Saturday, January 14, 2017

They do until they don't

Red-tailed hawks being mobbed is a common sight here in the central provinces:

I remember as a kid wondering why these hawks didn't turn on their harassers. They could put a lethal stop to these things if they wanted. It's not natural for them to do so, though, so they don't. They put up with it because they can afford to. It's a hassle they tolerate--until they don't:

Whites tolerate the misbehavior and dysfunction of non-whites, too, until they don't. Like crows (or the invasive starlings in the case of Muslims in Europe or Amerindians in the US) mobbing a hawk, non-whites attack whites at the pleasure of whites. When European-descended peoples' commodious grace stores are depleted, the harassers' fortunes will change drastically and with stunning rapidity.

And changing they are--not just through the US presidential or Brexit campaigns, either. Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter are both now allowing AmRen to carry their columns.

In a recent video, Stefan Molyneux approvingly mentions one of the most important formulas for understanding human societies, Diversity + Proximity = War. He also mentions human biodiversity, population differences in IQ, and how these things preclude non-East Asian non-whites from functioning in Western societies.

Less cerebrally, there are viscerally images like this that illustrate the same:

There's a reason the aphorism about a picture being worth a thousand words has such staying power. Still, supplementing pictures with words often accentuates the effect, as is the case here.


ADog said...

One side unites. The other side tears itself apart.

Sid said...

What's paradoxical is that the mainstream is going underground, but the underground is also going mainstream. It's far more risky and costly to tell people you support Trump than it was to say so about George W. Bush. At the same time, people are asking me in person if I've watched Stefan Molyneux, I see more and more people linking Steve Sailer, and I sometimes hear people espouse themes and ideas you'd have only found on HBD blogs a few years back.

It's still too early for HBD to become elite opinion, but the groundwork is being laid. By 2020, there should be GWAS coming out which will show the alleles associated with intelligence vary greatly across different... populations - and a Trump presidency and vigorous meming can ensure the implications of these findings will be less easily ignored than if we had another Clinton, Bush or Obama at the helm.

Audacious Epigone said...


There are more leftist media organizations than demand for them, and some are going to go the way of Gawker. Some will die but some will survive.


Convergence is happening across all forms of technology, media included. The older models are the ones in the most trouble because they have so many legacy costs that the new ones don't have. In a just world, Bill O'Reilly or Rachel Maddow wouldn't make multiples of what Molyneux does (in fact they'd probably make less). That world is coming. When the boomers pass on, the legacy media is done. They don't have any viewers under 50.

Feryl said...

Elites, due partly to noblesse oblige in wholesome eras as well as fear of pitchforks and torches, will eventually create and support nativist policies. Whether they agree with them or not (they often don't since High IQ people tend to be culturally liberal). What also might play into elite Left-wing tendencies? Hmmm.

In North America, culturally dominant Jews and WASP elites tend to be VERY culturally liberal. It would seem that a combo of (highly heritable) verbal charisma and money/publicity seeking has led to increasingly inbred generations of commie white guilt ridden Left-wing Ivy-leaguers elbowing everyone else out of the way. Potato-famine Irish and a smattering of charming Scots-Irish Southerners are begrudgingly allowed to have some input; The stolid Germans of PA, the Midwest, and the Plains can go to hell. How many elite politicians or even reporters are gentiles with German surnames? Well, there's Kobach and Michelle Bachman and look at their 'tude. No wonder Jews are scared. There has long been a rivalry between Eastern WASPS and heartland Germans, but the rise of Hitler shamed German Americans into submission (likewise with German Germans). Not helping either is Anglo/Jewish dominance of Law and anything else verbal.

Lower-class "Ethnic" white Easterners (esp. Italians), Germans, and old-school Southerners have rallied to Trump like they once did with FDR in the mid-century. We like populist candidates who don't impose hypocritical and dangerous social engineering projects thrown at the proles by multi-cult. pseudo-intellectual grenadiers. The upper echelon has been too comfortable for to long, and complacent in all the wrong ways while also being too assertive and energetic in the wrong ways. Status shouldn't be based on how much you spit on native born Americans tired of decadent strivers pretending to be "global" citizens who think that no nationality is better or worse than any other so why should they concern themselves with keeping countries culturally distinct?. Let's keep the greedy and arrogant scum out of our towns. This is our ancestral land and it's not be be despoiled by Left-wing agitators keen on destroying every last trace of resolute tribal white Western identity. The Jews and vain sell-out Gentiles can have their "good taste" and "enlightened" values to themselves. Just keep it out of our faces. Let us be.

We haven't had many German presidents. Eisenhower was associated with tremendous government works and operations, as well warning about military over-reach (though he himself was a successful general). And lookeee here, what is Trump promising? What the elites don't get about Trump is that his industrial tough guy persona is exactly what we need. The English speaking world has tried it's best to trash their manly industry, as we seem to think that such things are foul and best left to the 3rd world.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

In my opinion, we're witnessing the death throes of "legacy media". It's been happening for a while now but the cracks in the facade are becoming increasingly visible. These media outlets cost too much money and provide too little value for the public. I also think that the era of taking swipes at whites, particularly white men, are coming to a close, especially as they are becoming "woke" to how prevalent the bashing is. Anti-racism is anti-white and Trump will give the white working class an opportunity that has been increasingly been taken away from them for 40 years. The cathedral will becoming increasingly flummoxed that they no longer exercise the degree of control that they used to. Trump making fools of CNN would be unthinkable during the Dubya era. The Republicans have spent the past 50 years using the Democrat playbook but now there is a guy who is able to use the rules against them.

