Monday, September 05, 2016

In case Hillary's too much of an immigration restrictionist for you

Then the Gary Johnson godsend is your guy:

Several months ago cuckservatives were crying that Trump was a Clinton plant to get Hillary elected. That was ridiculous, of course, but if you told me today that Gary Johnson is a plant to get Trump elected, well...


Anonymous said...

Great campaign there Gary. RIP!!

Joshua Sinistar said...

Don't worry. Gary may be dumb, but the Libertarian Party is full of cucks who believe MLK was a great American Hero. They're also mostly potheads whose most important issue isn't freedom but legalizing drugs.

Rich Whiteman said...

What a tool. Yeah, the cuck and doper vote is practically a majority. President Trump says "Thank you. We LOVE the dopers!"

Dan said...

This is exhibit A as to why intelligence is often maladaptive. Most libertarians are very intelligent and yet they cling to an ideology that is totally maladaptive.

Dan said...

Gary Johnson seems to be mostly liberal in his nature, and not just on borders. He is a SWPL in his love of marathons and triathlons, has been living common-law without marriage for many years, he is for drug legalization, same sex marriage and he is pro choice. He gets top scores from the ACLU, better than Hillary.

Libertarians seem to have no conservative value. They are conservative on taxes and guns. But with taxes, there is the Laffer Limit anyway, i.e. even Democrats need to be reasonable or kill the golden goose by basic economics. Obama didn't raise taxes because he knows everyone is watching GDP. And with guns, the point is moot because Americans have so many and will never give them up.

What else does a libertarian offer? Support for the free speech? Nah. They are hardly on the free speech side. They never absorb any fire because they never say anything offensive. And they are more like foot soldiers against free speech because they run around like panicked chickens when someone says a non-P.C. thing.

Giovanni Dannato said...

More intelligence can be like more money without wisdom. Just more rope to hang yourself.
Or perhaps, there's ordinary people who just follow the rules, those who use superior intellect to get ahead, while those who fall in between are just bright enough to rationalize folly.

Giovanni Dannato said...

I've always asked libertarians who preach for nonsense like independent towns one question: "What do they do when a conquering army shows up?"

Audacious Epigone said...


Heard a libertarian today lamenting how, coming from the right, he's been fighting for 25 years to disprove the negative stereotypes--xenophobe, protectionist, blah blah blah--the left has about the right and then Trump comes along and fits those stereotypes. "Nope, not anchoring myself to that. I'll stay over here and make the libertarian case and hopefully can some traction."

Labeling him a cuck seemed almost too gentle.


Right, and look at how irascible he is here, taking offense--on behalf of illegal immigrants--to a label they probably don't care about but that elite SWPLs dislike. What does he hate most about the presidential campaign so far? Why, Trump's racism of course!


The non-aggression principle works until someone decides to start systematically aggressing.