Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thus Spoke Spencer

Processing the end of Richard Spencer's NPI speech and trying to figure out what to make of it, I felt compelled to drop in at The Z-Blog to see if he'd publicly expressed his thoughts. I'm glad I did. I'd be echoing his sentiments with less eloquence and precision here if I hadn't done so.

The rule that there should be no enemies to the right is one I respect. Spencer is not an enemy. Functional alliances are not predicated on the parties involved being in perfect alignment.

That said, let's consider some of the moving parts. First, the attention Spencer has received over the last week:

It dwarfs that of other leading Alt Right-ish figures. Spencer is now the recognized name--and face--of the Alt Right, and he's also now associated with leading a Nazi salute (claims that Roman military salutes were the intention are optically immaterial as is the fact that he merely raised his water glass in toast) to close out a speech where he urged people of European descent to conquer and destroy. The provocative use of the German word "lugenpresse" has been used in Germany over the last couple of years, but the connection to Nazism is what will stick in America.

Of course they'll call us Nazis, -ists, -phobics, and all the other deplorable identifiers regardless of what we say or do. But over the last several years, and the last 18 months in particular, those charges have become risible. The general public now increasingly dismisses them as indicative of empty virtue-signalling and hypocritical double-standards.

As these deterrents have ceased to any longer deter, people have fumbled their way to our ideas, our issues, and our conceptions. They resonate. They identify what so many people feel in their guts to be true about what the West is becoming--or unbecoming. The conference title "become who we are" encapsulates this perfectly. The meat of Spencer's speech is great, some of the most rhetorically effective stuff I've ever heard him say, and I've been following for almost a decade now.

White people don't want anything to do with Nazism, though. Nazism doesn't symbolize European unity. To the contrary, it symbolizes the most self-destructive, nearly suicidal episode in the 2,500 year history of the West. It strips away the empirical and familial foundations of civic nationalism (or white nationalism for that matter) and replaces it with white supremacy, and it's the team name of the losers to boot.

The number of people--normal, salt-of-the-earth Trump people--who are moving (and being moved by events) towards a sense of racial identity is orders of magnitude greater than the people who will look into a movement that splashes in WWII-era German words, gives the Nazi salute, and talks about conquering and destroying. And now whenever the term "Alt Right" comes up, so will images--real images, video from people standing in front of Spencer as he says "hail Trump"--of 'neo-Nazis' giving the HH salute.

Speaking of looking into the movement, untold numbers of potential recruits found their way to us as a consequence of Hillary Clinton's bizarre speech denouncing the Alt Right. Beyond the immediate news headlines from her speech, those who went looking found articles, posts, podcasts, and videos from Alt Rightists giving introductions and summaries of what the Alt Right is, what it stands for, and what it hopes to accomplish:

NPI's 2016 conference and subsequent theatrics have given even more attention to the Alt Right than the wicked witch did, but now instead of sending people to Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer or Jeff Deist to have it explained to them, search results will forever bring up video of people yelling "hail Trump" and giving Nazi salutes.

People will continue to move in our direction. It remains to be seen if the Alt Right is able to continue to function as an umbrella term for dissidents on the right as that dissidence fractures along fault lines of civic nationalism, white nationalism, and white supremacism.


Thursday said...

It was a truly boneheaded move. I'm doubtful that Spencer is a full on Nazi sympathizer, but talk of will and conquest along with the Hail Trump talk was appalling.

white person in a box said...

Yeah, re: Become Who We Are - that's one of the problems with multi-culturalism - I feel that we need to be left to ourselves, to /find out/ who we are, to develop. We've got all this awesomeness, why can't we develop it further without being shackled by having to give a f* about all the hangers-on. All that attention, psychic energy, to looking back. The phrase rings with me, too. I'm pretty sure William Pierce invented it though.

white person in a box said...

re: William Pierce inventing 'Becoming Who we Are':

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcLJv4FEB5o&t=6m45s listen for about 3 minutes - he doesn't express it compactly here, but definitely gives that theme.

