Monday, December 25, 2017

Little Marco, short Nikki Haley

Over Christmas a cousin from South Carolina brought her boyfriend who, unbeknownst to me until last night, follows on twitter (which I promptly verified--thanks Ann!). The next couple of hours were reminiscent of the AmRen conference over the summer in that they flew by. He's a Gen Zer who worked on Rubio's presidential campaign. Some observations he shared with me follow. My sense is they're veracious, but take them for whatever you think they're worth:

- This is slap-in-the-forehead obvious, but I'd never paid close enough attention to notice that Rubio is not the son Abe Simpson could be proud of. I guess I'd assumed it was Rubio's childlike features and his neotenous mannerisms--hinting at closeted homosexuality--that Trump was drawing attention to with the "little Marco" sobriquet. That he is about 5'6" is a more parsimonious explanation, though.

- Through March of 2016, the Rubio campaign was most concerned by Cruz, who our guy is convinced had the highest IQ of any candidate from either party in last year's election. That was the case even before Iowa but especially so after it. They knew ¡Jabe! wasn't going anywhere months before the first state contest and thought Trump an unserious vanity candidate (so have a good laugh at the globohomo elites who bankrolled the former's campaign to the tune of over $100 million). They continued to dismiss Trump even after he won in New Hampshire. It wasn't until South Carolina that they began to orient themselves to their real threat.

- Speaking of ¡Jabe!, our guy went to one of his rallies as well (no, not the infamous please clap event). He was stunned by how incompetent the candidate appeared ("like Goofy"). There was visible confusion as to when the thing was going to start, who was going to introduce him, even where he was going to stand.

Gangly, uncertain, fawningly nice to the few supporters there who talked to him in person--an alpha male he clearly is not. When ¡Jabe!'s team found out our guy was working for Rubio, they offered him front row tickets to the then-upcoming South Carolina debate if he'd switch to team ¡Boosh! (he declined, and not just because he already had front row seats--desperation is repellent).

- Nikki Haley is a non-entity in person. Our guy met her and spent five painful minutes fumbling through an uninspired conversation with her. She wasn't emotionally or intellectually invested in anything she said. Short her on ever becoming president. The only thing she has going for her is that as a woman and a POC, she's a two-fer.

- Getting back to Rubio, he's naturally affable and moderately intelligent. Not intelligent enough to avoid the robotic implosion, though. That's when our guy left the campaign (he glommed onto Rubio initially because he thought he had the best chance of getting the nomination and was hoping that would create an avenue for him to get a staffing position in the administration), along with an exodus of others. Said exodus didn't get much attention, but it happened.
Or is this him?

Senator Tim Scott, an early Rubio backer, caught the debate at a watch party our guy also attended and when Rubio repeated himself for the third time, Scott got up and left while the debate was still taking place. This was just days after Scott had publicly endorsed the Florida senator. He never voiced support for Rubio after that.

- Our guy also met Hillary Clinton after going to one of her rallies. He estimated there were about 200 people in attendance, but unlike senor ¡Jabe!, her team managed on-air optics that made the event look packed from the perspective of the viewer at home. He got to talk to her for a couple of minutes afterwards. She caused him to experience the uncanny valley. She resembles a human, but something is off, and in an unsettling way.

- Our guy is now a MAGAman and regrets not having read the tea leaves a couple of years ago. He wasn't able to parlay his tenure on the Rubio campaign into a spot with the notoriously lean Trump operation. He's only 20 years old, so his wandering is understandable. Most of us have been there.

Whatever you make of that, it made for much better-than-average Christmas conversation for me!

As for Christmas, congratulations to VDare for fighting in the trenches for decades, slowly but surely reclaiming lost ground in the War on Christmas, so the god-emperor could swoop in for the coup-de-grace and take credit for the victory:

Deus Vult!


Joshua Sinistar said...

Only the Loser Lincoln Party would keep pushing token minorities on desperate White voters looking for representation. That glob of fail sucks worse than a crack whore. An Indian whose sole qualification is not being White and having a vagina. Anchor babies are the future huh? I guess she wouldn't make a good plumber. They don't have that back home. Little boy Rubio who looks like a lawn ornament and calls out small hands like its a political revelation. His brown genetic failure is his only qualifier. Tim Scott the magic negro who replaced the token brain surgeon who said the pyramids stored grain. Where's the token pizza guy?
Even the Whigs weren't this dumb. Grandpa Munster was the fake Christian that had to whack a DC Madam before he became Jimmy Swaggert. His Church of the Almighty Dollar was worried that bimbo eruptions might lose him the critical Christian votes the GOP is trying hard to lose every election year.
The Lincoln Party hates their voters so much that they appeal ONLY TO THOSE WHO WILL NEVER VOTE FOR THEM. 2018 is the year the Lincoln Party DIED.

