Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No victims, only volunteers

With street violence now a feature of the landscape anywhere Trump supporters gather for a public event, it's well past time we adopt the mindset that there are no victims, only volunteers. We know the nature of our opposition. To put ourselves in positions to be concussed, maced, or have our ribs broken is to be reckless fools.

The Cathedral's latest tactic is to tell law enforcement to stand down, allowing the violent rabble to enjoy open season on us, as happened in Chicago, San Jose, and Berkeley. Anarcho-tyranny is such that bona fide items of self-defense like guns and knives carry with them significant legal risks. That doesn't mean we have to be lambs lead to slaughter, though.

I recently purchased a Brutus Bulldog "keychain" that threads the needle perfectly. It gets around brass knuckle restrictions (knuckles are illegal in most of the places that firearms are prohibited). They're inconspicuous so as not to draw the attention of black bloc swarms like someone in a MAGA hat carrying a metal pipe would be. They're affordable for everyone ($10-$15), easy to use even for those without any hand-to-hand training, and are brutally damaging without being lethal.

Ricky Vaughn toyed with the idea of forming free speech protection units at high-profile events like Milo's, Spencer's, or McInnes'. Agnostic laid out how easy it would be to make these effective. It's time to make it happen.


Sigma K said...

I am in San Diego. Sign me up for the Goon Squad.

Audacious Epigone said...

Sigma K,

Maybe a Facebook group is the way to do it. Yes, it's public and hosted on hostile territory, but large numbers are imperative to make something like this effective.

Anonymous said...

Re: Brutus Bulldog Keychain in California

But now there’s a code section that also covers composite knuckles: Penal Code section 12020.1 21710:

Any person in this state who possesses, commercially manufactures or causes to be commercially manufactured, or who knowingly imports into the state for commercial sale, keeps for commercial sale, or offers or exposes for commercial sale, any composite knuckles or hard wooden knuckles is guilty of a misdemeanor.

The good news is that it’s a misdemeanor. The bad news is that it’s a misdemeanor and a criminal offense that carries potential jail time, probation, fines and will be on your record indefinitely if you’re convicted.

Even if something is widely available (i.e. on the internet or at the swap meet) doesn’t change the definition under the law. “Widely available” doesn’t always equate to legal.


chris said...

What about generic chilli powder or lemon juice and/or squirt guns? Would that be legal?

Jack Burton said...

Everyone having a cell phone or walkie-talkie is a good idea for communication. A cheap, disposable cell phone would be better than using your personal one.

For self-defense that keychain is a good backup but it has no range. You're going to be fighting more than one person at a time. I would recommend an expandable baton and pepper spray that has a strong spray. If you do have a concealed carry, only pull if you really have to use it to defend your life or someone else's life. Pulling it to threaten will put you in prison. This already happened to one guy. These cops are working for the enemy.

Dan said...

The closest I came to real excitement was when I helped stand guard outside the Deploraball. No tickets for me but I saw some of the lights of our day like Gavin and Lauren Southern and Roger Stone walk through. That was the first time I encountered black bloc.

Someone took the gigantic 3' x 5' Trump flag I was waving and smashed the flagpole to bits on the street. I didn't fight back because an arrest is the very last thing I need. In any case, there were a ton of cops around and they did do their job of letting the event happen. It wasn't easy because hundreds of black bloc were trying to block the entrance. They literally formed a line of cops to make a channel for the attendees to enter.

At least some cops are mostly doing their job (although I think most arrests were the next day):

My MAGA hat stayed on that evening to their credit.

If cops don't do their jobs I'm not sure what I would do. It doesn't seem wise to fight back if you have a regular job, mortgage, etc.


I feel really bad for this guy. Seeing this, one must conclude it is terrible idea to go to a protest armed. Michael Strickland probably had hundreds of BLM people testifying against him. He was really dumb to forgo his jury trial. I would have at least hung a jury.

Dan said...

Anarcho-tyranny is not here yet, and it isn't good to jump the gun.

Here's what I would say:

(1) Recognize black bloc and keep your distance.

(2) Be tough and fit but not armed other than your strong body. Be on high alert and stone cold sober, eyes always moving.

(3) Know where the cops. Cops can do legally what you can't in terms of enforcing order.

"bulldog keychain that threads the needle perfectly." -- Does it? SJWs' #1 skill is shape-shifting from bully to poor victim instantly. And SJW judges are all too eager to help.

On the other hand, if a rioting protester is killed by a cop doing their job, the cop will walk. I would call the cops or summon them to my side if necessary. They have legal protections that we do not have.

We don't have anarchotyranny. Not by a long shot. If this were Europe the story would be 100% different. That is anarcho-tyranny.

This is the worst punishment that they are capable of:

You'll notice that our punishment of a blogger who pulled out a gun in self defense and harmed nobody is more severe than what Europe did for Breivik.

Anonymous said...

Bulldog keys occupy the middle range between misdemeanor and felony in the state of California. Misdemeanor means days in jail, bond money and lawyer financed by you and not Soros, and possible unemployment.

