Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trump phenomenon trumped Obama's

As Obama gives his farewell address leaving the party he's lead for eight years in shambles, now is as good a time as ever to point out how much more interest the Trump phenomenon garnered than the Obama one ever did. From Google Trends, search volumes over time since the beginning of 2007:

Trump generated two-and-a-half times as much interest when he won the 2016 election as Obama did when he won in 2008. That won't stop the major media from attaching the prefix "historic" every time Obama's election comes up without granting the same to Trump's election, of course.

Parenthetically, using the adjective to describe a US presidential election is stupid, as though there could be any sort of presidential outcome that wouldn't make its way into the history books.

Now just consider the last 18 months. It's been written and said multiple times, as far back as 2015, that Trump had already effectively become the president by way of driving every discussion. And so he was, averaging about 1200% more interest than the sitting US president did:

You call that change? This is change.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to correct for the increase in the number of computers or searches done between 2008 and 2016?

Random Dude on the Internet said...

2016 may be the first election where most of the voters got their news and information from the internet rather than traditional media sources. This of course benefited Trump because people were able to see news sources other than the MSM who practically called him Hitler nonstop. Also not a surprise that there has been a lot of noise about fake news after the election, it's about the death rattle of traditional media. I mean, everyone who reads this blog knows this of course but it's nice to see that reinforced.

The MSM is in dire straits these days. In a Rolling Stone interview with the HNIC recently, Jann Wenner proposed that the government subsidize media outlets like NYT and Washington Post because they were likely going to shrivel up in the coming years. Obama claimed to be against this idea in the interview but you have to imagine that under a Hillary presidency, that could have been a reality. Here's hoping these collapse and collapse quickly.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

>>>2016 may be the first election where most of the voters got their news and information from the internet rather than traditional media sources

That was a Spot-on evaluation there.

The MSM Gatekeeper role has been overcome by events and technology.

Trump saw that and made the internet route around capability the new model for any information campaign.

Dan said...

"The MSM Gatekeeper role has been overcome by events and technology."

And just in time too. The mainstream media and the entire US intelligence establishment can apparently be made to dance to the tune of a 4chan troll, so far advanced are we into our Idiocracy. We Are Doomed (tm).

AE, are you going to make it to DC for the inauguration?

Dan said...

If so, I might be able to accommodate you (although I might have other Trump supporters staying also).

Audacious Epigone said...


Not sure but the values are all calculated as a percentage of total search volume during any given period of time.

Random Dude/Mil-Tech Bard,

NPR and PBS receive funding through their parent company because they're deemed to be public services etc etc so it's not a big leap from that to other arms of the Cathedral. Either way they're no longer able to compete with someone like Trump himself. Through social media he has more followers than the NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and the WSJ have subscribers/viewers combined, and his followers are more engaged. Additionally, they're getting his messages instantaneously--he's faster than the Narrative. The ground has shifted under the legacy media's feet. Having the government buy them a nicer pair of shoes isn't going to keep them from falling into the abyss.


No, I've decided to go to the AmRen conference this year instead. Meeting John Derbyshire in person is on my bucket list (first and last time I'll ever use that term). That's all the time I want to be away from my kids and they're too young to take on trips like that. The offer is appreciated though, thanks.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

>>Having the government buy them a nicer pair of shoes isn't going to keep them from falling into the abyss.

The MSM's business model is dead, because their business model is that of being information gatekeepers in the age of internet social media.

They are buggy whip makers in the age of the Model-T Ford.

The Washington Post is a profit loss center subsidized by a Leftist internet billionaire for power reasons and they still cannot meet the story turn around speeds of Breitbart, let alone Trump's Twitter & Facebook feed.

Too coordinate a MSM wide narrative takes longer than Trump can change the narrative in 140 characters.

The Cathedral is like the French Army High Command in 1940 faced with the German blitzkrieg. By the time they make a decision and act, their actions have been overcome by events.

Audacious Epigone said...

Mil-Tech Bard,

Well put. I initially balked at what I thought were the too-cute labels "Carlos Slim's blog" and "Jeff Bezos' blog" for the NYT and WaPo, respectively, but they're actually pretty good descriptors.

Anonymous said...

Google trends are great, but this data leaves out the portion of the population which is too illiterate to use the internet for anything other than looking at videos. Obama was a huge deal in the black community, and also to a percentage of white shitlibs.