Thursday, February 23, 2017

Secession is a young man's game

The political dissolution of the US is inconceivable to Boomers. That's not the case among younger Americans, who've had to live with the consequences of the Boomers' obsessive quest to find--or found--the mythical racial El Dorado.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll from 2014 found over 1-in-3 people under the age of 30 lending support to the idea of their state seceding from the union, compared to fewer than 1-in-6 people over the age of 60 feeling the same way.

A recent SurveryUSA poll out of California corroborates this. The percentages of Californians, by age cohort, who are opposed* to Calexit:


Hispanics, with 25% supporting, are the most likely to favor Calexit. Whites (13%) are the least likely to do, with blacks (16%) and Asians (18%) falling in between. Men (21%) are more likely than women (15%) to favor it.

* There are three responses to the question, "remain", "withdraw", or "not sure". This table lists only the "remain" percentages and thus may appear to overstate support for secession. The full results are here.


Anonymous said...

Secession is better than civil war, but it would be so much easier for the left to be free to ruin their states and leave the others alone. Unfortunately,it seems they are unable to do that. They have a desire to thrust their will on everyone.

Sgt. Joe Friday said...

So Hispanics are the most in favor of Calexit. Has anyone explained to them that SNAP, Section 8, et al are federal programs and would therefore go away in the event of Calexit? Betcha that would change some minds.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, there's is a universalizing urge. "Live and let live" as a motto to describe today's left sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous.

Sgt Joe Friday,

These are many of the same people who supported Bernie Sanders on the perceived promise of free college educations.

Anonymous said...

For decades we chose shame and we now already have war.
Now we will accept war or bow to our genocide.

So we must have war against the genocidal whether the irrelevant to the problem secession is indulged or not. As if the Left wouldn't pursue right wingers who secede, or if they secede pursue the rest of us.

The only relevance of secession is whatever is done internally the matchless security of our continental geography externally must remain as it's our chief safeguard and our chief remaining legacy we haven't squandered - yet. The other one being our comparably boundless riches in natural resources that the world naturally covets.

Any seceding state would seek powerful outside allies and so invite the world to war on our soil. Our matchless position would be squandered - matchless geographic position. That's the magic dirt that allows us to live in peace.

So secession can't be tolerated at the borders including and especially the oceans.
Nor can secessionists. For the good of the American people.

If it takes internal genocide or lesser massacres and terror to keep our borders we do, and please note that being Homo Sapiens we will, or lose it all.

I don't care how it polls. Frankly those without blood under their fingernails such as military, police or even FireFighters shouldn't vote and your wishes or deliberations are those of children. When it comes to life and death matters your opinions and conceits carry the weight of teenage girls and you have probably less instincts than them.

You want to wish the fight away and would accept more shame to avoid it.
Too bad. We're out of room to back up nor need we indulge it.

Have a nice day.


Audacious Epigone said...


European-descended countries aren't going to war with one another. That would be the case in a dissolved US as well. Non-Euro countries have absolutely no ability to invade or in any way offensively threaten Euro countries, even small ones like Switzerland, beyond said countries allowing them entry and terrorism.