Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fully restore Trump's Twitter privileges

Trump takes a lot of crap for allegedly getting all his news from cable TV shows, but that clearly wasn't the case during the primaries, as anyone who followed his Twitter feed was well aware of.

He got a lot of it from other Twitter accounts. He retweeted Heartiste at least once and for awhile followed the DemsRRealRacists parody account (now J Burton). That's how he ended up retweeting politically incorrect stuff about black crime and Israel's wall, among many other things.

In the interim he has been relentlessly advised and admonished to stay away from Twitter as much as possible. It's not "presidential", they say. Even many of his Alt Right supporters recommend this. I heard Black Pigeon Speaks say as much on a recent podcast.

A couple months into office, it looks like Trump's taken this advice to heart. While he is still fairly active on social media--though not nearly as active as he was during the primaries and the general election--he now uses it for little more than what are basically press releases. If he's a person very much attuned to what is directly in front of him, as seems to be the case, this has to have been, from our perspective, a change for the worst.

Of his children and children-in-law, Don Junior is by far the most sympathetic to the shitlord memery that helped put his dad over the top. He is, not coincidentally, the most fiery of the brood on Twitter:

Top of Don Jr's feed at the time of this posting
He recently retweeted an account with 1,300 followers, something Trump himself used to regularly do.

Someone close needs to convince the president to reengage on social media to fire up in the morning and blow off steam at night, critics be damned. It's something he clearly enjoys doing that includes, as a side effect, the salvation of the Western world.


Sid said...

A few days ago, someone asked me what advice I would give to Steve Bannon. I said, "Try to win over one of Trump's sons, most likely Donald Jr. The Establishment made their way to Trump through Ivanka, and Donald Jr. generally seems the most sympathetic to the alt-right. The only challenge is that Trump and Ivanka have left the family business to him and his brother, so Donald Jr. might have to leave it too."

akarlin said...


There's some saying that you are the average of your 10-20-100 closest acquaintances or whatever. Better they be Twitter trolls than besuited bugmen.

Feryl said...

From Isteve thread about cousin marriage and accompanying cultural/demo. issues:

"The English seem to have best recognized the importance and power of humor as an easily testable proxy for identifying intelligence. Giving young women more say in the selection of their mate is likely highly eugenic. No other culture that I know of has a more subtle, sophisticated, i.e., highly developed/advanced sense of humor and humor culture than the English:"

Does the rapid introduction of new ethnic groups/displacement of existing ethnic groups have a chilling effect on humour and free speech in general? Is much of the West losing a once flourishing part of it's culture (humor) on account of low IQ/low trust ethnic groups who can't take a joke?

Further, how do you calibrate comedy to an audience of diverse origin and ideology, many of whom have a hard time with trust issues (remember, the further we get culturally and racially from NW Europe, the harder it will be for people to assume good faith). Listening to Boomers, it's obvious that older generations did a lot of amiable ribbing over the years. Have the days of "can't you take a joke" passed us by?

Pertinent to this, I get the impression that Gen X blacks are much more humorless than Boomer blacks. Gen X blacks are the first generation of American blacks to spend their whole lives with a sense that they get to do things on their terms, which in effect has made them less culturally American/Western than previous generations of blacks. End result? They have greater social trust issues than Boomers, and feel a greater sense that their power is under threat from da white man laughing too much. For chrissakes, look at all the professional black grievance artists under 50 polluting the airwaves right now. The last thing they're interested in is having fun. We aren't producing too many Eddie Murphy's anymore. In Beverly Hills Cop, Murphy's race is almost not mentioned at all. What's emphasized is the cultural difference between Detroit and wealthy Cali. places.

Dave Chapelle quit a lucrative and popular comedy show because he felt guilty about making too many white people laugh for reasons that made him uncomfortable. When did Richard Prior ever feel guilty about anything?

This also ties into Agnostic's posts about how post Boomers are significantly less friendly and interested in basic social customs than older generations. Older generations were much more culturally and ethnically homogeneous (see: the many Sailer posts about what 1950's/1960's L.A. was like), thereby imparting a sense of trust and faith between them.

Jokah Macpherson said...

Interesting. I hadn't paid much attention to him on Twitter but I did think Don Jr. gave the best speech of all the kids back at the Republican convention, both in style and content.

Audacious Epigone said...


It's hard to get a sense of what's going on inside from the outside. There's allegedly bad blood between Kushner (who looks like the archetypal douche who got where he is on accident of birth rather than much in the way of merit) and Bannon. I've not read or heard anything about the other sibling dynamics other than the three oldest full-siblings get along well.


Trump arguably had a firmer control of the news cycle during the campaign than he does now as president. Why should he stop doing something once president that he did with great success while auditioning for president?


What passes for politically correct humor now? Are the high-profile people who like Seinfeld who refuse to do colleges the tip of the iceberg? Is there anything that is genuinely funny rather than just virtue-signaling snark? I watched the SNL that Trump hosted last year and it was awful, nothing that even made me crack a smile other than his dancing. I guess whatever it is, everything is fracturing anyway so nothing will ever have the sort of widespread cultural sway that even someone like Steve Martin had a generation ago.

