Friday, September 29, 2017

Julian Langness interview

Early this week I did a written interview with Julian Langness. It's more in a philosophy-of-life vein than what's generally covered on this blog, so check it out if you're interested.

Langness was Obama's youngest delegate in 2008. He has since had a change of heart and he didn't have both feet in to begin with, so don't worry, we're not dealing with a Jason Kessler here.

He also has balls of steel. He spent time on the old continent walking through no go zones and locking horns with any invaders who tried to stop him. He chronicles it in his aptly named book, Fistfights with Muslims in Europe.

My first exposure to him was at AmRen this year, when he knocked a packed auditorium off its feet with his speech:

It very obviously will not be my last.


Anonymous said...

The written interview is definitely worth the read. Thanks for the info in number four. I really don't think it's going to take 500 years to reach Idiocracy and I like you would encourage family, while we still need those who don't have much family to stop waiting poolside. The information in number eight should be talked about relentlessly in our circles, if people think goolag or the alphabet company will stop at AA and the DS they are sadly mistaken. I truly believe it is one of the only ways to take some of the bite out of the left until things get hot and I know some believe that will get them demonitized/deplatformed, they're just avoiding the inevitable. Save who you can, fight you enemies and remember ......

traitors first
Deus Vult!

Audacious Epigone said...

Traitors first,


The pro-procreation comes off strong, and I understand there are extenuating circumstances that make it impossible for some people, and that others really just aren't cut out for it. But not having a family is a decision no one on our side should take lightly.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree and no I'm definitely in your boat but OUR numbers are so low I don't think we can afford to lose to many so having something worth fighting for is important. Actually I do believe that that was part of the design. Make the institutions (higher learning, military, marriage, family) and society as a whole so rancid that one would not fight to the death for it. Think about it why would men not want a family or not want a woman, unless it was made so utterly worthless. I don't care what the technology can do, no one would pick a sexbot/VR/pron unless you were just that disgusted by the human filth that you encountered. Unfortunately that seem to be exactly what OUR men in OUR society are choosing, much to my own personal saddness and to the deconstruction of civilization.

traitors first