Sunday, October 09, 2016

Second presidential debate

As a time capsule, a record of my live reactions to the second presidential debate, starting from the beginning and progressing through to the end. I use facebook instead of twitter because I can't multitask well enough to corral what I write into 140 characters or less while still paying attention to what's being said.

In summary, Trump left it all on the field tonight. Could not have asked for anything more from him.


Holy shit.

Trump is ANNIHILATING Hillary.


Rape enabler. Check

Sold state secrets. Check

Started the Obama-not-born-in-the-US rumor in 2008, three years before Trump said anything about it. Check


It was all over social media that Anderson Cooper's first question would be to about the 2005 video. The lying moderators said at the outset that only the two of them had seen the questions. Cooper's first question was in fact about the 2005 video.

Journalism in America is a JOKE.


Anderson Cooper to the rescue. I think--okay, okay, I hope--Hillary is about to have a seizure.


Not 1-on-3, Trump. You have the army of deplorables on your side. Shiv shiv shiv shiv shiv shiv shiv shiv. Hillary is bleeding on the floor.

Giving people insurance that's astronomically expensive and that doesn't cover anything is not progress. Premiums are up double-digits across the board.

Simply saying "you have insurance" that does nothing for those who have it is not progress.


Hillary Clinton is now like Julius Caesar. If he didn't win the consulship, he would've been prosecuted and likely executed. If she doesn't win the presidency, she'll end up in the slammer.


I almost forgot: Rigging elections. Check

Sanders' supporters, you can vote for Jill Stein. You don't have to be this corrupt, horrible woman's house slaves. She cheated your guy out of the nomination.


My big concern is about Islamophobia, too!

Not about skyscrapers being blown up, people being hacked to death on trains, people being shot to death on the road, people being blown up by bombs, people being beheaded in American streets, people being run down by maniacs in trucks--the murderers in all of these examples, by the way, are Muslims who killed Westerners.

That stuff doesn't matter. I'm worried about people who voluntarily come to the West to get away from the hellholes they come from having their feelings hurt.


Hillary thinks it is the US' responsibility to take in hundreds of millions--even billions--of 'refugees' across the globe. Google "gumball video immigration", lady.


Hillary wants to start WWIII with a nuclear-armed Russia over a civil war in Syria? She is the neocon candidate. She's never seen a military intervention or war she doesn't support.

Trump says mean things. Hillary is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and counting.


Hillary Clinton is bought and sold by Goldman Sachs. She is their puppet.


Hillary is talking about Abraham Lincoln. Someone give her an injection. She's losing it.


Russia doesn't control WikiLeaks. Julian Assange does.

This lady is just lies, lies, lies.


Russia doesn't want Hillary elected because he doesn't want to start WWIII and neither does Trump. Only Hillary does.


Hillary isn't Soros' friend, she's one of his marionettes.


Hillary is angry about Trump taking advantage of the tax code she's had years to change but never did because Goldman Sachs wouldn't let her, and neither would Warren Buffet or George Soros. She's an owned woman.


Not just all of Hillary's donors take advantage of the tax deductions. Every American who uses TurboTax or H&R Block does, too.


Did you hear that, folks? Your children are safe because of Hillary Clinton!


Hillary has to sit down in between questions.

Fit for the presidency? One of these two is physically unfit for it.


Russia hasn't paid any attention to ISIS?

Uh, Russia is the Assad regime's biggest protector and Assad is fighting ISIS.


Hillary, by coming, seeing, and killing Qaddafi in Libya, is one of the primary reasons Europe is being inundated by so-called refugees.

Trump says mean things. Hillary destroys North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.


Trump is absolutely right: Assad's regime--the Alawites--line up on the Shia side of the major Islamic split. ISIS is composed of Sunnis from Iraq and Syria, mortal enemies of the Alawites.

How Hillary is able to get away with saying Russia isn't doing anything about ISIS is beyond me.

That's the biggest lie of the night, and she knows a lot of Americans don't know the nuances of what's going on in the Middle East.


Good that she doesn't think it's prudent strategy to try to hold land in the Middle East now. Too bad she didn't think that when she voted for the Iraq war.


Trump calls out the blatant bias in the moderators.

They've probably both been visited by the Clinton campaign. Arkancide is a thing. Anderson Cooper doesn't want to die.


Hillary wants to be a unifier, she says. But she thinks one-fourth of the country are irredeemable "deplorables".



One of Hillary's first professional actions was to register Hispanics in south Texas to vote.

Yeah, that's pretty much the Democrats' plan for electoral success--elect a new people.


When Hillary apologizes, she expects us to disregard her comments.

When Trump apologizes, she just keeps saying "he doesn't apologize".

She is getting ANNIHILATED. This is fantastic.


Hillary let Americans in Benghazi die.

Then she said it happened because of a video, a huge lie.

Trump says mean things. Hillary has the blood of hundreds of thousands of dead people on her hands.


Hillary: "George W Bush basically endorsed me. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!"


Of the many things Hillary wants in a Supreme Court justice, someone who pays attention to the Constitution doesn't come up.

Couldn't squeeze it in, I guess.


Trump manages to mention that part of the Supreme Court's function--okay, it's EXCLUSIVE function--is to ensure constitutionality in the making and execution of laws.


Hillary's made tens of millions of dollars as a "public servant". Why can't she partially self-fund? She didn't serve the public for her own personal enrichment, by chance, did she?


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Trump got a small bump yesterday in the USC/LA Times poll and that is before the debate took place. He took a hit by about a couple of points and is on the rebound. Watch as they keep talking about the tapes as if last night never happened. The media simply can't help themselves, which is why they're being left behind.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

What people are remembering is the 'Hillary should be in Jail' quip and the fly on Hillary's face.

