climate change is more important of an issue than racism, because global warming will annihilate Planet Earth. Other SWPLs agree but have to remind themselves that is the case.

The most important issue to the highest number of Democrats is healthcare (21.9%), whereas only 10.2% of Republicans think that. Expect to see Obamacare floating around for awhile. And come to think of it, Trump's favorables have gone up since he left the issue of healthcare to be worked on for another time.

Altogether, this means that if Trump wants to win 2020, he should leave healthcare alone, ignore what critics say about climate change, and focus on immigration. At this point, Trump has induced confidence and excitement in the investment community, and his tax cuts will stimulate growth. Hopefully Jerome Powell will be able to navigate monetary policy effectively.

Republicans care a lot of about terrorism and war. ISIS was in a bad position in 2016 but they were eviscerated in 2017. The US news media tried to not report on that, but on a grassroots level Republicans are elated that we aren't seeing videos of American aid workers getting beheaded in the desert anymore.

Trump has picked the low hanging fruit when it comes to the economy and terrorism. The Wall is the one remaining.

The Z Blog said...

Actually, I was the guy who called CPAC 2016 a funeral for Movement Conservatism. I did say it to Pax though.

Anonymous said...

A very encuraging UK gen Z is Sebastian “Baz” Shemirani.http://www.breitbart.com/podcasts/james-delingpole/

Audacious Epigone said...


They have their backs up against the wall. Harder times will forge harder men.


Though they are a little harder to understand at first blush, I like it more when surveys like these have "choose the three important problems", etc.

That said, this is the highest I've ever seen the issue of immigration poll in a survey like this. That young white guys on the right care about this more than education or the economy is remarkable, since those are issues that usually poll most strongly among younger respondents.

The left is doing okay in special elections. The only upset has been Alabama's special election. Anyone who tries to tell you VA was an upset is lying.


It's an inevitable crash now

That's when all these things under the surface will come spewing up.


If the US dollar gets abandoned, we will have a system collapse. There will be no staving it off.


Having private sector unions on side will help, but there just aren't that many of them anymore. "Public sector unions"--a ridiculous concept, but one we tolerate--have different motivations.


Exhibit A: The Democrat party of California failed to endorse Feinstein in her primary battle against Kevin de Leon (who is half Hispanic and half Asian).

On the one hand, it's too bad to see the left's concern for environmentalism get swallowed up in a sea of non-white demands for gibs.

On the other hand, sorry (((Feinstein))), but the tribe gets to reap what it sows. You really thought the browns were going to treat you as honorary non-white when their numbers got high enough? Get outta here. I hope he beats her.


IIRC, it was regular commenter Dan who passed the Dax quip along. I now know who deserves original credit. If we look hard enough, nearly all things trace back to Z.


Indeed. The number of Zs who send links to their youtube pages, twitter accounts, blogs, etc is really encouraging. They show little to no deference for the tradcon shibboleths that weiners like Ben Shapiro do.

ronehjr said...

I think a good barometer of how White America will fight to survive is how we react to Afrikaaners being displaced and possibly genocided. We should realize that is our future. And if there is such a thing as a humanitarian war that I would get behind, this would be it. It is as good a place as any to start. If white americans neglect this situation, I predict the same eventual fate for us.

The Z Blog said...

Pax is a great guy and he deserves whatever good comes to him. I have not seen him on social media recently, which I hope is a good thing.

Capogambino said...

Anon and AE - I realize that public sector unions are a different animal from manufacturing sector unions. I would also throw education and health care unions in the same group as public sector unions. These three all depend on government largesse for a majority of their cash, and naturally gravitate to the party whose primary strategy is buying votes with taxpayer money and debt. That is why I specified manufacturing unions in my comment.

Historically, democrats were the party of trade restriction, and to a lesser degree, immigration restriction. This was driven by having manufacturing unions in their tent, and by rust belt D politicians. Free trade hurts the factories where manufacturing union workers make their living. Immigration allows manufacturers to bring in cheap labor to undercut union wages.

