Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tax cheating among whites

The Derb, excerpting George Orwell:
The masses still more or less assume that “against the law” is a synonym for “wrong.” It is known that the criminal law is harsh and full of anomalies and that litigation is so expensive as always to favour the rich against the poor: but there is a general feeling that the law, such as it is, will be scrupulously administered … An Englishman does not believe in his bones, as a Spanish or Italian peasant does, that the law is simply a racket.

The English People, Collins, 1947
With all the caveats about self-reported data, especially on ancestry among the European mongrels who make up America's contemporary white population, as well as the limitations caused by having just two years of survey data and thus suboptimal sample sizes on the question under examination taken into account, the following graph shows the percentages who say it is morally acceptable to under-report income for the purpose of paying less in income taxes, by ancestry among whites (see here for NAMs):

Spain is included among "Other Southern European" responses, and then there are the Italians.

When Orwell was writing in the 1940s, the masses of England were English and so what he wrote was accurate. No longer.

WEIRDO societies require WEIRDOs to make them work. The less WEIRDO a society becomes, the more being a WEIRDO--characterized by high social trust, reciprocity, political compromise, generosity to those in need, isonomy, etc--switches from being an advantage to being a disadvantage. Social trust declines, reciprocity disappears, political compromise is replaced by a winner-take-all ethnic spoils system, generosity is exploited to the point that it is seen as an entitlement, and the legal system gets hijacked by racial grievance concepts like "social justice". It's a vicious circle.

And so the progress takes away what forever took to find.


chris said...

I am surprised to see the Germans so high at 16%.

szopen said...

Interesting that the difference is not really between "Germanic" and all others, but rather
between "English" and all others. Difference between Germans and Italians is of similar range as difference between Germans and English, while difference between CEEu/German is roughly half the difference between Germans/English.

CEEu category of course is very diverse; I presume differences between Czechs and Russians would be as large as between Germans/CEEu

szopen said...

"Exploiting a set of cross-cultural tax compliance experiments, we find that the average level of tax evasion (as a measure of ordinary dishonesty) does not differ significantly between Swedes and Italians. However, we also uncover differences in national “styles” of dishonesty. Specifically, while Swedes are more likely to be either completely honest or completely dishonest in their fiscal declarations, Italians are more prone to fudging (i.e., cheating by a small amount)"

DT said...

take me back, take me back, take me back, take me back, save me please

Joshua Sinistar said...

People only support things in their own best interests. Don't let anyone bullshit you, no one is actually altruistic. As Empires have shown, race isn't just an important thing, ITS THE ONLY THING. Those ignorant blacks in Afreaka would rather starve under General Butt Naked than live well under White Rule. So it is with EVERYONE. Whites were taken for a ride, but Souse Afreaka and Nigga Mandela has cleared Whites of those misapprehensions of waciss thoughts. Those dumb dark skinned savages are irredeemable murderous scum.
Welcome to Identity Politics. Weimar 2.0 is down. Its getting interesting now...

Feryl said...

szopen -

I'd assume that higher end Swedes feel a greater obligation to fair play than low-end Swedes, while among Italians, everybody figures it's ok to cheat just a bit. In other words, Protestant Euro culture produces people who feel like taking one for the weaker members of the team. In effect, this makes it easier for the dregs of society to be selfish assholes. Meanwhile, in a culture like Italy, the dregs of society try not to get to carried away out of fear that elites and their enforcers will impose a nasty cost on the biggest cheaters. It dawns on me that a defining difference between high and low trust cultures is: which side is the bigger asshole? In high-trust cultures, it's the proles. In low-trust cultures, it's the elites.

