Saturday, November 12, 2016

While we await the ascent

A lot to say about the election with an uncertain timeline of getting to it, so the subsequent series of posts may appear disjointed.

- Heartiste asserted the following:

That's undoubtedly a strong contender. Another possibility:

As pro-Trump as non-whites were anti-Trump. These people should
be scattered to the four winds, not grabbing their pitchforks!

And the one that hits closest to home if we're zeroing in not on cucks but on their allies, allies who maintain the alliance only for the sake of political expediency:

Romney, in his losing effort, did better with Jews than Trump did in his winning effort. Obama only bested Romney 69%-30%.

Trump didn't need their moneytheir public support, or their votes. He won without any of those things and now he's not beholden to them. It's not just Jonah and his moribund publication that has been left out in the cold, it's the (((people))) he cares most about who are on the outside looking in as well.

- Speaking of God's chosen people, let's give God's other chosen people a bit of credit for mostly coming through in the end:

Early on one of the many #NeverTrump's talking points that would ultimately be proven humiliatingly incorrect was the claim that Trump wouldn't even manage to win dark red Utah. In an effort to turn that claim into a self-fulfilling prophecy, they poured everything they had into an Egg McMuffin. The sandwich was subsequently crushed. Trump won the state decisively, garnering almost as many votes there as Hillary and the sandwich combined did.

- Pepe!:

- Pointing out that Hillary won the popular vote is like pointing out that a losing football team racked up more total offensive yards than the team that beat them did. It's nothing more than trvia. It's irrelevant because racking up offensive yards isn't the objective.

Voter turnout in uncompetitive states is naturally suppressed, especially so among voters on the losing side. When Trump won the Nebraska primary it wasn't because he was more popular there than Cruz, it was because Cruz had already dropped out of the race and so fewer of his supporters bothered showing up to vote for him.

If voters knew the popular vote was determinative and Trump had held rallies up and down the West coast and in New England instead of trying to squeeze every last drop out of Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, and Florida, the final numbers would not have been the same and Trump would've likely won the popular vote as well.

That's hypothetical speculation, of course. The rules must be changed before the game begins for them to matter.

Let us, then, continue to dance while they continue to wail and gnash their teeth:


IHTG said...

Romney got more of the Jewish vote for the same reason he got more of the college white vote.

Anonymous said...

The popular vote to offensive yards gained comparison is excellent. People are going to understand that.

Anonymous said...


Maybe. Not.

They're not done. They can't quit. They owe too much on derivatives, have engaged in too much corruption and hate us too much. They're not done.

Understand that after Israel's 1967 Victory the Arabs began to engage in daily small attacks by artillery/terrorism that by 1973 [1970 per Van Crevald] wore down the the Israelis so that 1973 Yom Kippur was a near disaster for them. Also the roof fell in to use his words on PTSD amongst the Israeli soldiers. The enemy we face thinks and fights much the same way [heh heh] and will not go away until annihilated.

This is your first battle and your first Victory young Sir and Sirs against Communism.
Don't make the mistake we made in 1989. They must be eradicated. They must have no power. They must not abide among us in peace.

If this troubles you consider that they've done us the favor of already acting in defiance of legitimate elections and have again turned to violence.


Audacious Epigone said...


Good point. Do you think on the other side that is why Trump got more than twice as much support among blacks as Romney did?


Without question. This is a stunning victory after a series of strategic retreats and outright defeats. It is an opportunity to turn the tide, but as an accomplishment it is nothing more.

The dancing is a way of using amused mastery to shiv them even deeper. In response to their lamentations we have to respond by letting it be known that we don't care

tjaden said...

The electoral college is one of the founders' policies that has prevented the radical swings in political power that have occurred in Europe over the last 100 years. It's one of the reasons communism and fascism didn't cross the Atlantic 80 years ago. It forces presidential candidates to moderate their platforms. Were it not for the EC candidates would run by galvanizing their bases. As you said, had it not been for the electoral college Trump would have spent more of his time campaigning in red states where the electorate would have been more amenable to a rightist platform. As a result of the EC Trump, was forced to campaign in more liberal states like Florida and Michigan, causing him to moderate his platform.

Of course this argument will not even remotely appeal to my college educated friends and family who are shrieking that the Fuhrer's reincarnation will be taking office in three months. I'm enjoying bathing in their tears while forcing myself not to shitpost epic Trump memes on my public Facebook page. I think the hysteria of the Trump opposition will advance Trump's standing amongst bourgeois centrists who Trump will need to win in 2020.

Audacious Epigone said...


I haven't been able to help myself with the shitposting. Milo makes it too easy.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the tribe who voted Trump, I'm going to enjoy my co-religionists sitting in the corner and sulking for the next four years.

But I should like to point out that there are certain Jews that Trump cares about very much: Ivanka, Jared Kushner, Eric's wife Lara Yunaska, and yes, Don Jr., half-Jewish wife, Vanessa (raised nominally Jewish), and progeny thereof. Look it up, Audacious.

Every one of Trump's kids from marriage to Ivana is either married to a Jew, or a half-Jew. I won't bother to 'kvell' about Stephen Miller and Mickey Cohen. On second thought, I will.

Quality, not quantity.

Audacious Epigone said...


Right, Trump literally has Jewish descendants right now.

My take: Jewish ethnocentrism needs to be blasted by the alt right. Ashkenazi Jews align (legitimately) with their European ancestry and intermarriage continues to reduce the distinction.

Joshua Sinistar said...

The enemy does not have any legitimate issues here. This land is our land. They must be removed simply for trying to steal what is ours. That pathetic sand trap in the Middle East wouldn't even take a single nuke without being wiped out. They need to leave. No exceptions. Europe is also ours. If they want to live, they had best take this as a signal that the welcome mat is gone for them. Hitler showed how much better life for Whites can be without the parasitic infestation. They had better realize there can be no negotiation now. If they wish peaceful coexistence then they better remove themselves from all our lands, immediately.

Audacious Epigone said...


It's probably not feasible even if desirable to get beyond plugging the leaks. A moratorium on immigration and natives breeding is the politically viable path.