Thursday, February 16, 2017

Alt-Right rising, con't

Support for Trump's immigration approach--continuing insistence on an impending wall, travel restrictions from eight mostly Muslim countries, targeted raids and deportations--among white male millennials (n = 719):

If we group the three approves and the three disapproves and compare the two amalgamated categories, ignoring "don't know", we get 61.9% in approval, 38.1% in disapproval.

That's a solid majority of young white men who are willing to be called Nazis, racists, white supremacists, and all the rest. They are willing to defy millennial white women, who disapprove of Trump's immigration policies 46.0%-54.0% (n = 1,014), a sizable, vociferous minority of whom "strongly disapprove" (37.9%). They're willing to take positions that, if expressed in the corporate world, could cost them their careers.

We may yet save Western civilization.


Dan said...

Damn fake news:

Gayle Trotter ‏@gayletrotter · 17h17 hours ago

Fake News @jaketapper & @TheLeadCNN just reported #TrumpHotel restaurant closed today for #daywithoutanimmigrant yet I ate lunch there.

F$cking shitstain liars.

I ate dinner there and it was great. I have the receipt! Place was full, instant service, full menu. We just got an appetizer but I see these lying reports and I wish Trump had torn the media an even bigger a-hole. They lie brazenly, constantly. This is an OCR, image won't paste. I check hotel availability, apparently Hotel is fully booked also.



1 100 Pennsl yvani a Ave. Washi ngton, DC U.S. 20004 202-695-1 1 00
200036 Cami l l o
CHK 1 330 TB L 60/1


2/16/2017 8:02 PM


Food 1 0%
Pa y m ent D u e

$ 35 . 20

Anonymous said...

Great, great news. I am worried the relentless media criticism will wear people out. It is more than we have ever seen before - much more.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

> Great, great news. I am worried the relentless media criticism will wear people out. It is more than we have ever seen before - much more.

Why do you believe people will "wear out" and default to leftism?

Leftism actually takes a lot of effort to maintain and the looser the grip the left has on people, the harder it is for people to play along. The media has flushed all credibility down the toilet and continues to think that their status of the "fourth estate" means anything to anyone outside the beltway.

The People Who Matter (aka whites) still seem to be holding strong by and large. Most non-whites are here because of post-1965 immigration. They're not people who have been here for several generations, they're people who are acutely aware that The People Who Matter are getting increasingly tired of the exponentially increasing entropy that is involved with modern day leftist-oriented immigration.

It's a powder keg but I don't see these people just giving in and accepting no questions asked amnesty. If anything, their position will harden and soon it will seem like Trump's plan doesn't do enough (which I agree with but it will take the public some time to come around to our conclusions).

Random Dude on the Internet said...

This is a double post so sorry. Regarding your comments on white millennial women, I posted about this on agnostic's blog. White women seem to be very slow on the uptake when it comes to racial realities. You see it now and then when white feminists are aghast that minority feminists attack them. Like they just can't mentally process that minority women see white women more as an enemy than as an ally.

I see a lot of white girls who voted for Trump who still talk a lot about social justice but they seem unfortunately thick skulled about it. They make some overture about how #woke they are about race issues but all they get is abuse for it. Yet they still keep pushing on. I wonder if ego plays a role, as in after watching countless movies, they have it in their heads that they think that they will be the ones who will recreate racial harmony. It isn't going to work.

I guess that is why I'm not surprised white millennial women are against immigration reform. They probably think that it takes a ~woman's touch~ and we'll all live happily ever after.

Audacious Epigone said...


Is that the text of his receipt? The media report is intentionally vague--open but slim staff, etc.

They left is intellectually bankrupt. If they think a temporary disruption in low-end services that teenagers used to provide is going to change the public mood on immigration, they're insane. Of course if people don't come to work it'll cause a short-term disruption, just like it does whenever a bunch of employees come down with the flu. Big deal. How stupid do they think we are?


They're trying to portray the administration as being in turmoil now. This is a tactically unsound strategy, typical of the major media. If his administration doesn't implode, they look like the fake news outlets that they are yet again. And it won't implode. Don't worry too much about it.

Random Dude,

An intersectionality failure is another tear at the seams of the Coalition of the Fringes. The anti-white sentiment coming out of the hard left and the Democrat leaders whose stock is high (because they weren't intimately involved in the failed Clinton campaign) like Keith Ellison and Elizabeth Warren is going to create more tears. I'd really like to see a Reuters-Ipsos or SurveyUSA poll (both have useful cross tabs) on opinions about black bloc rioting, etc to get a sense of how large the silent majority is. Women are conformists. If we get a critical mass of unapologetic whites who stand up for themselves and for national sovereignty, a lot of them will flip. But they need to be led.