Anonymous said...

I decided I had no use for Haley the minute she came out against the Confederate flag. One of the worst picks of the Trump Administration.
People talk about character in politics. To me, I don't care if a politician lies to his wife, just don't lie to me as a voter. I think Rubio showed poor character by lying to the voters of the state of Florida by running against immigration then allying himself with Shumer on the Gang of 8 bill. Also shows how poor his political instincts are. To me that sunk him more than anything.

Dan said...

"Nikki Haley is a non-entity in person. Our guy met her and spent five painful minutes fumbling through an uninspired conversation with her. She wasn't emotionally or intellectually invested in anything she said."

I think Nikki Haley has been good representing us at the UN recently. When Trump feeds her her lines, it seems to work well. He pointed her gun in the right direction and she managed to squeeze off a few rounds.

From Dec 3, HuffPo/Dominique Mosbergen

"Trump’s decision to end America’s “participation in the Global Compact on Migration” was disclosed on Saturday by the U.S. Mission to the U.N. Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., explained in a statement that the pact’s “global approach” was “simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty.”"

Joshua Sinistar said...

Anyone who believes race doesn't matter is a fool. These brown folks are envious little twerps. They HATE White Men. White Men built this world. The Orientals copied it, but that is a thin veneer over the most obvious case of cultural stagnation in human history. The Chinese and Japanese and other Orientals have an ancient culture. You can see it Today. Its where they still were when White Explorers came to explore and discover them. The Chinese give lip service to globalism since they need foreign money and technology to advance past the cultural stasis they have had before, but they have THE BIGGEST WALL EVER. ITS REALLY YUUUGE. You can see it from Space. The New "diverse" Trek has a Chinese woman captain and a black female first officer. WHAT A JOKE. China and India say they have "Space Programs". Its actually an ICBM Military R&D project disguised as a Moon Landing Project.
White Men want progress. White Men are explorers. Space is what White Men want to explore.

Reality. Its the opposite of fake news.

Audacious Epigone said...


2018 is the year the Lincoln Party DIED.

I'm not confident handicapping it at this point, but my instinct is that you're right.


The best chance a Haley or Rubio could give civic nationalism is to be 'extreme' on the National Question. Imagine someone who looked like Nikki Haley but spoke like Peter Brimelow. That could conceivable work, not just for the party but even for us. Michelle Malkin is probably as close to that as we've seen, and she's since been cast into the outer darkness.


Yes, that's exactly what my new pal conveyed to me--she can't do anything spontaneous at all, not even carry on a conversation that isn't scripted. Rubio is like that, too--a lot of puppet politicians are--but he made her out to be in a category all her own.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Civic nationalism is a fiction. Empires tried it, and they all fell. The Germans were hardly far different from Romans, but after they crossed the Rhine, Rome collapsed. Such marginal differences show that obvious differences are FAR WORSE. If those germans cannot become Romans, then NO WAY IN HELL can blacks or even Indians. They have a homeland. They are here cause their homelands SUCK. Those dumb black nationalists are always saying they will leave, but they won't. Those empty bowls in the Muthaland waiting for White Men to fill them, somehow never get their ass on a plane.
There is just something EVIL about not being able to keep aliens that hate you the HELL away from you and your loved ones...

You do not understand the ENVY of the UNTERMENSCH. You cannot understand the inferiority complex that COMPELS THEM TO HATE YOU. They would rather starve under their own kind of Ruthless Dictator, then be fat and cared for under a better kind of Man. THAT IS WHY CIVICS IS NOT NATION, AND BLOOD AND SOIL IS A REAL NATION.

DissidentRight said...

It's fantastic that the statement "Merry Christmas!" is has fully matured into an act of rebellion against the Left.

Sid said...

To be fair to Nikki Haley, she's quite good at reading off the script. The people I know who support the GOPe are enamored with her, especially after she defended Israel before the UN. Granted, I doubt she will survive the debates in 2024, but she at least has a talented enough staff to make her speeches work.

In contrast, I didn't know anyone who liked Jeb Bush. The more he spoke, the more cringe worthy he became. It was singular hubris among the donors to imagine he would fly with the voters just because they said so.

