Monday, October 02, 2017

Mean Wordsum score by highest degree attained across groups

The following table shows the mean Wordsum score by demographics and by highest completed degree (n = 21,502):

Education will never 'close the gap' because the width of said gap is pretty consistent across differing levels of educational attainment.

We see, for example, that whites have about a full point advantage on blacks at every level of degree completion with the exception of post-graduate degrees, where the advantage is even larger (because a lot of black post-graduates pursue subjects that provide the relatively easily attained credentials they need to do the blackety-blackety-black?)

Even if we grant, for the sake of argument, that there is no ceiling on the percentage of blacks who can earn graduate degrees without pulling the mean Wordsum score for black graduate degree holders down (a dubious assumption), the only conceivable way to narrow the gap would be to push differential rates of educational attainment so that more blacks and fewer whites pursued higher levels of education.

Alternatively, we could focus our collective energies on improving outcomes for everyone, even if those improvements benefit members of different races at similar rates, instead of quixotically trying to bridge the unbridgeable. But that's the sort of strategy only an extremist would advocate.

And don't dare notice that Jews without any college experience have more expansive vocabularies than blacks with post-graduate degrees do!

A few technical notes:

I'll often convert Wordsum scores to IQ estimates but elected not to in this case to emphasize the intractability of The Gap. Even if spending a decade in college doesn't increase the g-factor, shouldn't it at least reliably increase a person's vocabulary? Given the conventional wisdom, shouldn't we expect a black doctorate to have a more expansive vocabulary than a white high school graduate does? Doesn't post-graduate education require a lot more reading than getting a high school diploma does?

Additionally, I've traditionally used the GSS variable EDUC for educational attainment, but DEGREE is better so I'll be using that from now on. Despite having tapped the database on and off for a decade now, I'm still discovering new things contained within it.

There is a fifth degree category, "junior college", not included above because the sample sizes were prohibitively small for Jews and Asians (only 7.8% of all respondents fall into the category), but results are predictably between "high school graduate" and "bachelor degree".

To avoid language fluency issues, results were restricted to respondents born in the US. For contemporary relevance, all results are from the year 2000 onward.

GSS variables used: DEGREE(0)(1)(3)(4), RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-99), RELIG(3), BORN(1), YEAR(2000-2016)


IHTG said...

Notice the extremely low score of the less than high school Asian contingent compared to the Jewish one. Third world FOBs vs underachieving slackers.

Also, the unusually large gap between bachelor and graduate Hispanics - there's your Conquistador-American elites.

Audacious Epigone said...


It is restricted to those born in the US. "Asian" of course is a huge category. Hmong are not Indians are not Japanese.

there's your Conquistador-American elites


Feryl said...

Little problem here.....WORDSUM doesn't account for any form of intelligence besides verbal ability. Didn't the GSS (or something else) ask certain questions pertaining to science, among other things? Overall knowledge seems like a better way to judge intelligence, since verbal ability varies between different ethnic groups. And as we all know, the number of blacks who are truly competent at things that really matter to modern society (not rap battles or ambushing unsuspecting people) is quite small, even after a 30 year long black population boom.

Note also the previously discussed dumbing down of college and college attendees. As you point out, blacks excel at taking soft majors. The blacks who make it further in college, more often than not, will do so in majors in which a modicum of verbal and interpersonal skills are required, but other skills aren't that important.

Black run institutions are always atrociously corrupt and inept. Other races (or at least Western whites) like to hear blacks wax idealistic and poetic, not having a clue that blacks are verbally gifted but come up short everywhere else because of nature, not nurture.

I'd like to know at what low IQ point do whites become a hopeless drag, while on the other hand, at what high IQ point can blacks overcome their ineptitude? A decent number of less educated whites may not be very articulate, but they can still build stuff, repair stuff, grow stuff, and get along fairly well with other people. It may not be a joke to say that a white society with an average IQ of 93 is still going to be more pleasant than a black society with an average IQ of 105. WRT Rushton, didn't he give IQ scores in the low 90's to Ireland and decent number of Eastern Euro countries? Yet even the least distinguished white countries are still preferable to most other places in the world, with the exception of the Anglosphere, Western Europe, and some parts of Northeast Asia.

