Saturday, October 07, 2017

Sluts are nuts

The following graph shows percentages of respondents who reported having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--in the month prior to being surveyed. Results are broken down by sex and by total number of opposite-sex partners (non-heterosexuals are excluded; all responses are from 2002 onward, when the GSS began querying about mental health; and N = 3,782 for women and 3,475 for men):

Unsurprisingly, being repulsive or invisible to the opposite sex is suboptimal. The ground floor girl is gold. As rides on the cock carousel increase from there, things go downhill. The more men who have ridden her, the worse her neurosis will be. Women who've had over 15 partners are at more than 50% greater risk of poor mental health than women who steadfastly remain tethered to 'the one'.

I mention women in the preceding paragraph because while the trends are technically the same for men and women, the degree of differentiation by partner count is negligible in the case of men while it's staggering in the case of women.

A recent post at the chateau spurred me to take a look at relevant data in the first place. Heartiste nailed what is merely being quantitatively corroborated here:
Every added cock scours a woman’s soul while every added pussy gilds a man’s soul. Bad relationship experiences accumulating over the years can potentially embitter both men and women, but men in my observation, when they bounce back, are more seamlessly able to reconstitute a loving relationship with a new woman minus the emotional baggage of past women who left them with foul memories. In contrast, women who have run through failed relationships tend to dump increasingly heavy loads of baggage on their new men.
Giving away the vadge is akin to giving away citizenship--it feels good in the moment but it creates all kinds of problems down the road. Slut-shame her not only for her own good but also for the good of Western civilization.

GSS variables used: NUMMEN(0)(1)(2-5)(6-15)(16-989), NUMWOMEN(0)(1)(2-5)(6-15)(16-989), SEX(1)(2), MNTLHLTH(0)(1-30)


Anonymous said...

"Sluts are nuts"

Like they say,"Great in bed, F@cK@D in the Head"

traitors first

sykes.1 said...

I think Heartiste has cause and effect reversed. Slutty women are crazy to begin with, and sluttyness is merely a consequence of the insanity.

Audacious Epigone said...

Traitors first,

Heh, touche. Try to keep it relatively clean when I can.


The ever present qualifier that correlation does not necessarily equal causation applies, of course. It feels tedious to me to explicitly state as much, but I probably should.

Dan said...

What strikes me is that half of all people have emotional problems. I don't think it is just the way the question is asked.

We live a secular/nihilist age and a belief that life has no meaning will darken the sunniest disposition.

Anonymous said...

No matter what you or Heartiste say, most low partner count women still won't want a high partner count men.

Anonymous said...

Yes there is a correlation.

We do not know about the causal relationship.

It may be that an increase in the number of sex partners make chicks crazy.

It may be that crazy chicks seek out more sex partners.


There may be a reciprocal relationship between craziness and number of sex partners.

Sid said...

My intuition tells me that girls who are already crazy get on the carousel and rude around for awhile. Similarly, once normal girls who get on it will end up crazy too.

My intuition also tells me that men who already have emotional baggage (such as mommy issues) have an easier time becoming players, but sleeping with a lot of women doesn't add to their problems. Men who are emotionally stable and find a way to be successful in the sexual marketplace don't lose their emotional composure.

But this is just intuition, and the data might suggest otherwise at some point in time.

Anonymous said...

"No matter what you or Heartiste say, most low partner count women still won't want a high partner count men."

I'll try to keep it clean but I call BS.
I've known enough guys that have found low count women that had no problem with it, as long as the guy went family man after the wedding day. The one guy I know is not only married to a low count girl (more looks than modesty) but he's also deacon of a church. Trust me I know him well enough to know I'd never allow that deacon or his son's near my daughter. So you can dream on all you like that women are sugar and spice but again I call BS. That's not knowledge or hatred. That's EXPERIENCE.

traitors first

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, and it definitely runs from younger with more problems to older with fewer (likely modestly understating the pattern the graph shows, since older people have had more time to accumulate partners). We are more than masturbating monkeys. If that's all our lives are, we're miserable.


I think women tend to want a man who has the potential to have a high partner count without actually having one. Relatedly, that women tend to want a man who could easily cheat on them with other women but who actually remains faithful.

I would never presume to speak for Heartiste.


I should've explicitly stated as much, though I assumed it was implied in terms of potential causality.


Fewer social restrictions on behavior means people will fall harder into the things they're predisposed towards.

Traitors first,

You'll ride in at the head of an army and then when Commodus is gone, you'll just give it all back? Why should I trust you?

Some people will be able to sheathe the sword in the thick of the fray. Most, however, will not.

Curious said...

This is a fact that's been well known for millenia.

Question: What evolutionary reason might exist for why women who have more sexual partners also have more mental issues?

JayMan said...

This is a classic example of the Fifth Law of behavioral genetics in action. That is:

All phenotypic relationships are to some degree genetically mediated or confounded.


The Five Laws of Behavioral Genetics

Feryl said...

"What strikes me is that half of all people have emotional problems. I don't think it is just the way the question is asked.

We live a secular/nihilist age and a belief that life has no meaning will darken the sunniest disposition."

Pew (or Gallup?) said that Boomers and Millennials have been experiencing more distress from politics/the '16 election cycle and it's aftermath than Gen X-ers. A different survey said that Gen X-ers experience more general anxiety.

Seems like detached Gen X-ers don't get very riled over any particular issue, but they still bear the scars of growing up in a period of:
- Rising striving
- Corrosion of any kind of civic or communal ethos
- The general public (read: older adults) not giving a shit about kids or teen X-ers in the 70's and 80's. They never felt like they really fit in, or were wanted by any one. Compare this to how Boomers and Millennials were thought of as special, as worth listening to, and worth being closely guarded. Note that there's some over-lap here, with some late Boomers and some early Millennials experiencing some of the same treatment as X-ers.

The peak of chic nihilism was the mid 1990's; almost any era before or since is more appealing, at least on afashion level (ideological or otherwise).

Anonymous said...


regarding your statements on women wanting men who could have a high partner count if they wanted, but choose to abstain from promiscuity: if you are speaking about the median woman, it is probably an accurate assessment.

my problem is not with you, but with the sycophants who comment on heartiste, plus himself. Many of them seem to think that they can sleep with 100 women and a virgin will still want to marry them. I should laugh in their faces once they find out that almost no virgins and few low-partner count women would even date them.

Audacious Epigone said...


Interesting question. I try to limit my speculations to things that sound plausible, and I'm only coming up with things that halfway do so.


Right. See Anon3 above. The degree is what's interesting to speculate about. Smoking rates have been cut in half in the last 50 years, presumably mostly due to social pressure and little else. Difficult to explain based on genetics alone. Ditto religiosity and fertility.

Bruce said...

Devil’s advocate, you know what they’ll say. “Sluts” have mental issues because they’re chastised, shamed, whatever by our (residually??) patriarchal society. Same thing with homosexuals and trannys: they have mental issues because of all the “bigotry” against them.

Audacious Epigone said...


It's a chicken and egg question. Or maybe the two aren't related at all. My guess is they are and that they're to some extent mutually reinforcing.

Curious said...

I agree AE. I find it hard to articulate a good reason to justify what I already know in my gut -- Promiscuous women are mentally unstable in ways that virginal & faithful women aren't.

I feel like being able to consciously formulate what is already known intuitively would prove very powerful and enlightening.