Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gen Z is the West's last great hope?

At an in-law family function a month ago, four of my wife's cousins--the oldest about to be a freshman in college, the youngest a freshman in high school--were talking about how oppressive the intellectual atmosphere in their schools are. All four of them mocked political correctness and made clear their support for Trump (albeit they were too young to have voted). I know for certain none of their parents feel the same way.

Yesterday I saw a kid, about 12 years old, wearing a shirt that read "CNN is fake news".

I know a 17 year-old via a professional acquaintance who is going to the AmRen conference this weekend.

I have an employee who reads Heartiste religiously and another who follows Richard Spencer and watches Red Ice. They both volunteered these things to me after I made it clear over time that I'm a candor absolutist.

These are merely anecdotes, of course. But I suspect I was less surprised than most by the rapturous reception Trump received at the Boy Scouts jamboree, an event that occurs every four years. The entire speech is here. A sample:

The headline from a BBC article on the event is perfectly germane: "Trump boy scout Jamboree speech angers parents". Do the scouts themselves look angered to you?

The Alt Lite is the new counterculture gateway, the Alt Right the new counterculture.


Anonymous said...

The alt-right is spreading...

Sid said...

Baby Boomers genuinely believe in the idealism of the Civil Rights era. Yes, many of the conservatives dislike the direction race relations were going under Obama, but it's still in their bones to believe we'll all get along at some point in the future.

Generations X and Y tend to either be more fanatical or cynical about race relations. This is especially true for Millennials: they tend to either be diehard SJWs, or just mouth the platitudes before they know you well enough to admit they're fed up with the state of race relations, even if they're not HBD "woke."

For Generations X and Y, I think we were all given an "out." As long as you verbally agreed with the societal consensus regarding race, you could succeed in your chosen field or at least could indulge your entertainment (sports, video games, movies) in peace.

But as the Obama administration era wore on, those "outs" were cemented shut. Like video games? Too bad, you're sexist! Watch sports? Good, we'll make sure your sports broadcasters and advertisers lecture you on social justice! Don't like the new Ghostbusters movie? That's because you're a misogynist!

This is also started to affect people's career opportunities. If you're a white man and an employer page makes a big deal about "representing the changing face of America," you're out of luck unless you're a complete star at something.

While these things are causing Generations X and Y to wake up bit by bit, this is the only reality Generation Z has known. They already know what we older generations have only been learning. Either we push hard now, or we'll have no future.

Baby Boomers get to tell themselves that racial egalitarianism just means minorities rising to white levels. Generation X and Y are coming to grips with the fact that such egalitarianism is just a euphemism for dispossessing white men from their own countries. Generation Z already knows it.

IHTG said...

I'm not convinced that this "Generation Z will be shitlords" thing is anything more than Millenial alt-righters talking about their younger brothers.

I get the Boomer hate but I'm sure you realize there would be no Trump presidency without old white people.

Anonymous said...

While my son was working on his Master's in Media Studies he mocked his Socialist professors saying that all you had to do to make A's was to feed their words back to them. Later, while in PhD school, he went bad. Possibly it was meeting The Woman, but somehow he felt "The Bern".

I don't think the young can be counted on to resist the relentless indoctrination for all those school years.

When I was attending an STEM school in the 60's, the only political words I heard were from an old Democrat English professor who had a lot of back-and-forth fun with a Republican student. In Georgia, in those days, Republicans were a novelty. We didn't know any better. Republicans had marched to the sea.

Duke Norfolk said...

It's a beautiful thing. And the sound of prog heads exploding will resound across the land. Music to my ears.

We may just have a chance after all.

Anonymous said...

AE - they are not the last hope. We are still evolving around obesity while the conditions that led to its increase have stopped worsening. The generation after Z will be stronger even if no cure is found. The civilization would not end if it took another two, or three, or four generations to increase the frequency of genes that are adaptive to the modern environment. You are too pessimistic.

Anonymous said...

Richard Spencer said recently that young people (those now in their teens and early 20s) are the great hope for the Alt Right. He said he knows this from speaking with them and working with them.

Sid said...

This link largely corroborates the view that Generation Z whites are more conservative than Millennials:

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Boomers were born into the Golden Age of America: lots of money, flush with victory after World War II, the world was their oyster. Opportunities seemed endless. Everything was so cheap but not exploited so they could go to college, major in anything, and get a good paying job that could buy them a house by 25 and a summer house by California. They developed a childlike way of how the world works, which is that it is everyone's job to keep the good times and good feels flowing. They are incapable of self reflection because they never had to. Call a boomer out and the most they'll cop to is BS about how maybe they were too idealistic but they still had the right ideas about everything.