Anonymous said...

When I got out of college and moved to Denver, I worked for a month or so in a sales job. I was one of eight or ten in a training class that included another recent college grad, a large black man who was a member of one of the Broncos' players entourage. I believe this was the sole reason he was hired. He claimed to be the player's unofficial business manager because he had a business degree.

During training, he asked for the definition of the word "folks," as he had never heard it before.

He did not last through the training period.

szopen said...

about 10% of black marriages is interracial. Hence, I'd risk saying that some gap narrowing should occur even in the most radically hereditarian scenario, no?

Salden said...

>about 10% of black marriages is interracial. Hence, I'd risk saying that some gap narrowing should occur even in the most radically hereditarian scenario, no?

Not really since Whites who have children with Blacks are as a rule less desirable Whites. As in lower intelligence, being overweight, etc. Contrary to what porn and other forms of media shilling suggest, Whites who not only fuck Jamal or Laqueena but also have kids with them aren't the cream of the cop.

Big Black James Bold a brotha who is more educated than all the dumb white guys here said...

Seeing the likely education level of the posters here this is just an exercise in aelf loathing. I bet if we added up the amount of collective education here we'd maybe get a 7th grader.
I also notice a distinct shift from talking about scary negro crime as yet ANOTHER crazy white guy kills a huge amount of innocent people. Well at least it wasn't a kindergarten class this time.

Hillbilly logic said...

Hell, if inbreds like Salden had some non-family genes he'd do much better. I bet his forehead would be smaller so he wouldn't tip over everytime he leans too far.

Yeah right said...

Yeah sure, every poster here has a PhD in engineering. Bwahahahaha!

Salden said...

>I also notice a distinct shift from talking about scary negro crime as yet ANOTHER crazy white guy kills a huge amount of innocent people. Well at least it wasn't a kindergarten class this time.

Shouldn't you be shooting cops like BLM hero Micah Xavier Johnson?

Salden said...

>Hell, if inbreds like Salden had some non-family genes he'd do much better. I bet his forehead would be smaller so he wouldn't tip over everytime he leans too far.

I didn't know inbreeding was done by White Christians more than Muslims.

Looks like Africa and the Middle East are the most inbred parts of the world. Guess the inbreeding is stopping from advancing civilization. See also the lack of Muslim nobel prize winners as noted by Richard Dawkins:

Salden said...

Blacks with Mestizos commit far more violent crime for their population than Whites (especially with firearms). And yet you don't see SJWs yelling about how Blacks are the source of all that's foul in the world.

Salden said...

Demographics of Whites who have kids with Blacks:

More Points Against Interracial Dating:

Salden said...

On Colonialism And How So Much It Made The World Better:

On Slavery And How SJWs With Their Pet Negroes Should Pipe Down About It:

Salden said...


>Taking On We Wuz Kangz

>Negroes and Beaners are much more represented for their population as faggots and mass shooters than Whites for their population

Anonymous said...

A bunch of low achieving whites patting themselves on the back while pointing out the shortcomings of others. What a parhetic site.

Psychotic white guy said...

How come white guys can't off themselves properly and have to kill a bunch of innocent people with them? Psychos. But Chicago.

Feryl said...

>Negroes and Beaners are much more represented for their population as faggots and mass shooters than Whites for their population

There's a link between urban upbringing and teh ghey. Urban populations, whether in-utero, infants, children, teens, or adults, are exposed to more pathogens. Also note that darkies are more likely to have grown up down South, and those people get more exposed to bugs, adjusting for pop. density, than do Northerners.