Sid said...

I agree with all of your points. I don't have much to add, other than I imagine a lot of alt-righters believe the Nazis weren't actually all that bad. The left and the Establishment have been crying wolf for so long, that a number of alt-righters think the Nazis were probably like McCarthy or Pinochet: not nice guys, but nowhere near as evil as their Marxist opponents.

In truth, the Nazis really were that bad. They were some of history's most miserable, vile losers. I encourage every Russophile alt-righter to read up on "The Hunger Plan," and how some 3.3-3.5 million Soviet POWs were starved to death. Anyone who does this and then tells me it's a good idea to employ Nazi imagery and symbols is truly shot in the head.

During the presidential election, it was wise to keep a large tent. Now we need more discipline, because it won't be enough to just agitate for change.

Tom said...

I think the visual image will be very difficult to overcome. It doesn't matter that the it was the press not the jews that Spencer was talking about when he was considering that they "aren't really people". And I don't think Spencer himself is the issue either, he can personally explain away his toast and his "Hail Trump". But the salutes from the audience (and Tila Tequila?!) were more than enough to place the alt-right outside serious consideration to a great many Americans.

More than anything else this reminds me when Roosh V published his little thought experiment of preventing rape by making it legal in a private residence. His stated view was that this would make young women extremely careful about ever stepping over a threshold unless they were certain they could live with an outcome like that, thus 'preventing rape'. When the media heard it, he immediately became a "rape advocate" and no amount of talking would make it go away because his audience had scattered.

The whole thing (I think) is about knowing your audience. If you want to attract from the fringes then passion is a great motivator, but if you want to attract from the opposition, incremental messaging is the way to go - just like the left has done with their religion of equalism.

Start with a few simple incontrovertible statements, that all but your most vitriolic opponents wouldn't argue. Then bit by bit, bring in a greater portion of philosophy to a new, much larger audience, that already sees you as a credible source of reasonable information. That isn't 'selling out principle' that's strategic persuasion.

It could be that the alt-right isn't adequately positioned with the right spokesmen, to be anything but a fringe movement. Maybe they'll end up as a proto libertarian party of the culture war. Saying lots and lots of things that make perfect sense, but will never be seriously considered because they are too passionate about expressing their positions, don't have the right kind of messengers, and will forever surrender the better in search of the elusive perfect.

This event certainly pushes them that way in my opinion.

Steel T Post said...

Spencer should have known one cannot "Hail" anything or anybody but the cuckolding mother of the Kang of the Skypes, especially when such refers to a desperate pass in the Negro Felon League.

@Sid, yours is typical antifa virtue signaling, but you obviously haven't read Patrick Buchanan's "Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World." (Crown, 2008)

The Z Blog said...

In the 80's, David Duke was a nobody until the media realized he would play along and be a useful idiot for them as the face of what they claimed was the Reagan coalition. Even then, the KKK was mostly FBI informants and drunken yahoos, who liked playing dress up. Putting these guys up as representative of conservatives was never going to fly, but Duke was willing to dress up and play the role. Eventually, the media grew bored with it and he disappeared.

They tried bringing him back, but the years have not been kind and the KKK is an even more ludicrous bogeyman. But, it looks like Richard Spencer is willing to play the role of useful idiot for the media now. The video of his event suggested there were more media people than attendees.

Reportedly, one of the big shot media outlets is doing a documentary on him and you can be sure Spencer will be doing the talk show circuit. Maybe he knows he is a tool, maybe not. I'm somewhat torn on him in that regard. I've always looked at him as a boy playing dress up. The goofy haircuts and the heroic photos of himself he has commissioned are a just bit too precious for my taste.

I was fine ignoring him but now the idiot has forced everyone to talk about him. This is not the 80's and the alternative media has a big audience now. We can suck all of the oxygen out of the Spencer Youth Movement if we choose. He would be wise to lay low for a while.

Sean F said...