Democrats flipped on these issues, immigration starting in the 60's, trade in the 90's. The manufacturing union bosses are completely converged into the D party apparatus, so they went along, even though it hurt their union members.

A big reason trump grabbed several rust belt states in the election was because voters that support immigration and trade restrictions had nowhere else to go. It will take time, but the manufacturing union rank and file will start to push their leadership back toward immigration and trade restriction, or find new leaders. I predict that in 2020 multiple manufacturing unions will either decline to endorse the D candidate, or endorse Trump. Manufacturing union workers will pick a bigger paycheck over another BLM protest, including the NAMs in the unions. Although this may not be a huge number of voters, it will be enough to keep those states in the Trump column, and possibly flip one or two more to Trump.

Anonymous said...

You wanna see immigration? Just wait till the Grand Solar Minimum bottoms out. Don't know what I'm referring to? Look it up...

Longbow said...

I hope the author is correct. I ain't holdin' my breath.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Japan doesn't have an invasion of hostile alien lifeforms that want them dead. The cuckservatives are STILL LOOKING FOR ISSUES that "resonate".
That's laughable. Race may not matter to you, little boy, but these invaders see your race as your uniform. Even after Colin Powell ADMITTED he voted for Obama and Michael Steele confirm the stereotype of the uppity negro that used his position to loot and harass women all you lame cuckers are still chasing that "Elusive Issue". You're not far removed from Crazy Nancy and the crazy white wimmens who want to "Just Get Along".

Politics is just warfare in disguise, I much prefer the Real Thing. I'm bored of this ludicrous beating around the bush. The Bush League of neocons is BANKRUPT, both financially and morally. Food stamps are now being used to supplement income of the WORKERS. Those greedy vampyrs are TOO CHEAP to support their own Lives. That greed will KILL THEM and Citizen Trump had better realize he's not of "The Tribe", or his stupid Globalist Barbie, too.

Sid said...


One point I try to make to white male SWPLs I know who are almost red pilled (i.e., they hate SJWs, they sometimes use alt-right lingo, they understand that the government of a Brown America would be a huge gib-a-thon and not the technocratic marvel they dream of) is that their voices will be heard if they come over and vote for the right guys.

Men like Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer make the point they find Scandinavian social democracy to be commendable, but it only works with Scandinavians. Maybe white Americans could create a nice imitation, but NAMs never will.

Since Trump stepped into office, the Republicans have had to debate among themselves what kinds of policies would be best. There is certainly a right-wing tilt to it all, but Trump has made it a point for his policies to be good for Rust Belt whites. After all, they voted for him.

It's the Democrats who are trying to stonewall everything so the inflow of non-whites can continue unabated and are praying for a deep state coup against a democratically elected president. In 2000 it was easy to dismiss Pat Buchanan's ideas as being theoretical. His predictions are now our reality, it's just that with Trump at this point in time, we still have the power to right the course of the country.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, I think you are correct. (R)s will have to secure the upper midwest to electorally negate the impending loss of the southwest (including Texas) or the party is done.


Let those most naturally inclined towards the cold remain. Problem solved.


We become something like Poland, Japan, or Israel, or we become South Africa.


Indeed. The worst thing that can happen for our long game is for a slate of moderate looking/sounding white guys to run as (D)s in 2018 and 2020. The more impatient the left comes, the better our chances.

Sid said...


Right. Moderate white Democratic men can really hit the GOP where it hurts. Unlike the GOP, these guys don't go overboard with the religious rhetoric, the hints that Social Security and Medicare will be terminated, and the blindness to how big business can ruin people's lives if it's not properly overseen.

It's a good thing Nancy Pelosi is one of two biggest political adversaries we have. The Dems would probably be hitting a lot more effectively if Tim Ryan had become minority leader at the end of 2016:


Joshua Sinistar said...

