Sunday, January 08, 2017

Criminality by political orientation among whites

Stefan Molyneux's recent interview with John Wright focused in large part on liberal criminality relative to the conservative tendency to abide by the law.

My immediate reaction was "racial confounding, this is why understanding HBD is imperative to understanding society".

Yes, political orientation among blacks is less predictive of partisan affiliation than it is among whites--that is, blacks vote Democrat whether they identify as liberal, moderate, or conservative--but blacks are still considerably more likely to identify as liberal than whites are (for contemporary relevance all data in this post are from 2000 onward):

Ergo, it's hardly surprising that self-identified liberals are more criminally prone than self-identified conservatives are.

The GSS chastises me for my lazy assumptions, though. Even among whites exclusively, liberals are more likely to engage in criminal activity than conservatives are. The percentages of whites who have ever been arrested or charged with a crime by police, by political orientation:

Among white men, 35% of liberals and 27% of conservatives, respectively, have ever been arrested or charged.

These differences aren't huge but they do serve as a handy rhetorical rebuttal to the Narrative's insinuation that heterosexual conservative white men are the Real Danger to society.

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1,2), YEAR(2000-2014), ARREST, POLVIEWS(1-3,4,5-7), SEX


Sigma K said...

What are the crime types?

Theft vs THEFT!!

In other words theft vs violence. Are the conservatives being arrested for more white collar crime vs a gun theft.

Or are 2 people having a drunk brawl.

What is the predilection of conservative vs progressive?

My guess you will find higher rates of pedophilia/rape/violence in the 35% of progressives and less of the white collar stuff.

Audacious Epigone said...

Sigma K,

The GSS doesn't drill any deeper than that. It's probably hard to get people to talk about criminal histories in a broad social survey.

Sigma K said...

I hate basing things off of assumptions but...

What crimes are committed where? As in, 90% of all murders in Chicongo are done by black men 9% by black women and the rest is 'Other'.

Rural area murders are either drifters or family members that are disgruntled.

Where and what type of thefts. Based off of location we can make an assumption or 2 as well.

There has to be a breakdown of where the crimes are committed, we can assume based off of knowns.

Oye, we need an intern or two because we have so many factors to consider as I could go on but I need to finish this design for a new aircraft interior...

Audacious Epigone said...

Sigma K,

You're too ambitious for the GSS my good man. But it's suggestive and that's something, especially when it meshes with what is already being reported.

Feryl said...

We are all authoritarians now. Unless you're a symp of criminals, perverts, and cultural Marxists.


How is studying workplace/neighborhood demographics and then demanding that they be shifted to fit a certain profile NOT authoritarian? Why do hard Leftists societies always produce a hypocritical, indulged, and arrogant cadre of elites (the majority of whom come from comfortable backgrounds and are actively repulsed by gruff working class mores) who develop an abusive/one-sided relationship with the proles and much of the middle class?

And for the record, contrary to post mid 60's rhetoric about "bigoted" majorities enforcing association rules against the wishes of a substantial chunk of the population, the races evolved a natural and healthy distance from each other no different than apex predators co-existing by claiming separate ranges. It's only been in the post 1970 decadent and Jewish/cultural Marxist climate that many people have bought the line about the past's racial views being "dangerous" even though intra and inter-racial violence has worsened considerably over the past 50 years ('cuz blacks have responded terribly to coddling and Leftist conspiracies about a malevolent white power conspiracy).

WRT to the topic at hand, yes as we suspected Leftists are more prone to behavioral and psychological abnormalities. Why else do they get preoccupied with being the dupes and symps of druggies, bums, perverts, and other defectives? And there's a scale to it. The most Leftist president ever, Obama, is also perhaps the most neurotic. He notoriously could not get over his family expressing a fear of having uncontrolled street encounters with black male strangers, putting it down to "irrational" prejudice created by the evil white majority.

Hard Leftist paranoia is warranted since these people know at least subconsciously that healthier people/healthier climates have an understable tendency to marginalize and punish misfits. It's why Trump derangement is reaching such high levels; we didn't effectively clean and suture the wounds inflicted decades ago though we at least tried to in the 80's (which is why Leftists think the 80's are the worst decade ever). Trump and people like us our going to finally excise the gangrenous and increasingly vestigial appendage of Cultural Marxism

And there is nothing they love more than misfits. It's why we see so much talk about "punk-rock", that has never sold records outside of nihilistic 70's Britian. Cultural critics in decadent time periods (and Jews!) hate populism and art that makes people feel better and more powerful. I think Hitler would've preferred Metallica (sublime prole feed) over the Ramones (nerdy and repetitive alpha goy repellent)

Feryl said...

It's weird how since the spate of early 90's right wing terrorism the Left has gotten so carried away with anxiety about "authoritarianism". As if the Left has any right to judge at this point.