@Z Blog:

I agree the alternative media has a big audience now, but I don't see how it can purposefully choose to do anything. There is nothing close to an NYT-style editorial council to enforce The Narrative for this welter of blogs, zines and Twitter accounts.

Audacious Epigone said...


I've followed him for about ten years and he has a deep interest in the German right, in figures like Heidegger and Nietzsche, and the aesthetic. But I've never heard him identify as a Nazi or seriously hint that he is sympathetic. Maybe he's recently made the transition, but my guess is he was trying to be intentionally provocative. The upshot is he's now the oppositional media's go-to alt right guy.

White person in a box,

I assumed the phrase came from Nietzsche himself. I don't know about the specific translation but the idea is foundational to Nietzshean thought.


When Western history is viewed through a 21st century cultMarx left-liberal lens, the reaction is understandable. But it's not helpful. The only thing that killed more people of European descent in the 20th century than Nazism was communism. The self-inflicted civil war the West inflicted upon itself twice, when we represented 25% of the world's population, was tragic. At 15% of the population and dropping, a repeat would be fatally catastrophic.


Right, and the progress the Alt Right has made using the incremental approach over the last 18 months has been enormous. Spencer was actually one of the laggards when it came to jumping on the Trump Train. We need to use that train's momentum to our advantage, but making a play to take over the steam engine isn't going to work. It'll just get us thrown off.

Audacious Epigone said...

Steel T Post,

The problem with hailing "our people" using Nazi imagery is that Nazism doesn't represent European unity but precisely the opposite. I've read every book Buchanan has ever written and pinning either world war on Germany is stupid and libelous. Embracing Nazism systematically doesn't change this, it just makes the movement immediately dismissible in the eyes of a lot of people who are sympathetic.


I remember when Spencer ridiculed Jack Hunter, a race-realist libertarian radio show host out of South Carolina who cravenly disavowed all his deplorable beliefs in an attempt to gain DC respectability and stay connected to the 2012 Ron Paul campaign. Now he's nothing more than any of the other forgettable beltway types striving for sinecures in inept, innocuous think tanks and magazines. Spender seems to think that by going the other direction and becoming a caricature of what the Cathedral wants its opposition to be, he can gain attention and avoid a similar fate. I suspect he'll become about as effective as Goldstein as a consequence, though.

It'll be interesting to see how Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire, and Jared Taylor react. I haven't seen much yet, and nothing from Spencer, not even on his Facebook page or at Radix since the conference.

Audacious Epigone said...

Never mind, there's this. Haven't viewed yet but about to.

The Z Blog said...

The thing that really grates on me about Spencer is he seems to assume the rest of us are too stupid to see what he is doing. "Roman salute" is absolute, unadulterated bravo sierra. Those idiots were not celebrating the wit and wisdom of Vespasian. Just be a man and be honest and call it what is was - the Hitler salute.

Either way, I'm with Cernovich on this one. Spencer is a tool.

Sid said...

"yours is typical antifa virtue signaling"

Yes, stating that The Hunger Plan, starving of Soviet POWs, and planned exterminations of East Slavic and Baltic Europeans was morally reprehensible means I'm an anti-white crusader.

"but you obviously haven't read Patrick Buchanan's..."

I like Pat Buchanan, but he's fundamentally wrong about Nazi Germany's war guilt. He's right that Great Britain could have aligned with Nazi Germany, but doing so would have been against England's long term interests (as the Continent would surely have been unified under German rule, which would have thereafter left Britain forever at Germany's mercy.

He's also hopelessly naïve when he states an Anglo-German alliance would have prevented Nazi Germany's wartime atrocities. The Nazis unleashed a gratuitous, unnecessary amount of war crimes by any standard in Eastern Europe.

Audacious Epigone said...

Speaking of Vespasian, the words he allegedly said in jest while dying are germane. We need the slave whispering in Spencer's ear as he Triumphs with all this media attention.

