Saturday, December 03, 2016

Diversity is Strength! It's also... opposition to free speech

The subsequent graph shows the percentages of people, by race, who do not believe representatives of the following groups should be allowed to speak in public. So in the first set of bars we see that 36.4% of whites do not think racists should be allowed to speak in public. For blacks, Hispanics, and Asians the figures are 41.4%, 55.2%, and 47.8%, respectively.

For contemporary relevance, all responses are from 2000 onward. Sample sizes by race are 7,751 for whites, 1,445 for blacks, 535 for Hispanics, and 297 for Asians:

Free speech is a white thing. Whether the speaker in question is 'far right'--as in the case of an avowed racist--or 'far left'--as in the case of a communist--whites are more open to discussion of controversial topics than non-whites are. Hispanics are especially hostile towards freedom of expression.

This is of course a feature rather than a bug from the perspective of the Cloud People. It's one of the reasons they've been working so hard to elect a new people. Independent thoughts should not be coming from the peasantry!

Not only does multiculturalism make members of all races and cultures hunker down more than they otherwise would if their societies were homogeneous, the specific kind of diversification we're suffering from is accelerating this process even more than heterogeneity in general would. As the white population declines, free speech will decline along with it.

The more diversity we take on, the less liberty and equality we will enjoy. These things are mutually exclusive.

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1,2,4-10,15-16), SPKRAC, SPKHOMO, SPKCOM, SPKATH, SPKMIL, YEAR(2000-2014)


IHTG said...

On a more optimistic note, the intermediate position of blacks in these graphs shows you the potential of the inculcation of values of free speech. I wonder how native-born, predominately English-speaking Hispanics rate here.

Audacious Epigone said...


The GSS asks whether or not a respondent was born in the US. For the question on allowing racists to speak, 44.5% of Hispanics born in the US say they should not be allowed to speak compared to 64.4% of foreign-born Hispanics. So it looks like native-born, predominately English-speaking Hispanics are more favorably inclined towards free speech than immigrants are, and considerably so.

IHTG said...

Hmmm, still more than blacks, but with immigration restriction and time, they could yet regress to a Rushtonian mean.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

As a former liberal, one of the concepts I had to break in my mind first on my way to being redpilled is that "inalienable rights" is a white thing and only a white thing; nobody else in the world outside of the first world understands or agrees with the concept. That is why we have wealth and prosperity and the rest of the world can't ever get into second gear. There is just no concept of law and order due to their high time preferences.

I just hope that thirdworldism as an ideology quickly goes into history's dustbin.

JayMan said...

Oddly enough I came across this Cracked article today:

What Free Speech Doesn't Give You The Right To Say

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude on the Internet,

As a former tradcon my experience is similar. That's why the so-called hot button social issues are just distractions now. We can deal with them down the road, preferably on a state-by-state (or more localized) level, but they're not important. Everything is downstream of immigration. If whites become a minority, classical liberalism is dead. It's that straightforward.


I think that link is broken.

Anonymous said...

This supports my supposition that the
"Authoritarian Personality Type",
which is held to correlate with
Right-Wing political beliefs, is actually a measure of the in-group loyalty,aggressive tendencies and social environment which is perceived to be threatening to one's in-group and consequently to ones self.
Change the social environment and the "Authoritarian Personality Type" appears or disappears.
This explains why a person can be for "minority rights" in societies where their in-group is a minority, and "Authoritarian"
in societies where their in-group is a majority.

Joshua Sinistar said...

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Audacious Epigone said...


The differences between civic nationalism, white nationalism, and white supremacy are often intentionally made subtle by our collective enemies. You are making them quite stark here, in contrast. The remarks on Jews and blacks are of course absurd.