GLT said...

I was thinking recently he should go back to having regular rallies, maybe that would connect him back to the people that elected him. But yeah perhaps the two way of Twitter is better

Feryl said...

Back in the 2000's, there was a lot of anti-Bush sentiment, but for whatever reason it didn't strangle comedy in the crib. Leftists back then were still more old-school, so their interests and battles weren't totally out of line with what populists/normal people wanted. Flash to Obama (especially his 2nd term) and all kinds of goofy crap has infected the Left, and now that we've got a president who has the slightest bit of HBD awareness the Left has gone beserk. The absurd thing is that Trump's new-found belligerence is worthy of outrage, but under Obama almost nothing was done to hold the Deep State back. So the "Left" is now completely worthless as an agent of needed reforms, since none other than Saint Barack and the majority of other Dem elites have brainwashed them into cheering on multi-nationals and warfare.

Artists and influential youth culture figures skew heavily toward the Left, so comedians have three choices: try and work within the new paradigm of Leftist opposition towards traditional cultural/psychological norms, or defang their act, or drop out of at least some of the scene and sulk. Seinfeld has never been politically oriented, so he feels archaic. Pre-Gen X comedians with a more amiable/populist schtick feel like they've got no appeal to the under 40 and especially under 30 crowd.

Enquiring Mind said...

Add Chris Rock to the list of black comedians who realized that white audiences were laughing a little too hard at his comments. I find him to be hilarious, and Kevin Hart, too. As an older generation said, F'em if they can't take a joke.

Audacious Epigone said...


Dance with the one who brought you. This applies not just to his approach but also to the people he's surrounding himself with.


W was an acceptable target though, as a dunce and a religious right target. Even the dunce approach is iffy now, and the religious right was mostly a bogeyman then--now it's getting into mythological territory.

Enquiring Mind,

In his heyday he was basically a minstrel act with an actual black guy performing. I think a lot of his old stuff is hilarious, too.

akarlin said...

@Audacious Epigone,

? I agreed! @realDonaldTrump should spend more time on Twitter.

Feryl said...

Lately I've noticed that it was around 2005 or 2006 that signs of increased racial tension/distrust started to show (that's when Chapelle went AWOL). Before the '08 campaign begin in earnest, so I don't think Obama is necessarily to blame for starting it though of course he made it much worse after being elected.

The mid 2000's were the time by which every Boomer hit middle age and their influence on youth culture and thus culture in general began to rapidly diminish. As X-er and Millennial influence surpassed Boomers in the 2000's and 2010's, we've seen a growing desire to racially separate. Black comedians no longer feel comfortable entertaining whites via characters and skits that portray the performer in an unflattering way. They now sense, most of all, pressure from other blacks to not "collaborate" with the enemy (whites, duh).

The ego boost and greater sense of controlling one's turf that blacks got from Obama's terms were tough to let go of. Every major candidate in the '16 election was white. Blacks were so bummed out (especially the ones outside the middle aged/elderly black church lady demographic) by this that even the urban black Dem machine couldn't fraudulently goose Dem votes high enough to push Hillary to the finish.

The recent dust-ups over the lack of black Oscar winners says a lot. We went through periods in the 60's and 90's when people moaned about the plight of the brothas, but movements to defiantly Be Black were often shunned and suppressed since earlier generations believed in common human goals and interests that they felt were threatened by racial separatist rhetoric. Star Trek in the 60's went out of it's way to portray the good guys as an ethnically mixed group of people who never placed their DNA above other concerns.

That Get Out movie has bugged some conservatives, but really, why should it? In the movie, as I understand it, everyone is uncomfortable in some way about diversity. The white parents are nervous about a black dude (who, as Sailer points out, is not a genetic lottery winning mulatto), the black kid is uncomfortable being in a rural and heavily white area, and the girl wonders if she'll stay on good terms with her family.

As far as our cause is concerned, there is far greater damage inflicted by the Silent/Boomer pop culture fantasies of even criminals effortlessly ignoring race.

Now, as we all know, those fantasies are just that: fantasies. The utopian wishes of earlier generations never even came close to passing, as anyone who goes to Detroit or Baltimore can report back. "Good schools". What's more frustrating: the terrible effects of pushing ideology that will never work, or never admitting the hypocrisy and failure of that ideology?

Feryl said...

WRT mixed couplings, don't worry. Remember that prior to the 60's, white/Hispanic and White/Am. Indian weren't unheard of. In light of growing racial tension, I think white/black pairings might take on a greater stigma again. And remember, there still is a stigma. How many Jews marry blacks?

White/Asian is probably never going to take on a stigma since there's little evidence to indicate that such pairings create children more inclined to violence, welfare, and stupidity/ignorance. I think the taboo of white/black pairings arises from white disgust at how distinct the offspring is from the white parent. Didn't AE do a post about how only the trashiest white women were willing to date blacks?

Audacious Epigone said...


That was sloppy rhetorical work on my part. I was amplifying the agreement.