Generation X and Y grew up in a period where it was not a given that they would do better than their parents. Boomer idealism started to negatively impact Generation X and Y. Yet America was still 70-85 percent white when they were growing up so you could talk about the wonders of diversity without having to be affected by it. No big deal, just move out to another suburb. Send your kids to a private school.

Generation Z has to deal with the fact that not only are they not going to do better than the last couple of generations, they know that their quality of living will be significantly lower. Boomer idealism still reigns supreme but it is so contradictory to what they see that it isn't taken seriously. They have to deal with being white in a country that is likely (including illegals) 50-60% white. Diversity is dangerous to them. Diversity means less opportunities for them. Diversity means that they have to deal with cultural enrichment from below and risking their careers from above if they don't toe the line. It's a pressure cooker situation with them. Not surprised they are finally #woke on being white in a country that increasingly ain't.

I remain cautiously optimistic. Real progress can't be made until the Boomers die off, which will be the next 10-20 years. Without the Spirit of 1968 infecting everything, we will likely see significant changes to the political landscape. Of course that is why Democrats want open borders and amnesty now, so they can prevent this from happening. I think whites, with the help of Generation Z, will be able to pull it off. Democrats will remain marginalized and sidelined for the next several years. Their diverse pets will grow more disillusioned, voter registration with non-whites will drop, and we will see a net outflow of immigrants. Maybe they can try their luck in Canada...

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Sorry to doublepost but the alt right is cooler than being a Berniebro and sure as hell is cooler than being #WithHer. The alt right has the danker memes. The alt right confirms the reality that Generation Z can see with their own eyes. The alt right doesn't require kids to force themselves to lie about how wonderful it is to be replaced in your own country.

What reason is there for a kid to be on the left? There is no "cool" left wing pop icon these days. Even the rappers from the 2000s who could have filled those roles have just kind of petered out. What's left is thotrock like Ariana Grande. Not very inspiring to boys or girls alike. Furthermore left wing pop culture has a deep nihilistic streak within it, as if to say "life is shit so you might as well be a degenerate before the whole thing falls apart."

The alt right is for those who reject that nihilistic streak. For people who want to have a future, even if they don't know quite what that should be yet. Not a surprise that the alt right is growing because it is really the only thing that gives young people hope that there can be a better future than what is in front of them now.

Feryl said...

Generationally, sure, there can be differences. But we're never going to all just got along perfectly. Especially in terms of race. Every generation born after WW2 is more diverse than the last, in the West anyway. Something has to give. Deep Southern whites have been doing racial bloc voting for eons by now. GOP, Dems, conservative, liberal, it doesn't matter. It's not about ideology per se, it's about whichever party is doing more or doing less to enable 'groids. Blacks all over the US have done the same, with a 70/30 vote split or so being as close as they ever got to voting 50/50. As we lose more states/regions to non-whites, it's going to diminish the meaning of generations and even intra-ethnic ideological battles. Siding with people like you who support people like you will take precedence over everything else. The Dems have more blacks; ergo, black people vote Dem. The substance of the policies are irrelevant. Remember when Trump's loquacious personality was supposed to endear him to blacks? Didn't make any difference. When you're 12-15% of the population, you don't vote for the white party.

Most whites born before the late 80s and who are from outside of NYC/California/the Deep South grew up in almost entirely white neighborhoods and schools. They're still going to be, to at least some degree, concerned about policy as opposed to just race. We've been told ad nauseum that whites are too individualistic to bloc vote, but that's based on generations who grew up in an America in which vast swathes of the country were white. As of the 2010's, about 25 US states have lost over 10% of their white population. There's a big difference between being 80% white vs 65% white (from 8 out of 10 people being white, to 6.5 out of 10 people being white). It used to be that throughout much of America, there were huge white areas with the vast majority of non-whites being found in a handful of urban areas and a bit of the surrounding suburbia. Not anymore. Whites of all generations are starting to snicker at the "minority" thing, and no doubt I'd think that the younger you are the more you don't feel like you don't own the country.

