Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#resist is futile

The phrase "fake news" is a beast that has, in a matter of months, been entirely turned on the people who released it on us. Our appropriation has been so thorough that CultMarxists are now insinuating that it originated on the alt right, inspired of course by Hitler:

Having lost control of "fake news", they summoned bahamut "alternative facts" next. It was delivered in critical condition and dead within the week:

That's probably better for the Cathedral, as the alternative facts--human biodiversity, IQ, sexual dimorphism, crime rates, ad infinitum--turret is even easier to turn around on those who deploy it than the stated desire for "an honest conversation about race" is.

What's next?

This week I saw a dumpy middle-aged white woman (no ring) wearing a black t-shirt with white lettering that simply read "#resist". That term is as bad as the clumsy and confusing slogan "love trumps hate".

For one, it concedes a seductiveness about the thing--America First, Make America Great Again, Trump--that must be resisted. You don't get a woman to eat better by telling her over and over again to resist the temptation to have that piece of cheesecake or get a guy off his porn addiction by having him watch it while encouraging him to resist the urge to masturbate.

Its individualistic focus undercuts its crucial role in motivating people to join a cause bigger than themselves Parenthetically, this is why libertarianism's focus on "individual liberty" has a support ceiling of a few percent of aspergy, high IQ male WEIRDOs and no one else. Emphasis on the "non-aggression principle" is better (as a recruiting tool--that's not a subjective judgment on my part).

It's also feeble, exactly the sort of thing that appeals to post-menopausal SWPL women and no else. Something aspirational like "#TheResistance" evokes stronger imagery and is more compelling.

There's no risk in us discussing this. These covens of cat ladies are clueless. They're too self-indulgent to realize any of it. It's another illustration of how all we need is an even playing field to route our opposition.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Nothing the left does these days seems to be resonating with the general population. I guess the general population no longer seems to care about being called racists, sexists, etc. Turns out that was the only real strategy the left had and now they're scrambling to find anything that can stick for more than a media cycle.

Black Death said...

Not to be pedantic, but it's "Lügenpresse." German - lügen - to lie; lugen - to look inquisitively or peek. The umlaut changes the pronunciation and meaning. It may seem trivial to a non-German speaker, but to those of us who do, it's important, as the meaning is entirely different.

Audacious Epigone said...

Black Death,

Heh, thanks. That's not my meme, it's one that leftists have been floating around. It would be funny for you to crash some of the comment sections by pointing that out.

Feryl said...

They kicked Spencer out of the CPAC (the gathering of the cucks?).

"After being removed, Spencer told NBC News that he believes the attendees at CPAC don't want to hear from the older speakers and said younger conservatives want to hear from people like him. Spencer repeated that he believes that race plays a major role in identity and said that whites were becoming a persecuted minority in America."

For what it's worth, at least the GOP has a definite edge among whites born in the 60's and 70, since the early Boomers were such hard-core communists and cut such a swath through the 60's and 70's. That's why the Dems have become so doddering and out of touch. They refuse to step aside and they act like they're still part of a Sixties revolution that never ends while they never act like they've never aged past 30. Right now the DNC chair is being fought over by Tom Perez (a nerdy and mulatto looking Clinton disciple born in '61) and Keith Ellison (born in '63, he wasn't old enough to fight in the actual Sixties but like Obama he's spent his life soaked in professional agitator culture). The prestige positions among the Dems are only begrudgingly being given to late Boomers. Forget about people "younger" than that.

But there's still resistance to the Alt-right, primarily I believe because it's youthful presence makes the older set nervous and also because it's meme war high(er) tech origin have no real analogue in the mid-century (which turns off Boomers) or even the 70's-80's (turning off a fair amount of early Gen X-ers).

Certainly, the fact that most whites born before the mid 70's experienced a mostly white country for a good chunk of their lives (diversity didn't really hit us until the 90's) makes it harder for people over 45 to grasp the dire crisis of 3rd world demographics already confronting the West. I saw a chart about foreigners in the work place. It didn't get out of hand until the 90's; besides, Boomers and early X-ers have had an easier time of it economically speaking. Thus, they don't feel as threatened by absurd amounts of foreign competition, globalists, AA, and multi-nationals.

"American Conservative Union executive director Dan Schneider condemned Spencer without using his name during an appearance on MSNBC as Spencer was being escorted out. "They are not part of us," Schneider said. "They're anti-Semites, they are racists, they are sexists, they hate the Constitution, they hate free markets…they hate everything and they despise everything we believe in — they are not an extension of conservatism."

So, uh, why did the cucks manage to alienate so many people prior to Trump? The civil rights era was about gradually chipping away at the tenets of cultural continuity and national identity. Indeed, especially since Obama's second term the Left-wing (and globalist cucks) have attempted to discredit the very notion that national identity is rooted in ethnic and cultural stability. The only "american" value left is swinging the doors open so often that the hinges wear out and fall off after decades of insecurity. So they say.

