Sunday, November 06, 2016

Staying on message for her

Headlines from RCP and USA Today, respectively. They ran a mere day apart from one another:

Are these people truly this incompetent or is Obama subtly sowing discord and confusion among Hillary's ranks? My money is on the former, or as Steve Sailer likes to say, that they're not even trying anymore.


Dan said...

Shit. Comey now says charges will not be filed.

That hurts.

Audacious Epigone said...

The FBI can't file charges anyway and there's no way the DOJ was going to do it. He looks like he was trying to get ahead of the Wiener news 11 days ago but has always been trying to cover for Hillary.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

As a reminder, Hillary dropped in the polls after her first clearing back in July. The vast majority of the public believes she is guilty. She will experience another drop at a time when she absolutely cannot afford to. Her being cleared does not help her; it doesn't hurt her but it reinforces to a skeptical public how trustworthy government institutions are and how they have become politicized. #draintheswamp will resonate more than ever. Trump's two minute advertisement is a nice contrast to the system working to let one of their own free on the other side. No need to panic.

Cicatrizatic said...

Comey's actions at every turn are consistent with him covering for Hillary.

First, he presides over an investigation that has been hand-cuffed by the DOJ, and dutifully announces, shortly after Bill Clinton's tarmac meeting with Lynch, that he does not recommend criminal charges be brought against Crooked Hillary.

In order to stave off an internal FBI revolt, and to prevent substantive leaks to the media before the election, he sends a letter to Congress notifying them that they are looking into the additional emails they found during the Weiner investigation.

To close the loop before the election, and clear Hillary's name, he sends a supplementary letter to Congress on the Sunday before the election, announcing that they aren't changing their recommendation.

Obviously, there are alternative explanations, but at the moment, this is the one I find most plausible.

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude,

Right, it's not helpful but it's not exonerating, either. It's a preview of what a Hillary Clinton presidency will look like--an unending series of scandals, calls for investigations, possibly impeachment, etc.


Exactly, and Comey's career is perfectly consistent with that analysis. If he didn't make some noises about Weiner's files, someone inside of the FBI would have and Comey would've looked like he was blatantly protecting Hillary. This was the best way he could do so and retain plausible deniability.

chris said...

Wouldn't the lack of an indictment also mean that Obama cannot pardon her before he leaves office, opening up the way for a Trump presidency to prosecute her without fear of violating double jeopardy laws.

Irate Eye Rater said...

I kind of... approve of Comey's handling of things? He didn't drag Hillary off in cuffs, but he dud take some pretty unprecedented steps in signal boosting the wrongdoing they didn't prosecute to the public.

The libs are pretty crazy over this election, to be honest. I'm worried they might do something stupid even just based off of losing the election fair and square. I don't expect that to be enough to start the party, but it's realistic enough to have me nervous. Their lady thown in the clink a month or so out from the day, on the other hand? That would have me calling up my innawoods friend to see if that offer of a spot in the bunker is still good.

In that context, saying "Hey, public! We aren't arresting Hillary, but here's all the shady shit we found, go ahead and take it into account when making your decisions" makes sense.

It represents a retreat from the rule of law, but weighed against "probably start a civil war right now", I'm not prepared to lynch the guy over the call he made.

Audacious Epigone said...


The investigation and indictment from the DOJ (which wouldn't come anyway) wouldn't be completed by January anyway. Comey may be doing it in the name of civil rest, but he's helping Hillary. He could've recommended an charges be brought and that would've been the end of Hillary and also would've defused some of the energy on the Dem side since she's guilty. I don't think many people would riot on Hillary's behalf, incidentally.