Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's MAGA again in America

In January of 2012, during Obama's first term, Reuters-Ipsos began a daily tracking poll asking respondents whether the US is "headed in the right or wrong direction". The percentage answering "right direction", is, at this moment, in March of 2017, at the highest level ever recorded during that entire period of time. Correspondingly, the percentage of people who think the US is on the "wrong track" is at its lowest level since R-I rolled the survey out over five years ago:

Those results are for all Americans. Among whites, the current "right direction" response isn't just at a record high, it's twice what it averaged through Obama's two terms. We want our country back:

Rasmussen's version of the same type of daily tracking survey began the week Obama was inaugurated in January of 2009. It hit its highest "right direction" and lowest "wrong direction" marks the week of January 22, 2017, immediately after Trump's inauguration, and the relative optimism has held steady since then.

That is, in Trump's less than two months in office the percentage of Americans who feel the country is moving in the right direction is higher than it ever was at any point during either of Obama's two terms.

I stumbled onto this and was genuinely surprised by what I found. Shame on me for expecting fake news to alert us of something newsworthy, I guess.


Feryl said...


Asians are the most pro-Trump minority. Wasn't Trump supposed to be our third black president? Uh-huh. The last thing blacks want to hear is "let's get back to real work".

BTW, what proportion of blacks have an IQ above 105? 13% of blacks approve of Trump. The black conservatives I've seen tend to be conspicuously smart and distinctly "white" in two respects: they work hard and/or have an ice person cerebral personality. Elite Leftist blacks typically either aren't THAT smart or they have typically black paranoia about white/Asian norms and traits (like putting a stoic work ethic before one's ego, vanity, and pleasure).

Leftist black rhetoric is incredibly audacious and self-grandiose. Much ink/pixels is vomited about how "racist" and inimically "white" institutions are holding down blacks. That other ethnic groups who suffered grievously are able to pull themselves up is never addressed. The touchy subject of elite blacks abandoning lower class blacks is of course never brought up. There's never accountability, ever. Also worth noting is that plaintive blacks never, and I mean never, find any humor in this stuff. "Intellectual" lefty black ideologues can't make jokes. Humor is highly correlated with high IQ and high trust levels, so whites and north Asians have good reason to be nervous regarding the propensity of low-impulse control high ego groups to exaggerate hurt feelings and grievances and not be able to process difficulties that smart and conscientious people shrug off and joke about.

WeAreTheWest said...

Thanks AE, love the blog!

Audacious Epigone said...


Trump did modestly better with blacks than Romney and McCain, but that's presumably more a consequence of Obama not being on the ballot than Trump being on it.

I had a similar hunch regarding IQ and political orientation among blacks, but the GSS doesn't bare this out. Steve Sailer has noted before that blacks who have no reason to prove their blackness--because they're self-evidently, authentically black--seem to be more likely to break ranks than insecure quasi-blacks who really want to prove their blackness are. The rapper 50 Cent (who was a drug dealer and has been shot multiple times), Mike Tyson, Steve Harvey, etc--as opposed to the Shaun Kings and Barack Obamas who have to compensate for their questionable "blackness" by leaning as far to the grievance left as possible.


Thanks. The West isn't licked yet!

Feryl said...

So a handful of elite big man blacks are of sufficient clout and esteem that they can support people in the "white party".

Just the same, the Dems have overwhelmingly been the black party since the mid 60's. Blacks are very territorial and into ego-stroking, so whichever party better appeases blacks becomes the black party.

This has gotten stronger with time as it's become easier for low-status blacks to vote. Wealthy people historically favor the GOP even if this association has diminished beginning with Bush's second term. I have a hunch this applies to blacks as much as it does to whites.

Status and racial insecurity are distinct. It seems like blacks who are both powerful in status and in black street cred. can get away with being Republicans. But why would Tyrone Gibs ever vote for the GOP? Poor blacks are terrified of law and order and fewer Uncle Sam gibs.


As soon as the Dems in the mid 60's made it clear that blacks and poor people would get a lot more goodies in a Marxist "paradise", blacks have been monolithically Dem. Sailer likes to highlight the aberrant voting blacks because like most Boomers, he's infatuated with blacks and wishes they would play better with whites.

Feryl said...

BTW, athlete and entertainer blacks may be highly visible if they support a republican. But these people aren't always representative of other blacks, no different than Tom Cruise or Tom Brady not being representative of whites. In fact, cerebral/intellectual types are extremely uncommon among actors and athletes who tend to be extroverted (baseball players don't read much, and it ain't just because they don't want myopia). If anything, athletes are probably more conservative on average than other people because high levels of testosterone create disdain for whiny pencil necked liberals.

As for the less famous blacks who vote GOP, I still believe it's because they'd rather "act white" via hard work and making the most of their talents rather than complain. I once heard a Texas Hispanic conservative tell a Jewish NY liberal that he never liked the idea that every problem and every person down on their luck deserves gov. programs and liberal pity. Feeling degraded and depressed by bummer Leftist rhetoric overrides concern about being called a race traitor.

Audacious Epigone said...


