Sunday, September 11, 2016

Who the Hill would replace her?

Steve Sailer's been asking about the feasibility of Hillary stepping down. Around 20 states have already finalized their ballots so such an action would require an enormous amount of rule-breaking. That's her forte so maybe it's a viable option anyway.

What seems more 'problematic' from Team Clinton's perspective is the assumption everyone considering Hillary stepping down seems to be making, that Tim Kaine would naturally take her spot at the top of the ticket.

Many Bernie supporters were, to put it mildly, dissatisfied with the nomination process but will end up voting for Hillary anyway. After all, the birdman himself is committed to doing so, so they can hold their noses and do the same.

But by falling in line when he represented a minimum of 45% of primary and caucus voters--quite possibly more given the DNC rigging--how would those reluctant Hillary-voting Bernie supporters take their man being passed over again and the nomination being given to Kaine if Hillary drops out? Had Kaine competed in the primaries, he would've been neck-and-neck with Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee at 1%-2% of the vote. He's a non-entity.

Giving the nomination to Elizabeth Warren would be even more conspicuously undemocratic. While she's more popular among Bernie supporters than Kaine is, she's not Bernie, she didn't run for the presidency, and she wasn't even picked for the VP spot by the person who won the nomination.

Tangentially, "basket of deplorables" is a staggeringly stupid phrase for Hillary to have employed. "Basket" is a word that brings an old maid at a retirement home to mind, right as it's becoming difficult for Hillary to speak or walk without assistance. "Deplorables" isn't a noun (until now--and Hillary owns the credit for it becoming one, to the unending delight of her opposition everywhere). By superciliously dismissing the concerns of a roughly a quarter of the electorate, the contrast with Trump's "I am your voice" couldn't be any starker.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Hillary fainted this morning at the 9/11 ceremony. Whether the campaign likes it or not, her poor health is going to be the primary focus from here on out. She can no longer go back on Kimmel and open up another jar of pickles in hopes that she would dissuade the rumors.

I believe Hillary will campaign no matter what, even if she has to have bed rest for 20 hours a day. She's wanted this job her entire life, stuck by her cheating husband, and done numerous favors for the right people all for the opportunity to run as President. I do see her clearing her already sparse campaign calendar for more rest and preparation against a high energy candidate such as Donald Trump.

Hillary assumed that the election was going to be a formality or at worst, go up against someone like Jeb Bush. She likely assumed that Trump would crash and burn all on his own with little effort on her part. However he's helped flood victims in Louisiana, flew to Mexico to meet with the President, and held his own in the pre-debate NBC forum that was held a few days ago. She didn't expect that he would be doing as well as he is doing and that is likely giving her the health problems.

Donald Trump has the opportunity to take down two political dynasties this election. If it wasn't for the fact that academia is riddled with leftists, a political scientist can make their career out of analyzing this election.

Anonymous said...

How much longer are they going to be able to pretend Clinton's health is a fringe conspiracy theory? How much longer can they? Maybe Fox News is still salvageable:

Anonymous said...

She didn't just faint.
She had a shoe fly off and end up under the bus [van].

In Arab culture - which is what today is about that is us meeting the Arabs -
in Arab culture that's worse than getting run over yourself.

The shoe throwing, etc.

If you have any other instinct now kindly be silent and reconsider having any political opinions or voting other than how you're told.

FINISH HER. This isn't an enemy you relent against.

FINISH HER: God has an implicit obligatory contract when he says vengeance is mine, today he got started in a small way by felling her this morning, in this way.

FINISH HER. NOW. never mind the bench.


Audacious Epigone said...

The official story now is that it's pneumonia. Uh huh.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt--which isn't merited in the least--means she doesn't take professional medical advice and has no problem lying habitually in the face of intense scrutiny.

I have to admit the first part of that revelation is mildly surprising. The second part, of course, isn't surprising in the least. Old hat, actually.

And the apparent seizures are back in wild conspiracy territory again, where they belong! Nothing to see here folks!