Crazy Nancy is meaningless. Like Feinstein she is old and has a parachute to flee the problems she caused.
The GOPe dopes in the Lincoln Party DO NOT REPRESENT WHITE INTERESTS. I couldn't care LESS what happens to cuckservatives. They don't care about me and mine. Let them pander away to anyone non-White.

2018 will be the End of them and democracy too.

Anonymous said...

Trump might just be about to shiv his gun owner base.

He may not be running for re-election. I have no confidence that he could be beaten if he betrays us, and in any case an incumbent challenged by his own party always loses in the general. Political solutions could become exhausted in a matter of days, rather than years.

Any new bans on "assault" firearms should never be complied with. Should a future ban pass Congress and be enacted into law, the red states should unilaterally declare self-determination. Physical Removal should then follow.

Philippe le Bel said...

View from France, I can't decide wich is right : you or Heartiste, thinking Trump is a true national-populist, or Agnostic, wwich think he's an awful conservative, free-trade, cheap labor and so on.

I really, really, hope you're right and he's wrong, but...well :

-sanctuaries cities are still in place
-free speech bill as not been voted
-where is the massive deportation of 11 millions ?
-where is the protectionnist tariff ?
-where is the end of the funding by federal gov of the NFL ? (btw, this is not "football", "football is with foot, that's pure logic, I'll never understand american :D )

Joshua Sinistar said...

Greetings Phillippe. I hear Paris is besieged again. Where is your God Emperor? Macron is a poor imitation of a leader. Not as bad as Trudeau, but who is? His Mom is the punch line of every Canadian Joke I've ever heard except for Canadian Bacon. The pigskin is the other national obsession besides "Baseball" or American Cricket. America has a way of adopting things that still seem different upon inspection. Monopoly is technically illegal. Having a government sponsor takes the curse off of it, or at least the threat of legal action.
Trump is putting tariffs on North Korea and China, but that's retaliation for the Renminbi. The BRICs is up and running. The Renminbi was just monetized in Oil. The Rothschild Petrodollar has its First Real Competitor. All that unpleasantness about The South China Sea and Korea is about the threat to the Petrodollar. Follow the money. Qaddafi went all Libertarian and wanted to be paid in Gold. He didn't trust the Petrodollar and the bombs dropped fast when the Rothschild Banking Cabal heard that news.
I hear Citizen Trump has a coin being minted in Israel. Wonder what for? I expect some kind of payoff in blood or treasure soon. Korea? Syria? We should see soon. It might be a memorial coin. Ides of March coming up. Julius Caesar by Will Shakespeare in the Park?

Trump's son in law lost his Top Secret clearance. AIPAC and Israeli settlements maybe. Possible Soros connections. He is a low rent hedge fund manager usually, but he had some big change hands deals with greasy pig Soros, the bag man of The Rothschild Bankers. Bibi is under the investigative eye of Israelis for "corruption". Soros doesn't like Bibi and Likud. I have a feeling some Soros moola is paying for the "investigation".

People say Korea is a go for March. Maybe. Or its a cover for something else. Ides of March should be INTERESTING THIS YEAR.

Sid said...

Joshua Sinistar,

Nancy Pelosi is one of the most powerful people in the country, but she's near-senile. Voltaire said he only prayed for his enemies to be ridiculous, and I think God has granted us that prayer here. I wouldn't say she's meaningless, so much as someone who should have been retired a long time ago but has clutched onto power regardless.

In WWII, the British tried to assassinate Hitler before concluding it was better to have someone as incompetent as him in charge, rather than a junta of Prussian generals. In that spirit, I wish Nancy Pelosi many more years in power!

wrt the destruction of the cucks, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake are retiring this year. McCain doesn't have much longer. Unfortunately Romney will likely replace the good-enough Orrin Hatch, and Lindsey Graham is nowhere near done.

