Thursday, December 22, 2016

Feminization bodes poorly for free speech

Unsurprisingly, men are generally more tolerant of controversial speech than women are, with homosexuality existing as a marginal exception. The subsequent graph shows the percentages of people, by sex, who do not believe representatives of the following groups should be allowed to speak in public. For contemporary relevance, all responses are from 2000 onward. To avoid racial confounding (see here for differences by race), only non-Hispanic whites are considered. Sample size is 7,699:

One thing to note as we look at differences in tolerance for free speech across major demographic sub-groups is how, across the board, the highest levels of intolerance are reserved for "racists". When it comes to ranking these five categories of controversial speech in terms of the amount of damage and destruction their representatives have wrought on humanity, communism comes out way on top, but among WEIRDOs there is no greater perceived societal scourge than racism.



TWS said...

It seems there's one group that supports free speech.

Black Death said...

Too bad they didn't include "Feminist" as one of the catagories.

Santoculto said...

Women tend to more more collectivistic by ''two'' reasons

- they are more similar one each other in behavior than men who varies more;

- they are more neurotic and empathetic, in other words, they internalize more informations, specially informations or opinions of others about themselves and feel more about others.

Because most people believe truth MUST BE hard and unpolite, instinctively many women and some men prefer supress it than support.

Man nature, by now, tend to more ''psychoticistic-leaning'': more objetive, insensitive, confrontative, competitive. Man competition start with verbal insults.

Without men competition, intra and inter-ethnic/racial, the human world, in my view, would be less violent and tense, even i know women also compete one each other and sometimes in very cold ways, but this is not comparable with masculine wars, conflicts... most men still live at the philosophy of the stronger. Nothing surprising.

And women, namely white women, are more prone to be ''anti-racist'' because ''RACISM' is the fundamental core of this Trojan horse/ $((infestation))$, the primary sin.

Astrology is to the cognitively logic man as well racism this days is to the [socially and culturally] empathetically logic woman/ don't confuse with empathetically rational woman.

Audacious Epigone said...


Indeed. As the power and influence of that group wanes so do the prospects of free expression. Free expression, of course, is the exception over human history, not the norm. The question isn't what threatens free expression--that's the default state--the question is "what permits it to exist?"

Black Death,

Excel graphs look weird with negative values, so I'm glad they didn't!


Right. Multiculturalism is the new societal religion (to steal an idea from Paul Gottfried). The dissidence required for apostasy is a character trait present in some small sliver of men and a much smaller sliver of women. Women have a vested interest in accommodating whatever looks to be the winner, not waging a seemingly quixotic quest to stand athwart history yelling "stop!"

Random Dude on the Internet said...

The upside is that the percentages aren't that much different between the sexes. Not like the dramatic results we see with whites vs. blacks for example.

Anecdotally, most women I know are "Democrat Lite" where they are generally liberal but haven't spent much time thinking why, let alone defending her viewpoints. Most women eventually just adopt the politics of their boyfriends and husbands anyway.