Wednesday, May 17, 2017

White despair in the General Social Survey

In 2014, the GSS asked respondents if they had ever been told by a medical professional of any type that they were depressed. Because it was only asked in a single year, sample sizes aren't huge, but they're serviceable for whites and NAMs (789 for whites, 328 for non-whites; about half that for the class bifurcations).

The percentages who have been told they have been or are currently depressed, by race:

In a couple of iterations of the survey during the nineties, respondents were asked if they'd gone to the doctor in the past week. Blacks were actually modestly more likely to have gone than were whites and considerably more likely to have gone than were Hispanics (20.1%, 18.5%, and 11.8%, respectively). It thus doesn't appear to be an obvious consequence of whites simply getting more medical attention than anyone else.

The following graph further insinuates as much. The percentages of depressed whites and non-whites, by class:

There are minor differences among non-whites, with the upper half of the class distribution actually appearing to be a bit more prone to depression than the lower half. Among whites, though, the class distinction is Charles-Murray-clear.

If not for the attention drawn to an increase in the rates of working-class white deaths of despair by the now famous paper from the Princeton pair, this is something I would've likely never noticed.

GSS variables used: ETHNIC(17), RACE(1)(2), RACECEN1(1)(2), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), DEPRESS, CLASS(1-2)(3-4), GODOC


Anonymous said...

18 years ago, after my mom died, my dad badgered me endlessly about the need to go to the doctor. So to placate him, I went for a checkup.

During the course of the exam, I mentioned to the doctor that I was going through some difficult times. My mom had just died following a 15 month struggle with cancer, my business was in bad financial shape, and my marriage was on the rocks. I don't remember if I had volunteered this information, or if there were questions that were asked that teased this information out of me.

Anyway, next thing I know, I'm in another examination room filling out a questionnaire to see if I'm depressed.

The doctor then returned to me to talk about the results. I told him "the things I can do something about I'm trying to, and things I can't do anything about, I'm trying to accept." He then looked at me and grumbled something or other to the effect that that was a sensible approach. I got the feeling he was disappointed.

Oh, BTW he told me my blood pressure was higher than it should be and wrote me a prescription. I was told that the medication's side effects would likely be ED and nightmares. On my way out to the parking lot I threw the prescription away and made a mental note to see a different MD.

a reader said...

Hello. May I propose you some subjects for future statistics ? If you can do them (if you find data set for them), you may prove beyond reasonable doubt if there is or there isn't a genetic basis for the IQ difference between white and black race.

There is some evidence that many genes that influence IQ are on the X chromosome.

If this is true, it means that male IQ correlates more with the IQ of the mother than the father (a boy's only X is from his mother) and that mother's IQ correlates more with her son's IQ than with her daughter's IQ (because the daughter has two X, one from her father). I suppose you can verify if it's true, using a data set with IQ of children and their mothers and fathers - for example 1958 National Child Development Study, which is available online for download.

And if that is true, it becomes quite simple to verify if the IQ difference between whites and blacks has a genetic component or not: compare biracials with a white parent and a black parent. If there really is a genetic difference, biracial boys with white mothers [1 white X] should have greater average IQ (or SAT) than biracial girls [2 X : 1 white 1 black] and those girls will have greater IQ (or SAT) than the biracial boys with black mother [1 black X]. If that doesn't happen, probably the difference is not genetic.

Sorry for off topic and for possible mistakes, English is not my first language.

Audacious Epigone said...


Acute care in the US is great.

Chronic care doesn't seem much better than what the ancient Greeks or Romans had. The latter has given us ballooning numbers of vaccines that are 'required', the anti-fat 'fad' that went on for 50 years and is only slowly being retired (I remember being taught about the 'food pyramid' in school--those recommendations are terrible for most people), statins, etc.

a reader,

Have you asked Charles Murray about this? I'm not adept with the NLSY database but it seems like that would be a perfect way to test this.

That said, it strikes me as highly unlikely that IQ is primarily determined by the mother. That would make a seemingly evolutionarily important trait, intelligence, an almost random consequence of other selection forces, especially through the last couple of hundred years in the West. I say that because intelligence is not high on the list of what men look for in women. Women probably value intelligence in mate selection more than men do.

Joshua Sinistar said...

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