See also: NW Euro culture produces a lot of weirdos, drifters, hippies, burnouts, etc. But this is off-set by the craftsmanship that high end/highly stable Protestants put into everything else.We get to make allowances for goofballs and assholes, which is why high trust societies are much more creative (regardless of their inherent strengths, whites/Asians/blacks are most creatively productive in Protestant World and in Japan). Outside of these regions, ruthless type-A elites create a rigid culture that grinds people down. A lot of us have enjoyed German rock music and Japanese video games/cartoons. How many of us will ever engage with the creative output of Kazakhstan or Zimbabwe? Relevant: then heavily white/high trust Britain almost dominated (relative to their population size) two important eras of pop/rock music: the 1960's/early 70's, and the early 1980's). In most of the world's cultures, slightly off-kilter young people are forced to develop a conventional skill-set/life-path. In higher trust cultures, families are more accepting of their kids exploring creativity.

Feryl said...

This ties into the subject of humor, too. Stand-up comedy was perfected in the Anglosphere. In most of the world, publicly making jokes about many things would get you imprisoned, killed, or disowned by one's family. In a low-trust culture, there simply is too much at stake in terms of protecting one's family and ethnic group (and thus, one's self) to risk offending somebody with a joke.

Boomers and early Gen X-ers who don't quite understand just why our comedy culture is dying need to realize that we're getting more clannish and territorial due to being hit by too much diversity too fast. Both blacks and yes, a fair amount of whites, are now policing each other for signs of enemy collaboration. Both in terms of ideological/cultural enemies and in terms of being too comfy with the "other" (race, that is).

For younger folks, the stakes of being alienated from one's clan are really high right now. Fear and comedy don't mix well.

Sid said...

One of the interesting things about Germany is how productive, creative, and cooperative its people are, but how they always wind up with lousy political cultures. The Holy Roman Empire was a weird, divided mess of a polity. The German Empire was well organized but was poorly guided, and ended up fighting the world's three other superpowers (Britain, France, and Russia) simultaneously before losing. The Nazi regime was an absolute catastrophe for Germany, let alone the rest of Europe. Now with Merkel, they're flooding both their own country and the rest of Europe with Muslims. No matter what kind of political philosophy the Germans adopt, they take it to an absurd extreme and proceed with it full sail until they collapse.

As such, it's not necessarily a surprise that a higher amount of Germans than Englishmen don't find tax fraud to be abhorrent. While Englishmen have gradually adopted and refined self-government all throughout their history, the Germans have mostly been kept under regionalized, feudalistic rule for most of their history, with either heavy handed and inept authoritarianism and militarism (German Empire, Nazi Reich) or weak, self-destructive democracy (Weimar, Merkel).

It's similar to how Iraqis weren't really a model citizenry for a Democratic republic. Germans are extremely talented at many things (science, technology, engineering, music, literature), but not governance.

Sid said...


the Germans have mostly been kept under regionalized, feudalistic rule for most of their history, with either heavy handed and inept authoritarianism and militarism (German Empire, Nazi Reich) or weak, self-destructive democracy (Weimar, Merkel) being their attempts of establishing a modern state.

Anonymous said...

@joshua sinclair

I vehemently disagree. I would rather live well in Israel or Taiwan than starve in Moldova.

Audacious Epigone said...


Right, it's more in line with the Eastern European countries.


Czech sample size is only 22, but only two said it was okay.


Best line in the band's history.


Or in what they perceive to be their best interests. We're more of a rationalizing species than a rational one, and people have different timelines. What are your best interests if you're a YOLO 20-something with cats in the future? Not the same as a new mother of the same age, that's for sure.


The sample sizes are too small to look at different social classes among people of the same self-reported ancestry, but lower social status is correlated with a greater tolerance of tax cheating overall.

Great point about humor. Diversity is Strength! ... It's also humorless scolds (which is basically what American late night comedians have become--when they do make people 'laugh', it's often a vicious, condescending laugh directed at Badwhites rather than an uncontrollable spurt of pleasure).


It is bemusing how Teutons punch above their weight--even among Europeans--in so many things while creating governmental systems that are so bad they don't only bring down Germany, they export that downfall to their European neighbors, over and over again.


And as a kid you'd probably have preferred been adopted by millionaires than raised by your own working-class parents. That's a perspective, but it's not the modal human one.

CJ said...

I don't know the percentage of Chinese who are okay with tax evasion, but I can guarantee you it wouldn't fit on that graph. Ditto with (Asian) Indians.