I suppose it's a toss up with the cucks. Bad as Graham is, he's more of a cowardly cuck than a suicidal one, so he's still at least ready to work with Trump. Maybe Romney will be that way, though the guy is so house-broken that I get sick just seeing his mug.

American democracy will continue on. I don't see any existential problems emerging for it this year. The press is the Democratic Party's Pravda, the judicial overreach is a huge problem, and Trump had better clean the voter rolls of foreign ringers, but democracy on the whole is persisting just fine.


I didn't like Trump accusing someone of being "afraid of the NRA." Ann Coulter had a terrific piece on how it was a law enforcement and educational policy problem. That kid was threatening people with murder.

The NRA wasn't responsible for that.

Phillipe le Bel,

Overall, Trump has been delivering. Not as quickly as we like, and he hasn't done all of what he needs to do, but he's still on track to be the president we have needed for a long time.

What's worrisome is that Trump probably isn't all that ideologically committed to his campaign promises. It's up to the nationalist right to consistently remind him that he has to see things through.

If there's no physical Wall being built by 2020, then a lot of us will be staying home. He can't afford that.

Joshua Sinistar said...


Guys like you are the problem. No really. Trump hasn't done anything that his voters wanted. Not really. He playing straight from the cuckservative playbook. Any differences between him and Little Jebbie or Romney is superficial at best. Those tweets and the media reaction looks a lot like Bush. Its all fluff that has Zero affect on policy.
The Boers are having the last of their land and possessions taken from them by the black supremacists is South Africa. Trump has done ZERO for any of them. This is a real life genocide. Thousands of Boers have been brutally tortured and murdered. Women have been savagely gang raped. NONE OF THEM ARE OFFERED A VISA AS A REFUGEE. NONE. These people are hard working Whites that have skills we need and can use. Trump hasn't offered ONE VISA TO THEM.
Look at the Boers and see your OWN FUTURE at the hands of the savages these alien parasites use to kill you. Being friendly is the LAST THING YOU SHOULD DO. They treat Muslims FAR BETTER THAN WHITES.

Sid said...

Joshua Sinistar,

First, here's a whitepill for the overall trajectory of the country: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/us-illegal-immigrant-population-fell-by-nearly-1-million-since-2010-think-tank/article/2649796

Second, here's a whitepool regarding Trump: https://libertyunyielding.com/2018/02/24/arrests-illegal-aliens-40-2017/

As such, I'm cautiously optimistic. Trump's first year was a marked improvement over Obama, and he was getting his footing for much of the year.

If you expect a president to be able to fix all of the nation's problems all at once, you're living on the wrong planet. Here on Earth, good presidential leadership is making solid progress year after year, until you've finally delivered on what you set out to do.

What's happening to the Boers is horrendous, but Trump didn't run on their welfare, and I doubt he or any of his cabinet officials have given what's happening there much thought. South Africa is honestly a fringe issue in the USA.

The alt-right is just starting to shine light on the issue. That is good. But don't be disappointed with Trump for not having acted on South Africa - he never promised he would, and very few people in power have looked at the country much since 1994.

Joshua Sinistar said...


Trump is all over Syria and Korea. What is the reasoning there? Is either of those an issue for you is it? A lot of veterans are dying on the street. Invaders are getting housing and heathcare. Some of them HATE America and YOU. There hasn't been ANY REDUCTION. Texas might turn blue for 2018. That's game over right there nationally sport.
Eisenhower rounded up Mexicans and sent them home. trump could do that right now with the laws on the books. No judge could actually stop him. Not legally. But that's not the point is it? The law doesn't matter anymore. That illegal that shot Kate Stienle walked. No jail time at all. He is free. Walking Loose.
Americans cannot go along to get along. NOT ANYMORE. You might believe that war won't break out. You won't like it if it doesn't. This only ends with blood. Them or YOU.

I DO NOT CARE IF YOU BELIEVE IT. The Truth is the Truth.

Sid said...