Cernovich's warnings should be heeded. The media is trying to turn Spencer into a useful idiot. Having followed him for so long though, the idea that he is some sort of double-agent working for the federal government is mendacious. It's good that Cernovich has backed off on that initial accusation.

The Z Blog said...

Yeah, I'm not big into secret plots either. I think it is simply intoxicating to have all the beautiful people rushing up to you asking questions. The press gets that and they use it. Most of the emdia are attention whore so they can see one from a great distance. If I were running CNN, I'd have a crew following Spencer around 24x7. I'd offer him his own late night show.

Anonymous said...

You're about validating stereotypes here, right? Well, if you give a gay the microphone, why on Earth wouldn't you expect him to prioritize cosplay and self-promotion over serious strategic goals?

Anonymous said...

Amazing blog, congrats!

Giovanni Dannato said...

Some guy who claims to be face of a movement because he hangs out in DC with a think tank is a joke. I'd heard of this guy and his publications but considered him a minor player from one faction. It's intellectuals that try to take his route that have just been discredited and are about to be replaced with new blood. It's unwise to trust soemone like him who's made his entire career inside the beltway. By day he's some kind of white nationalist. At night he probably sips wine with government workers and lobbyists in NoVA.

Giovanni Dannato said...

At best, this Spencer guy is useful as a sort of ambassador in the establishment's stronghold, but he may have just outlived his usefulness or even have become a liability. Forcing Trump into a disavowal is demoralizing for regular working people who don't understand the under-currents at play.

Audacious Epigone said...


The hipster affectation, the intentional photo posing, the uptalk, the obsession with aesthetics... no, I don't see any evidence of anything here--let's keep this thread focused!


He splits his time between Montana, DC, and the rest of the world. I guess his publishing and editorships are pretty lucrative. He's not new on the scene, though--he's been around for over a decade and his presentation is genuine. He was more animated in his NPI speech than usual, but not by much. He's not an establishment plant. He thinks he can play it to his advantage. I doubt that will turn out to be the case. My concern is that he'll aggrandize his own reputation at the expense of the Alt Right more generally.

jnc said...

One thing that is important to remember is that the Alt-Right, until this episode, wasn't much more than a label used to designate fairly disparate groups which shared some ideas regarding political correctness, immigration and nationalism, but varied considerably with regards to the extremity of their positions on these subjects, and on their opinions on other issues such as social conservatism, size of government and even the relevance of race they could be completely at odds with each other.

In short, there was no real ideology which united the Alt-Right other than their contempt towards the mainstream opinion on the subjects already mentioned and towards the establishment in general.

This represented a problem for the media, which needed something more tangible to direct their vitriol against. It's no surprise that they chose explicit white nationalists, the most "extreme" of the groups associated with the Alt-Right, as representative of its essence. At his conference Spencer (and the attendees) made it easy for the media by doing and saying things useful for them to highlight and create a minor scandal, this was granted rhetorical legitimacy by being the person who coined the term (CNN took it further by stupidly saying that he was the "founder" of the Alt-Right).

For better or worse, this lack of clarity about what is the Alt-Right makes it easy for the people in it, who do not see themselves as white nationalists, to pivot to something else without necessarily having to disavow their previous views. Ridiculously, Cernovich and PJ Watson now claim that they are not, and apparently never were, part of the Alt-Right, despite the fact that there are tweets from a few weeks explicitly stating they were; now they are the “New Right”.

Given that the media was apparently successful in attaching the Alt-Right label to its most extreme segment, a segment towards which most people are conditioned to be repelled by, I predict that the term is going to fall into disuse. But the fact that Trump won by campaigning precisely on the issues that mattered to the Alt-Right makes it unlikely that the “movement” will disappear even if few want to be associated with the label.

chris said...

"The provocative use of the German word "lugenpresse" has been used in Germany over the last couple of years, but the connection to Nazism is what will stick in America."

