Friday, November 25, 2016

If all publicity is good publicity

... then Richard Spencer has given the Alt Right a lot of good publicity. He has in fact trebled the interest Hillary was able to generate when she mentioned the movement in a speech back in August:

Looking at the search results by state, I got a chuckle when I saw Montana, Spencer's primary residence, as the top result. I wonder if Whitefish has the highest per capita search volume in the country. At some level, all politics are indeed local!

Contesting the sagacity of the titular saying is that unlike when the wicked witch called us out, top search results included things from guys like Jared Taylor, Jeff Deist, and Spencer himself.

Now the best coverage we get is from Wikipedia--everything else is a total hatchet job using the NPI Nazi salute video as a starting point:

The Brave results are no different.

C'est la vie. What we lose in the intellectually curious we may more than make up for in non-conformist, contrarian young men full of energy and an insatiable desire to troll.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, stop being a coward.

Leftists are able to openly say "Kill all white men" and alt-lite babbies get nervous about a few harmless hitler salutes.

People need to develop a sense of proportion. Stop operating in the leftists frame- they want us dead and gone, consigned to the "wrong side of history"...there is no reason to care what they think.

No enemies to the right means no enemies to the right- I myself will not be making roman salutes or dressing up like some nazi biker, but even the worst neo nazi scum is better than the nicest, most genteel pro-white genocide individual in suit and tie.

Audacious Epigone said...


You're right that it doesn't help much at this point to dwell on it, but my concern isn't about placating leftists.

It is about recruiting people to our cause, the middle American whites who are vaguely traditionalist/patriotic/nationalist but not invested anywhere nearly as deeply as they need to be. These are people who are open to us but who do have to be eased in. I don't just mean eased in via alt-lite entry points, either--there are plenty of people who will actually find Milo more off-putting than Jared Taylor because of style, not substance. Across the board, though, they're going to recoil at Nazi imagery. Nazism has the one-two punch of representing both the ultimate losers (they lost, bad) and a caricature of white supremacy rather than the far more palatable white nationalism or civic nationalism.

As a single shot to garner attention this probably plays itself out okay but it shouldn't become the norm or the Alt Right will plateau.