So it's unacceptable for conservatives, w/the assistance or at least respectful absence of Fed Gov., to support local community standards and policing that protect tradition and security by limiting the damage inflicted by agitators, criminals, addicts, and transients. But it's A-ok for a monolithic federal government, that despises salt of the Earth Americans and their values, to impose mandates that push diversity and weaken civic order in neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. I guess...where were we again?

Feryl said...

Also, at this point I don't really make any distinction between Federal and State government since cultural Marxist elites dominate both, unless we're talking about the non-Coastal South or lightly developed Plains and Mountain states.

I don't want St. Paul traitors dictating poisonous regulations and legal harassment to individual cities, towns, and town-ships. No more than old-school Southerners want Atlanta, or Charlotte, or Virginia's elites and carpetbaggers dictating things to other Southern places.

Enquiring Mind said...

O/T but related: Have you looked at where blacks are thriving and what the attributes of those areas and people may be? There is a drumbeat of bad news about blacks but there will need to be some consideration given to realistic policies to arrest the decline.

Audacious Epigone said...


Authoritarianism starts with an opposition to freedom of association. Within national boundaries, that opposition is spearheaded exclusively by leftists, and CultMarxists in particular. Plenty of cucks are happy to go along, but they aren't the ones pushing it. Even big L Libertarians aren't in favor of freedom of association. Gary Johnson is little more than an air-headed low-tax SJW. In a similar vein I recall relatively early in the presidential campaign some dopey study alleging Trump supporters to be conformists. You have to wonder if these people actually hear themselves speak. Vocalizing support for Trump over the last 18 months has been about the most contrarian thing a person could have done.

Enquiring Mind,

Not really. Black IQ estimates by state touches on it in broad strokes--the military seems to be good for blacks (or good blacks go into the military).

Dan said...

The "let's just break the law" strategy on the left is the complementary counterpart to cuckservatism on the right.

Imagine if Romney had said over and over to the horror of all goodthinkers that Barack Obama belongs in prison like the criminal he is for not following the law on immigration etc. I don't know what would've happened but it would have been great. I always thought Romney should have wrecked the dignity of Obama by branding him as unable to follow the law. Alas Romney only played 1D chess.

Feryl said...

Boomers and Silents who remember the turmoil of the 60's don't want to "renege" on the era's legacy lest it give Leftists even more excuses to cause trouble. Problem is, if you cede affirmative action, set-asides, discrimination lawsuits, and school/neighborhood diversity mandates to begin with, what chance do we have at staving off even greater manifestations of cultural Marxism?

Pat Buchanan and even Agnostic focus on repelling post 1965 new-American ethnics which leaves the black-tusked elephant in the room untouched. Mestizos, Asians, and Mixtecs leave a lot to be desired, but at least they don't possess the gargantuan entitlement and sociopathy of blacks. Besides, the pre 1965 considerable presence of Asians and Latinos Out West kind of nullifies the idea that these people magically don't belong in America.

A potent form of paleoconservatism/nationalism requires us to face the fact that blacks, especially in the presence of generations of cultural Marxism, are a huge threat and burden to not just whites, but everyone. Perhaps the most tiring part of this delusion is hearing Paul Ryan, Steve Sailer, and so on pining for the days when over 5% of blacks would consider voting Republican. The Dems can have 'em.
Pre 1964, the Dems were the white prole party and as such blacks were much less enthusiastic about voting Dem. Racially clueless TrueCons actually brag about the GOP's performance back then! When they were getting their asses kicked in general. After the Dem's knifed paleo-proles and middle class Birchers in the back in the later 60's, Archie Bunker's begin to drift toward the GOP resulting in the GOP dominating presidentially in the 70's and 80's. With one hiccup, Carter, a Southerner no less, resulting from Watergate and Nixon's unctuous personality.

Audacious Epigone said...


Mitt and McCain were both too hopelessly cucky to take advantage of Obama's animus against core America. It was there for the taking. McCain never even brought up Jeremiah Wright except to say he wouldn't make any comment about the guy!


Trump fits comfortably in there with Agnostic and Buchanan. In the former's case, it's probably just pragmatism, and in Buchanan's it's out of a sense of duty, in that they're a problem but they're our problem that our forefathers brought here. What else do we do with our black population? We incarcerate a lot of them at their most dangerous times, which is good as far as it goes, but politically it's a bridge too far to do anything else with them. The federal government could stop collecting data by race--it'd be bad for quant bloggers like us but would muddy the waters a little bit as far as society-wide disparate impact goes.

chris said...

@Feryl and Audacious Epigone

Offer reparations of say 100 000 USD in exchange for each black going back to Africa and revoking their citizenship for themselves and their descendants. With 100 000 USD they will live like millionaires over there. And those that refuse will be required to accept that USA offers them a better deal then they would have gotten back in Africa had their ancestors not been enslaved so they don't get to complain anymore.