I like the term 'fake news'. It is more modern and I think suits english a lot better than 'liar press'. Plus, it originates with the other side, (Google, Twitter, CNN, NBC), so you cannot be smeared with the association to Nazi's.

Giovanni Dannato said...

Yeah, I think people are overestimating the importance of this incident and this man. Like you say, if he stinks too much, everyone will leave any label he tries to appropriate or just end up ignoring him. Well, a supposed "no enemies to the right" doctrine undergoes its first big test. To see if we can let ill-timed loudmouths do their thing without taking significant damage from them. After everything that passed in the crazy election, I think it'll be fine.

Audacious Epigone said...


Maybe the Derb's preferred term, dissident right, will get some currency as the disparate groups that existed under the Alt Right umbrella start to splinter and self-identify using other descriptors. Alt Light and Alt West won't cut it. The former is too weak and the latter is confusing. I was optimistic that Alt Right wouldn't become synonymous with neo-Nazi and it may not, but there will probably be a lot of self-selection that goes on now. It'll probably get worse when Spencer lets the Atlantic make a documentary about him that is guaranteed to cast him as close to a neo-Nazi as is possible given contemporary video, audio, and textual editing techniques.


Yes, "press" is restrictive and sounds antiquated. It's more than just the press, strictly speaking (even if we include online content), it's the entire media establishment. The 2016 election makes it almost too easy to dismiss the lot of them.

Audacious Epigone said...


This is symptomatic of more than it is sure to come. Spencer criticized robocalls during the primaries as hurting Trump's cause. Saying "hail Trump", though, at NPI, does the same. It's salience is going to distract people who are curious about what the Alt Right is. They're going to come on this video before anything else and that'll dissuade the least intellectually curious among them.

Hail said...

"Become Who We Are"

This name may come from a song by a 2013 German 'rechtsrock' band, Sleipnir. They have a 2013 song titled "Werde Der, Der Du Bist" or, in English, "Become [He] Who You Are," though Spencer pluralized it to make it an effective general political slogan.

It seems that Richard Spencer understands German, and we know he definitely spent some time in German-speaking Europe in younger days.

Link to the song:

Anonymous said...

Your comments here raise an age-old dilemma:

What is the best way to work within a system of overwhelmingly hostile media control, of strong 'narrative' control (as we like to say today) that makes your side out to be essentially politically-subhuman?

People totally outside of, locked out of, establishment politics in such a system seem to have no hope at all, except fantasies about 1917-Russia-style social collapse scenarios... The 'Far Right' in the West in our lifetimes plays roughly the role which witches played for 'the System' during Middle Ages Christendom. Constant demonization.

And yet how soon we forget! Victory is possible and not just in theory... We will remember that Trump was subject to abuse rather similar to that which Richard Spencer is receiving today. We'd never seen anything like it. How did Trump win? Cautiousness and politeness-to-a-fault? No. A strong sense of tact? No. Staying on media-approved talking points? No. Groveling? No! Apologizing after every round of attacks? No. Letting his many powerful enemies control things? No... Trump took the initiative and pushed popular but heretical ideas, in a kind of 'Alt-Lite' mode, and always keeping some plausible deniability, but never gave ground amid the most hysterical and sustained political attacks perhaps ever known outside war.

Now, the NPI. Their highbrow, polite, suit-and-tie affair was framed as "literally" a petty skinhead rally full of "Heil Hitlers" by the press, which is really just a lie as lazy as it is crude and false -- the 'high-information' among us, including probably all those reading this post, will know it to be a lazily-made lie, but the 'low-information' millions will not. Many of the figures loosely attached to the AltRight "scene," since the term took off three months ago, have done the equivalent of (now, imagine this): Trump, with teary eyes, begging for forgiveness on national TV after the media accused him of racism for his deportation plan. RamZPaul, apparently, has come out to condemn the AltRight for 'Nazism,' "disavowing," seemingly cutting ties, for example (and I believe he was a former NPI speaker), for which he is now getting a lot of flak.