People who were born and raised in the Dakotas, or Montana, or Wyoming, are probably the least gay people in America. Lightly populated, cold for 7-8 months of the year, and fairly dry in the summer. The GSS ain't of much use here, since residence at age of 16 can't account for earlier whereabouts and also, as far as I know the GSS doesn't ask about residence at an earlier age. Asking people their birth location would make it easier us to discern the link between geography and the biological causes of gayness.

They've tried to assert a cultural basis for fagginess, but I just don't see it. Nords, Russkies, and Puritans are insufferably heterosexual because they were born in far from the equator low pathogen environments. The behavioral differences between Southern scrappers/49-er type Southwestern whites and dour Northerners in America seem also to be rooted in climate affecting nature and nurture.

Feryl said...

Demographics of Whites who have kids with Blacks:

Yeah, Jews rarely elope with blacks, At worst, you might see a few dirty old man type Jews snag a few ditzy blonde shiksa trophy wives, but in general they tend to insist on selecting elite whites (Jewish or gentile) for romantic relationships.

Audacious Epigone said...


Wrt Wordsum, the problem with the science module is that it's not asked in every year, so the sample sizes get prohibitively small fast. Could be interesting to compare science results by wordsum score across races (i.e. blacks scoring a 10 vs whites scoring a 10).

Would have to refresh myself on the estimates though those sound right. Lynn has more metasamples but his are all over the place in terms of sample size and methodology.

Wrt to insinuated quality of life, how many would rather live in Poland--with it's low 5-figure PPP--over Sweden today? In a year? In a decade? Poland, Poland, Poland.

Audacious Epigone said...


How does someone make $20 million in less than a decade and end up broke a decade later? The entourage.


Only with a "one drop rule" calculation. If that's made, then both the mean IQ of whites and of blacks will increase with more white/black interracial breeding. The population mean will probably decrease, though.


One thing that is odd (well, probably not to us, but to many) is that interracial marriages of any kind have higher divorce rates than white-white pairings do, even WM/AF (which tend to be pretty high SES unions).

Do you have these links catalogued somewhere? Randall Parker recently mentioned how, while blog posts are nice, we're lacking a real systematic cataloguing of them. It looks like you're already on the way there.

Random Dude on the Internet said...


Rick Scott declares a state of emergency in Florida for Puerto Rico. So Florida will begin making accommodations for Puerto Rican families who decide to flee the island. Given how thin the margin of victory was for Trump in 2016, this could have devastating effects in the 2020 election. Although Trump still could have won without Florida, it leaves him with a thin enough margin. Republicans need Florida for the next few election cycles while the country re-whitens. This could be a big deal for future chances of Trump winning in 2020 and other MAGA shitlords in the future.

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude,

The near emptying out of Puerto Rico has, for decades now, been a question of when rather than of if. The hurricane shot us closer to the when, and made the chance of independence, already vanishingly small, now nil. PredictIt has a market on whether or not there will even be a vote for independence and it's literally 0%-100%--there hasn't been a single share sold for "yes" to a vote even being held.

Of course, it should be citizens of the *US* who are voting on the issue, not those of Puerto Rico. But we're way, way too pathologically altruistic for that.

Anonymous said...

Am I reading that right that blacks didn't improve from bachelor to graduate/doctoral and if so they are the only group to not improve between education groups.

traitors first

Audacious Epigone said...

Traitors first,

Yep, that's what it shows. A marginal decline, actually. BA = 6.40; post-grad = 6.37 (I rounded the nearest tenth of a point).

Feryl said...

It occurs to me that Dems have long resented white Cubans voting for the GOP in America, so they figure, why not even the odds by bringing in more Peurto Ricans? Even before Peurto Rico got rocked, Dem officials nationally and in Florida seemed.....enthusiastic about letting more Puerto Ricans in (or should that be out?) and making it easy for them to vote.