Feryl said...

Charlatan sell-outs like Schneider are worthless to us. His first card he plays is entirely rooted in Left-wing victim culture and "fairness" concern signalling. A real conservative makes hay from the location and punishment of those who fail to demonstrate sufficient loyalty to an in-group (first your kin, then your friends/allies, then your neighborhood, then your state/country). It's got nothing to do with fashionable enabling of a supposedly downtrodden out-group or abstract political/economic issues.

Schneider did the least conservative thing imaginable; he distanced himself from honorable people for the sake of fashion. The cuck weasels worship false decadent idols for which there can be no blasphemy. Sinners like Spencer are cast out. His mere presence isn't allowed. They don't even consider exchanging ideas or arguing.

Perez BTW has the ghoulish and overcooked phenotype/aging that are prerequisites for being in the inner Clinton circle. The Clinton's themselves, Mook, Podesta, Brock, and so on are a bunch of vampires. The Sanders/Ellison side seems to be more wholesome, especially sexually. Clinton is a fag hag, which dragged her down in the '08 nomination fight and killed her in the '16 general. Axelrod and Conway can at least seem halfway normal and in touch with normal people, which you'd want in your war room. But the Clinton's prefer people who sleep upside down in the daylight hours.

Audacious Epigone said...


Is Perez going to steal the DNC chair? The grassroots is behind Ellison, but the markets have flipped in the last couple of weeks to the extent that Perez is now a 2:1 favorite.

They're not even going to sop the Sanders' people with Ellison? The fracturing of the Coalition of the Fringes continues apace. This should be good.

Spencer getting kicked out of that libertarian conference and then CPAC presents people with those on our side of things with a stark choice.

Joshua Sinistar said...

White nationalism isn't welcome at Lincoln's Log Cabin. Its not who they are. What they are is irrelevant assholes and traitors.

Jack Burton said...

Our enemies do actually have valid fears about racial nationalism arising in America. The stiff-arm salute was American before it was German with the Bellamy salute. Our largest white ethnic contribution is German, and we are Germanic and Nordic Aryan in foundation.

America is the only place racial nationalism could rise again. Other white countries are so cucked now a majority of them wouldn't support or vote for someone like Trump.

Now with POTUS Trump their worst fears have a nascent reality to them. Trump is half German. All of his wives have been North Euro. Clearly he has a racial preference! Trump is masculine, fecund, an independent thinker, a strong nationalist and has plenty of FU money. However, Trump's life was nothing like Hitler's. Hitler was a war hero and committed to his race and ethnic group. Trump has been socialized with too much diversity and he has very close ties with many Jews.

Trump is at the very least a respite from the Third World socialist spiral we were going down. We're righting the ship, but the real test will be what comes after Trump. I'm convinced that our current system cannot save us. We need secession.

People should also understand just how much our enemies hate us. They conjure up NS Germany and Hitler because they really do want to kill us. They want to create a false moral narrative that violence and even murder are justified in stopping white nationalism.

Jack Burton said...

They freak out at Spencer, but actually Spencer is fairly leftist for Alt Right circles. He's pro-homo, his racial standards are extremely low including MENA as white and highly mixed people like castizos as white. Spencer is a very tolerant Nazi. LOL!

Audacious Epigone said...

Jack Burton,

Trump is a transitional figure, like Farage in the UK and Le Pen in France. Agree that what comes after will be the real test.

Spencer doesn't just dislike neocons, he doesn't have much patience for tradcons, either, because he's basically a progressive identitarian.

Feryl said...

More and more people are getting swept into the Alt-right spiral because it's a true populist movement. The GOP/trad. right's purity tests became a rigid and elitist way to keep the rabble out.

Now we've got a movement based on adherence to just one principle: keep 3rd worlders out. One doesn't have to be a fundie, or know the finer points of abstract legal/economic issues, or have an ostentatious pedigree, to gain access to our movement.

A Milo-type being identified as a popular "right-wing" figure would've been unthinkable before Trump's campaign. These days he's welcome on our side since he consistently opposes flooding Western countries with those who can't assimilate. Though because of the recent pedo flap some alt-right high priests are branding him as a heretic who needs to be cast out. If you get the sense that one of our icons is turning into a humorless elitist ideologue, stop listening to him or reading him. We need to focus on the real enemy (traitor globalists), lest we let the leaders of our movement get carried away with moral and ideological trials of our allies. As long as somebody isn't aiding the globalists, it's all good.

We can't let the 80's-early 2010's keep happening, in which moralistic hobby horses overshadowed the fact that the GOP was selling everything out from under us. The very people who promised to protect "conservative values" did nearly nothing to limit 3rd world immigration AFTER 9/11. Great job guys.