Nobody at NPI should, and nobody did, support overt NS imagery. A few people did so ironically (the Tila Tequila picture; everything she posted on social media seemed ironic at least or outright trolling, every single Tweet).

To answer my original question: Prudence would dictate to either support Spencer or say nothing publicly about the matter, because caving in when the media lies and name-calls is no road to progress, is not attractive to anyone.

Audacious Epigone said...


I'm sympathetic to your viewpoint but there are a lot of things that simply don't transfer.

For one, the Alt-Lite populism that Trump flirted with throughout the campaign actually is popular. There's a huge desire for it but a lot of PC-induced fear. There is virtually no market at all for talking about whites "conquering and destroying". Trump giving grief to protected classes who act like shitheads is something a lot of middle American whites wish they could do. Giving a Nazi salute is not.

Second, there is a question about Spencer's intentions. He's not charismatic or funny or quick on his feet. He shouldn't be a leading Alt Right talking head--there are other people who are better at it. If he's doing this for the attention grab, it's going to hurt the movement because he can't pull people in like Jared Taylor or Mike Enoch can.

Third, related to the attention this received, is that it's now going to be the top search result when people look for the Alt Right. Even after Hillary's speech the top results were from people on our side explaining it. Not anymore--everyone who goes looking is going to see Nazi salutes and then have to decide whether or not they want to pursue further.

What we're doing--at least what I'm doing in my humble virtual outpost--is more akin to the criticism we offered Trump when he waffled on immigration in the ~4th GOP debate. The Nazi imagery is simply stupid and flirting with it isn't like flirting with white separatism (which a lot of white people are open to intellectually even though they'd never say so publicly in the Current Year)--it's something almost no one, including those who are fully red-pilled, want anything to do with.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I'm hesitant to think this will mean anything in the long run.

It's the first time red meat has been thrown to the media but it seems like the alt right community as it were is closing ranks. The media will keep trying over the next several days to find another crack to open up and exploit but if they find none, they will just keep replaying the same old video clip until it becomes numb. As we found with BLM riots, the public will eventually glaze over if they see more chimpouts in public. If all the media has to go off of is that same NPI clip, it won't have enough juice to last. I'd say any political effect is likely over by now.

It's interesting to see who did punch to the right. Two main people highlighted here is Cernovich and Watson. Cernovich is pretty much a clown who will report on just about everything. He's an even less reliable Infowars and has been tricked repeatedly by the likes of Mike Enoch (Enoch spread the story that Hillary never gave speeches to GSB and Cernovich ran with it citing "inside sources" and the transcripts were later leaked). He only cares about the movement so much as he can profit off of it. Nothing wrong with that of course but he jumped because he thought his one man media empire was on the line. When he melted down, he spent a long time ranting about leaving one star reviews on Amazon. He only cares about profit so he's pretty much a joke now. Watson I think wants to have Infowars be a credible media outlet so he thinks that if Infowars is once again painted with the same brush as Nazis, he won't be considered a serious journalist.

I'm less than impressed with these two and the alt right will move on without them. I consider this just a bump in the road, giving us an opportunity to begin sussing out the losers like Cernovich and Watson so they can be left behind. I wouldn't call it a purity spiral, it's more realistic to call them growing pains instead. This movement is shooting off like a rocket, there are going to be missteps. Post-Spencer the movement seems to be doing the right thing so I have faith it will continue to grow and move on.

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude,

Spencer allowing the Atlantic to create a documentary about him seems like a really bad idea. It's going to be an hour doing nothing other than trying to portray him as a neo-Nazi who wants non-whites to be subjugated, and they're going to do it using his own words and actions.

I agree Cernovich jumps first and looks later and doesn't seem to have a real objective--let alone an ideology--beyond increasing his own brand. PJ Watson is more in the Milo mold and will probably naturally move away from the Alt Right now that we don't share a pressing, immediate parallel objective. That they publicly and reflexively punched right shows their lack of loyalty, but it also shows their sense of self preservation. That is not, incidentally, what I'm trying to do here. It's an event worth discussing, though.

