Wednesday, October 05, 2016

There's a new game in town

If freedom of expression is something you value, ditch your current browser and use Brave instead. Ditch Twitter and use Gab instead. Ditch Wikipedia and use Infogalactic instead.

The Cathedral is being shaken to its foundations. The major media walls have already crumbled and dissidents have been running around the gatekeepers for years. Now the same thing is happening with social media.

The Alt Right hasn't peaked--the Alt Right is just beginning its ascent.


TangoMan said...

Ricky Vaughn was sent to the minors today.

I'm number 85,000 for a Gab account. I wonder how long the wait is.

What we're seeing playing out is going to seriously undercut how business-focused Republicans and even economists view business. No longer can they advance claims that business is value neutral solely focused on profit maximization. NFL, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Target, etc are all taking hits to the bottom line due to their insistence at being proselytizers of Leftist viewpoints.

This really does need to translate into the Republicans hammering Hollywood hard with tax increases, because Hollywood is very vocal about supporting tax increases.

Trump needs to replicate the Reagan PATCO mass firing in numerous agencies. The military has an up or out culture, well start there are get the politcized officers promoted by Obama out of the chain of command, then take a scythe to the Justice Dept. the various civil rights bureaucracies, the EPA, the education dept, the state dept and so on. This creates promotion opportunities for lower ranked bureaucrats and also for people not in the bureaucracy. Too bad about the derailed careers of high level bureaucrats, they're not entitled to lifetime employment while others are scrapping by as baristas.

Too many organizations have been coopted by SJWs and we need mass firings and the development of a culture of professionalism. Academia really needs this but that's going to be a very tough nut to crack.

chris said...

"I'm number 85,000 for a Gab account. I wonder how long the wait is."

I got one after a day or two and that was a few weeks ago.

"Academia really needs this but that's going to be a very tough nut to crack."

If Obama can write a "Dear Colleague" letter and threaten to withhold funding if colleges don't pursue SJW/feminist ideology than so can we/Trump.

vanderleun said...

Whatever is going on with this site is weak and feeble and not good. I've been signed up for over three months and nothing, but nothing has happened. Worse, when I try to resend the site notes the email has been taken.

If they can't grow and scale faster than this they will FAIL.

Good press and inability to satisfy traffic makes for a weak alternative.

Audacious Epigone said...

Right, the Trump phenomenon isn't about taking the artillery away from the state (anarcho-capitalist libertarianism), it's about turning the artillery around on the bureaucrats who have been firing the artillery. The state apparatus is there. Someone is going to use it. It might as well be us, and it might as well be used on behalf of the American interest.

The Trump administration should push putting colleges and universities on the hook for unpaid student loans. Lenders have to approve both the student taking out the loan and the institution it's being lent to. If the student can't pay the lender back, the school has to. If the product academia is hocking doesn't have the marketplace value we collectively pretend it has, the snake oil salesmen get to make up the difference. Academia becomes much leaner, smaller, and restricted.


Check your spam folder. That's where I found my activation information. Instead of going back and digging for it, just enter "gab" in your search function in your spam folder and it'll probably come up. It worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Also consider ProtonMail instead of gmail.

"We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. This is why we created ProtonMail, an easy to use secure email service with built-in end-to-end encryption and state of the art security features. Our goal is to build an internet that respects privacy and is secure against cyberattacks."

Anonymous said...

"If the product academia is hocking doesn't have the marketplace value we collectively pretend it has" - Unfortunately it does thanks to giving them a monopoly on signaling, though given the way the economy is headed that may be going away regardless of who gets elected.

Anonymous said...

To add one more to the list - is pretty good for secure email.

Anonymous said...

Audacious, who are you on gab?