Right now "conservative" party leaders in the West are not doing anywhere enough to defend their people; we're reaching a crisis stage in which it may be necessarily to suspend our traditional law and fire/arrest/execute blatant traitors. Western law is a beautiful thing among Westerners when it's contained to our people; right now it's being twisted to welcome and support aliens who wish to destroy the West, or at least feed off of it for 2-3 more generations before it collapses. It didn't have to be this way, but the globalists refuse to make any concessions at all. Ordinary native born voters overwhelmingly oppose giving away their jobs, houses, taxes, etc. to foreigners. When so many prole Brits and Americans were moved to get off their duff and vote because, well, finally we've got somebody who isn't a PC pansy running, that says the elites have been put on notice.

Feryl said...

Nailing powerful figures in Obama's and Clinton's orbit would be a great start, and lord willing, either Sessions or his replacement will get cracking. If this elicits some kind of coup attempt by the Deep State/either party's leadership, it might kick off another civil war since at least 50% of Americans are anti-globalist and pro-Trump. Remember that when accountability doesn't exist anymore, neither does legitimate government. The media consistently says nothing about what was done to Russia in the 90's; that's the origin of Putin's legitimacy. He got his cred by going after a lot of bad guys who screwed 90's Russia. That Putin himself isn't perfect is irrelevant; he's still better than what came before. Meanwhile, since the 70's American's have often believed that we no longer can produce great leaders and statesman (though Reagan, who got in against the wishes of the Deep State, has lately been getting pretty good dues from people, even some liberals have gotten a bit more kind to him). Far too many crooks have gotten away, and that reality has been gnawing at people for decades.

Feryl said...

RDI: I swear i didn't read your posts (dindu nuffin) before I published mine. WRT former America, I myself can attest (with heartache) that America as recently as the 1990's still seemed like "my" country. As long as I knew firsthand that American born people were around me, then I could muse that whatever was ailing us was really "our" fault.

It's often been a shock and a horror to grasp, but 9/11 made our "leaders" less wary about diversity. Frankly, the continued (and largely unearned by later generations) post-WW2 spoils were large enough among the Me Generation to create a good 60-70 years of momentum and suicidal hubris that really started with G.I.s and got worse with subsequent cohorts.

As if we didn't let ourselves down enough, we just had to flood America with people who have no reason to respect (and certainly aren't taught to respect, anyway) the people who built America. And regardless of their feelings, they still aren't us. As we go, so too does America. Who in their right mind thinks that L.A. or Detroit or Miami represents "American" culture? Alright, maybe in Detroit's case it's an inferior American sub-culture; but it's not white, aka real, American culture. As we speak great areas of England, Germany, Sweden, etc. are rapidly ceasing to represent their nation's traditional people and culture. That sort of thing was "allowed" to happen in America ages ago, due to elite greed, primarily with black slaves being imported. Then subsequent waves of diversity hit us before people had enough and we cut it off in 1925. We could only take 40 years of stability, apparently. Europe was relatively unscathed by diversity for thousands of years, but like their American counterparts, Euro Silents and Boomers are so over-indulged and arrogant that they've annihilated whatever was left of traditional "racist" practices in the name of feeling better about themselves.

Sid said...

"Generation X and Y grew up in a period where it was not a given that they would do better than their parents. Boomer idealism started to negatively impact Generation X and Y. Yet America was still 70-85 percent white when they were growing up so you could talk about the wonders of diversity without having to be affected by it. No big deal, just move out to another suburb. Send your kids to a private school."

Generation Y in particular grew up in the peace of the post-Cold War, pre-9/11 era, and if their parents were upper middle class Baby Boomers, with the expectation that there were enormous economic and artistic opportunities for them to pick from upon reaching adulthood. They also grew up being told that computers and technology would bring nothing but good things for the world. And yes, diversity is our strength!

With Generation Z, well, none of these youthful illusions were planted in them. They can't remember or even lived in the pre-9/11 era (and for all our talk about getting out of there, I personally think we're only halfway done in Afghanistan), and they saw their Generation X parents struggle in the Great Recession. As such, they don't take peace and prosperity for granted.

In 2010, Millennial college students were notorious for sharing compromising information on Facebook. Generation Z, apparently, is much shrewder about sharing personal information. They weren't alive before the internet was commonly available, so they understand that for every good thing it does, it poisons something else that was good.

Finally, as we've been saying, Generation Y grew up less sheltered from diversity from their forebears, but they were taught at a young age that diversity is good. (If you voted for Obama in 2008 as your first election, you're going to need a lot of red pills to wake up.) Generation Z was even less sheltered, and I think their teenage rebellion was against the anti-white rumblings of the Late Obama Age Collapse.

I don't want to overly valorize Generation Z, though. From my encounters with them, I'd say that they're even more thoroughly socially cocooned than Millennials. If they want to claim a future, posting Pepe memes might not be enough.