Vox Day is a relentless self-promoter as well but he's more prudent than Cernovich. All of these guys know, though, that going to a media outlet on their terms is an act of folly. There isn't even any reason to walk into that spider web. There are other outfits that can make something far more favorable and substantive. Hell, Red Ice productions look and sound as good as what the Atlantic will be able to produce.

FlyingHighin2016 said...

Have weighed in on this @ Cernovich's site & am hoping it will be just a bad memory by December. The heart of the matter is how Spencer grossly misinterpreted the events of the past year. Yes, it was a great, heroic win for Trump & populist social media. BUT, it was also a narrow win by vote % (probably a dead tie once the illegal votes are removed). Trump is not invincible, the alt right not invincible. Spencer's group & his allies were only one small component in a loosely formed coalition, but he tried to take the mantle of leadership, then drive the movement car full speed into a trap. The lunacy should have been obvious as per other hatchet jobs on the Alt Right by msm creeps. Think: "Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me". As per our host's last message, remember this and never forget it-

"All of these guys know, though, that going to a media outlet on their terms is an act of folly. THERE ISN'T EVEN ANY REASON TO WALK INTO THAT SPIDER WEB. There are other outfits that can make something far more favorable and substantive"

TWS said...

It was a stupid unforced error on Spencer's part, unless he is working a double game.

Don't laugh. The feds have been quite successful with this tactic for decades. So whether or not he is a fed agent or not is irrelevant, he's managed to paint the movement as a bunch of Nazis. Literally Hitler, yeah, that's him and the knuckleheads who threw up the Nazi salute.

Now you can say We. Don't. Care. but three quarters of the nation just got a look at a bunch of hokey boneheads throwing up their hands like it was 1939. Stupid, stupid move. If he keeps riding this pony it will be pretty clear that he's angling for the David Duke opposition position. If he lays low for a while then comes back and learns something from this idiocy maybe he wasn't deliberately sabotaging the movement, maybe he was just stupid and allowed the whole world to see his ass.

Audacious Epigone said...


Well put. What most of us are trying to do here is issue an admonition, not a disavowal. There was definitely no reason to bring Trump up in the controversial "hail". We are riding on the giant's back. He doesn't mind mostly because he doesn't notice. There's no reason to force him to address us on a hostile media's terms.

Audacious Epigone said...


He's obsessed with James Bond but he's been around the block for awhile. He's never had this sort of attention before, though--he's mentioned previously how pathetically small the protest turnouts at his events have been, as though he wished they'd be larger, so my guess is he saw this as a glittering prize too tempting to pass up.

TWS said...

Playing to your inner fantasy is never a good idea. Unless you really are an ex-SAS agent who is working for M-I6 or Batman.

If you're Batman just go with that. I've never felt the need to play a part in a drama but I do understand it.

herfsi said...

btw, "become who we are" = david lipsky's book on the late david foster wallace "although of course you end up becoming yourself" :)

Joshua Sinistar said...

Yeah you'll never win if you play by the enemy's rules, cause they have none and they cheat. 99% of their game is words and labels. When "cuckservative" hit the Web, they shit their panties. Words are about all these losers have. Take a closer look at the 2016 electoral map. Its not a 50-50 split here. They're a lunatic fringe on the coasts in decyed and blighted cities. They used Millions of fake voters and let illegals vote and STILL LOST. Their BLM bozos are burning up their cities. I doubt even these dumb niggers will venture to the burbs to do this.
Trust me, they got nothing. They are trying to box us in and then split us up. They are trying a trial balloon of "New Right" Bullshit to split the more "moderate" off from the Hard Right. You're either in all the way or you're out. This isn't about political maneuvers, its existential threats to your lives and your families' lives.
This Roman Salute crap is to hide the message he gave about Whites having to fight for survival. This ludicrous "Hey Squirrel" is a stupid attempt to put the cat back into the bag of White Genocide.