Friday, October 07, 2016

Newspapers are no longer businesses, they're propaganda outlets of the Cathedral

Just as the failing New York Times was purchased by Carlos Slim of Mexican-based Telmex, the Washington Post was bought by Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame. Both operations continue to lose money without any prospect of long-term, self-sustaining economic viability.

It's wrong to look at them as individual business entities. That's no longer what they are. They are now public relations departments and marketing departments owned by and in service to the Cathedral. Their purpose isn't to make money, it's to protect the power of those on the inside. These newspapers live by the grace of their death-angel investors, investors who keep them alive not to make money directly from them, but to use as enormous and relatively cheap press agents who still enjoy the perception of objectivity among some fraction of the public (the geriatric fraction, mostly).

Today offers a trenchant illustration of one of these Cathedral marketing outlets in action.

Just hours after WikiLeaks released Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs transcripts, the Washington Post--presumably in coordination with the Clinton campaign--responded by releasing a video from 2005 of Trump entertaining some guys by indulging in locker room talk that overshadowed the WikiLeaks' release.

In the video Trump talks about going after married women, getting pussy, and leveraging fame. He does so while in a relationship with his current wife, Melania (it's unclear to me whether or not they were married at the time--it occurred either just months before or just months after they were married):

This is the kind of thing men joke about with other men when women aren't around. Pithily, it is the way of men. I played Aussie Rules for five years and this kind of banter was all I ever heard during warm-ups and pregame.

It's harmless stuff. In fact, for a lot of men, it's cathartic. In an increasingly feminized world where men have fewer and fewer venues in which they are able to interact exclusively with other men, they're forced to communicate using female-friendly language. Mixed-sex groups invariably move towards female norms of behavior and away from male norms of behavior, so the breakdown of gender barriers inexorably leads towards the breakdown of masculinity itself.

The electoral optics, though, are bad. Mike Pence did yeoman's work bringing cuckservatives and Churchians straddling the AntiTrump and NeverTrump positions into the god-emperor's camp when he schooled Tim Kaine earlier this week.

Now that's compromised. Married women, the plurality of whom are planning to vote for Trump, don't like hearing this stuff (at least not hearing it described--when they're the intended targets, things get a little more *ahem* nuanced).

The rest of the owned media amplified coverage of the video while downplaying or outright ignoring the WikiLeaks' release. A presidential candidate engaging in crass frat talk about carpet-grabbing from over a decade ago is a big deal. A presidential candidate revealing that she dreams of a world without borders is not.

Who? Whom? That's all you really need to know.

++Addition++While the major media may be obsessing over the Trump video, the real world is more interested in what Julian Assange revealed. WikiLeaks is generating more social media interest than all the other topics, including Trump and cuckbaby Ryan, combined:


chris said...

That wasn't all that was leaked.

IHTG said...

^That's a repost from August.

Anonymous said...

You want to live in a country where men have all the men-only spaces they want? Go live in a Muslim country.

Anonymous said...

"Pithily, it is the way of men."

Yes, but it is not the way of cucks and betas...

We need more black riots and terror attacks. And fast.

Audacious Epigone said...


That's a false dichotomy. For Joe-bag-of-donuts, there is not a single space in his life where he regularly exists exclusively in the company of other men. Video gaming and watching sports are the closest things men have, and those are both suboptimal, masturbatory environments. It's psychologically and culturally emasculating.

Audacious Epigone said...


This was obvious a response to WikiLeaks. No news organization releases something it wants to maximize attention with on a Friday afternoon. It was ready to go whenever WikiLeaks went.

Fortunately, we are still a month out. As they say, a week is an eternity in politics. We still have four of them and two more debates. There will be 20 other election-influencing storylines between this and election day.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

This is definitely a "break glass in case of emergency" type of story. Of course, the timing of this story is such that on Monday, they will be moving on to talking about the second debate. If they were hoping this would sink Trump, the timing could not be worse. Besides, media fueled Trump "controversies" only have a 3-4 day shelf life anyway. Debate or not, everyone will have moved on by Tuesday.

tanabear said...

If Donald Trump were running as a Democrat and this story broke, it would be framed in a way to show that we have yet to overcome our Puritanical past and we still have far to go.

But really...aren't there more obscene things in 50 Shades of Grey, the most popular book among women probably ever, than in this little recording.

BS Rules the World!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, true.

I think we're finally starting to get a taste of what the Russian people felt like under Communist rule...

-DissidentRight aka Anon2

Anonymous said...

This was always going to be in his past and character. Now we get to see who cares about policies, and who cares about things like this... JFK's another who would've said worse.