Le Pen is a Gen X-er ('68), so I think she's actually more of a step in the right direction than Farage or Trump. She may occasionally voice PC platitudes to get on, but she probably does so with less sincerity than the conservative Boomers who are more motivated by tamping down the worst modern excesses than outright xenophobia. Whereas an X-er like Le Pen feels that the time is ripe to restore ethno-nationalism to preserve national culture for prosperity. In a nut shell, Boomers want to call a time-out and toss out the newest and dumbest plays in the game in which big stupid government/business/labor unions etc. have been running up the score for years, so as to finally achieve a world of individual salvation. While X-ers have accepted defeat of the utopian liberal (as in self-centered) quest that started in earnest after WW2. It's precisely the focus on individual desires and liberties that got us in the current crisis to begin with.

Boomers get mad at elites for getting a bit too carried away within the confines of the ongoing civil rights/neo-liberal era (ok guys, we don't have to manufacture everything outside of America, we don't have to grant constitutional rights to every person in the world) while X-ers who've spent their lives being punished for the sins of elders just wish to blow the whole damn system up and start from scratch.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, this internecine fighting is stupid. It's mostly an ego-driven thing. The Alt Right doesn't need self-proclaimed gatekeepers granting some people entry and trying to exile others. Spencer kicking Milo while he is down is understandable--Milo made it a point on multiple occasions to joke about and give approval to Spencer being punched--and now Spencer is taking his vengeance. But the cause has to be more important than the egos of those involved.

Feryl said...

"In the first round of balloting, Perez won 213.5 votes to 200 for Ellison, 12 for Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director Sally Boynton Brown, 0.5 for Democratic strategist Jehmu Greene and one for Buttigieg in the first round of balloting."

A house divided. The Dems need be deloused of the Clintonites. But there's no Left-wing Trump to dislodge the parasites.

The writer brings up the generational shift. The majority of Alt-righters are born after 1970, shaped by a (still veiled in public) disdain for PC, who took to the internet as the only "safe space" for candor. Now granted, the sheer number of people born in the 40's, 50's, and 60's means that some of our icons/precursors are older. But the most fertile soil for memes is owned by the youngest generations who after serving as sappers for years are now ready for a promotion.

Audacious Epigone said...


So can we get a 213.5-213.5 split in the second round? How does that work?

Feryl said...

"Perez’s victory concluded the first contested race for the DNC leadership since 1985, a contest the party had extended by a month to allow more debate. "

Weird that the body of Perez's own wiki has few details about the chair election. It doesn't link to the article about the election, either (I found it in the talk section).,_2017

The initial field had 8 competitors who then withdrew before the second round, freeing up more votes for Perez (he won 235-200).

You can bet that "they" are suppressing talk about the factionalism among the Dems. The Sanders wing is NEVER going to forgive the Clintonites, much like most Dem partisans have never forgiven Nader for 2000 (merely mentioning Nader makes Boomer/Gen X Dems tighten their fists instinctively). As you may have guessed, the DNC Chair voters heavily overlap with the Pres. super-delegates. In other words, the chair election is gashing the still fresh wounds of the general election,

Quite amazing how the anti-Russia/anti-Trump/anti-nationalist media blitz has served to draw attention away from the fact that Sanders would likely have won had be allowed to run in the general. But that would've only happened if the Dems had been de-Clintonized and had they reformed their primaries to not pander to black urbanites back East. One of things that's also been amusingly covered up is that white Leftists are suffering from cognitive dissonance due to their pets (blacks) overwhelmingly tipping the scale for Hilary. First they whined about the primary process being rigged (not without merit but it wasn't the only factor), then after the election they've focused their ire on Trump, Russia, and the Alt-right fake news movement.

The quite inimical effects of the black urban/church/"community activism" faction of the Left wing do not require elaboration on this blog, yet without their efforts the Dems would field stronger candidates who would've done better against Trump.

My dad, a longtime Democrat, wasn't really aware of the racial factors in the primary until I pointed them out. Most white Leftists have so much white guilt that honest discussion about the toxic effects of letting blacks push you around are rarely discussed. This is in spite of the MSM acknowledging that Hillary was heavily favored by blacks. The primary's urban multiplier is disgraceful pandering to ghetto blacks, yet it's about the last thing that Dem partisans want to talk about.

WIki's Dem primary article does not mention "urban" once. Not a single time! Meanwhile, "black" and it's variants show up just twice. You can't make this stuff up. The racial division between Dem voters was the biggest story of the primary but it's almost completely elided from the go-to info source for most people.

Audacious Epigone said...

Right, we were aware of it here. And Clinton was aware of it, too--she won the white and Hispanic votes in the '08 primaries but lost the black vote and so lost the nomination. The two fat harpies from BLM in Seattle that crashed Bernie's rally there--perfect metaphor for his wing of the Dem party.