Didn't AE do a post about how only the trashiest white women were willing to date blacks?

The closest I can recall is a post I did on interracial marriages and interracial cohabitation. BM/WF is considerably more common in cohabitation than in marriage (about 250% more common), so that insinuates that mudsharks are relatively low class.

Sid said...

"Lately I've noticed that it was around 2005 or 2006 that signs of increased racial tension/distrust started to show (that's when Chapelle went AWOL). Before the '08 campaign begin in earnest, so I don't think Obama is necessarily to blame for starting it though of course he made it much worse after being elected."

I would say that racial tensions were present but didn't really explode under Bush's first term. I think whites didn't have problems with blacks, but black people felt they were being neglected in favor of wars in the Middle East. I remember blacks whining about how the money being spent to build democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan should've been spent on "gimmedats" for them. (This is what killed Sanders among black people - he promised a fair society, whereas black people want special privileges.)

The Hurricane Katrina fiasco fueled black grievance like nothing else - they felt totally neglected, and Kanye West's "Bush doesn't care about black people" remark captured their sentiments perfectly. I would say that whites felt sympathy for black people during this time, and wanted to uplift them. Obama of course was able to appeal to this sentiment and became president, with whites fully expecting that he would improve racial tensions.

I would say he largely succeeded in improving race relations from 2009 to 2011, though there was that Henry Louis Gates incident which quickly subsided. It was in 2012 that he decided to sabotage them and appeal to black grievance by playing up the Trayvon Martin incident. Dylann Roof wrote in his manifesto that it was the Trayvon Martin incident and the way the media handled it which made him "racist," if you don't mind me using the word. To make matters worse, the leftstream media gloated, after Obama won in 2012, that because of demographic changes would ensure a permanent Democratic electoral majority.

Of course, the Democrats exploited black grievance again with Ferguson and kept the pressure on with Black Lives Matter. The Democrats only started to cool it down after five cops were murdered in Dallas, but even then Obama gave that atrocious eulogy where he talked about racism in the police force and Hillary had her "Mothers of the Movement" at the convention.

Of course, Jared Taylor has thanked BLM for bringing people to American Renaissance!

I would say that blacks felt more unrest around 2005 because of Katrina and a sense of neglect, but whites didn't view blacks negatively. I think that race relations were poisoned around 2014 with Ferguson, with Trayvon Martin being a harbinger of what was to come.

"I think the taboo of white/black pairings arises from white disgust at how distinct the offspring is from the white parent."

Agreed. From my vantage point, half-white/half-Asian people usually look more white than Asian. From what I've seen, too, half-white/half-Asian people are generally accepted among white peers as one of their own, and while they do feel ties and partiality towards their particular Asian national background, they ultimately aren't accepted as Asian among other Asians.

I expect there was a similar paradigm with half-white, half-Indian or Mexican people in pre-1960 America, though people were encouraged to hide their non-white heritage if possible.

In effect, being half-white/half-Asian in America means you're just a white person with a slightly exotic appearance.

In contrast, half-white/half-black people (mulattos) in the U.S. are black for all intents and purposes. They look more black than white to white Americans, are accepted among blacks as being one of their own, and are fully encouraged to embrace their black identity.

Audacious Epigone said...


You're not going to the AmRen conference this year by chance are you?

Sid said...

I'm not, unfortunately. I appreciate your asking nonetheless.

Jack Burton said...

I've heard Black Pigeon say some things that question his Alt Right status.

Don Jr. is definitely the closest to us by far. Kushner through Ivanka is a subversive element.

"From my vantage point, half-white/half-Asian people usually look more white than Asian."

WTF? Your vantage point has extremely poor visibility then.

Is this nonsense what passes for Alt Right now? Mestizos and half-Asians look white and are acceptable? People like Sid are a big part of the problem.

Never have I looked at a half-Asian person and thought they didn't look Asian.

The best thing Sid can do is never comment on racial matters and let people who are sane discuss the subject.

Sid said...

"WTF? Your vantage point has extremely poor visibility then."

Oh boy, do we need to compare visual acuity test results?

I'm not saying that half-Asian, half-white people bear no resemblance to Asians or that it's impossible to tell they have Asian ancestry, but generally speaking they look more white than Asian.

If you disagree, that's fine, but your ad hominem attacks were just silly, and your insinuations that I believe certain things (where did I say mestizos pass for white?) make me wish you'd improve on your reading comprehension.

Audacious Epigone said...


BPS is like a lot of the other alt lite figures who explicitly say they aren't alt right.

As for the competing contentions, it's usually pretty easy to identify half-bloods in either case, but I'd say on balance mulattoes are easier to identify as such than Hapas (not sure the shorthand for half white, half Asian) are.

Giovanni Dannato said...

Looks like you got your wish, Trump has been a riot on twitter this last week since Comey got fired.
Not to mention trolling those wet-blanket Time magazine writers into epic unintentional hilarity.

It looks like Trump had his hands tied with internal issues and this latest decapitation has freed him. After a whole month of discouraging concessions to neocon generals and bankers, hoping he can follow up with more MAGA instead.