Trump ran on demolishing ISIS as a state. The crowds loved it when he promised to "bomb the shit out of them." Like it or not, destroying jihadis is a right-wing populist issue. Ditto bringing North Korea to heel.

Granted, the alt-right is generally skeptical of foreign interventions, but they are only a subset of the broader right-wing populist movement. I doubt Trump would have won the primaries, much less the general, if he had sounded like Ron Paul on interventionism.

A long, drawn out war of regime change a la Iraq in the 2000s would rightfully sink Trump, but compare Trump to Hillary on Iraq and Libya. I get that Trump's foreign interventions are disappointing but they're mild to what the Bushes and Clintons pulled.

Immigration is going down in general. Yes, it's disappointing Trump hasn't done even more, but we also need to remember what kind of opposition Trump is facing. Frankly, Trump's ways of reducing the number of illegals in the country is far more palatable to normies than rounding up and deporting illegals wholesale would.

On a fundamental level, I think your sense of time is off. Texas may turn blue in the future, but almost certainly not in 2018. A new civil war could break out, but if that's step 10, we're presently at step two or three.

There is a grace period between now and inevitable political dissolution, racial carnage, and civil war. That is called the Trump administration. I personally think Trump is taking the needed steps to right the course of the nation. Both he and our movement may fail, but I am cautiously optimistic.

Audacious Epigone said...


His instincts are populist. The question is how far he is willing to compromise on that with the GOPe and the left.

Personal emphasis matters in terms of your personal mileage. He's let a lot of the people who got him there go and so it looks like he's going to give up a lot in those areas (though getting rid of McMaster is nice). On immigration, though, Stephen Miller is not only still there, but it looks like Trump has total confidence in him. So we may end up 'sold out' on military interventionism, trade, Obamacare, but if we end up getting a DACA expiration, an uptick in deportations, an end to chain migration and the DVL, that's a lot to be happy about from my vantage point.


The afraid-of-the-NRA is fine as far as optics go. It's a headline that doesn't go anywhere on its own. From a normy perspective, Trump looked very reasonable in that televised meeting. He's building goodwill on the gun front and has all the leverage on immigration.

Audacious Epigone said...


I saw Simon Roche speak last year and am looking forward to meeting him this year and am going to be donating to the Suitlanders. Israel is not the canary in the coal mine, South Africa is.

That said, intervening there really doesn't fit into an America First narrative.

Joshua Sinistar said...

North Korea is hardly a threat. We aren't bombing ISIS, they are being armed and trained by CIA. ISIS is actually the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. ISIS is a CIA Operation to overthrow President Assad as part of the "Greater Israel" plan of our enemies. They are actually Babylonians. They do not actually follow Moses and the Torah. Their book is the Babylonian Talmud and their Infernal Master is called Baal (The Golden Calf). Babylon conquered and destroyed Ancient Israel before the Great Flood, when the Israelites turned away from God, The Lord of Hosts, and worshipped Baal. Some of them were doing it when Moses went to the Mountaintop and got The Ten Commandments. Moses was furious when he descended and saw his people doing this. Old habits die hard apparently.
Trump can issue Visas to the White South Africans right now. It doesn't require ANY MILITARY INTERVENTION. If this fool rump state lets Somali Trash come here and SHIT ON THE STREET, then THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO DO THIS. UNLESS THIS CON MAN IS AN ANTI-WHITE SHILL!

Sid said...


I think the public wants "something done" on gun control. Gun control came back as an issue following the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings. Since then I haven't heard any realistic proposals for lowering shooting deaths (other than not encouraging BLM!), but I suppose Trump realizes the people want a sop and he'll give it to them.

Joshua Sinistar,

North Korea isn't a threat to the USA, but it has been one to our allies South Korea and Japan for a long time. Tensions have spiked since North Korea made ground on missile technology, so Trump's aim is to keep them from reaching that point.

No, we bombed ISIS to smithereens last year. Look at all of the human rights groups who complained we bombed too blithely. Trump was serious about destroying the caliphate.