What with the Spanish fued going on, Scots voting to Remain, Calexit, and so on, at this stage of the game it's obvious that geographic and ethnic divisions are here to stay. I wish the Sun-belt in general would be cut loose. Populism is just never going to play well in areas where most upper middle class people don't personally mow their own lawn; hell, in our current decadent era, quite a few white Northern elites don't mow their own lawn. Remember, it was the Sun-belt that triggered the civil war. Large numbers of blacks would never have been brought to America to work above the 35th latitude parallel. Sun-belters are never, and I mean never, going to ever give up cheap brown and black foreigner labor. Note that the immigration changes of the late 60's coincided with post-WW2 shifts in demographics and culture; the Sun-belt was becoming more and more important, and well, they need their Mexican gardeners and pickers, seeing as how stuff grows year round down there.

The Sun-belt is always going to have decadent elites and lots of dark-skinned people. Look at a latitude map; the vast majority of Europe, with the exception of Southern Iberia and the lowest parts of the Med. countries, is above the 35th parallel N. That seems to be the magic parallel. The only areas beneath it that are worth a shit are heavily controlled by Han Chinese, Euros, and Jews all of whom one would assume have ancestry rooted in the North that enables them to be competent enough to rule a big chunk of the tropics and desert without descending into savagery.

Anonymous said...


No they don't. BWWM has a LOWER rate of divorce than WWWM. HWWM has a slightly lower rate of divroce then WWWM (about 4% lower). Why don't you explain that to us?

What happens in an interracial marriage is subject entirely to the individuals getting involved. If a white woman and a black man marry, you shouldn't expect the white woman to be average for her race and gender in every way. You should not treat individual marriages, or individuals as if every one is the average for his/her race.

Everyone knows that there are both racial differences and racial overlap. It's the extreme stormfronters, WNs, and "alt-right" who try to deny the overlap part. Not every white woman has an IQ of 100. You know perfectly well that there are many white women whose IQs might be 85 or 90 or something. It's the people who are at the left end or right end of their race/gender bellcurves who are most likely to marry interracially.

White/black intermarriage doesn't happen very often where I live, mostly because there are so few black people. However, I do notice a pattern. Left-end of bellcurve white women are more likely to marry average black men, if black men are available at all in their vicinity. Very right-end of bellcurve black women are more likely to marry right-end of bellcurve white men. I'm talking about black women who are 3+ standard deviations above their race and gender mean (in all aspects) marrying white men who are 1-2 standard deviations above their race and gender mean. There has only been 1 place I have ever visited where BWWM dating couples outnumber WWBM dating couples: Harvard University.

Hispanic/white intermarriage happens fairly often in the prole towns in my region. Essentially, white men and white women who are left-half of bellcurve seem equally likely to marry average hispanics.

There is a decent amount of SWPL/asian/jewish intermarriage in the rich towns in my region. Jews have the highest rate of intermarriage, followed by asians, followed by SWPLs. The patterns of interracial marriage differ by generation. If you look at people who are my parents' age and grandparents' age, there are more JWWM marriages than WWJM marriages. This is because in my region, in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, high IQ, introverted, low T SWPL men with STEM jobs would often marry jewish women if white women found them "too nerdy". Something changed in the 90s but I don't know what it is. Today, SWPL men and women who are right-end of bellcurve seem equally likely to marry average jews. My jewish friends are equally interested in dating/marrying whites, as long as the white person in question is 1+ standard deviation above their racial average in IQ, education, income, law-abiding behavior. As for asians, the ones whose temperaments are most like that of average whites are also the most likely to marry white people. You don't see a whole lot of them marrying whites if they have very high IQs, are introverted, have a PhD in a STEM subject from Caltech, and have low T. You do see extroverted ones with fluff degrees from public universities whose aggression levels approach that of average whites marrying white people.

Anonymous said...

"....Even if spending a decade in college doesn't increase the g-factor, shouldn't it at least reliably increase a person's vocabulary? Given the conventional wisdom, shouldn't we expect a black doctorate to have a more expansive vocabulary than a white high school graduate does....."