This is a sampling of Hillary Clinton fly jokes --

“It can smell the manure.”

“Fly landing on the corpse.”
“When Hillary was talking about a no-fly zone….”

"Lies attracts flies just like shit does"

“I think you do have to give hillary credit for not eating the fly that landed on her face… had to be tempting”

"My first time on live television. #HilaryClintonFly"

"Breaking News: Results show that Hillary Clinton wins debate, according to 50 different flies polled outside the town garbage dump."

There is even a photo Hillary-Fly joke on twitter showing Putin sending a Russian fly to land on Hillary's face.

Hillary is now a candidate being -laughed at-.

That is not recoverable.

Anonymous said...

Remember that her voters don't care about any of that...and that they vote for the welfare.

We'll see how the polls go.

Trump did do a good job last night.

One more debate in any case.

We can't bet it all on Trump in any case. If it's her C/W 2: People vs Elites.
If it's him C/W 2: Elites vs People.

It would be advantageous to have a President who doesn't hate us in Command of Legitimate Force.

It would also be advantageous to have her as clear existential enemy to focus our easily distracted minds at last.

But no peace likely either way.


szopen said...

A random thought: I was told that Trump is alpha male par excellence, and that women flock to alpha males; however, Trump is clearly winning amongst men, but he clearly loses with women. Why?

Cicatrizatic said...


Women want to have sex with alpha males, not necessarily vote for them. And even those women who want to have sex with alpha males, they often refer to such men as "jerks" while in the company of others. Female behavior is contextual. Women behave much differently when raw socio-sexual dynamics are at play (dating, sex) versus participation in societal activities (polling, voting).

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude,

I happened to be watching it on CBS. Immediately after the conclusion, the putative post-debate analysis was about the Trump tape, with one of the clowns saying something like "whatever Trump said in this 90 minutes doesn't erase the video". The bias was so blatantly over the top I don't know how anyone could take it seriously. Rah rah maybe, but seriously, no way.

The post-tape, pre-debate NBC/WSJ poll has Trump down by 14 in head-to-head. It's been a persistently bad for him, with Hillary having a 7-9 point lead in it throughout the general election campaign season. It's sample was +8 Democrat, so skewed a little but not significantly. Also 10% Hispanic, a figure that is probably too high for the general. Those attributes are standard, though, so we're looking at a 5-6 point drop from the video revelations. It's an open question as to whether or not that sticks, but Trump's stellar debate performance will probably help bring it back the 'equilibrium' we've seen. My guess is when another iteration of the poll is released later this week that it'll be Clinton by 9 points or so.

The LAT/USC poll is better though since it's longitudinal. We'll get the full effect of the video and debate early next week from that.

Mil-Tech Bard,

Polls show over 60% of voters think Hillary got away with criminal activity because of her position of power. That's a higher fraction that support Trump. So there is a sizable swath of people who want to see Hillary grilled but who aren't big Trump supporters. Last night probably pushed a lot of them in Trump's direction and/or away from Hillary and towards third party or abstention.

I can't imagine Trump having lost a single vote from the debate. No one planning to vote for him beforehand could have changed his mind after that hour and a half. Not so with Hillary.


Right, whatever the outcome the centrifugal force continues to push the country apart on all the familiar dimensions. We get closer to secession either way. The cuckservative GOPe can't recover after this irrespective of whether Trump gets blown out, loses closely, or wins. That toothpaste isn't going back in the tube. Hillary's approval rating, if elected, will be under 50% and will never get above that in the course of her presidency.


Cicatrizatic nails it. A lot of women hate how they're controlled by the tingle, and when they're completely distanced from it, they'll take that frustration out on the objects who create activate said tingle. There are a lot of women who will spew venom at Trump through their TVs who would swoon for him if they spent a little time together.

Anonymous said...

For better or worse, I learned something watching Bill Clinton compartmentalize the various scandals in his tenure as he worked through governing. Last night, I learned alot about Mr. Trump sticking to the fight, and counter attacking. To be fair, "borders and better trade" won me right off the bat. But, and I am from St. Louis, Mr. Trump is swaying people; many younger voters never heard of the Clinton Era scandals.

Audacious Epigone said...


Encouraging to hear you say that. It's probably lost on Trump and a lot of his advisers.

It's cliched to say that for millennials, history started yesterday. On the issue of same-sex marriage, for example, stating that no one in the world thought it made sense a generation ago and most people in the world still don't think it does has no effect on most of them. They're that certain in their moral righteous even though they're uncertain on everything else.

Additionally, the zeitgeist has moved a lot in the two decades since Bill was president. His scandals look a lot worse now than they did at the time.

Trump was prudent to hit it and hit it hard. No reason to relent now.

Dan said...

The reality distortion field of American media is something else.

The media has spent the last 20 years working to celebrate the every manner of sexual deviancy, and then in an instant we are Victorian England. Bruce Jenner claims to be a woman and is lionized by the same media that rips Trump for locker room talk.

Dan said...

As for the debate, same reality distortion field. If Trump does badly, big story, if Trump does well, no story.

In 2012, Romney was mocked for being paranoid about Russia. Now Russia is the enemy and Trump is supposedly in bed with Putin.

But as I've said before, the cosmic order seems to be for Dems to whack Republicans with a 2x4 and then for GNON to whack Dems with a 2x4.

For example, Repubs voted pointlessly to repeal Obamacare hundreds of times. Meanwhile Obamacare collapses under the forces of GNON.

Audacious Epigone said...


And Repubs apologize and beg forgiveness, offering the blood sacrifice of someone to their right, for having correctly predicted what GNON would do.

Dan said...

Yes, Republicans shoot at their own side as soon as the battle gets hot.

All you have to do is... nothing. If these cuckservatives don't want to defend Trump, all they have to do say is, "no comment".