Anonymous said...

"You want to live in a country where men have all the men-only spaces they want? Go live in a Muslim country. " - Why bother, you're bringing them to us.

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude,

Right, as a lead story it'll be gone by next mid-week--gone by Sunday evening even if it's not mentioned in the debate, which I suspect it won't be because Trump's done the dignity-retaining apology and it'll provide him an easy opening to go after Hillary's rape enabling.

It will linger in tv and radio ads through November, though (which I realize I haven't heard since 2012, as I no longer ever listen to radio or watch tv). It's a slow bleed wound. The question is how much leakage there will be.


Great rhetorical point. I've been using Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, but 50 Shades is even better. Pop culture generally 'glorifies' all this stuff. It's considered ok to indulge ourselves in it because it's masturbatory. Well, a private conversation with a few other men and not in the company of any women is equally masturbatory.

Sigma K said...

I have been saying either 50 Shades or Sex and the City.

I loved/hated how more women than men actually defended his statements. Also the fact the religious folks are sticking by Trump.

It has shown me how truly reprehensible manlet cucks have become.

Joshua Sinistar said...

I always thought Bezos was a fraud and an idiot and now its obvious he is that and more. Dead tree wood pulp has no market at all. Even the media teleprompter wigheads don't read this fishwrap. In fact its not even fishwrap either. Carlos Slim got nothing for his money. The New York Times can't give it away anymore. They're talking taking down paywalls cause nobody wants it anymore. The Daily Paper is long since dead, and cable isn't far behind. These losers are so stupid. As they lose subscribers they keep hiking the rates, and lose even more. Meanwhile the filth and garbage is sewer level bad. The whole media is crashing and burning. Even if they get the UN to shut and close the Net to dissidents, its too late. All that would do now, is close the release valve that angry people use to vent, and create a giant pressure cooker guaranteed to explode.
The bankers and globalists are sweating. They're not used to losing. This hasn't happened since 1929 when Hitler won the Chancellory in Germany. This time they have nowhere to run to and no one to fight for them. Their time is up. They can keep doubling down, but the downward spiral cannot be stopped. These dummies went too far again, and this time they have no escape plan.

Audacious Epigone said...

Sigma K,

Is there a specific scene or episode from Sex and the City that is especially relevant? I've never seen or read anything from any of the examples I've used but I assume there's a surfeit of comparable stuff. Looking at Trump's facebook page, his apology is getting an enormous amount of play from his supporters. That's not a perfect gauge, of course, but given what has transpired, he handled it the best he could have.


Even if they win this battle (the general election), their prospects in the war look grim. All the structural changes you mention aren't going away, they're only going to accelerate.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

Audacious Epigone,

My impression of Trump's "Naughty Wordgate" kerfuffle --

The first rule of negative campaigning is that it reduces voter participation to only the most committed.

Hillary is absolutely the worst Democratic Presidential candidate possible in this election cycle for Democratic base voter turn out.

IOW, she has a much smaller number of absolutely committed voters than Trump, who are far more minority, simply based on Primary turn out numbers.

The most committed to this election cycle vote are

1. Trump Supporters,
2. Former Bernie Sanders supporters who hate Hillary.

The reason all the GOPe types jumped ship on Trump is that they are trying to reduce GOP base and particularly pro-Trump infrequent voter turn out more than Hillary's will be reduced from Bernie die hards.

Again, IMO, I don't think this will work.

The election night surprises when Trump wins will be huge, simply based on disproportionate populist voter turn out.

Cicatrizatic said...

The media has created conditions under which, if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will widely be perceived as illegitimate. As the Gallup survey demonstrated (only 32% of Americans trust the media), the media is already viewed as such, and as their candidate, she will inherit this stain. The combination of FBI/Justice Department corruption with the media's all out assault on Trump has totally de-legitimized the process. If Trump is elected, he too will be perceived as illegitimate by a large portion of the country, due to the incessant Hitler comparisons and the claims that he is colluding with the Russians to rig the election.

I don't think there is any parallel for this in recent US history. The 2000 election was controversial, but the electoral college process has been the system for 200 years, and the Florida vote-count controversy was resolved by the Supreme Court, an institution that - at the time - was largely trusted by the most of the country.

It is also becoming increasingly likely that the Republican Party will start to implode if Trump loses. There is no doubt that they will return to their globalist platform. They will view his loss as a repudiation of every element of nationalism - they will pass TPP and will collude with Clinton to pass amnesty and go to war in Syria. Not to mention that fallout that will occur in the wake of the next financial crisis, which may occur in 2017.