Dan said...

No that is *my* receipt. I ate there myself on Thurs. Full staff, full service. Everyone in that restaurant loves Trump.

Feryl said...

Not to sound callous, but in a funny kinda way we ought to be grateful that so many 3rd world Gen X/Millennial people are rioting and blowing stuff up. The generations that didn't necessarily create but most enthusiastically embraced cultural Marxism (G.I.s, Silents, Boomers) really believed in the utopian melting pot, of various ethnicities rejecting ancestral bonds and ethnic minded insecurities, jealousies, and territoriality. Now, in practice, these unseemly things still existed at all times; but Boomers in particular have never given up the dream that one day we'll all just get along.

That ignorance of how nature works produced a chaotic and forbidding world for X-ers and Millennials to grow up in. Now the youngest generations are expressing violent rage towards out-groups. Mexicans and Muslims want to have their own corners of America that resemble their homelands, not the Leave it to Beaver America in which Jewish, Italian, and Mexican actors dropped their "ethnic" names in favor of Brit ones. Note too how the further a black was born after circa 1970, the less white he sounds.

Howe/Strauss already predicted, back in the beginning of the culture war, that X-ers would embrace ethnic nationalism because they didn't reap the benefits of Silent/Boomer deracineated individualism and also because of a desire to protect their kids from a Gen X style upbringing in which the adults are chiefly interested in hedonism, self-discovery, creativity, and career competition. X-ers are now thoroughly detached from the narcissism and self-serving hypocrisy that their parents and grandparents embraced. Meanwhile, Millennials more than previous generations are scared of other people and institutions, no surprise considering that their own parents did a terrible job of guarding the common good. Hell, their parent's generation outright fleeced them with the student loan racket, with high levels of immigration (which actually took off in earnest in the 90's), and with an idiotic series of wars sponsored by multi-nationals and globalist rulers.

Boomers don't mind a great deal of diversity as long as people who happen to be of a certain ethnicity work hard, stay off welfare, don't commit crimes, and so on. Basically, any good person has right to move to wherever they want. Whereas younger generations are more perturbed by the very idea of welcoming in strangers. As well they should be when it's self-evident that post-Boomer 3rd worlders (and Am. blacks!) are violently hostile towards attempts to melting pot them.

For the time being, because of the current era's cosmopolitanism, we're going to have to deal with post-Boomers pretending to be outraged at attempts to reduce diversity. When striving diminishes, things will improve. Keep in mind that in the low striving 40's, 50's, and 60's, the extant generations still hungered for diversity.

Feryl said...

It is farcical, the idea that legions of no/low-skilled workers walking away from McJobs is supposed to bring us to our knees.

And of course, there's plenty of Americans willing to do whatever work is needed. But it's not like the media is going to report that the firing/deportation of cheap Mexicans will free up jobs for Americans.

We've seen schisms in the White Houses before. The difference now is that Trump will not, period, tolerate insubordination and treachery. In Reagan's administration, there clearly was a split between Reagan nationalists and Bush globalists. As time went by, the Bush faction was allowed to have more power as they also did more and more stuff behind Reagan's back. Also, that was when globalism really took off, before a lot of people realized how nasty it was.

Trump is a different beast, and we're entering a much different era. Neither development will allow globalist traitors to continue pushing us around.

Audacious Epigone said...


Oh, so a blatant, full-throated lie? Fake news indeed.


"Imagine" is the Boomer's anthem that plays in my mind when I read that.

Exactly. Millennials, particularly the younger half of the generational cohort, are racked with anxiety and insecurity. I see it in those who work for me. They make a concerted effort to come off as agreeable but they have near meltdowns when they're asked for an independent opinion on anything novel. I'm more optimistic about millennials than a lot of Xers and especially Boomers are. I think their hearts will end up in the right place. I'm worried they'll just be too skittish to stand up to domineering Boomers for another decade.

There was a hungering for diversity in the 40s and 50s? Relative to the 20s and 30s, you mean?

Mil-Tech Bard said...

Feryl, Audacious Epigone,

This generational line you both are seeing is no where near as bright as you both seem to see it.

Also, there is a lot more of the Urban/Cosmopolitan versus Small town/Rural culture stuff I see as much stronger than generational issues.

NB: Broken urban public schools make for bad recruits for reason of health and gang/drug war criminality. US Army recruiters are going for rural and small town prospects over city/suburban types because they are more orderly, as in "Law and...", and simply make better all around soldiers.