It's regrettable we don't have programs in place to help the Boers, but Trump almost surely has little exposure to their problems. Again, South Africa is a niche issue in the US. The alt-right has done well in exposing what's happening there but a lot of work needs to be done.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Sid, you must be the enemy. South Korea doesn't want North Korea turned into smoldering ruins like Iraq or Syria. The Koreans are ONE PEOPLE. That kind of loyalty may be unknown to cucks, but your lackadaisical attitude to Boers being genocided seemed far worse than Cuckservative. You must be one of those "As a White Man" enemy shills.
ISIS was crushed by the Russians. The Halliburton Company of Dick Cheney wanted to build a gas pipeline to "compete" with Gazprom. The Russians have a need for the money they get from Gazprom. Spetsnaz and Migs wiped the field of that Mercenary CIA operation right quick when Putin saw Halliburton laying pipe.
Citizen Trump has doubled down in Syria. The Russians will not be amused. I'm actually impressed by the updates that Mr. Putin made to his Military Arsenal while that fool Akhenaten jr. was twiddling his thumbs and golfing at The Country Club. That F-16 that was shot down by a Russian SAM was impressive. The F-15 and F-16 are too old for the Air Supremacy game nowadays. The F-22 hasn't really been fully deployed, but the F-35 is the Turkey that cannot fly straight I hear.
China and Russia are NOT COOPERATING ANY MORE. Profit is the Name of the Game boys. This diversity is the Economics of Chapter 13. Putin and Xi do not want that Bankrupt Economic Plan. BRICs is Up and Running. The Renminbi is monetized in OIL. The Rothschild Petrodollar now has a REAL COMPETITOR.



Sid said...

"Sid, you must be the enemy."


"your lackadaisical attitude to Boers being genocided seemed far worse than Cuckservative. You must be one of those "As a White Man" enemy shills."

Something tells me you didn't score very high on the reading comprehension portion of the SAT.

"BRICs is Up and Running."

You know what the "S" in BRICS stands for, right?

I'd try to engage your other points but something tells me not much would come of it. Good day.

Joshua Sinistar said...

See Sid is the enemy. He addressed none of my points and claims I'm "stupid" or "ignorant". The enemy isn't very smart or clever but consistent is what you should expect.
He will further claim I'm an extremist and that more "moderate" voices should be heard. THERE IS NOTHING MORE EVIL THAN MODERATES.

Sid said...

The problem, man, is the way you process my arguments. Instead of trying to understand them, you accuse me of malicious motives (to the point where I'm "the enemy") and put words in my mouth.

While the content of your points is different, the style of how you argue isn't too different from an SJW. The way you blew up over my contending that South Africa is a niche issue in America ("lackadaisical attitude genocide") isn't too different from an SJW hearing the word "multivariate" in relation to the gender wage gap.

Finally, for all your talk about traitors, cucks, and enemies, you show an unnecessarily defeatist attitude to Trump and how powerful our position is. You're essentially asking us sink our ships and prepare for invasion in our cities when we have the atom bomb.

But wait... Oh no, the petro-yuan! We had better surrender on the double! Yes, and I'm the cuck here.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Sid, are you butthurt? You sound butthurt. You claim that Americans want "gun control" and call me an SJW? Wow that's a lot of crazy.