What I said above all ties together: it's a system that is falling apart. If the system was even remotely functional, Trump never would have had a chance. The public isn't buying the latest Red Scare so it's going to have to drop the nonstop blaring about the Russkies and find some other attempt to delegitimize Trump.

Anonymous said...

Yes, technology converges.
And then?

The MAIN sources of information will be controlled by the holders of power, regardless of the technology.

The Molyneuxes are there today.
They may be outlawed tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

Uncensored INternet is a privilege of Western countries, which, like all privileges, can be revoked at any time.


Speaking of the picture with the two Hollywood white men, it isn't a coincidence that the woman on the background is TOTALLY INDIFFERENT, and only minds looking as good as she can, is it?

Smart, smart women.

Feryl said...

"Bill O'Reilly or Rachel Maddow wouldn't make multiples of what Molyneux does (in fact they'd probably make less). That world is coming. When the boomers pass on, the legacy media is done. They don't have any viewers under 50."

In a way, this is kinda sad. I actually think that being able to watch legacy TV is a sign of a healthy attention span. Problem is, much legacy TV is now complete cult Marxist garbage. The two generations that grew up with MTV and video games (and mostly or totally the internet) and cultural landscape fracturing feel uneasy about allowing huge chunks of "news" to be beamed into the hapless viewer's eyes and ears. Gen X-er Tim McVeigh evidently would shout and even throw things at the TV during TV news programs and reports. We're an awfully cynical bunch.

BTW, during the rise of Trash TV over the last 30 years, the presenters often don't even make a pretense of congeniality or cheerfulness. Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon are exceptions, and both are mocked by the cultural elites. Leno actually seems like a truly confident and happy guy who didn't shy away from making fun of the Left-wing excesses of recent decades. Meanwhile, the nerds can't get enough of manic Conan or the John Stewart smug scourge. Those of us of a more, um, unpretentious bent have lost interest in the lecturing and "ironic" screwing around. Could we have some more honest/earnest debate, or good faith back and forth. or rollicking wholesome rebellion against clueless "experts" and "intellectuals" instead (Gen X-er Tucker Carlson seems to be on the right track)?

Boomers grew up in the Cronkite era. They didn't always respect authority, but they didn't feel THAT much paranoia or cynicism. Especially when we did so many great things in the 40's, 50's, and 60's. Remember that most Boomers couldn't care less about anything that happened before WW2. To Boomers, Most things worked pretty darn good before the late 60's, after which a lot changed. A few things for the seemingly better, but also many things for the worse. There's a reason they were Trump's biggest supporters. By now a lot of Boomers are plain tired of decades of highly judgmental and toxic status games. They want everybody (but most of all themselves of course) to be able to relax, not worry so much about getting a fair shake.

Boomers still are seeking out advice gurus, too, and maybe that's also why they get into talk radio and TV hosts so much. Their generation type by far is the most zealous about investing in "consciousness expanding" regarding all aspects of life, whether it's politics/culture, religion, health, or careers. There's no such thing as overdoing it which feeds into crap pushed by charlatans and quacks.

Audacious Epigone said...


The magnitude of the WASP verbal advantage over heartland Germans--around 1/3 a SD on the GSS' wordsum test--is something that I've come to terms with but whose cause is still a bit of a mystery to me.

On the other hand, Trump did better in the primaries with WASPs than he did with heartland Germans. Just a consequence of Ted Cruz's Culture War conservatism? They obviously did rally to him in the general, probably more so than they would've to Cruz for whom upsets in Wisconsin and Michigan seem less likely to have occurred.

Parenthetically, does Trump count as an uprooted heartland German or a WASP? Ancestrally he has both, from father and mother, respectively. The circles he's swam in for most of his life are definitely more WASP/Jewish elite, but his instincts diverge from theirs and have more in common with heartland Germans and other white ethnics. It's something he seems to be consciously aware of.

Random Dude,

The Russian stuff isn't catching on. To the contrary it seems to be redounding to Putin's benefit inside the US, with public opinion/approval of Russia shooting up inside the US. The major media is so damaged now that everything it tries to do has a reverse psychology outcome--if the media says believe X, more and more people are instinctively disbelieving X and instead believing Y. There's an obvious boy-who-cried-wolf dynamic potential here that could end up being bad. We have a vested interest in an objective news source no such thing exists anymore. I know I'm not alone in generally going to foreign news (British papers, RT, etc) sources to read about events happening in the US.