The Obama Administration's forcible placing of "diverse" Muslim refugees in rural areas by the 100,000's over the last 8 years is what set off the 80% Trump vote in those areas, since those areas HAVE NEVER BEEN "DIVERSE" or "COSMOPOLITAN."

An interesting side note to this is suburban kids who are home schooled and otherwise great prospects make lousy soldiers because the who "hurry up and wait" routine of military life -- paralleled in functional small town/rural public schools -- drives them bug f**k nuts.

This is not a matter of being "snowflakes" in the SJW sense.

It is a fundamental cultural programming issue in that home schooled kids are "self-actualized" far more than most and never had to put up with institutional norms that get in the way of their pursuit of goals.

In a real sense a lot of home schooled kids are "untamed" regards things like queuing up and waiting in groups and complying with institutional authority chicken S**t.

Feryl said...

"NB: Broken urban public schools make for bad recruits for reason of health and gang/drug war criminality. US Army recruiters are going for rural and small town prospects over city/suburban types because they are more orderly, as in "Law and...", and simply make better all around soldiers."

Right, later Gen X-ers and Millennials have grown up entirely in a striving culture where rather than gain all-around useful life skills (including social and self-motivational skills), you're supposed to relentlessly train to be a pro Athlete, or a lawyer, or a doctor, or a CEO, or an elite scientist/academic etc. Country folk have been diminishing in number and importance, but they are more likely to teach their kids how to be useful in terms of cooking, maintenance, animal husbandry, familiarity with various tools and weapons, and so on. And they're less likely to have an obnoxious 'tude than people from striverville.

One undeniable advantage of people born earlier is that in the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, most people did not expect to become elites or lazy fatasses who delegate chores to others. Boy did that change. By the 90's, the wealthy were housing full-time servants again and many others were envying that luxury instead of shaming decadent behavior.

And yeah, Silents and Boomers are friendlier, more trusting, and more civically engaged than later generations. But neither cohort (Pre Gen X-ers vs. Post-Boomers) "earned" their sensibilities. Silents and Boomers lucked into a common man's paradise built by Losts and G.I.s, which imprinted on them upbeat and idealistic attitudes. Meanwhile, the culture that was actually created by Silents and Boomers in the 60's-90's led to a cynical world that was harrowing and exploitative to those born during it. No wonder X-ers and Millennials are so morose. Dunno how familiar you are with Strauss/Howe, but both of them observed that things just got done under the G.I.s watch, then begin to seize up in the 70's and 80's with neurotic Silents, before basically imploding under Boomers in the 90's and beyond. But they also predicted that a "gray champion" would emerge in a very dark period who would light the way out. Which is exactly what's happening with Farage, Trump, et al stepping in to do what timid Silents can't do and what Gen X-ers are too fatalistic to attempt.

Oh, for those keeping score, military morale and workplace productivity sagged big time in the late 60's and 70's because young Boomers were often self-indulgent and insubordinate. These things improved a great deal in the 80's as small ego Gen X-ers began entering our institutions.

Feryl said...

Millennials, particularly the younger half of the generational cohort, are racked with anxiety and insecurity

It's 'cuz they missed out on the teen culture of the later 80's and 90's. If you were born after 1986, you probably don't have a clue that the X-er youth culture of the 80's and 90's was often about disdain for overly ambitious, preachy, and uptight people. Basically, X-ers didn't want to be seen as another "sell-out" generation of hypocritical and school marmish hippies turned yuppies.

And things were more relaxed back then. Even I remember how back then, there would be times where you'd basically just check out, and let things kinda wash over you. Not in the post 2000 sense of vegging and zoning out, but in the sense of listening and seeing your surroundings. I'm reminded of Agnostic's posts about how interviews from the later 70's, 80's, and even the 90's show people who are so keen on picking up environmental cues that they seem to have trouble focusing inwards on exactly what they feel and mean to say. Not like recent times where people can effortlessly rattle off monologues about their feelings and opinions, since they're not interested in listening to anything else and due to the ebb in crime, they don't feel uncertain about much including their own stance.

Speaking of which, back in the 90's crime was still pretty high. The funny thing about the danger present in the 80's and 90's is that it presented you with such obviously terrible things that you became less anxious about more minor things while also feeling humbled. So people tended to be less neurotic. And people felt more obligated to put effort into feeling each other out. "If this guy seems cool, I should try to keep him on my side and maybe we can help each other out if things get ugly".

If you watch movies from the 70's and 80's, you can see a shift from a "we all suck narrative" to a "good guys unite to beat the bad guy" type of story. Ironically, the shift from cloudy morality/lack of heroes to esprit de corps occurred in spite of striving getting worse in the late 70's and 80's. After you and your friends have been subjected to enough horrors, you stop buying into the non-sense that there's a thin line between heroes and villains. Instead, you'd rather watch pro-social stories about people banding together to stave off a threat (like in the Warriors from '79).