Haley, Jeb, Rubio, and Hillary all show how conventional politicians are usually hollow mouthpieces. I watched the documentary Weiner awhile ago and was struck by how much of a dysfunctional loser the guy always was, but he had a staff around him that didn't support him so much as prop him up. Granted, I'm sure even the most talented politicians need help from their staff, but talented leaders use their staff like a crutch to move. Our current crop of conventional politicians need their staffs like a paraplegic needs a wheelchair.

It's funny now in retrospect, but yes, most everyone assumed that Trump would suddenly pop and then another Republican would take the race. I think Trump himself was amazed by how far he went - "I could shoot somebody on 5th Ave!"

Joshua Sinistar said...

Nimrata is probably done as a politician. That UN gig isn't really a polisher for higher office. She looks like a token now to me. No one goes to this UN gig and gets big offers. She isn't much of a big wheel there either. She doesn't seem to have anyone shaking her hand that shows she's impressing anyone. These AIPAC announcements she's making is pissing off a lot of bigwigs and her standing on the Right is pretty much done after the Confederate Monuments issue. She won't draw flies in the South as GOP now, and switching to the D-Party after supporting Trump would actually SHOCK me.

The Z Blog said...

The comment about Haley brought back a memory. In the olden thymes, I was working for a Democrat Congressman. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was being groomed as the next big thing. The first female Kennedy to rise in politics. I was tasked with working on her team to setup a telephone bank to raise money. I got to spend time with her in the process.

Whenever I think of using the phrase, "breathtaking stupidity" an image of her comes to mind, where she is being bested by an executive telephone. I had explained it to her at least five times. She was a remarkably stupid person. It was a vacuous stupidity, as if every bit of energy was used to be a political performer. It was quite remarkable.

I was a young guy, so I thought she was a rare exception, due to her name. I've since learned that politics selects for the incurious and stupid.

Sid said...

Nikki Haley is also an unusually strong UN Ambassador, which is normally an important but not a decisive position, because Rex Tillerson has been a pitiful Secretary of State. I suppose he was fine as an oil manager, but he doesn't have a political vision for US foreign policy.

Haley might not be smart, but she at least knows how to enunciate GOPe, neocon foreign policy positions in public, so given the foreign policy vacuum in the US, she commands far more influence than would normally be accorded to her.

If Mike Pompeo steps in as SoS in January or February, I expect her star will wane significantly.

Joshua Sinistar said...

I don't remember ANYONE stepping up from UN Ambassador. This is a plum sinecure, but not a rising star position. The ONLY REASON she gets airtime is because of AIPAC and Israel. Where would she go from here? Jerusalem? Hardly a stepping stone there. I'm not sure they want an Indian in Israel. She was dumped there cause the Confederate Monuments issue killed her where she was. Indians are hardly a major voting block. Not really big donors to GOP either. She's a diversity hire. Without election potential, she's done. Just a token non-White that kills the enthusiasm but fills a quota of a soon to be DEAD PARTY.

Audacious Epigone said...


It seems to be a rare clearcut victory in the culture war that both the tradcon right and the dissident right get to celebrate over the CultMarxists.


It was singular hubris among the donors to imagine he would fly with the voters just because they said so.

It's simultaneously inexplicable and also illustrative of just how out of touch our rulers are.

Wrt politicians relying on their staffs like a paraplegic relies on a wheelchair, the contrast between Hillary and Trump could hardly be starker. She had ~700 people her staff, he had less than one-tenth of that. Probably another reason, from the get-go, that the competition thought he had no chance--no one can do it without a huge, paid support structure!

Z Man,

I can't find it on youtube atm but I'll try to. There's a scene from the pop culture show Parks and Rec that depicts what you're describing quite humorously.

Did you get the sense that, from the perspective of her handlers, that said stupidity was a feature or a bug?


John Bolton comes to mind as a UN ambassador who created waves, got quite a bit of attention, and then... never went anywhere. And even more than Bolton, there aren't many elected spots for her in the Republican party because she sold out confederate heritage and also because of the way she tried to put a knife in Trump's back during the campaign. Lest we forget, she gave the Republican response to Obama's state of the union address and devoted a large chunk of the time attacking not Obama, but Trump!

Sid said...

The securest path in becoming president is to be a governor or senator for a few years. Nikki Haley was elected governor of South Carolina twice, and I guess she wanted some experience in the federal government to round out her resume.

UN Ambassador as a position doesn't automatically lead to anything, but Nikki Haley might be trying to leverage that position for something with more weight and responsibility. Maybe she wants to be Secretary of State for a couple of years?