We're approaching the anarcho-tyranny phase, but are not quite there. However, know that California Lefties in Meetup groups are organizing. Google "Indivisible" and "Resist" in the various SoCal counties. Know that Leftist groups in AZ are learning to use AR-15s. In SoCal they are joining prepper, firearm, drone, and communications (Ham) groups since January 15th. Do not dismiss them. Do not underestimate them. Do not pine hopes on law enforcement. Throughout world history dirty war is what they do. They attack children and women first. They'll fire your home and shoot your little boy as he runs out. And for every Leftie operating above ground (semi-publicly), there are two-four operating below ground.

I’m 60 and have done demonstrations a few times. No War For Israel in DC was the last one.

You should be in fair physical condition or better. If not, then condition yourself six-twelve weeks before the event. If too old to jog, then walk fast in comfortable shoes for 25-40 minutes each day, 5-6 days each week. Do crunches. Benchpress weights or do pushups 3-4x each week. Use resistance grips daily and strengthen your wrist, hand, and fingers. Practice making tight fists. Shadow box in front of your bathroom mirror. Punch a speed bag at the gym in time with music (bump, pa, pa, bump, pa, pa, bump, pa, pa) and learn to do it while moving/swaying side-to-side.

A ten to one ratio of vermin to righteous is good if our minds are right and we stay together.

Void and hydrate one-half to one hour before meeting at assembly point. Regardless of group size the perimeter is surrounded by the tallest, strongest, young –middle aged men. Weak/old men and all women are in the center. Everybody stays together. Approximately 36”-40” separation on the move, 27”-32” when group is at rest. “Eyes” are spread throughout the group to ensure that no section becomes separated from main body. You’ll be attacked in the rear, so keep “eyes” on it. The environment is noisy – screaming, chanting, drums, megaphones, loudspeakers. Intragroup communication must consider this. The vermin will put their females in front, hoping to catch pics/videos of you striking them. You may have no choice. Absorb their punches and slaps. If they look to spray, stick, or club you, then hit them as you would a man.

Minimum defensive equipment: Hockey-type elbow, knee, jockstrap w/cup, & mouth guard protection with steel-toe boots/shoes (for some men box toe versions are more comfortable than traditional narrow toe). Or substitute volleyball-type elbow and knee pads (lighter weight, less protection) for equivalent hockey equipment. Two pairs of anti-fog splash goggles with retainer band to protect from overspray of pepper juice. You’ll be sprayed. Rocks, full soda cans, full bottles, human/dog poop, and plastic urine bottles will be thrown at you. Cotton bandages, clips, and alcohol wipes in liquid resistant fanny packs are a good idea. Everybody carries spare damp rags and two water bottles (for wiping face/flushing eyes).

Optional (if allowed by cops): Hockey helmet w/skull cap (Under Armour brand) and visor (carry spare visor). No cage, which would be easily grasped by the vermin.

Audacious Epigone said...


Carrying an item that looks like a firearm but isn't is extremely risky because its discovery escalates the situation for the opposition while its presence doesn't give its carrier the ability to de-escalate. Any large projectile or force multiplying range extension like a cane or a bat is going to escalate the situation immediately. That's not generally what we want.


At some point the new justice department is going to be tested. Serious federal prosecution and classifying violent protests incognito as terrorism would (will? C'mon AG Sessions!) go a long way in defusing incidents like the one you experienced firsthand. They took your battle standard and you restrained yourself? Very disciplined.


I'm not familiar with California law. By default I assume it is senseless and awful since that's par for the course with everything in the state except for the weather, but here a legal defense of self-defense is contingent upon not using disproportionate force (in addition to desisting as soon as a threat is neutralized). Seems optimal in this regard to have non-lethal items if possible. Blades, firearms, and most projectiles are not considered non-lethal.

Jock strap and a mouthguard are both sensible and also cheap.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Yeah that's hilarious. They have tons of bums and terrorists trolling all those tiny islands of blue in America hunting conservatives. Y A W N .
OMG, they burned down Berkeley. SNOOZE. Yeah Berkeley, that hotbed of conservatism.

This is like watching retards play Risk by using marbles instead of dice rolls. You must be joking right? When these fuckers leave the safety of DEEP BLUE SUCK and go to Real America and do something, maybe I'll care. Real America is all gunned up. Six to Ten Days and Civil War II will be remembered as the World's Biggest Turkey Shoot.

Can you see, Mexicans, Muslims, Homos, Feminists and Niggers all fighting together? Only if they're fighting each other. White Guys with rifles will knock them down like clay pigeons from 500 yards, while they shoot handguns and don't even get in range.

Dan said...

On further consideration, the strategy for those who would preserve our country is dramatically different since Trump won. Legal options remain open and optics matter a lot.

I don't know what you do if you are in Germany by contrast where Merkel this weekend insisted that Europe needs to take *more* Muslim refugees, as Paris burns. You must take the law and personal safety into your own hands and assume government does not exist.

From legal insurrection:

"A commission chaired by Germany’s immigration and refugee czar has proposed voting rights for migrants living in the county. According to the Federal Integration Commissioner Aydan Özoguz, “people who permanently live in a country should be able to participate in democratic decision making.”

Keeping a Brexit-like scenario in mind, commission wants the voting rights for migrants and refugees at par with German citizens in any future referendum.

The head of the commission, Turkish-origin Aydan Özoguz, has been serving as Minister of State in Merkel’s Chancellery since 2013. As Federal Commissioner for Immigration, Refugees and Integration she has been instrumental in shaping and executing Merkel’s ill-advised “Refugee” Policy."