The total expected cost would be 3 trillion. The question would have to be, is that cheaper than enduring all the crime and welfare and electoral costs of having blacks in the US.

Feryl said...

Guys, what if blacks become increasingly alienated (I know, at this point they're already substantially alienated) under a Trumpian GOP lead America? They already despise the GOP and white populism. Perhaps we're only going to see that much more war waged by blacks against cops, whites, and a suddenly right-wing "authoritarian" Fed. government. In theory that gives us an excuse to arrest more of them. Instead of just putting them in regular jail/prison, how 'bout establishing some territory in a remote area that violently anti-white/anti-establishment blacks are permanently exiled to? Lord knows no other sovereign country wants them and Africa already has enough people. Put a wall/fence around it and have it guarded by (white) LE.

One "solution" is blacks adapting Nation of Islam ideology and building a caliphate in concert with Arab Muslims, thereby marking large numbers of them as terrorists and providing a national security excuse for rounding them up. But that seems unlikely because, believe it or not, the individualism and hapless ineptitude of blacks means that they rarely organize anything effectively. Thus, the preponderance of Jews pulling civil rights strings in the mid-century. BTW, widespread adoption of Islam probably would be the last straw for Jewish-black relations. I mean, look at the understandable revulsion the ADL has had regarding the rise of Keith Ellison.

In the Untouchable era, Elliot Ness had to clean-up the decadent excesses of white organized crime. Perhaps in the new Untouchable era, Trump's equivalent clean-up job will be stifling the rampant hostility that white cucks and sullen paranoid blacks feel towards paleo whites. Unless we swiftly act to take the PC bureaucrat chains off of policing, immigration, and employment practices, as well as cut funding/tax breaks from cities, states, employers, churches, and colleges that commit treason against native-born Americans, we're only going to see more chaos.

Inevitably, we're going to face resistance if we try to improve things for our constituents. If the above mentioned subversives aren't pacified soon (or they don't cooperate), then we might see a civil war/crack-up/open insurrection by the hard Left-wing Pacific states or perhaps likely unsuccessful efforts by cucked Marxist metro areas to become distinct city-states.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

What we are seeing in America now are the pathologies of a long term media incitement campaign bearing its poison fruit. Borderline sociopath personalities in the Black community are 'detonating' -- AKA acting out issues with violence.

I've been on the receiving end of such political incitement campaign aimed at the American Political Right between Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Murrah Building bombing in the 1990's, so the signs are familiar when the American Left plays the game.

Here are some very important cultural and bureaucratic cues regards the incitement of Dallas cop killer Micha Johnson and use of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) as a political tool that points to them being a DoJ/Soros incitement front organization.

There is recent evidence that the NBPP are far better organized and cautious than normal for extremist black organizations, the Nation of Islam being a notable exception. The NBPP keeps detailed HR records.

The Houston NBPP chapter announced in July 2016 that they have records showing that they rejected some sort of membership application by Dallas shooter Micah Johnson, and told related organizations that he seemed dangerous.

Plus the NBPP also said a little latter in the same month that, while they would do an open carry of weapons demonstration in Cleveland (open carry is legal in Ohio) the week of the Republican presidential convention, this would happen just before the convention opens and they’d leave town immediately. I.e., they intend to be conspicuously gone during the period when less law-abiding types might be acting out in Cleveland and the Secret Service/NSA threat detection bubble dropped.

All this is perfectly reasonable, wise and shows due regard for self-preservation.

That’s the suspicious part. It’s too bureaucratic.

They have records? They use personnel management software? The NBPP smell white…SJW White.

Consider the following —

First, Quanell-X’s folks in the Houston NBPP chapter kept Micha Johnson for six-months without an ‘Oh HAYL no’ fire him moment. Texas is a an “At Will” no reason hire/fire state. You can get rid of folks for any reason or no reason. That is why small businesses thrive in Texas.

Second, Quanell-X stated publicly that the NBPP is a paramilitary organization with a chain of command that Johnson was blowing off. If so why did they keep him for six-months?

Texas culture, Black paramilitary extremist group, remember?

Third, a formal Sexual Harassment charge is Federal Privacy Act/Personal Identity Information. It’s release is a feloney.

A ‘grapevine check’ would have told the NBPP that Johnson stole panties and obsessed with an asian woman. Given the level of misogyny in the American Black Urban Culture — see most hip hop video ever made — “throwing Johnson out for sexual harassment in the Army” after a post employment background check, six months after the fact, is both highly suspicious and too politically correct.

As in, did the NBPP have a sexual harassment question on a George Soros supplied PDF employment form for Johnson to lie about?!?

That is all too White, too Social Justice Warrior, for words.

That’s three bells rung that don’t fit — Texas employment culture, Black paramilitary extremist culture, and Black urban culture.