Absolutely not.
Because the vast majority of blacks who receive doctorates, study worthless subject matter that require little if any real learning or analytical skills or superior reading comprehension skills (e.g., sociology, education, black studies, social work, etc.).

These majors require the memorizing of (left wing, Orwellian, socio-bullshit) buzz words and phraseology (e.g., " Let me de-construct this for you " ) and further, the universities will do everything possible to GUARANTEE that a black grad student gets that degree regardless of the student's competency.

No REAL learning is required in these fields of study and all that is expected is a regurgitation of the liberal progressive left wing socio-economic bullcrap.
It is from this sample space that the WorsSum data you present has been determined.

Frankly, a jewish high school kid , ON AVERAGE, has absorbed more "real" learning (at school, at home, and through his/her reading and interests) than the AVERAGE PhD black grad. It should not be a surprise at all that jewish HS kid's WordSums are higher especially when you consider that culturally, education is a very, very big deal for jewish families.

If these sorts of tests had been given to black college grads and black PHDs PRIOR to, say 1960 or 1965 (before racial preference admits), where black college grads were more likely to major in REAL subjects (e.g., STEM, economics, english literature, etc), and where NO students were pushed through grade levels, I think the results would be far different than you have presented.

In those days, those accepted to college and into PHD programs were selected on merit; not race.

You are conflating the academic degree conferred with REAL academic achievement; these two , today, oft times have little in common. ( I know white kids with college degrees that literally know nothing at all).

The black sample population used to determine WordSums is MOSTLY populated by inferior students accepted into colleges due to their skin color and who, in the majority, study worthless, academically un-demanding rubbish majors.

Blacks who study, say, STEM or other academically demanding subjects are literally an absolute minority of BLACK students amongst ALL BLACK students.

So, when you determine an AVERAGE WordSum test results from a sample population dominated by sub-par students, you will obtain an AVERAGE result that reflects the (numerical) predominance of substandard students. And that is exactly what you found.

Blacks, on AVERAGE, go to inferior schools through high school.

Now add on top of this the (mostly self inflicted) social pathologies of their culture (in which education is way down the list of importance), aided and abetted by destructive (which I believe are entirely intentional) liberal progressive social polices that encourage the breakdown of families, and multi-generational welfare dependency and policies, college racial admission policies and the propensity of blacks in college to major in academically un-demanding subject material and bingo, the calculated AVERAGE WordSum will reflect all of these factors.

Audacious Epigone said...


WM/HF are the most likely interracial pairing of all to end in divorce.

Wasn't aware of the WM/BF. Tried to find a study to look at sample size (because it has to be vanishingly small given that it characterizes far less than 1% of adults in the US).

Re: the rhetorical question, I agree with your assessment entirely. I was doing my best Steve Sailer impersonation.

Anonymous said...


I have seen many right-wing bloggers say that BWWM marriages have anywhere from 25% less divorce to 44% less divorce compared to WWWM marriages. Nobody has given me any plausible explanations. If you could come up with a real, true, explanation, you win.

Here's the evidence:

Here's a bad explanation:

The reason why I think this explanation is bad is because if the blogger's reasoning were true, you would see similarly low divorce rates in AWWM and HWWM marriages. Yet, only BWWM marriages have divorce rates that are 44% lower than WWWM marriages.

Audacious Epigone said...


I can't. The GSS doesn't ask about spousal race, only religious affiliation, which is too bad because that would be a goldmine if it did.

Michael Dean Miller said...


I like the race appropriate colors used on the chart.
It makes info-gestion easier.


Audacious Epigone said...

Micheal Dean Miller,

Yes, it's a simple courtesy for viewers. It's funny--in an illustratively sad way--how academic papers go out of their way to make similar graphs as unintuitive as possible--green bars for blacks, black bars for whites, purple bars for Hispanics, etc.

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