Monday, December 19, 2016

MTV's convergence

MTV is one of many now fully SJW-converged outfits:

The putative logic on offer here is fallacious. To be valid, the corollaries would have to be the existence of "white lives matter" as an uncontroversial phrase, and the case of a white celebrity concerned explicitly with the well-being of whites being deemed perfectly acceptable. Neither things, of course, would be treated as such.

It's open season on heterosexual white male goyim. I look at my 3 year-old son playing on the floor with his Legos and my blood begins to boil.

To strangle the golden goose is to flirt with famine. We have plenty of examples of what places tend to be like without all these odious white men who are in need of fixing. They are the very places that people are evacuating by the hundreds of thousands at great personal risk, by precariously grabbing onto the bottom of semi-truck chassis and boarding rickety rafts to cross turbulent seas. The hoped-for destinations of all these other-than-white-men are countries built by the very same odious white men being mocked and scolded here. When we reach a critical mass of non-white men, incidents like the one in Berlin today begin occurring with depressing regularity.

As much as we white men enjoy being lectured by fugly shrews, flamboyant faggots, and bumbling black buffoons, we might instead heed the implicit advice of one particular man who--by refusing to apologize for who he is, what he wants, and what he intends to do--made 2016 his bitch:

Here's to you doing the same with 2017.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Perhaps not a coincidence but MTV goes full SJW when it is less relevant than ever. There's not even a "trashy but fun" show like Jersey Shore for people to at least make fun of. It seems like when media outlets or celebrities are close to fading from relevance entirely, they go full pozprog. Rose McGowan is a recent example of a celebrity going full SJW in order to grasp at least a shred of relevance. It never works fortunately. Would be ironic if MTV had to resort to playing music videos again and ditched their pozzed programming entirely.

Trump's victory is great but it's just the first step. There are a lot of pozzed institutions that will cling tightly to their anti-white and anti-male values. We need to make sure that shitlords begin winning elections at all levels from the school board to a city council to a state rep to Governors and US Senators. This is what the New Left did after the public decidedly turned against the New Left and their shock troops, the violent hippies who LARPed as Che Guevara. Now it's time for the alt right to root out the new left so your son won't have to have anti-white and anti-male values impressed on him on a constant basis.

Jack Burton said...

They still don't get it and probably never will. Their constant haranguing increases racial hostility and division which I agree with! They're doing our work for us.

Sid said...

Jack Burton - I have yet to find a Democrat in America or a leftist anywhere who acknowledges how much their anti-white male rhetoric is turning people off. Even when you tell them to their face that you're fed up with talk about whites going extinct in America and Europe, and how it inspires you to vote AGAINST those demographic trends, they just retreat into themselves and call their foes racists.

The MTV clip just goes to show how the left eliminated any form of retreat for white men. Not too long ago, white men could retreat into their entertainment: they had music, sports, movies, TV shows and video games. But over this decade, SJWs moved to convert these into lecture podiums.

Gamergate helped lay the groundwork for the social media architecture Trump used to get his message out during the election. Film franchises like Mad Max, Star Wars and Ghostbusters being turned from some of white men's most beloved franchises into SJ fests further galvanized white men, as did Colin Kaepernick's public displays of disloyalty.

Josef Goebbels allowed theaters to present traditional plays so that potential dissidents could have much needed escape from the Nazi system from time to time. The SJWs were too stupid to grant their opponents such form of escape, so it forced white men in America to consider their future, as they would have no escape from it.

vanderleun said...

Video has been made "private"

Random Dude on the Internet said...

> Video has been made "private"

MTV has done this before where they get too many negative comments/ratings and then had to pull their videos. Think about the MTV of Generation X in the 80s and early 90s taking down videos because of negative comments and hurt feels.

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude/Jack,

Stuff like this helps that cause. It's tough to think of a more effective recruiting tool for the alt right than a video like this from an organization so recognizable to our target demographic.


Well put as always. More broadly, the converged left can't help itself. They're in a position where they could just let the frog boil slowly but they're insistent on turning up the heat as rapidly and conspicuously as possible. The Pepe has a fighting chance!


Found another, this one from a pro-Trump account. It's probably not going anywhere.

Random Dude,

When I embedded the original video (before it was pulled) I noticed the ratio was something like 200 thumbs up to 2700 thumbs down--and it was on MTV's official youtube account. I'm happy to report that the last 18 months was more than one long series of flukes--the tide really is turning!

Random Dude on the Internet said...

> Well put as always. More broadly, the converged left can't help itself. They're in a position where they could just let the frog boil slowly but they're insistent on turning up the heat as rapidly and conspicuously as possible. The Pepe has a fighting chance!

The left feels bold enough to where they no longer need to use Alinskyite tactics of the slow boil. They feel that they can just put the pedal to the floor, similar to the rapid collectivist policies of communist countries. Hillary ran as an accelerationist: she wanted to continue Obama's agenda but she wanted it done harder and faster.

It is a testament to how powerful the left is and how pervasive progressivism is in our modern society. The left currently has control of everything: government, big business, education, and all that the right really has these days is talk radio and internet trolls. It's a sign of how sick the public is of leftism that talk radio and (to a much larger extent) internet trolls were able to pull off a victory just as the Democrats were ready to dot the i's and cross the t's to make the one party prog rule complete.

What is sad is that the GOPe was willing to play along with this. I remembered hearing from #NeverTrump cuckservatives that congressional gridlock with Paul Ryan at the helm would have curbed or eliminated Hillary's agenda outright and I had to wonder how turned around the "conservatives" were in this country to think this was a better solution than having a Republican in the White House.

Dan said...

The bit of cultural rot that pissed me off most in recent days is the tranny issue of National Geographic (Jan 2017).

That every single part of this new gender 'science' is simply wrong apparently troubles nobody over there. I don't believe these lie are as destructive as lies told in the service of multiculturalism but they are really frustrating to me because (1) they are trivially disproven if anyone cared what is actually true, and (2) nobody cares what is actually true.

On second thought, the lies told about sex and gender help to lower western fertility and are therefore very destructive.

Robert said...

White men need to organize. You guys should check out

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude,

We may be seeing how it's all stick and no carrot that keeps society genuflecting to the CultMarx convergence, though. To grossly oversimplify, if Trump converts the cabinet appoints we're skeptical of and the GOPe hollow men fall in line--which for self-preservation, they may do--it's not unthinkable that we have a dominant political party in the mold of Trump's campaign rhetoric/emphasis firmly in place in 2020.

On the cultural front, we need to be included in the Overton Window--that's it. If we get that, the sky is the limit.


It's the glorification of mental illness and child abuse by way of anti-scientific quackery.