I don't think Steve is under any illusions about blacks voting Republican. He is the one who modestly suggested the GOP tacitly brand the Democrats as The Black Party. Snoop Dogg shooting the Trump clown is a perfect opportunity that Republicans will probably blow. Instead of condemning it somberly, point out that it's a legitimate expression of how some portions of the black community feel, etc etc.

Jokah Macpherson said...

I agree with AE on smarter blacks not necessarily being Republican. My boss is a very smart black woman and she thinks Trump is a racist, literally Hitler, etc.

She knows I'm a Trump supporter but fortunately the cognitive dissonance resolves in my favor since we have a long history working together and I'm her favorite employee.

Audacious Epigone said...

I took a look at it in the GSS here.

Feryl said...


Great article. Later born people find moral and cultural posturing to be an anachronism that produced a system incapable of giving younger generations a fair shake. For all the Left missives against religion, attachment to the church is correlated with conformity to established cultural/social norms. It also has been a source of "universalist" teaching used to motivate (coerce?) whites into leaving ethnocentrism behind.

The older the person, the more privileged life has been in the modern West. They've fought battles on matters of morality since the 70's, the decade that was the death blow to white racial consciousness. Post WW2 prosperity in hand, the duty of whites to look out for their own kind seemed increasingly irrelevant. Many decades later the folly of moral posturing has been fully exposed but comfortable elders who didn't come of age with the worst effects of prolonged multiculturalism still don't get it.

BTW, the redoubtable political machine that is the black church is also showing signs of decreasing relevance to later born blacks. BLM types have thrown accusations of insufficient loyalty to black culture at the greying and pompous churched elders. This fits into our growing pile of evidence that young people feel like their elders squandered economic gains on futile and cloying efforts to build and maintain a rainbow utopia, with the downsides of this decadence multiplying with time and each subsequent generation.

Get the popcorn ready for not just the next general election, but the mid-terms too. There's going to be even more squabbling along generational, class, and racial lines. What makes Trump a phenomena is that he got balanced support, with the exception that the most elite were firmly against him. Sanders by contrast fell victim to darks not supporting him, with the added strike of older voters being against his pre-1970's Leftist approach of soaking rich people (older voters remember the excesses of communism)

The GOP still doesn't have to worry that much about appealing to multiple races, so they've got that to not worry about. Meanwhile, Trumpian populists unite generations. What remains is class, and in that case, alienated yuppies seem to be leaving the GOP in droves and cluster in a handful of areas thereby reducing electoral impact any way. The GOP should be in good shape for a while.

The Dems are likely not going to figure out a way to build up a candidate who has cross-generational and cross-racial appeal. And those divides are more troublesome than something as abstract and flexible as class, since, after all, people of the same age and same race can inhabit different classes simultaneously. But you can't change your race or generation.

Feryl said...

Steve King's realtalk is of course alarming the globalist diversity lovers. How dare he point out that different ethnic groups will invariably descend into territorial bickering? None other than Leftist ground zero California has already proven for decades that Latins and blacks fight each other for territory perpetually.

It's revealing how matter of factly observing basic realities of race and race relations is taboo. But since a guy like King can credibly say that he's not passing judgement, but just observing, he comes off as being sensible and honest.

The idol of utopian race relations is aging and requires more frequent polishing by servants who are starting to feel over worked and also distracted by the growing heresies in their ears. The maintenance, however necessary, is beginning to get spottier as the servants have to put more effort into fending off vandals.

Audacious Epigone said...


Re: the cross-generational/cross-racial problem for the Democrats, the only thing that seems plausible to me is a split ticket. That'll only work if the NAM candidate is at the head. SWPLs are more likely to buckle and still show up for the NAM gimme-stuff candidate, and they're protestations are impotent (see the now famous Bernie Sanders Seattle rally where two BLM fatties shut the entire thing down). Not so for the candidate blacks approve of.

Orthogonally, I'm working on an exit poll breakdown from Reuters-Ipsos for the 2016 election, hopefully out tonight. Married black men went 25% for Trump (with a sample of ~300, so it's pretty reliable). He only got 3% of unmarried black women.

Steve King's recent spate of tweets are remarkable. It's a great example of how the zeitgeist has shifted. Steve King was an enemy of Trump during the primaries but he has benefited from the space Trump has opened up.

Pangur said...

"Steve King was an enemy of Trump during the primaries but he has benefited from the space Trump has opened up."

The Trump effect. This is what it looks like when GOP pols decide they want to win.

Dan said...

"Steve King was an enemy of Trump during the primaries but he has benefited from the space Trump has opened up."

Thus spaketh The Lord:
Now Moses in the law commanded us, that cucks should be stoned: but what sayest thou?

So when they continued asking Donald Trump, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without cuckiness among you, let him first cast a stone at Steve King.

And they which heard it, being convicted by their own cuckiness, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Donald Trump was left alone, and Steve King standing in the midst.

And Donald Trump said unto Steve King, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?

He said, No man, Lord. And Trump said unto him, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and cuck no more.

Then spake Trump again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not be cuckolded, but shall rear children that are his own.

Audacious Epigone said...

From the gospel of Dan!