If Trump loses, I just can't imagine a scenario in which the pendulum does not violently swing back to globalism. They are not going to try and incorporate elements of nationalism into their platform, they will reject it entirely. And I also can't imagine that the masses that turned out to vote from Trump in the primaries and the general election are just going to go along with a Marco Rubio-esque candidate in 2020.

I'm not counting Trump out, but it's going to take a very impressive debate performance combined with a skillful maneuvering of the next 4 weeks for him to win.

Audacious Epigone said...

Mil-Tech Bard,

That assumes that the election returns will be legitimate. It'll be easy for the vote counting to be rigged, with active collusion from the media and effective collusion from pre-election polling.


A Rubio-style candidate won't win in 2020. I've been saying for years that I doubt another Republican president will be elected in our lifetimes. This is the best shot the party has. The demographics keep getting worse and Hillary is about the worst candidate imaginable. If Democrats win now, they can win indefinitely.

That said, if Hillary is elected, she'll begin with an approval rating under 50% and I suspect through the course of her entire presidency it will never go above that 50%. As state's begin defaulting on pension obligations what's left of Middle America will think of the federal government as less and less legitimate, and the seeds of secession will be watered.

Anonymous said...

one thing I wondered when watching the trump pussy talk video, that no one has addressed. technologically, how was it made? the video shows the outside of the bus, with the conversation inside of the bus being recorded. then, the door opens, and seamlessly, the video then picks up with trump and bush outside of the bus, and the conversation outside of the bus continues.

how is that done, and more particularly' how is it done by accident? in other words' the microphone was sync' d with the handheld camera when it was miles away (when the busride started-at trump's hotel, presumably), it was then on when the bus approached the drop off point (and camera), then I suppose just continued to record as the party walked down the hallway and the film ended.

I don't know anything about tv recording technology, so this may be entirely pedestrian; but the seamlessness of the recording through the several conditions (inside the bus when it was a hundred yards away, inside the bus as they opened the door, then as they walked down the hall, trading positions and the Mike) surprised me.


Audacious Epigone said...

I don't have any video production knowledge either. It's easy to sync cameras and microphones, though. If that's what was done, as I assume was the case, it was of course highly illegal if Trump wasn't informed of it beforehand.

Mil-Tech Bard said...

>>It'll be easy for the vote counting to be rigged, with active collusion from the media and effective collusion from pre-election polling.

We are not there yet.


But not yet.

The issue at hand is if elections are illegitimate, violence become the only legitimate form of political expression.

And the Left does not have enough guns.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

> As state's begin defaulting on pension obligations what's left of Middle America will think of the federal government as less and less legitimate, and the seeds of secession will be watered.

In my opinion secession is inevitable anyway even if Trump gets elected. Donald Trump's reforms buy white people an additional 20 years or so of a (relatively) high quality of living. Post 1965 demographic realities will strike as the 1965-2015 nonwhite immigrant birthrates continue to be well above the white birthrate. So the "browning" of America will slow down but it will continue, unless there is another white baby boom that places the white birth rate well above their current rates, which I doubt. The other alternative, deportation of legal immigrants from 1965-2015, is even less likely.

Clinton is an globalist accelerationist where totally open borders and totally free trade can't come soon enough. So it comes down to majority-minority by 2035 under Clinton vs. 2055 under Trump. I know which one I'd pick but it's still a dark road ahead of us...unless the average white person turns fashy and does begin deporting the post 1965 legal immigrants. I sincerely doubt that will ever happen. That leaves us with turning into Latin America or we begin breaking apart the United States. That does seem more likely unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

As RamZPaul points out in his current video the First Amendment forces (for now) the system to farm out oppression to NGOs/corporations. They can't put you in jail directly (for now) for words like they do in most of Europe. The next step is to go after the hosts and servers where anything politically incorrect is allowed (mostly anything that opposes the extermination of white people).

The real battle is always in the streets, not in the media or politics or the internet. If you won't fight you're going to be f***ed, that's the iron law of history. Justice and democracy are just thin veneers over this savage reality that only work when there is broad agreement in society. They don't work in a multiracial, multicultural empire. This is what the cucks pretend not to understand, they make a living by selling the interests of their overwhelmingly white constituents to the highest bidder, but soon even the dumbest Freeper will understand that in a multiracial empire groups who don't organize and scramble for everything they can get are going to be robbed blind. The left/Dems are openly and virulently racist against whites, the Repubs/Cons are trapped by their past actions and rhetoric - it's too late to actually support their dwindling number of white constituents and they'll never win the gibs/white-hating vote. They have no choice but to double down on collaboration. Then eventually shoot out the lights, grab the money and run.