Audacious Epigone said...


Ha, it's not even a proud black man, it's a big sassy black woman! She was too busy building pyramids to show up for Actium, I guess.


Right, Boomers are upset about the accentuation of double standards under Obama. It doesn't go much deeper than that (at least not publicly).

Baby Boomers get to tell themselves that racial egalitarianism just means minorities rising to white levels. Generation X and Y are coming to grips with the fact that such egalitarianism is just a euphemism for dispossessing white men from their own countries. Generation Z already knows it.

Very well put.

48%-11% Trump over Clinton among white Gen Z? That's phenomenal. I overlooked this, obviously. Thanks!


That may be true. Most Gen Zers couldn't vote this time around, but Trump did pretty well among those who did. That could be more a consequence of running against Hillary instead of Obama, though.


They have to be plugged into some sort of cultural dissident outlet. If not VDare or Taki's, something more accessible. Stefan Molyneux is a great one that is still pretty cerebral. Black Pigeon Speaks, InfoWars, /pol/, MPC, Cernovich--something. One lifeline is enough if there soil is naturally fertile.

It's like the experiment with the line lengths--if shown two lines of different lengths, most people will say they're the same length if disguised members of the experiment pretending to be other test subjects all say they are the same size. But if even one other person says they're different lengths, test subjects are much more likely to point out the obvious. Someone else needs to see the naked emperor for your son to admit that he's naked. Critical mass. We're not passive, we're actors in this. Do what you can, where you can. Every effort is of consequence.


Yes it is.


Yeah, it's (probably) rhetorical flourish on my part.

Random Dude,

The point about Zs and millennials rightly suspecting--almost uniquely in American history--that they're going to be poorer than their parents is crucial.

People need meaning in their lives. Men especially need purpose and that's becoming ever harder to create. The masturbatory simulations--video games, porn, gym culture, watching sports--don't do it. In addition to being the counterculture, the alt right offers that. The 14 words alone are more than modern enlightened hedonism gives us.


The refutation to "whites are too individualistic to bloc vote" is in the last few presidential election cycles in Alabama and Mississippi. Granted those Scots-Irish whites are not the same as the upper Midwestern Tuetons or the Northeastern ethnics, but we're all going to be pushed in that direction.

Derb's most startling fact--the US has admitted more Muslims for settlement in the 15 years after 9/11 than it did in the 15 years prior.


Mine too. They seem racked with anxiety. It's not difficult to sympathize--the Boomer path to success isn't available for most of them anymore. Youth unemployment across the pond is ~25%. We're not there yet, but we're moving in that direction.

Anonymous said...

AE - "Yeah, it's (probably) rhetorical flourish on my part. "

Be careful, civilization can break down due to fear. Properly functioning civilization is the best condition to generate the research that will prevent us from needing to evolve around out problems. There is already too much fear. If things had gone differently at the congressional baseball game practice, we would already be living in a different world.

Audacious Epigone said...


The white/black gap in that Hispanic Heritage survey on Gen Zers is well on its way to looking like Alabama or Mississippi, and it's nationwide!

Corvinus said...

"Baby Boomers get to tell themselves that racial egalitarianism just means minorities rising to white levels. [SOME| Generation X and Y are coming to grips with the fact that such egalitarianism is just a euphemism for dispossessing white men from their own countries. Generation Z IS STILL FEELING THINGS OUT."

Fixed it for you.

"This link largely corroborates the view that Generation Z whites are more conservative than Millennials"

No, it shows that Generation Z whites would vote for a Republican candidate. Generation Z generally favors diversity, homosexuality, and gay marriage. Remember, conservative does mean Republican. It is also worthwhile to note that teenagers are beginning to understand the political process, and that their views are in constant flux at this age. Youth cannot be taken for granted as to how they lean politically. Consider that the survey indicated that 38% of the respondents lack significant engagement in politics, which could mean that they are parroting the positions by their parents, or could mean that they have merely formed a basic understanding of the Republican-Democrat, conservative-liberal paradigms.

"The point about Zs and millennials rightly suspecting--almost uniquely in American history--that they're going to be poorer than their parents is crucial."

Not necessarily. Gen X and Gen Y parents have been prepping their kids about the changing job market that is rooted in technology. Z's and millennials are generally obsessed with developing contingency plans, compliments of mom and dad, to help them navigate the employment landscape.

Corvinus said...

Remember, conservative does NOT mean Republican.