I don't see her making it far in the Republican primaries, though. She only appeals to upper middle class Republicans. Back in 1950s-1990s, it was possible to have that demographic be your base and then reach out to other groups. But the immivasion has more or less made that impossible. There just aren't that many middle class Republicans anymore, and Nikki Haley doesn't appeal to anyone deplorable.

Even so, there was a cottage industry to get Condoleeza Rice to run in 2008, and a political donor and consultanct conglomerate drive to elect Jeb in 2015. So even though Haley won't get far, a lot of ink and money will probably be expended in her service until then.

Black Death said...

Nikki Haley was born Nimrata Randhawa in Bamberg, South Carolina. When she married Michael Haley, she took his name. She identifies as a Christian (she never would have been elected governor of South Carolina if she were not). Her parents are Sikhs who emigrated from India. Her father is a professor and her mother, a lawyer, so there's probably plenty of IQ points in her genetic makeup. When she was five years old, her parents entered her in the "Miss Bamberg" ocompetition, which traditionally named both black and white queens, but the judges felt she did not fit cleanly into either category, so they disqualified her!

Haley is clearly one of our best UN ambassadors, in the tradition of Henry Cabot Lodge, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Historically, this job has been pretty much a dead end, although not always - George H. W. Bush did go on to be president and Moynihan became a US Senator.

With regard to intelligence, well, who really knows, but Haley's bloodlines suggest she may be quite smart. But smart is not always the best - probably the most intelligent man to hold the presidency in the twentieth century was Woodrow Wilson, a distinguished scholar who served as president of Princeton University. However, he was an arch-neocon whose foolish policies in his second term "to make the world safe for democracy" (sound familiar?) ending up making it safe for Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito and a host of lesser fry.

Haley is quite popular now because she is sticking it to the UN, a corrupt, bloated organization that has never been very popular on the right side of the American electorate.
Her future? Stay tuned.

The Z Blog said...


It was no secret that she was a moron. She had the name and could read from the prompter or prepared text in way that seemed convincing. That was enough for the handlers. That's the thing. Most politicians are just the front men for a group of handlers and advisers. Some pols are smart enough to participate in the strategy and planning. Some are just happy to avoid real work. They are, in effect, actors playing a role.

I think the business selects for this type. The media has, for a couple of generations now, selected for the incurious and dull-witted. This is especially true in sports. Imagine a life spent interviewing T'A'Quan after the big game. You can't do that if you have anything on the ball between the ears. The result is a press corp that will fall for just about anything.

Audacious Epigone said...


Anytime a Condoleeza Rice is brought up in the context of the US presidency, the cover of augur Dick Morris' book comes to mind. Prescience!

Black Death,

If she is constituted to serve a master, it might as well be Trump and it might as well be dumping sludge into turtle bay!


The analogy with sports came immediately to mind with your first comment, with the field taking the place of the prepared speech. With sports--and apparently with politics, too--it's like they're incapable of going meta even in their specialties. It's understandable that T'A'Quan can't provide compelling answers to general topics, but he can't even answer ones specifically asking about the sport he plays (i.e., "Interviewer: With 15 seconds left you're down by two at mid-field with no timeouts left. What was going through your mind before you made that catch?" A: "I haffa execute. Focus on what I know an' execute" or something, instead of, "I knew [kicker] felt good inside the 35, so it was 15 and then cut to the sideline because they were going to try to keep me in bounds").

Our guy made it sound like Haley couldn't even talk shop, let alone hold a compelling conversation of general interest.

Anonymous said...

One man's anecdotal experience: I've run into a great many people who've gleefully wished me a Merry Christmas this season. The "Happy Holidays" wishers have been in short supply, thank goodness.

Audacious Epigone said...


I haven't talked to anyone who has noticed anything other than that. I think it's real.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Bolton sank with W. His all for Iraq made sure that he was a goner. Henry Cabot Lodge was way back during the Cold War. You have to reach for names doncha? Nimrata sank her career by not standing up for the Confederate Heritage. The Southrons are a proud folk and they will never forgive a resident alien for that one.
Sarah Palin was sunk by the GOPe dopes just for being Christian. The other women are too liberal to fly at all. Knowing the Lincoln Party AKA Stupid Party, they will try to push this Indian and maybe that ebay disaster that went nowhere in California. Maybe W's wife too.
Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and anything remotely "populist" need not apply.
2018 is when they go the way of the Whigs.