Audacious Epigone said...


If the uptick in crime in the last couple of years continues--though I don't think outside of targeted political crime like riots, it will--it's hard to see how the risible SJW micro-aggression culture survives. It already gets eye rolls even from normal SWPLs and is a point of relentless mockery not just from the Alt Right but even from spineless cuckservatives.

Feryl said...

There's an L.A. Daily News article (with comments!) about "Mayor" Eric Garcetti not holding a customary press conference about the previous year's crime stats. Why? His office quietly slipped out a release admitting that property and violent crime has now risen for two straight years. A P.R. flack said that "scheduling" hasn't allowed him to hold the conference with LE officials in which priorities and and solutions are discussed.

Believe it or not, in the comments, nearly every person rags on the mayor and the overall culture of Cali permitting aliens to swamp the area and criminals to roam free.

I honestly think that the more Left-wing comments you see on many stories are split from two sources: sincere swpls/cucks, and contrived astroturf operations by the Soros/Clinton/Bush/Brock machine. One things for sure: Sun People generally are not interested in reading non-fluff articles (especially verbally inadequate Latins). It seems like faggy-ass metro areas and college towns have papers that attract the usual Ice People virtue signalling dolts, as in the MN Star Tribune, most NY papers besides the Post, and so on. It may be that papers out West don't have the same prestige, and are already in Dem areas to begin with, so swpls and paid trolls are less likely to put effort into cucking say, the websites of L.A. papers.

BTW, the Star Tribune removes comments (without saying "comments are removed for this article") on just about any article related to Somalis, refugees, or Islam. They can't fight the rising tide of opposition without looking like ineffectual fools in the process.

In noticed that immediately after the election, Real Clear Politics seemed to lose a lot of the Lefty propagandists that squawked a ton during Trump's primary and general campaign. I don't think it's because these were sincere people momentarily dejected; I think it's because the Clinton and cuck machine had to regroup and recalibrate their funding and propaganda style.

Audacious Epigone said...


Paying online operatives would be a pretty cheap way to cover a lot of virtual ground with putatively organic propaganda. Hell, big Fortune 500 companies have social media teams of a few people. It's cheap.

What we need is for some people who've been paid to flip. What James O'Keefe does with videos surely some incognito shitlords could do online. Some people on our side should look into trying to be leftist trolls for hire and then expose what they find.

The comments just disappear without explanation or any indication that they were ever there? That's Ministry-of-Truth level stuff.

Feryl said...

To be more precise, I believe that the SB simply does not allow comments in the first place on African and Middle Eastern aliens. We're tired of the West being treated like another dumping ground for the 3rd world.

The Right can never compete with the mendacity and treachery of the Left, partly due to having higher moral standards and also because cunning and verbally gifted cultural elites tend towards liberalism even in the best of times. I was reading about Neocons taking over more and more institutions from real conservatives. It wasn't that hard because they'd browbeat everyone into believing that paleos are stupid, rigid, archaic, and close minded. Of course most neocons were former Leftists so they didn't have any scruples about ganging up on the old guard and grinding them down with accusations of "irrational" paranoia about the goals of internationalism, bias towards anyone who wasn't a gentile European, and so on.

The Right argues from a position of absolute virtues and vices, which usually precludes the idea of taking money to deceive and manipulate. But the simplicity, the cleanness, of this approach renders righties vulnerable to accusations that they lack nuance and sophistication.

Meanwhile, the Left's goals which almost always are about overthrowing past and present traditions for the sake of establishing an ostensibly utopian new order (nevermind the fact that a corrupt elite bureaucracy always ends up exploiting the masses) justify and indeed require indifference to honor.

It figures that most iconic and revered Lefty figures have basically admitted that being a sleazebag is fine and dandy as long as the desired result of a world without nations, religion, or absolute moral standards is achieved.

Feryl said...

The Wiki article on moral absolutism also link to authoritarianism. Because, naturally, telling people that's it's wrong to lie, steal, cheat, damage property, or be violent or cruel to innocents infringes on every person's right to decide what's right or wrong.

It doesn't matter how hated a particular Lefty is, can you imagine a Dem candidate ever having their supporter's property get habitually damaged and stolen the way Trump fans property was?

Audacious Epigone said...

It doesn't matter how hated a particular Lefty is, can you imagine a Dem candidate ever having their supporter's property get habitually damaged and stolen the way Trump fans property was?