Maybe, but I'm optimistic. How does Gab get shut down? Infogalactic? There are alternative browsers like Brave out there. Guys like Molyneux are becoming their own brands and there are markets for them that are too big to be censored out of existence, especially in a Trump administration--Trump, moderate as he is, seems to instinctively refuse to punch to the right, and that's all we need from the top to make big gains.

Audacious Epigone said...


Agnostic's tagline used to be something like "question everything, including the questioning of everything" or something to that effect.

Feryl said...

Trump's northeastern brashness turned off taciturn Midwesterners primary voters esp. further north and west since Scots-Irish heritage in America declines as you go further north and west. Fortunately, in the general election, the Dems far Left swing alienated virtually the entire South and Midwest (immigrant and striver studded cities notwithstanding). Ted Cruz's pious act plays very well with Plains TrueCons, but I have no doubt at all that his faux-reverse snobbery and ignorance to the Rustbelt("New York values") would've put PA and MI out of reach. Few(er) MN Dems would've crossed over to vote Cruz also. Cruz probably does still win WI and Iowa, though.

Trump, in terms of his affect and tastes, has NEVER felt at ease with America's traditional elites likely due to his Teutonic sense of unpretentious duty to industry and one's homeland/tribe. We don't have the same level of class corrosiveness as the Brits do, but our Anglo elite descendants still do have a great deal of snobbery as do post-WW2 Jews who've mostly assimilated to elite WASP tastes (or rather, Jews have gone up a bit while WASPS have met Jews half-way). Matters of verbal refinement, aesthetics, "enlightened" philanthropy and civic engagement, and association are the basis for sizing up one's status.

This kind of thing is less common in the non-coastal South, and comparatively non-existant in New Deutchland that stretches from east of the Philly metro region to the Plains. We pride ourselves on keeping the peace, not complaining, not being frivolous, and working hard.

Note too that verbal peacocking is tremendously important to Brits and Jews. Jews, Brits and their Southern hemisphere cousins are adored by Hollywood. The English speaking world (with the slight exception of the American Midwest) tends to associate verbal finesse with intelligence and refinement. That's not a bad idea, but it does tend to unfairly downgrade Teutons, Slavs, Meds, and orientals while elevating Brits, Jews, and Africans. SWPLS mock non-British/non-Jewish 80's action stars for being "bad" actors. Well, looking tough was more important than having a lawyer's articulation. I remember Stephen King saying that hearing Germans speak is like listening to a factory. That's an insult to Brits and Jews, but a compliment to Teutons.

Feryl said...

The magnitude of the WASP verbal advantage over heartland Germans--around 1/3 a SD on the GSS' wordsum test--is something that I've come to terms with but whose cause is still a bit of a mystery to me.

Innit because Brits and Jews came to place status (and thus, the ability to have and effectively raise powerful children who in turn would keep the cycle going) on verbal ability?

JH Kunstler says that in America, founding stock Brits we're rather unsettled by the large crop yields and livestock sizes associated with monosyllabic farmers with names like Hans and Lars. Teutons eventually came to dominate the fertile lands of PA and the Midwest. Eastern Jews and old-school WASPs never quite respected what the Teutons stood for. A Kraut or Swede probably couldn't even read his bank's contracts. We eventually saw "of the land" 19th century Midwestern and rural Southern populist movements, hostile to big business and cosmopolitans, that essentially were ethnic wars by proxy (Teutons, Slavs, and Scots-Irish against old-money WASPs and an incipient Jewish element.)

Audacious Epigone said...


The upshot then is that if the shit hits the fan, the heartland Germans will be in much better shape than the WASPs.

FlyingHigh said...

One of the interesting phenoms emerging in 2017-18 is that many EU countries, esp Germany & Sweden are succumbing to a Stasi-like layer of censorship. The next election in many EU countries will see the censors heavily blocking, filtering any unapproved narratives. We may need to establish a version of Radio FreeEurope to prevent Merkel, Juncker and Lofven from hoodwinking their populations with Leftist propaganda. Or to have a mass promotion of gab as a lifeline of suppressed reporting.

Audacious Epigone said...


Building our own platforms is imperative. That the alt right is populated by tech-savvy young men is a huge advantage here. Infogalactic, Gab, Brave--these things are just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

"Colonel Vaughn, How did that Sophie get out of the camp?"

Feryl said...


"The upshot then is that if the shit hits the fan, the heartland Germans will be in much better shape than the WASPs. "

Eh, we'll all be fine if kick out a substantial number of immigrants (and perhaps arrest stubbornly treasonous politicians, judges, lawyers, and CEOs). It's just that the East Coast will always have a greater sense of class distinction and pretentions of "rising above" prole culture. Whereas Teutons clamp down on people for peacocking too hard or putting on airs (anything that takes focus off of industry and keeping things in order).

The Clark's and Feldman's might give us shit, but without the farms and factories of the Rustbelt and the Plains, America wouldn't be the same. Thing is, the coastal elite won't shut up about how great it is that we've gone far beyond what mid-century America accomplished. Our finances are a mess, we don't make stuff like we used to, inequality has exploded, and immivaders mooch off of welfare and/or chop down wages and job openings. I guess we're just supposed to ignore that and tell ourselves that we too can rise to the top.