I do know what the s is for. I just don't care. Brazil, Russia, India and China are Legit Powers. The "corruption" trials in Brazil are obviously the Rothschild Bankers retaliating against Brazil for accepting the Renminbi. The Former Spanish States have corruption built in so this isn't really about corruption. South Africa was put in to get a foothold on Africa. China is eying the rich virgin resources that the blacks are too dumb and lazy to dig up. South Africa was recently White Ruled so their infrastructure is still mostly salvageable.
All China has to do is extend credit to these fool kaffirs and then call in the markers when these innumerate buffoons cannot pay it back. Like taking candy from a baby. China has 40 or 50 Million Young Men who cannot get a Chinese Wife. Unmarried Men are always a destabilizing part of any society. Without a wife and kids they have TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS. That leads to BAD THOUGHTS and possible Political Problems that President XI doesn't Need.
I call it BRICs, cause South Africa is just a base that China will use to MOVE IN ON THE RESOURCES.
The Boers are an Issue. They are White People with Skills we can use. They face a genocide RIGHT NOW. This phony baloney "God Emperor" isn't doing SHIT. But he has plenty of time for Boko Haram and black issues doesn't he? Somalis get flown in and Section 8 RIGHT NOW.


AlsoAltRight said...

Sinistar: You come across as a moron because you are unable to keep civil in a civil debate.

Whatever correct ideas you espouse are overshadowed by emotional childishness. No one wants to be associated with that.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Do I seem emotional to you? You must be the only one that ever said that to me. Most people say I'm like a machine like the terminator or something. Still, if you cannot seem passionate about seeing Boers being genocided, you must be dead inside. You haven't seen the pictures of the torture or heard the stories of small children being raped and killed.
These blacks really are savages. Its the savage nature to enjoy hurting the helpless and laughing at seeing others cry out in pain.
There is no childishness in me sport. I'm totally serious about this. I still have a sense of humor, but this casual attitude in the face of existential threats seems more like cowardice than maturity. You can portray yourselves whatever way you like, but expecting someone to rescue you and not wanting to get involved is the real puerile attitude.

Audacious Epigone said...


The war is still (mostly) cold now. So long as it stays that way, that is how I choose to fight it. I have a 4 yo, a 2yo, and another on the way. The last thing I want is blood in the streets.

You may be correct in asserting that we are hopelessly naive in thinking that there is a non-violent way out of the hole we're putting ourselves in. I hope you're incorrect, but that may be proven to be nothing more than wishful thinking. The images of what has happened to white South African farmers is something that, once seen, can never be unseen. We are dealing with savages incapable of maintaining--let alone creating--civilization.

Anonymous said...


The West (and the majority of SA Blacks) believe the Afrikaner to be irredeemable, and see the violence as just desserts for apartheid. Blacks will continue to point the finger at whites, long before they ever decide to reject socialism. When the Boers had their Swart Maandag protest last year, blacks took as an insult because the farmers owned trucks and they didn't.


That said, I don't think Ramaphosa is going to replicate Mugabe. He isn't going to drive off his taxpayers or the Chinese investment. The ruling party had no problems with mass immigration that directly hurt the earning power of their voting base.

The Afrikaners have remained too arrogant that they can keep their cheap black labor and Western living standards. That is the reason why Orania is still in the incubation stage.

Joshua Sinistar said...

The fake news blitz about "apartheid evil and sheeit" gave South Africa a bad name, but fake news it was. There has been blanket censorship of the genocide of Boers ever since that terrorist Mandela and the ANC took over. I think the real Mandela died in prison. They seem to have had a double take his place for the "peaceful transfer". Hardly peaceful for the tens of thousands of Boer victims.

AE, you may not want a War, but War is coming. This "Black Panther" power trip fantasy and gun control hysteria signal the enemy is about to move. Remember that Billion Rounds of Ammunition that Obama bought? Where did that go? It didn't go to government bureaucrats I can tell you that. These people do not carry. Obama has let many of the Muslim Brotherhood into America. They are spread out. These dumb blacks are gonna be cannon fodder. A genocide done in South Africa will trigger the imbeciles with Wakanda fantasies here. You may know that blacks are a tiny minority, but blacks are stupid. All those black faces in media are not accidental. The blacks BELIEVE the media. Flying pyramids from Stargate SG-1 and Magic Space Wheels from 2001 a space odyssey. We are in Weimar you see. At the close of that, there was a violent takeover attempt. After they lost an election there and decided to get VIOLENT.